22 Performance Management and Strategic Planning Examples

Companies can’t grow without setting and achieving objectives. To keep things on track, they need a strategy for assessing employee efficiency. Performance management and strategic planning is a method that makes it all attainable. It involves training, guiding, monitoring, and evaluating staff members.

This method gives supervisors and employees a clear framework to work with. Many companies neglect to assess their staff, which often leads to disaster. Our comprehensive piece details the importance of performance management and strategic planning. There will also be several essay examples you’re welcome to take a look at.

🔝 Top-5 Performance Management and Strategic Planning Examples

  1. Performance Management and Strategic Planning
  2. Fast-Food Company's Organizational Change
  3. Emirates Airlines' Operations and Improvement
  4. Human Resource Policies for Staff Performance
  5. Al Hilal Bank Human Resource Management

📈 Performance Management and Strategic Planning: What Is the Connection?

There’s a clear and strong link between these notions. Companies use strategic planning to set goals within a particular time frame. For example, the 3rd quarter needs a 5% increase in sales of product X. This is done through a joint effort of the marketing and sales departments.

Each division gets its set of tasks crucial for the end result. Assignments are further fragmented as part of the strategic performance management process. Subdivisions like SMM or market research receive more manageable chunks of the workload. The process gets repeated until individual employees get their tasks.

At this stage, HR professionals set personal goals for staff members. They are a part of the larger performance management process. Professionals shouldn’t hurry when distributing work. Their goal is to pick employees capable of completing specific assignment. These staff members should clearly understand the relationship of their work to the big picture.

🔃 Performance Management Cycle

Modern companies develop performance management systems based on the works of Michael Armstrong. The system was slightly tweaked to meet the standards of modern industry. A typical performance management cycle consists of 4 stages.


First, a company must formulate its main goal. The target should be adequate for the current state of the workforce. Managers then make realistic tasks for departments, teams, and individual employees. Everybody involved can later discuss the proposed framework.

During meetings, they decide which candidates are fit for specific assignments. This way, managers distribute work in a fair and transparent way. If necessary, training programs must be put into place.


A plan won’t succeed without the means to see it through. That’s why supervisors have to keep an eye on the current goals of their subordinates. This way, they can better provide support or deal with issues. Many organizations hold meetings every two weeks to see if things are smooth.

Regular meetings also mean that the company won’t be caught off guard by unforeseen events. For example, if one of the workers falls ill or there’s a new law that influences the workflow. This format helps adjust to them in a timely fashion.

Developing and Reviewing

At this stage, management determines the effectiveness of previous segments. The development and reviewing part examines employee and supervisor results. It takes a look at how well they managed tasks, what they’ve learned from the experience, and how training influenced their end result. It may show areas that need improvement.

Rating and Rewards

After getting information from teams, managers have to look at their achievements. Some of the staff have to be disciplined due to poor performance. It may be something as small as a warning or as big as termination. Others deserve a reward for a job well done through bonuses like an extra vacation day. Recognizing good workers is important for team morale.

As you can see, this process is not just a simple evaluation. Do you want to learn even more about it? Read the performance management essays provided by our website.

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