Gillette Company: Marketing Research

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Executive summary

The marketing research proposal relates to Gillette Company. An illustration of the company’s background information is given. The problem statement entails identification of the specific marketing challenge facing the firm in marketing its Gillette Complete Skin Care, Facial Moisturizer SPF 15. The specific objectives of the marketing research are illustrated. The descriptive research design used in conducting the research is analyzed. The primary and secondary methods used in the process of data collection are illustrated. In addition, the Discriminant Function Analysis method used in analyzing the data is explained. The proposal also illustrates the activities which were conducted in the process of marketing research and the time duration is taken. The cost of marketing research is outlined in form of a budget. Finally, the reporting method used in communicating the findings is illustrated which entails the use of PowerPoint presentations.

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Background information

Gillette Company is a firm that operates within the consumer good sector and was founded in 1895 within the personal products industry in the United States. However, the firm was acquired by Procter and Gamble Company in 2005 at a value of $ 55 billion (Junyong, Adele, Daniel, Jonathan&Harald, n.d, p.2). The acquisition made the company to be the largest firm which deals with household and personal care products. The firm operates on an international scale with its headquarters located in Boston, Massachusetts. In its operation, the firm deals with a variety of household and personal care products. The operation of the firm is segmented into five groups which include manufacturing of Duracell, Braun, blades, and razors, and personal care.

The firm’s blades and razors section deals with the manufacturing of male shaving systems. These products are sold under various brand names which include Mach3, MachTurb, Mach3Turbo, Trac II, Sensor, and Sensor Excel. In addition, the firm also manufactures various disposable razors which are sold under Custom Plus, Good News, and Sensor3 brand names. On the other hand, the Duracell segment deals with the production of alkaline batteries while the Oral Care segment manufactures power and manual toothbrushes. A variety of electric shavers and hair epilators are manufactured in the firm’s Braun segment. The firm also deals with the production of a variety of personal care products under its personal care segment. Some of these products include skincare products, deodorants, and antiperspirants, and after-shave products (Junyong et al, n.d, p. 6).

The firm faces stiff competition from its top competitors which include Colgate Palmolive Company and Energizer Holding Incorporation. Despite the increment in competition, Jungyong et al (n.d, p. 6) assert that Gillette Company has managed to develop a strong brand image in the market compared to its competitors. This has been achieved by integrating innovation culture in the firm’s operation. This has been achieved through the utilization of various technologies. The effect is that the firm has been able to attain a high competitive position compared to its competitors (‘The Gillette Company’, 2005, para. 5). To cope with the competitive nature of the industry, the firm’s management team should formulate comprehensive marketing for its products. This paper entails a marketing research proposal for Gillette Company.


The core objective of the proposal is to determine the importance of understanding current market awareness regarding the firm’s skincare product before its production. The marketing research specifically focuses on market awareness regarding Gillette Complete Skin Care, Facial Moisturizer SPF 15. The research proposal is also aimed at identifying consumers’ attitudes towards Gillette Complete Skin Care, Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 compared to those of the competitors.


An illustration of Gillette Company’s background information is given. Problem statement entails identification of the specific marketing problem facing the firm in its operation. The specific objectives of the marketing research are illustrated. The research design used in conducting the research is analyzed. In addition, the various primary and secondary methods of data collection are indicated. The data analysis methods are analyzed.

Problem Statement

For a firm to succeed it is important for the management team to identify the problems that the firm is facing in its operation. According to Maholtra (2004, p.33), problem definition entails identifying the general problem that the firm is facing and its specific components. Currently, firms in the personal product industry are witnessing increased competition as more firms enter the industry. In its operation, Gillette Company is witnessing intense competition in its Gillette Complete Skin Care, Facial Moisturizer SPF 15. This has resulted from an increase in the number of firms manufacturing skincare products. In addition, there is a change in consumer purchasing behavior. The reason behind the change is that consumers are becoming more health-conscious. The firm’s management team is committed to ensuring that the firm attains a high market position. This results from the fact that high market awareness for a firm’s products is can contribute towards a firm’s success (‘The importance of marketing’, n.d, p. 2). An increase in the health-conscious nature of the consumers is affecting their purchasing patterns. This poses a threat to the operation of Gillette Company.

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Specific objectives

  • To examine the extent of market awareness in relation to Gillette Company products compared to that of its competitors.
  • To explore the customers’ attitude towards the firm and its Gillette Complete Skin Care, Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 skincare product compared to that of the competitors.
  • To determine the criteria used by the firm’s competitors in evaluating and selecting their research supplier.
  • To identify key factors that the consumer consider making their purchase decision in relation to skincare products.
  • To determine consumer’s perception in relation to Gillette Complete Skin Care, Facial Moisturizer SPF 15.
  • To identify the degree of brand image that the firm has managed to develop in relation to Gillette Complete Skin Care, Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 both in its domestic and foreign market.

Sample design

Considering the fact that most of the research objectives are qualitative in nature, the descriptive research design is used. In conducting the research, the management team ensured that a minimum number of qualitative questions were used. This aided in simplifying the analysis and reporting process.

Research Assumptions

  • In collecting market information, it was assumed that the group sampled was representative of the entire market.
  • It was assumed that all the data collected is valid to enable the management of Gillette Company to make effective marketing strategies.

Data collection procedures

In collecting the data, the management team incorporated both primary and secondary procedures. The primary techniques incorporated include the use of questionnaires and interviewing the general public regarding their opinion regarding Gillette Complete Skin Care, Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 compared to those of its competitors. To identify the brand image and the attitude of the customers towards the competitor products, the management of the firm identified and formed an association with a number of its competitors’ customers. Information from these customers was attained through conduction of telephone interviews.

To determine the criteria used by the competitors in selecting their research suppliers, the management of the firm interviewed an employee within the competitor’s marketing department. This formed legitimate grounds through which the firm obtained market information regarding its competitor’s products. Conducting interview through the telephone aided the firm in minimizing the cost of data collection. Questionnaires were administered to a sample size of 30 individuals. These questionnaires were distributed to all the regions in the domestic market.

To ensure that the firm obtained sufficient amount of market information in relation to consumers’ attitude regarding Gillette Complete Skin Care Facial Moisturizer SPF 15, different secondary techniques were used. Some of these methods included use of computer technologies such as online surveys on consumer’s awareness and attitude towards skin care products. Online surveys were conducted by designing a blog through which the management posted the questionnaires. The consumers were able to post their comments and product opinion on the blog for the management team to review. The consumers were also be asked to rate the company’s products and those of it key competitors on the blog.

Data analysis plan

On completing the surveys, data analysis was conducted by the firm’s marketing department. A number of techniques were used in analyzing the data (Donald, n.d, p. 1). One of the methods which were used by the management of the firm included Discriminant Function Analysis (DFA). This method enabled the firm’s marketing department to determine the marketing variables which discriminate between 2 or more groups (‘Discriminant Factor Analysis’, 2006, para.1). Through the DFA data analysis method, the management of the firm was able to analyze and compare the market feedback between the firm’s products and those of its competitors. In addition, the firm’s marketing department was able to classify the marketing variables identified into dependent and independent variables. For example, it was possible to determine the effect of consumer’s perception of Gillette Complete Skin Care, Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 and the resultant brand image.

The questionnaires used in obtaining market information were edited to ensure that the questions were clear and easily understood by the respondent. This enabled the firm attain accurate market information. Similar responses from the questionnaires were coded by assigning numbers to them. This enhanced the process of categorizing the responses and interpreting the data.

Timetable of activities

The table below illustrates the various activities involved in the marketing research process and the duration taken.

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Dates Activity
10thJanuary 2010- 15thJanuary 2010 Development of survey
17thJanuary Submission of survey for approval by the executive management
20thJanuary 2010- 25thJanuary 2010 Conducting market survey to collect data
27thJanuary 2010- 28thJanuary 2010 Preparation and coding of data
1stFebruary 2010- 4thFebruary 2010 Analysis of data
6thFebruary 2010 Preparation of report
8thFebruary 2010 Preparation of PowerPoint presentation
9thFebruary 2010 Presentation of final report


For marketing research to be successful, the firm’s management team allocated $ 40,000 to in its marketing budget to cater for the expenses incurred. The table below illustrates an estimate of the marketing research expenses incurred.

Cost item Amount in $
Cost of data collection 30.000
Cost of data analysis 5,000
Cost of presenting the information 5,000
Total cost 40,000


After analyzing and interpreting the data collected, the refined information was presented by creating PowerPoint presentations. The presentations were made during the marketing department’s monthly meeting. Use of PowerPoint presentation ensured that the information was simplified for all the relevant stakeholders to follow and understand. In addition, the report was circulated to all the parties involved in conducting the marketing research.


In order for Gillette Company to be able to attain a high market position in relation to its Gillette Complete Skin Care, Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 relative to its competitors, the firm should develop the product in a way that appeals the consumers. This can be attained by conducting a marketing research to identify skin care products market demand. The research should focus on product awareness in the market before producing them. In addition, the firm’s management team should analyze the perception of the consumers in relation to Gillette Complete Skin Care; Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 prior to its production. The marketing research should be comprehensive by identifying the major problem, defining specific marketing objectives. This should be conducted by identifying key marketing variables. In addition, data collection should integrate a variety of methods to ensure that sufficient amount of data is collected.


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