60 CRM Strategy Examples

Customer relationship management is the process of building and maintaining relations with customers. It has a simple goal: to make one’s business prosper by improving the image of a company and its product or service.

If you’re looking for CRM strategy examples or want to know more about the process, you’re in the right place. We’ve collected all the essential information and the best CRM strategy examples on one page.

🔝 Top-10 CRM Strategy Examples

  1. Car Mechanical Services Industry Customer Satisfaction
  2. UAE Airline Company's Change Management
  3. Air Arabia Case Study: Strategy, CRM, & Competitors
  4. CRM Implementation in Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  5. Tesco Company's Customer Relationship Management System
  6. An Investigation of How CRM Can Assist Service Companies to Meet Their Business Objectives
  7. Jumeirah Hotel's Customer Relationship Management
  8. Customer Relationship Management in UAE Banks
  9. Customer Value, Satisfaction, and Loyalty
  10. Verbal Communication Skills in Customer Service

📍 What Is a CRM Strategy?

Customer Relationship Management Strategy or CRM strategy is a business plan for a company to help grow revenues and profit by enhancing customer relationships. This is a way of putting the customers first and seeing to it that with the help of CRM technology, customers feel better support from the business.

How to Implement CRM Strategy?

To implement a CRM strategy, the important thing is to define the end goal of your plan. Would you like a better market reach? Would you like to enhance a specific customer relationship for better profits? This is an important step to properly implementing the right CRM strategy and not just any strategy.

What Makes a CRM Strategy Successful?

A CRM strategy is successful when you can see specific results reached at a specific time. For example, your goal is to reach 80% customer satisfaction by the end of quarter three of 2022. If you reached 79% to 83%, you may consider your CRM strategy in terms of customer satisfaction successful.

How to Improve CRM Strategy Using Social Media?

Using social media, you can improve your CRM strategy by making sure that you have the right audience. In most instances, you need to make sure that you are engaging the right audience, reaching the right market, and investing in the right ads on specific social media.

📊 Creating a CRM Strategy: 5 Steps

In this section, we list the 5 steps necessary to launch and implement a successful CRM strategy.

Layout your business The first step is to know what you are during. You should closely examine your current strategies, the current steps that you are taking for marketing, as well as your strengths and your weaknesses. You should also look at the biggest opportunities and threats. This is the SWOT analysis.
Define the right goals Once you have laid out your business, you should define your goals and see which ones you need to change and which ones you can work at. Once you have defined your goals, you will have a better understanding of what you need to do in the next steps.
Identify the target base Who are the customers that you would want to reach more? You do not just have a specific set of customers, you have a couple of categories. Check out how you can prioritize specific customer groups.
Know the customer cycle How would your specific strategy make the customer buy the product you are selling? The most important question that you need to answer is whether the strategy that you chose aligns with what the customer wants.
Position yourself Make sure that you position yourself against the competitors in the most advantageous way.

🥇 Top-3 CRM Strategy Examples

The top CRM strategy examples are:

📝 CRM Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. The Customer Services at TESCO Supermarket
    Business essay sample: Customer relationship management from the point of view of Tesco has been examined. The research paper has examined enhanced regulation adherence and customer service at Tesco.
  2. Managerial Marketing. Branding and Company Image
    Business essay sample: The report highlights how sales and market share could be increased by tactfully engaging in branding activities and creating a company image that gains customer appreciation and loyalty
  3. Coffee Shop Preferences Among Consumers Research
    Business essay sample: The research report on coffee shop choices among consumers and the factors that influence them. Information will assist the coffee shops in making decisions on expanding.
  4. Operations Management: Problem and Solution
    Business essay sample: The company must give importance to the field of operations management since it can affect all the areas of the business and has a direct effect on the company’s profitability.
  5. TESCO – The Customer Relationship Champion
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes the competitive environment TESCO operates in by using Porter's five forces model to determine whether retailing is an attractive place to compete.
  6. Reasons Why Customer Privacy Concerns Are Becoming a Key Business Issue
    Business essay sample: It is often a big challenge to companies to balance their rights, earning enough revenue and consumer privacy, however, businesses have become concerned with this matter .
  7. The Elements of Consumer Loyalty
    Business essay sample: The paper describes the components of consumer loyalty, its types, and what steps are to be performed to achieve it.
  8. Marketing Analysis: McDonald’s Company
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the different strategies applied by McDonald’s Company as well as the environment of the business.
  9. Jet Blue Hits Turbulence: Business Problem-Solving Case
    Business essay sample: JetBlue Airlines Company was founded by David Neeleman in February 1999, when it had the name New Air and obtained most of its employees from Southwest Airlines.
  10. Lifespan: Assessing the Social Environment
    Business essay sample: The aim of this essay is to assess the social environment of Lifespan, a new company that has ventured into the field of insurance provision.
  11. Loyalty Scheme in a Retail Environment
    Business essay sample: The point is organization need to build a strong relationship with customers and all the targeted customers through loyalty scheme to maintain and increase the number of customers.
  12. Marketing Analysis of GameStop
    Business essay sample: This research deals with a market analysis of Game stop and its ability to use e-marketing theory, its competition, customers and marketing needs, target market profile, etc.
  13. Relationship Marketing: Exploring Relational Strategies in Marketing
    Business essay sample: The CRM strategy may be applied if there are alternatives, which make the product competitive, and when customers have an option to choose.
  14. Consumer Attitude & Behavior in Marketing Campaign
    Business essay sample: This study provides information on how consumer motivation and decision-making strategies differ between different products depending on their level of importance.
  15. General Civil Aviation Authority's Customer Satisfaction
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes the GCAA that regulates the aviation-related operations and activities that take place in the UAE and neighboring countries.
  16. Coca-Cola: Marketing Policies and Processes
    Business essay sample: This essay shall discuss the importance of marketing orientation of an organization, study the key elements of a marketing plan and how successfully these are being used by Coca Cola.
  17. Marketing Implications of Hyper-Consumerism
    Business essay sample: This paper will look at how the marketers are exploiting those consumers who are not able to control the attempt of digging into their pockets.
  18. Marketing Management. The Value Chain Process Coty UK
    Business essay sample: Effective structure and technological solutions applied in the value chain process allow Coty UK to compete on the global scale and deliver superior quality of products and services.
  19. Branding in an Organisation’s Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: Branding has a great impact on a company’s market position and adds value to its image. A company's market share, current, and future may fluctuate readily.
  20. Trends in Consumer Preference
    Business essay sample: According to Barrow, the prevailing trends in the market may be looked at from the perspective of consumer preference and from the perspective of product development.
  21. Behavioral Aspect of Marketing
    Business essay sample: The principle of euro-centric rationale must still be resorted to by managers who utilize consumer behavior models on the line of their professional duties.
  22. Emirates Customer Relation Management Solution
    Business essay sample: This paper is going to demonstrate How CRM is going to assist airlines such as Emirates in Attracting and retaining new customers through CRM solutions.
  23. Sony Corporation and Its Product: Marketing Planning
    Business essay sample: Marketing planning provides the basic means for designing the marketing mix, implementing marketing programs, and establishing new marketing objectives.
  24. Marketing Point for Marline Insurance Company
    Business essay sample: Marline Insurance Company will be conducting a promotional activity as a way of expanding its customer numbers and as give current customers a chance to learn about new services.
  25. Marketing. Service Quality in the Banking Industry
    Business essay sample: Accuracy, affordability, flexibility, efficiency or speed, variety, and professionalism are some of the important service characteristics in the banking industry.

💡 Essay Ideas on CRM Strategy

  1. Postmodern vs. Normative Marketing Strategies
    Business essay sample: This paper incorporates postmodern marketing vs. normative marketing strategies, taking into consideration what some firms have done to penetrate the market environment.
  2. Entrepreneurship Concept in Business Sphere
    Business essay sample: Entrepreneurship has the potential to support economic growth, and the government can demonstrate its interest in this engine by making it a priority.
  3. Hot Nodle: A New Product's Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: A new product enters the market as the result of the innovative steps in the new product development process. The new product is a brand of noodle called the Hot Nodle.
  4. Use of Information Technology in Marketing and Reviewing Impact It on the Overall Industry
    Business essay sample: The information technology business has an immense influence on the people as it gives opportunities for employment for technological as well as non-technical graduates.
  5. Decision-Making Buying High- and Low-Involvement Products
    Business essay sample: This article will compare the decision-making process for the purchase of a high-involvement product and a low-involvement product.
  6. Emirates National Bank of Dubai's Internship Experience
    Business essay sample: The curriculum for the Management Information System offered by the American University of Sharjah requires that students attend internships for one and half months.
  7. British Airways Strategies
    Business essay sample: British Airways is an international and UK’s largest airline that currently operates to over 300 destinations in different countries across the world at different schedules.
  8. Problematic of Customer Their Needs
    Business essay sample: The banking and financial services sector is one of the most dynamic and competitive business sectors in the world and is also a highly regulated industry.
  9. Customer Satisfaction in Banking Business
    Business essay sample: The focus on the customer has forced the banks to have a customer center that works as a call center. In most cases, they are toll-free stations.
  10. Customer Loyalty and Their Needs From Business
    Business essay sample: The essence of marketing needs to focus on how firms attract, retain and enhance their relationships with customers.
  11. Hotel Grand Palace: Operations Management
    Business essay sample: The paper is going to look at the hotel operations management in general and then narrow down by considering case of operations management in Hotel Grand Palace on a broader level.
  12. Apple Stores Retail Mix Analysis
    Business essay sample: The paper keenly describes Apple’s retail mix, variety and assortment of merchandise, sustainable competitive advantage and Customer Relationship Management.
  13. Customer Relationship Management for Sellers
    Business essay sample: This paper will give a training program for the sellers, identifying the training opportunities, suggestions to implement and employees’ feedback system.
  14. Customer Relationship Management Literature Review
    Business essay sample: One of the original big ideas in marketing is that for firms to stay in existence, they should not focus on selling products but rather on fulfilling the needs of their customers.
  15. Customer Relationship Management and Its Elements
    Business essay sample: A huge customer base is an important tool that ensures a company gains an advantage over its rivals in the market; the more the customers the more successful the company is.
  16. Information Technology for Management in the Digital Economy
    Business essay sample: This article examines the information technologies used for management, as well as the transformation of organizations in the digital economy.
  17. The Leadership Moment: Clifton Watford
    Business essay sample: Clifton Watford provides a good leadership model. He managed to restructure the TIAA-CREF fund successfully due to his good leadership.
  18. Natura Cosmetic Company Review
    Business essay sample: The Natura cosmetic company is one of the world’s renowned cosmetic companies. Its range of products is supplied to end users such as salons, plastic surgeons.
  19. QCi Corporation's Customer Relationship Management
    Business essay sample: In QCi Corporation, measures of CRM model outcomes can be ordered starting at the individual level and moving towards the organizational level.
  20. Customer Relationship Marketing: Plan International
    Business essay sample: This report focuses on Customer Relationship Marketing within Plan International as a not-for-profit organization.
  21. Factors Affecting CRM Implementation
    Business essay sample: This paper presents an analytical report of the factors that affect the implementation of CRM in any organization.
  22. Customer Relationship Management: The Case of BRANZ
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes how BRANZ can improve its customer service using CRM, business intelligence (BI) tools, and a data mining approach.
  23. Best Buy Inc.: CRM, Organizational Management and Strategy
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes Best Buy Inc., its management information system, customer relationship management, resource planning, organizational management and strategy.
  24. Wells Fargo Bank's Customer Relationship Management
    Business essay sample: In this paper, the purpose is to examine the implementation of a new customer relationship management in Wells Fargo.
  25. Singapore Airlines: Managing HR for Cost-Effective Service Excellence
    Business essay sample: In order to properly manage staff and provide excellent service quality, the Singapore Airlines crew resource management system becomes critical.

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