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An event organized for fifty persons consisting of current and potential customers will require a number of items. The differentiation in the items will come in handy given that the ages of the attendees are different. The age mixing will assist meet the nature of the market (Tom 2000, p. 29). Because of this, commodities meant to meet the needs of the young children of between one year and nine years and the adults in their late twenties (twenty nine years) will be put into use.

The process of need recognition by potential customers and the motivation directed towards the maintenance of existing customers will be important and therefore the event will be organized in a manner that meets all these ideals (Futrell 2008, p.35-49). The venue for the event will be a hired ground in the local church. The Location is one in which the number of subscribers to Marline Insurance Solutions is very small.


Targeted customers for this undertaking will be aged between zero and ten years and thirty years and above. Potential and current customers will be part of this group. Educational qualifications will definitely be different given that children of between zero and ten years have not moved to higher levels of education such as high school and college while those at the peak age of thirty and beyond will have finished college.

Behaviorally, customers in this age bracket have different personalities. The playful nature of those between one and ten years will be different from the highly matured nature of those above thirty years. Young adults who are in the thirty year point will display maturity t with some degree of preservation. Both customers above thirty years will be more keen and deep or thorough in their search for product information as well as general conduct (Sorensen 2009, p.58).The needs of the men and women in the group will also be different especially in the adults’ category.

The Service-Marline Insurance

The service that is to be promoted through this event is insurance. Marline Insurance Company will be conducting a promotional activity as a way of expanding its customer numbers and as give current customers a chance to learn about new services currently offered. Marline Insurance Company has developed a huge selection of special policies for customers and some of these services are meant for the customers who fall into the age bracket that this marketing activity is targeting. The other market features such as gender are also catered for in this event to ensure that no one is left out.

Services and goods that I will hire or purchase for the activity:

  1. Music
  2. Toys that are custom made for Marline Insurance Company
  3. Food
  4. Caterers and security services
  5. Custom made Marline Insurance Company watches for attendees
  6. Tent services
  7. Venue (Church grounds within the locality).
  8. Vii.Marline Insurance Company themed books, T-shirts, and pens.
  9. A micro circus with Marline Insurance Company themes specifically for young children.
  10. Six LCD screens

Four services and goods from the list of ten and reasons for including them in the activity

Marline Insurance Company themed T-shirts, pens, books, toys that are custom made for Marline Insurance Company, a micro circus with Marline Insurance themes, and custom made Marline Insurance watches for people attending the event.

Toys that are custom made for Marline Insurance Company

These will be procured so as to meet the needs of children who will be part of this event. The presence of children whose age ranges from one to ten years old, it is possible that they will not be able to participate in the informative events that will be going on for the grownups. Therefore the best way to keep the children engaged is to provide them with toys. There is however another function that these toys will have.

The toys, which will be custom made to reflect Marline Insurance Company information such as the name of the insurance policy that is meant for young children will influence the children, who are users of the goods and services advertised in the market into developing having an interest in having a young policy. This will lead to pressure being applied to the people who make decisions, who are simply their parents into taking the necessary steps in opening the Young Policy for their children. This will have expanded the client base for the Young Policy, which is the aim of the function (Lindstrom & Underhill 2010, p. 113).

Marline Insurance Company Themed Items Such As T-Shirts, Pens, and Books

This is perhaps the most important set of goods to be procured for the activity. They will be given to consumers or attendees for free. These items will be given to people in the function regardless of their age. They will cut across the board. They will be of different sizes ranging from those for four year olds to the extra large size to cater for the adults. The T-shirts will be availed in excess quantities to ensure there is no shortage in size given that it is not possible to know the number of people who will fall into a particular body size. Unisex T-shirts that are in the Marline Insurance Company store will be used for the function.

The reason for the T-shirts with Marline Insurance Company logo is to facilitate the recognition of the company by the customers. The fact that they will take these items with them after the function means that they will have something to always remind them of the company. This will make the customers without insurance focus attention on what they can benefit by having Marline Insurance policies in the first place and this will be followed by the decision to look for more information regarding available options.

The books will be given to the children who will be in the function as a first priority. Parents and other willing adults will have a chance of taking these items too for either personal use of for their school going children. Since they will all have Marline Insurance Company logos, they will assist in influencing the decision making process of the young especially those who do not have insurance. The presence of a custom made insurance policy for college students will be included at strategic points on all the stationery as a way of passing this information to the college students in attendance.

Students in high schools and colleges are users of what is being purchased by the decision makers in their households or families despite that fact that they are not part of this undertaking, and will therefore have their parents take policies from Marline Insurance. This means that these students will apply some influence on their parents to buy Marline Insurance policies. For college students who have the privilege of making the insurance policy choices on their own, seeing the merchandise their guardians or parents will have gotten from the event will influence their decision making through the provision of information.

A Micro Circus Done With Marline Insurance Company Themes

It will be done purposely for children of between one and ten years. Given that the occasion will be done for one day, a cost effective variety will be utilized. The purpose is to have the kids internalize the company’s image and influence their parents to take policies from the company that entertained them.

Custom Made Marline Insurance Company Watches for the Attendees

These watches will be given to all attendees above the age of six. Being part of the merchandise that is available at the Marline Insurance Company store, they will be carried in excess quantities with special attention to those with children-centered engravings such as Tom and Jerry, the plain colored ones for men and the pink or purple colored ones that are popular with women (Brennan 2009,p.43-44).

There will however be no restriction on men who may want to take the pink ones as there will be no restriction for women who may choose to take the plain ones (Barletta 2006,p.11-12). The point here is to give the consumers something to always keep their memory tuned into Marline Insurance. It is also a wider advertisement strategy given that there may be members in households where attendees come from who may not be having insurance, and by seeing the watches with the Marline Insurance logo, they will recognize the need for insurance and then begin the process of getting one (Kotler & Lindstrom 2010, p.97).

Three (3) Forms of Entertainment and Promotion to Be Included

Advertisement to Be Included

There will be a short film that will be running on the outdoor display screens that will be showing how people make progress in their lives after taking insurance policies with Marline Insurance. There will be someone narrating as the screen shows the success stories of Marline Insurance Company customers. This will be a means of not only assisting in interest creation in the consumers but also informing them on the available facilities such as the hotline for policy subscribers. New products will also be on display as a way of reaching out to current customers who may want o find out what Marline Insurance has come up with.


Given that young children will be present in the event, I will include children- centered music in the function. There is also a consideration of the adults present, who will be in their thirties and above, and therefore not too old to listen to youth centered music.

The case will be different since the function has people of forty years and beyond. The music will be a mixture of country that is liked by grownups and children’s music that is the taste of most children of school going age. The point here is to ensure that all attendees are catered for and no one is subjected to unnecessary boredom through the availing of music meant for a certain age bracket only (Maila & Stahlberg 2010, p.54-55).It will however be handled in such a way that the music for adults is more pronounced since the children present will be relatively young to a degree that they may not take music seriously.

A micro circus done with Marline Insurance Company themes

As a means of creating both interest in the function and aiding in need recognition, the micro circus done with Marline Insurance themes and the toys will be a necessary form of entertainment for children. It will also be a way of ensuring that the adults who may come with children keep the children away as the parents themselves look for information that will be available in the event. This is because if the children are not given an activity of their own, they may end up standing in the way of their parents’ bid to acquire information from the event.

How Decisions Made in Event Organization Apply to Consumer Decision Making Process

Recognition of Differences among Consumers in Needs As Well As Decision making

The decision to include items of different types such as different music, watches with different designs and decorations and different types of entertainment is based on the fact that consumers are different. The differences among consumers center on sex, age, and other areas. These differences lead to differences in both decision- making as well as consumption patterns. For instance children need a form of advertisement that is attached to a fun activity as a means of creating interest and enhancing memory retention.

The interest created and the resultant memory will make the children keep on reminding their parents on the need for insurance cover with the provider that prepared a micro circus for them. On the other hand, grownups need activities that are focused on giving them the protection they need as a matter of necessity. This is why the screen displays and the information sessions that will be part of the event will be targeting this group (Martin 2009, p.66).). This is also the most profitable consumer base since it is has the ultimate decision makers when it comes to buying.

Recognition That Motivation and Cultural Variables Affect Consumer Decisions

This is a very relevant consideration in my case given the level of diversity that we have in society even within members of one race. Society is organized in such a way that there are several sub groups within a group leading to a number of influences on decision making as far as consumption is concerned (Martin 2009, p.92).The culture among adults when it comes to insurance is that they want an insurance company that offers not only value for their premiums, but also security and affordability.

Therefore they will not go to the market to look for the insurance company that is trendy and highly decorated but instead will keenly examine the available information regarding policies services offered by the company. Lower premiums will be a center of attraction for adult. Also, the ability of an insurance company to give reasonable collateral for adults who may want to use their accumulated premiums to secure loans will give the insurance company an upper hand in the eyes of the policy seekers.

In contrast, children and youthful attendees have a different sub culture. They are moved by a accompany that is trendy in its services. The restless nature of the young heart must be accounted for in the insurance services if the company has to win the hearts of young people. This is why in the music for the event; children’s music and a micro circus were factored. These same group also is mostly school going and this is why stationery was factored in too. The motivation that is created in the group is premised on the fact that the insurance company values their educational undertakings and therefore values their future lives whose strong grounding can only take place in education which is being supported by Marline Insurance Company.

The Universality of Need Recognition for All Consumers

It is true to say that every consumer group regardless of ethnic identity, age group or gender carries out a need recognition process. This is one of the points where advertisers and marketers can assist consumers recognize needs and therefore accelerate their decisions to fulfill them. It is on this ground that groups represented in the activity have been catered for in terms of an event that will assist them recognize their needs, a factor that will ultimately influence their decision in searching for means of fulfilling these needs. The micro circus, the film, watches and books and T-shirts are all meant to assist attendees recognize their needs and search for information on how best to fulfill them. Closely connected to this is the tendency of consumers to search for information regarding needs they have recognized as necessary (ACNielsen 2005,p.21-22).

The presence of sessions in which information will be given to the attendees regarding services given by Marline Insurance will meet this consumer undertaking. The presentation of clear and factual data regarding the services offered by the organization or company is necessary so as to ensure that as the consumers try to compare the services of different companies in the same industry, they are doing so in the light of the right information.

Besides the above, these items will also keep the memories of the customers tuned in to the services offered by Marline Insurance Company. The merchandise will always be in the possession of the consumers and the presence of the company’s identification details such as the slogan and the logo will always remind them of not only services that they need but also the presence of a player in the field who should be considered should they set out to look for these services. Beyond aiding the consumers’ memory, household influences will also be extended through possession of items with identification details of the company.


As I organize the event on behalf of Marline Insurance Company, I will make use of the local church grounds as the venue. T-Shirts, cups, pens and toys, all with the Marline Insurance Company logo and slogan will be issued to the customers or attendees. These will assist in both need recognition and memory refreshing regarding the services offered by the bank. Information sessions will be held during the function and a film showcasing the success stories of save bank clients will be shown. This will be targeting the adult customers whose main interests is to access banking services that can assist in stabilizing their financial positions.

Tents will be used and music for both the children and the adults present will be availed. There will be food served on disposable plates and cups that will be bearing the Marline Insurance Company logo. As a way of ensuring that the product users who have influence on the decision makers are also catered for, the children present will also have a treat of a micro circus that will be decorated in Marline Insurance Company style with details on the Young Policy. The reason for this is to make the children put pressure on their parents to buy insurance policies from Marline Insurance Company.


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