Y Combinator and 500 Global as Business Accelerators

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The modern market predominantly demands high distinctiveness from new entrepreneurs. One of the sources of such distinctiveness is the implementation of new ideas—whether technological innovations or other kinds of startups. However, having only ideas about new business does not immediately convert to the success of a company. For this purpose, business accelerator companies and platforms are helpful since they promote startups and support their further development. According to information from Forbes, “these programs provide mentorship and capital in return for equity” (Cremades, 2018, para. 1). Moreover, the companies engaged in business acceleration donate financial resources and create a productive sphere for innovative projects. Exemplary companies are Y Combinator and 500 Global: both are investor companies that help entrepreneurs worldwide. Then, the methods of these two firms, resources, and services that they provide are essential to the understanding of how to promote an idea in the market.

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The business accelerator Y Combinator, which deals with small but frequent investments in small startups, should be considered first. As the company itself points out, the amount invested is usually $ 125,000 (Y Combinator, n.d.). The investment period covers January to March and from June to August, which makes it possible to effectively select startups for further interaction and development (Y Combinator, n.d.). However, against the background of other business accelerators, Y Combinator is distinguished by an important feature – assisting startups in which they invest their funds. The company tries to minimize its interference in the affairs of the companies in which they have invested their funds to a minimum, promoting the idea of independence and independence. Based on the preceding, it can be understood that Y Combinator specializes in startup assistance for startups while striving to interfere with management to a minimum.

It is also worth paying attention to the company 500 Global, which deals with business accelerations, but has several differences from Y Combinator. The differences between the two companies lie in the investment approach and the very selection of companies applying for funding. While Y Combinator invests in various early-stage startups, 500 Global has a bias toward small tech companies. For 500 Global, the factor of innovativeness of the company’s direction is considered for other investment matters (500 Global, n.d.). The ultimate goal of 500 Global investments is to create sustainable, autonomous, and thriving ecosystems to further enrichment. Consequently, 500 Global is an example of a business accelerator focused on innovative small companies and committed to creating self-contained, profitable ecosystems.

Business accelerators, as a rule, do not just invest in the development of small projects but create infrastructure or provide assistance to the founded company. In the case of the two companies presented above – 500 Global and Y Combinator, you can see a straightforward application of this approach. However, there are also specific differences between the two large accelerators, which can be seen in the different resources used to support the projects. 500 Global focuses primarily on Venture Education and professionals to help build strategy and meet with potential investors. In turn, Y Combinator provides advice and advice on developing ideas, attracting interest in projects, and providing legal assistance. Thus, it can be noted that business accelerators invest their resources in projects and companies and support their development for further profit.

One of the most valuable pieces of information that an entrepreneur can receive from business accelerators is about market opportunities they have. As such, Y Combinator obtains a free guide about economics in general and market structure specifically. The guide clarifies essential concepts for understanding the business community and strategy. Moreover, the company provides courses about startups (Y Combinator, n. d.). In its turn, 500 Global has a team of professionals that serve as consultants for startup entrepreneurs. For example, for the MENA audience, the organization helps to investigate the market, assists in market entry, connects the entrepreneurs with potential investors and builds a strategy for them (Silicon Valley Bank, n.d.). Therefore, both organizations participate in the familiarization of their clients with the market, not only guiding them in general terms but creating the possibilities of entry for them.

In the Y Combinator company example, you can see that the companies in which the accelerator invests their funds also receive guidance and advice from him. And essential in this process is the encouragement of the independence of developing ideas for projects of partner companies. In addition to periodic meetings, dialogue, and an accessible environment for projects and their participants, accelerators also help them develop their ideas through training and communication with professionals. Thus, time and resources are invested not in developing the material condition of the project but in ideas and the creation of new concepts. New ways and strategies for developing existing plans are being thought out, and a conscious approach from accelerators companies is demonstrated. The result of this approach is the further improvement of the well-being of both investors and companies because new ideas are the key to stable growth and expansion in the future.

From all the information described, a plan for an entrepreneur can be designed. First of all, one should develop an idea that can be implemented in reality and invest some capital into its presentation to the market. Next, it is necessary to participate in courses about marketing so that to be capable of placing the idea into the commercial sphere. Then, an entrepreneur should choose a platform if the business accelerators that can consult them on the matters of market opportunities and further promotion. It is advisable to take part in all possible meetings for startups that these companies organize. After interacting with possible shareholders and receiving some findings, one should continue developing the project and notify the accelerators about the progress. If any profit is gained during the stage of development, it should be put to use for its sake, documented, and presented to investors. In this way, the innovative venture can receive support from professionals in the sphere: of both financial and educational.

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Summarizing all of the above, we can come to certain conclusions about the very essence of business accelerators companies. The companies represented by 500 Global and Y Combinator demonstrate the ability to allocate extensive resources and provide a range of services for their projects. Such support is unique in its effectiveness for startups and small companies, which is essential against the background of other stages of venture funding. Business accelerators help startups introduce themselves to investors for further development through courses, consultations, and meetings with the investors themselves. This approach has a highly positive effect on the further development of the company’s assets. 500 Global and Y Combinator enable funded companies to develop their ideas through training and communication with professionals. This encourages the development of new ideas among entrepreneurs and gives them an impetus for further development.


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