55 Corporate Level Strategy Examples

What strategy helps Walmart to compete in the market? Why is Apple focused on innovation, and McDonald’s remains the world’s top restaurant chain? The answer lies in these companies’ corporate-level strategies! Keep reading to learn more about it.

🔝 Top 5 Corporate Level Strategy Examples

  1. Pepsi Company Analysis: Operations and Performance
  2. Etisalat's Strategic Management and Operations
  3. Apple and Samsung Companies: Strategic Management
  4. British Gas Strategic Objectives & Management
  5. Cobra Beer Company's Marketing Issues

👔 Corporate Level Strategy: Basics

A corporate-level strategy is a multi-layered business plan that company leaders use when they want to gain a competitive advantage. It outlines the actions needed to achieve the desired result. A corporate-level strategy helps businesses work towards their end goal more linearly.

Why Is Corporate Level Strategy Important?

The importance of a corporate-level strategy lies in the fact that it outlines the company’s aim and the steps needed to achieve it. All of the organization’s subsequent actions and decisions are made in accordance with this plan in order to gain a competitive advantage. It helps companies become as efficient as possible.

What Are the 3 Corporate Level Strategies?

There are 3 corporate-level strategies that businesses can implement. Each one deals with achieving a specific type of goal in a particular area:

  • A multidomestic strategy focuses on a local audience,
  • A global strategy aims to make a business international,
  • A transnational strategy is a mix between the two.

How Does Corporate Level Strategy Influence Strategic Marketing?

Marketing frameworks are shaped by the actions and objectives outlined in the corporate-level strategy. Since marketing is essential to running a business, a successful corporate-level strategy is a must. It may help companies enter new markets by using marketing strategies to attract customers.

🗂️ Corporate Level Strategy Types

There are 4 corporate level strategy types: stability, retrenchments, expansion, and combination. Let’s study them in more detail:

Stability Strategy This strategy is ideal if a company’s current business model is successful and they want to maintain their run in the industry. It encourages research, analysis, and product innovation to enhance engagement with the company’s clients.
Retrenchment Strategy This strategy is more aligned with making a significant change in the company’s current business model. It can also include disruptive changes within the business operations, requiring more time and effort to deploy.
Expansion Strategy As the name suggests, this strategy encourages companies to introduce new products and services or hire more experts to join their teams.
Combination Strategy A combination strategy is a flexible planning approach that borrows elements from the 3 strategies mentioned above.

👍 Corporate Level Strategy Examples

Below are corporate-level strategy examples of companies that have successfully gained a competitive advantage in their field. Check them out to get a better understanding of the topic

Walmart Corporate Level Strategy

Walmart’s corporate strategy primarily focuses on providing people with a cost-effective, high-quality shopping experience. By doing so, they help their consumers get a fair deal without compromising quality. Their current corporate-level strategy includes adding healthy products in response to customers’ demands.

Apple Corporate Level Strategy

Apple’s corporate-level strategy has always inspired innovation and expansion. They use a combined approach and constantly strive to introduce new products and services.

McDonald’s Corporate Level Strategy

McDonald’s strategy revolves around operational excellence and quality customer service. This approach is similar to a stability strategy, in which they conduct research or a case study to streamline their operations further and offer their customers a better experience.

Other companies with great corporate-level strategies include:

As you can see, an excellent corporate-level strategy is vital for every prospering company. Want to know more? Check out our list of A+ example essays below!

📝 Corporate Level Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Improved Work Environment at Production Plant
    Business essay sample: The research undertaken to examine the impact of improvements in the work environment in the production plant of a multinational firm.
  2. Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre
    Business essay sample: The researcher seeks to discuss principles, theories, and practices that the Ritz-Carlton Hotel should embrace to achieve success in the Dubai market.
  3. IKEA Market Position Improvement
    Business essay sample: Researching 🔍 IKEA market position? Founded by Ingvar Kamprad at the age of 17, IKEA started in 1943 as a mail business in Sweden 🇸🇪 and has gradually grown and expanded its products over decades.
  4. McDonalds Company: Human Resource' Functions
    Business essay sample: McDonalds Fast Food Company has been chosen as an example of an organization for this report and this report will further discuss the HR agenda within this organization.
  5. Microsoft Company’s Structure and Strategies
    Business essay sample: Researching Microsoft organizational structure ⚙️ in 2022? Microsoft is a software 💻 company that currently uses a divisional organizational structure. Discover Microsoft’s functional changes, strategies, mission and vision, and analysis chart template.
  6. Six Sigma Implementation Using Information Systems
    Business essay sample: The purpose of the paper is to discuss the value of information systems and technologies in the development of the Six Sigma methodology.
  7. Samsung Electronics Company's Analysis
    Business essay sample: The paper is a company analysis of Samsung Electronics, which is a business division in Samsung Corporation responsible for the firm’s dominance in the mobile phone market.
  8. Walmart Business-Level Strategy & Corporate-Level Strategy
    Business essay sample: What is Walmart’s corporate-level strategy? 📈 This paper presents an analysis of Walmart business-level and corporate-level strategy. 📌 It also discusses the Walmart business strategy effectiveness and competitive advantages. 🔑
  9. The Resource-Based View: Internal Analysis
    Business essay sample: RBV argues that any company that seeks a competitive advantage must first consider exploiting internal factors before considering the external factors/environment.
  10. Papa John’s International Corporation
    Business essay sample: Papa John’s International Inc.’s current mission is to focus on the customers, team members, franchises, and shareholders.
  11. Corporate Functional Management in Organization
    Business essay sample: Competing internationally in the creation of value for customers requires the cross functional management of supra-systems to integrate diverse organizational resources.
  12. First-Line Managers & Their Responsibilities
    Business essay sample: What are first-line managers' responsibilities? 🧑‍💼 This paper classifies the duties expected from the first-line managers and 📍 defines the meaning of first line management itself.
  13. Coca-Cola Technology Use & Future Strategies
    Business essay sample: Ever heard about Coca-Cola technology leverage? 🥤 The Coca-Cola has developed a brand with a global presence and a supply chain rivaled by many of its competitors. 🗺️ Read how Coca-Cola achieved such a success and which technologies they implemented. 🤖
  14. J.C. Penny Inc. Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: J.C. Penny Inc. has laid down several strategies to ensure that it fits in the ever-growing industry. The management has resorted in maintaining a "high-low" pricing policy.
  15. Cost Accounting and Management Decision Making
    Business essay sample: To provide the financial information needed, accounting forms a basic priority for decision-makers. Developing a new technology in an industry is to depends on the accounting information.
  16. Apple Incorporation's Strategic Analyses
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses the internal and external environment of Appl. Various models assist in the analysis, including PEST factors, Ansoff matrix, Porter’s five forces.
  17. DHL & FedEx: Comparison and Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper would compare and analyze the two large companies DHL and FedEx to recommend the prospect of these organizations, evaluate the TOWS Matrix of DHL and FedEx.
  18. "Global Marketing Management" by Kotabe and Helsen Book Summary
    Business essay sample: Marketing management is a field in business that puts into practice the theoretical approaches that an organization can embrace to make known its products in the market.
  19. JIT: Strategic Plan and Implementation
    Business essay sample: Incorporating strategies to support the global strategy will undoubtedly see the emergence of another formidable player in the production of prepaid cell phones.
  20. XYZ Company: Start in China
    Business essay sample: China is the right place to start operating business at global view. It could be assumed that XYZ would be benefited if they start their business there.
  21. The Japanese Economy: Keiretsu System
    Business essay sample: The Keiretsu phenomenon is more than just a simple particular type of organizational structure or management strategy; it is a system of inter-organizational relationships.
  22. Managing Change and Innovation in SME
    Business essay sample: Newer process generation, implementation and evaluation are integrated part of organisational innovativeness in terms of operation and management.
  23. Product Positioning in Oligopolistic Markets
    Business essay sample: An oligopoly is a kind of market structure wherein a few sellers control the proceedings in an industry or a certain market segment.
  24. Boost Juice Bar: Brand and Product Management
    Business essay sample: This paper will consider all the relevant issues of the brand audit by considering the well-known Australian company Boost juice bar.
  25. Southwest Airlines: Company Research
    Business essay sample: Southwest Airlines, initially known as Air Southwest, is an American headquartered airline that was instituted by Rollin king and Herb Kelleher on the 15th day of March 1967.

💡 Essay Ideas on Corporate Level Strategy

  1. Al Ain Poultry Farm: Management Strategy and Policy
    Business essay sample: This paper gives a summary of Al Ain Poultry Farm and the industry in which it operates, making a SWOT analysis of the company, Porter's Five Forces, and PESTLE analysis.
  2. Jamba Juice Company: Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: Jamba Juice Company assessed its competitors and identified the criteria it could use in order to be the leading food organization.
  3. Strategic Analysis of Coach Inc
    Business essay sample: The report of Coach Inc begins with a strategic analysis of the company with a detailed SWOT analysis of the organization based on its current position.
  4. Sprague Warner-Kenny Corporation: Company Information
    Business essay sample: Due to its uniqueness and diversification of the food industry, its share price raised three times above in 1946; later on, it had named Consolidated Foods Corporation.
  5. Case Study Analysis: The Rise of IBM
    Business essay sample: IBM is a company that is working globally and has laid its foundation more than one hundred years ago. In this Case, ‘The Rise of IBM’ has thoroughly examined using various analytical tools.
  6. Krispy Kreme Hospitality Company's Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: The KK Company has been struggling hard to survive in the marketplace; and by so doing, they gained the capabilities to capture an excellent market share.
  7. Living Ventures Limited Company's Analysis
    Business essay sample: The author analyzes the company Living Ventures Limited, examines its history, strategies, as well as strengths and weaknesses.
  8. Etihad Airways: Case Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper discuss the strategies that Etihad Airways uses to boost value chain and overcome competition in the airline business.
  9. Retail Outlet in Furniture Business
    Business essay sample: The furniture market is transforming, including changing consumption patterns and new sales formats. The main changes are happening because of technologies.
  10. General Mills’ Strategic Choices
    Business essay sample: This paper explores the building blocks of General Mills' corporate strategy, differentiation experience and competitive advantage.
  11. TruQuest Corporate-Level Strategy
    Business essay sample: In this article a corporate level strategy for TruQuest company was developed, taking into account its capabilities and potential.
  12. Caterpillar Inc.'s Financial Analysis
    Business essay sample: Caterpillar Inc. is the leading maker of earthmoving moving machinery like tractors, graders, excavators, and other heavy machinery used by road contractors, miners, etc.
  13. Pfizer Company’s Financial Statement Evaluation
    Business essay sample: Pfizer Company’s financial statement ratios and credit ratings will convince the bank loan managers of the ability to pay the company’s maturing bank loan installments on time.
  14. How Apple Inc. Changed After Steve Jobs
    Business essay sample: The main reason behind Apple's success can be connected to the strategy employed by Jobs wherein he hired and surrounded himself with brilliant individuals.
  15. Managing Organizational Employee Retention
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses strategies on how 21st-century organizations can improve employee retention through effective employee relations strategies.
  16. Apple Inc.'s Performance and Challenges Analysis
    Business essay sample: Apple is a leading firm in the global technology industry. This paper will analyze the performance and challenges that Apple faced from 1990 to 2014.
  17. Analysis of the Rebirth of IBM
    Business essay sample: IBM is the pioneer of the IT industry that has a chronological evolution of more than a century. The study addresses the company's history within the era of the fall to Rebirth.
  18. The Marketing of McDonald’s
    Business essay sample: The aim of this study is to analyze the marketing of McDonald’s in China during the downturn or recession and to provide recommendations to the company during these difficult times.
  19. American Airlines' Strategic Position Analysis
    Business essay sample: American Airlines' strategic position can be understood through doing an HR analysis, financial resource analysis, and operational resource analysis.
  20. Forever 21 Company’s Turnaround Strategy Report
    Business essay sample: This paper provides an overall strategy that will help turnaround Forever 21’s current condition and continue as a going concern company.
  21. Google’s Corporate and Business Level Strategies
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to analyze Google’s corporate and business level strategies and their impacts on its 2020 financials, as well as market penetration and product development.
  22. Heineken Firm's Corporate-Level and International Strategy
    Business essay sample: Heineken is a brewery company founded by Gerard Heineken in Amsterdam. In 1873, it began producing beer and was active in the brewing industry in over 178 countries globally.
  23. Apple's Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies
    Business essay sample: Business strategy has been demonstrated in this essay to emphasize the industry potential that a firm intends to pursue, and the processes necessary to do this.
  24. Microsoft Company’s Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper evaluates Microsoft Corporation’s business and corporate strategies according to Porter’s Five Forces Model.
  25. The Walmart Company's Analysis and Strategies
    Business essay sample: Walmart could improve the quality of its products to an exact degree, increasing prices a little bit – low-cost but high-quality offers would be preferable.

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