171 Promotion Strategy Examples from Business Giants

Promotional strategy is one of the hallmarks of marketing processes. It expands the on-target reach, raises customer interest, and boosts performance. Developing a promotion strategy is crucial, whether it’s a small or large organization.

Let’s dive into the best promotion strategy examples! We’ll discuss how Apple, Walmart, Nike, and other companies create their promo strategies and what the results are.

🔝 Top-10 Promotion Strategy Examples

  1. Lush Cosmetics Marketing Plan – Strategies & Issues
  2. Blue Shark Company's Marketing Plan
  3. Barclays Company Marketing Plan
  4. Branding Australian Mobile Phones: Roo Winder Cell Phone
  5. Crunchy Bites Company: International Business Plan
  6. The Cooler Bag's Advertising and Promotion Plan
  7. Strategic Marketing in UAE Business Environment
  8. Olio Bello Organics Brand: Marketing Plan
  9. Apple Company's Marketing Research
  10. Lolous Company's Marketing Plan

📌 What Is Promotion Strategy?

A promotion strategy is an actionable plan that helps companies influence their target audience, improve customer engagement, and generate more leads. With a solid promotion strategy, a company can visualize the overall marketing strategy and decide when and how to conduct other promos.

What Is Promotion Strategy in Marketing?

In marketing, the promotion strategy divides into push and pull strategies. Push strategies focus on sending messages to spread information about services and products. Pull strategies are about attracting customers using various methods.

  • Push strategies: wholesaler discounts, bonuses, and trade fairs. These actions are not visible to customers because they create demand at the stage of product distribution.
  • Pull strategies: digital campaigns, advertisements, store discounts, etc. These actions are visible to all clients.

What Is the Best Promotion Strategy?

There is no generalized “best” promotion strategy. Each promotion strategy is unique, depending on the company’s needs and plans. For example, to achieve recognition with a limited budget in a small town, you can distribute flyers where potential customers are concentrated. Whereas for big corporations like Apple, such a method would not work.

How to Improve Promotion Strategy?

The final purpose of a promotion strategy is to generate more revenue and increase market exposure. Here are the best ways you can improve your promotion strategy:

  • Combine products
  • Simplify promotional activities
  • Get more positive product reviews
  • Offer more rewards to customers to increase orders
  • Take a focus on the most profitable promotional activities
  • Update your product homepage
  • Provide special offers to loyal customers
  • Experiment with various promotion activities

📺 Promotion Strategy Examples

When deploying a marketing plan, it is better to have more options to make your promotional strategies work. Here are the top promotion strategy examples:

  1. Social media promotions: advertising with bloggers, developing social networks, targeted advertising.
  2. POS (Point-of-sale) promotions: unique offers, gift cards, coupons, cross-sell marketing.
  3. Mail marketing: distributing catalogs, coupons, and samples via mail.
  4. Contest-based promotions: online & offline contests.
  5. Product giveaways: distributing free samples or low-price products online and offline.
  6. Charitability: organization, support, and promotion of charity events.
  7. Customer referrals: publishing reviews on the site, reputation marketing.
  8. Branded promotional gifts: creating office-branded products and clothing production.
  9. E-mail campaigns: information, trigger mailings, promo mailings.
  10. Collaboration with influencers: advertising with bloggers, partnership with bloggers.
  11. Events & conferences: sponsorship, support, participation in events.
  12. SEO-driven promotional content: landing pages, website sections, and optimized blog articles.
  13. Customer loyalty programs: discounts, bonuses, savings cards.
  14. Money-back guarantees: offering a refund if the customer is not satisfied.
  15. Brand partnerships: joint advertising campaigns, referral activities.

📧 Companies with Best Promotion Strategies

Take inspiration from the companies with the best promotion strategy:


Walmart is a stable and recognizable company in its marketing activities. The company offers promotions and discounts throughout the season. All promotional activities include a message about low prices. Walmart ads can be seen on social networks, TV, and billboards.


Apple’s sales promotion strategy promotion strategy is more modernized than people realize. Apple uses aggressive advertising across all existing channels. Apple’s promotional efforts are customer-centric and offer product users a heightened user experience.


Nike’s promotional strategy revolves around inspiring ads that tell the brand’s story and invoke positive emotions in product users. Nike communicates brand values to create successful marketing in the long run.


You can see Coca-Cola’s fast-paced and optimistic visual ads on YouTube and other media channels. Coca-Cola focuses on promotional efforts that awaken emotions.


Heineken builds and executes its promotion strategy toward millennials. It is one of the main reasons Heineken sponsors the UEFA Champions League and ensures personalized brand offerings to youth.

Other examples of companies with great promotional strategies are:

📝 Promotion Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. New Zealand' Energy Drinks Industry Marketing
    Business essay sample: This study includes market measurement, competition analysis, resources and capabilities, primary demand and marketing mix strategies for New Zealand beverage industry.
  2. Ocean Beauty Center: Business Proposal
    Business essay sample: Ocean Beauty Center will be a full-service beauty and care salon committed to the provision of superior client contentment through offering quality products and exceptional services.
  3. Coca Cola Company in China
    Business essay sample: Over the past few years Coca Cola has attempted to gain a foothold into the Chinese market through a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns.
  4. Apple Objectives, Goals for the Future, and Mission: Procurement Analysis
    Business essay sample: Researching Apple Objectives 🎯? Apple Incorporation is one of the leading American manufactures that has specialized in the production of 📱 electronic devices. Discover objectives of Apple company, its goals for the future, and mission.
  5. Etihad Airways Marketing Plan: Market Entry to Bangkok
    Business essay sample: Etihad Airways serves as the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. The airline has been in operation for the last one decade and has flights to various destinations across the world.
  6. Emirates Airlines' Promotion for Competition
    Business essay sample: Emirates Airline is a fast-growing airline company located in Dubai. The company is entirely a property of the administration of Dubai.
  7. Reflektive, Inc.'s Company and Product Analysis
    Business essay sample: Reflektive, Inc., faces stiff competition in the market. The only way of developing and maintaining a pool of loyal customers is to embrace different marketing strategies.
  8. Coca-Cola and Pepsi Companies' Different Strategies
    Business essay sample: This study analyzes strategies used by Coca-Cola and Pepsi by viewing national and international issues related to consumer preferences and post-recessionary impact on the firms.
  9. Whole Foods Market Company in China
    Business essay sample: Whole Foods Market has branches in the United Kingdom and Canada. The company has spotted a void amid high-end consumers who prefer quality organic products in China.
  10. Starbucks Company: Market Analysis
    Business essay sample: Starbucks offers a range of coffee products including fresh brewed coffee, packaged coffee, tea, food, mugs, and coffee making hardware.
  11. Treasury Wines Estates Company's Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The marketing plan of Treasury Wines Estate presents strategies of introducing new wine brands into the Indian market to attain its main strategic objective.
  12. Walmart Company's Marketing Analytics
    Business essay sample: In this paper, the researcher will analyze marketing strategies used by Wal-Mart and determine the level to which it applies marketing analytics with the view of making recommendations.
  13. AFDCO Incorporation: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: AFDCO Incorporation is a private limited company, which was established in 2000 in the UAE. The firm operates in the UAE’s beverage industry, and it is headquartered at Al Quoz, Dubai.
  14. Atec Incorporation Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: This marketing plan relates to Atec Incorporation, which operates in the UAE. The firm intends to venture into the production of coffee making machines.
  15. Marriott International Company's Strategic Direction
    Business essay sample: The paper aims to analyze Marriott by examining market brands that cut across the entire economic-level consumer segments and the factors that shape the strategic direction.
  16. Subway Company in the Japanese Market
    Business essay sample: Subway’s primary target market is composed of individual customers who are health conscious in their consumption patterns.
  17. Marketing Techniques and Segmentation in Examples
    Business essay sample: IKEA’s success in the international market has arisen from its commitment to implementing effective marketing techniques.
  18. Significance of Business Research in Business Success
    Business essay sample: This research proposal explicitly establishes the impact of business research on organizational performance and success at the local and global levels.
  19. Adnams Company: Marketing Approach Redesigning
    Business essay sample: The framework designed by the Adnams Company to address marketing issues may pose a significant threat to the firm’s success.
  20. Emirates Airline Business Strategy
    Business essay sample: The success of any airline depends on the business strategies adopted. This paper evaluates the business strategy of Emirates Airline.
  21. Healthy Food Restaurant Business Plan
    Business essay sample: A healthy food restaurant refers to an eatery that targets health-conscious customers. This article presents a business plan for a healthy food restaurant in New York City.
  22. Nabbesh Company Marketing Plan Strategies
    Business essay sample: Nabbesh is an online skill-marketing base that seeks to connect experienced freelancers with businesspersons, who are seeking to hire individuals based on the demanded service.
  23. The Coca-Cola Company's Marketing Plan in China
    Business essay sample: The paper review the implementations of budgetary and strategic management on all levels of marketing that can lay a sustainable base for the sales of Minute Maid.
  24. Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility & Marketing Mix
    Business essay sample: Researching Starbucks corporate social responsibility policies? ♻️ This paper describes Starbucks CSR statements on economic responsibility, highlights its importance for the company program and performance. ☕
  25. Dior Company Marketing Strategies
    Business essay sample: This paper focuses on Dior Company touching the marketing strategies that the company has created and implemented in order to achieve this competence.
  26. Promoting Business Excellence
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this literature is to provide a literary overview of the issue of achieving business excellence, and the role of management in addressing these challenges.
  27. Chery Automobile Company: Marketing Mix for USA
    Business essay sample: Chery motors have struggled to keep its American competitors at bay especially after seeing the benefits, which came by way of strategic co-operation with the Chinese automakers.
  28. Emicos International: Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: Operating in the global economic environment is a challenging task even for an organization as well established in the home market environment as Emicos International.
  29. Tamweel Company Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The key to a successful recovery strategy of Tamweel Company will function on the development of e-business, expansion of the business, growth of the domestic market etc.
  30. Nike Inc.'s Marketing in the United Arab Emirates
    Business essay sample: Nike does not have its own factories and a permanent production base, which makes its organization mobile and dynamic.
  31. Hybrid Electric Cars Marketing Mix
    Business essay sample: The concept of plug-in hybrids emanated from the Chevrolet Motor Car Company when they made Vue to operate partially with the gas engine.
  32. G Company’s Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: Company G targets small electronic appliances users by providing high quality and innovative electronic solutions.
  33. The New Hybrid Toyota Prius: Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: Saud Bahwan Group has partnered with Toyota Motors Corporation to improve sales of Toyota cars in the local Omani market. In this plan, the focus was to improve the brand and sales.
  34. Volterman Smart Wallet: Strategic Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The strategic marketing plan for Volterman smart wallet focuses on how this company can use its limited resources to achieve market success.
  35. Microsoft Corporation' Marketing Mix
    Business essay sample: This paper describes how product, place, price, and promotion affects the development of the Microsoft marketing strategy and tactics.

💡 Essay Ideas on Promotion Strategy

  1. Adidas Company's Vision, Mission, Competition
    Business essay sample: The Adidas company is involved in production of athletics apparel, footwear, and accessories for both male and female customers of any age.
  2. Marketing Strategy of Adidas in the UAE
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to analyze a worldwide corporation Adidas on its marketing components, specifically in the United Arabic Emirates.
  3. Retail Petrol Outlets: Marketing Mix Elements
    Business essay sample: The paper is a report describing the four marketing mix elements and how they are applied to real-world working in retail petrol outlets.
  4. Emirates Airlines: Marketing Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper assesses the core Marketing Mix components based on Emirates Airlines' activities, discusses the key marketing strategies, and suggests specific marketing strategies improvement proposals.
  5. Eureka Software Compant's Marketing Strategic Plan
    Business essay sample: Eureka Software Inc. was started on 12th October, 2000. It has grown to become one of the leaders in the industry in terms of both market share and profitability.
  6. Brampton’s Hampers Company's Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: In this marketing plan, we are going to define the target groups of Brampton's Hampers Company that are going to be considered in the marketing process.
  7. Nikon D800E Digital SLR Camera: Product Marketing
    Business essay sample: There is a need for Nikon to frequently upgrade and manage their knowledge system for the sake of surviving within the international market.
  8. Complementary and Substitute Products: Demand and Quantity
    Business essay sample: There is a clear distinction between demand and quantity demanded; furthermore, they have their own significance in the economics arena.
  9. Marketing Promotional Strategies
    Business essay sample: Marketing and other effective promotional strategies play a very important role in creating a good impact for prospective consumers.
  10. NMC Healthcare Company's Mission and Vision
    Business essay sample: The work uncovers the topic of the importance to be a mission- and vision-oriented company operating in the healthcare sector on the example of NMC Healthcare.
  11. The 4p’s Marketing Strategies Analysis
    Business essay sample: This research enables the 4p's company management to reduce uncertainties that might arise after the business decision has been implemented.
  12. Marketing Mix and Strategies Used in Combination With 4p'
    Business essay sample: Marketing Mix represents a memorable and practical framework for marketing decision making, which can help to keep staff motivated and moving in the same direction.
  13. The Sales Promotions Concept
    Business essay sample: Promotion relies on five main strategies of marketing communication, which businesses use in different proportions for maximum coverage.
  14. Nivea Visage Products' Marketing Mix
    Business essay sample: Since NIVEA prides itself as a leading cosmetic and skin care brand, it is unsurprising that the customer profile of the company is mainly comprised of women.
  15. Jouf Water Company's Strategic Marketing
    Business essay sample: In this paper, the researcher seeks to analyze the appropriate strategies that Jouf Water Company should use in the new market, based on marketing mix elements.
  16. Jumeirah Group's Current Strategies
    Business essay sample: The main limitations of the Jumeirah group in Dubai is the fact that due to the nature of the hotel business the product, namely the hotel, cannot go to the consumer rather the business has to wait.
  17. SunTrust Bank and Bank of America: Marketing Concepts
    Business essay sample: The marketing strategies that are chosen should ensure that the customers are given the best services so as to maintain them and to improve on their well being and that of the society’s at large.
  18. Dell Corporation: Strategy in Action
    Business essay sample: The events that led to Dell Corporation’s success can be considered as an example of strategy in action. The company managed to overcome near-bankruptcy and evolved into a highly noted firm.
  19. Marketing of Kitenge in Japan
    Business essay sample: The objectives of the study is to identify all the external factors which affect markets such as politics, economy, legal and environment factors affecting markets and the four Ps of marketing of international markets.
  20. General Motors Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The global headquarter of GM is based in Detroit, but the company is producing cars and trucks in 35 countries.
  21. The Coca-Cola Company Marketing
    Business essay sample: The Coca-Cola Company is a brand in manufacturing beverages and its supply all over the world. The Company has got its approval in the world thanks to the quality of the beverages.
  22. Cemex Company's Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: Cemex Company has grown tremendously from a local manufacturer of cement in Mexico to become the third-largest cement company in the world only behind Lafarge and Holcim.
  23. Global Gadgets Imports Firm's Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: Product diversification will be achieved through the introduction of housewares goods as part in addition to the existing product line of Global Gadgets Imports.
  24. Notting Hill Carnival's Brand Promotion
    Business essay sample: This report considers ways through which promotion is used for the Notting Hill Carnival. It further considers how promotion for the same event can be expanded on.
  25. Business Mathematics and Mathematical Models for Marketing
    Business essay sample: The company from the UAE chosen for discussion of the mathematical models is Nakheel Properties. Nakheel Properties is a real estate developer that is based in Dubai.
  26. When and Why Is Celebrity Endorsement an Effective Advertising Strategy
    Business essay sample: This paper will examine the issue of when and why celebrity endorsements are effective for advertising campaigns.
  27. Comcast Cable Company: Strategy Review
    Business essay sample: The company offers fast internet connection, clear broadband phone service, digital services and other innovative programming.
  28. Do Advertising and Promotion have an Impact on Students' Choice?
    Business essay sample: The word more appropriate than demand is “stir”; stir is for the educational institutions of higher learning that have been market-oriented for quite a while now.
  29. E-Commerce and New Product Development
    Business essay sample: Electronic commerce entails the process of purchasing, selling, distribution and servicing products and services through various computer networks such as the internet.
  30. Managerial Marketing. Branding and Company Image
    Business essay sample: The report highlights how sales and market share could be increased by tactfully engaging in branding activities and creating a company image that gains customer appreciation and loyalty
  31. Industrial Technical Development Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The company, which will be analyzed, is engaged in the sphere of repairing services and technical maintenance of the steel furnaces and supplementary equipment.
  32. Adventure Tours Australia: International Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: In order to introduce a new product to the market it is important that a comprehensive marketing strategy be developed by considering target market, market segment and positioning.
  33. Emirates Airline Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: The article describes the marketing strategy of Emirates Airline, the scale of the company, the level of development and development potential thanks to well-structured marketing.
  34. Marketing Strategy for Sainsbury
    Business essay sample: Sainsbury’s is looking into expanding its portfolio and entering untapped geographical areas. Its focus is on providing quality products at fair rates.
  35. Marketing Strategy for Asda
    Business essay sample: Asda is a retailing store which is a subsidiary of Wal-Mart. The retail store is based in the United Kingdom and is among the largest retail store in the United Kingdom.

👍 Good Promotion Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Marketing Strategy for Husky’s Breakfast Cereal
    Business essay sample: Description of macro environmental factors that impact the marketing of product: economic, natural, cultural, demographic, political and technological issues.
  2. Marketing Analysis: McDonald’s Company
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the different strategies applied by McDonald’s Company as well as the environment of the business.
  3. MaxShim Florists: The Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The mission of MaxShim Florist is to become the leading supplier of floral products within the US domestic and foreign market.
  4. Golden Circle Company's International Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The Golden Circle Company is one of the Australian fine fruits and vegetable manufacturers, which produces more than 15 varieties and is one of the largest pineapple processors.
  5. Enhancing Thailand’s Competitiveness in Fashion Product
    Business essay sample: Various governments are increasingly formulating strategies aimed at improving their countries’ competitiveness. The prosperity of a country is determined by its competitiveness.
  6. Marketing Plan: Triwa Incorporation
    Business essay sample: The objective of the research was to determine the best pricing strategy to adopt in setting the price of the new soft drink product.
  7. The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant: Overview
    Business essay sample: The Cheesecake Factory, Inc proposes unique products reflecting the national traditions and food preferences of the American nation.
  8. A Tourism Product's Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The paper aims to illustrate how the firm can effectively launch the product in the market and attain a competitive advantage both in the domestic and foreign markets.
  9. Branding in South Korea
    Business essay sample: In the establishment of any brand, time is a crucial factor, and so a successful brand requires to be constructed at a painstakingly elaborate and calculated manner
  10. Marketing Analysis of GameStop
    Business essay sample: This research deals with a market analysis of Game stop and its ability to use e-marketing theory, its competition, customers and marketing needs, target market profile, etc.
  11. Starbucks Corporation's Promotion Strategy
    Business essay sample: Starbucks has engaged in some promotion strategies in its coffee and beverage business to emerge as a global market leader.
  12. Social Media Role in Business-to-Business
    Business essay sample: Social media is mainly a combination of internet tools that combine information technology with social interaction.
  13. Primark Stores Limited’s Supply Chain Management
    Business essay sample: The discussion involves an analysis of the role of supply chain management in the fashion retail sector. The analysis entails Primark Stores Limited as an example.
  14. Big Media Ink: Ad Advertising Action Plan
    Business essay sample: This advertising plan constitutes the introduction and launch stages of a business graphics and communications service which the author will structure as a sole proprietorship.
  15. Invent Electronics: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The small appliances will be created and designed to fit needs of households. The company has a vision and mission statements to guide the company in achieving its objective.
  16. Canterra Bros Firm's Vittoria Coffee Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The management of Canterra Bros incorporation can increase the firms’ level of revenue through effective repositioning of its Vittoria coffee brand in the market.
  17. Coca-Cola: Marketing Policies and Processes
    Business essay sample: This essay shall discuss the importance of marketing orientation of an organization, study the key elements of a marketing plan and how successfully these are being used by Coca Cola.
  18. “Creating the American Newspaper Boy” by T. A. Postol
    Business essay sample: The article focuses more not on the newspaper boy profession, but on the innovation of the sales representatives who are mobile in their marketing activities.
  19. Honey Monster Cereal Products: Brand Extension
    Business essay sample: Brand extension is one facet of brand positioning. Honey Monster has evolved from a product promoting mascot into a company banner due to its acceptability and popularity.
  20. Middlesex University: Integrated Marketing Communication
    Business essay sample: The plan is designed for Middlesex university for conducting a seminar in Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Lamego, Portugal for attracting more number of students.
  21. Sony Ericsson Company's Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: This marketing plan depicts the importance of situation analysis for setting the objectives and strategies, so Sony Ericsson will be able to target all segments in the UK.
  22. Marketing Plan on Starbucks
    Business essay sample: Objective is to develop a marketing plan to successfully distribute its products to its shops and licensed franchisees located world wide within a projected time frame.
  23. Bag Manufacturing Company: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: This is a company which will be laptop carrier bag maker and distributor them within North America before being distributed world.
  24. We Simplify the Internet: Internet Accessability for SMEs
    Business essay sample: The mission statement of WSI Internet Consulting is increasing the growth and profitability of SMEs businesses through an enhanced and efficient provision of internet solutions.
  25. Company Analysis: Home Depot and Menards
    Business essay sample: The article analyzes marketing strategies in relation to product diversity, pricing strategies, promotion and distribution of Home Depot and Menards companies.
  26. Florist Boutique + Café: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The business plan is going to be prepared on a combined flower shop and coffee house known as “Florist Boutique + Café”.
  27. Marketing and Promotional Strategies of the Costco
    Business essay sample: The success of the Costco company lies behind its marketing and promotional strategies, an effective pricing strategy, the capability to offer its merchandise at lower prices.
  28. Pinkberry Product: Strategy and Launch to Taiwan
    Business essay sample: This paper takes a comprehensive and critical analysis of the marketing strategies and promotion of Pinkberry product and launch to Taiwan market.
  29. The Business of Amy’s Ice Cream Trade
    Business essay sample: Amy’s Ice Creams in Saudi requires proper analysis of entire internal and external factors accompanied by identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  30. Dominos Pizza Enterprises: Marketing
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses a marketing plan for Dominos Pizza Enterprises: new product strategy, key target market, pricing strategy, placement and distribution, product promotion.
  31. Academic Enhancement Services to Students
    Business essay sample: Introducing a new product of academic enhancement services to students in the market requires a well-designed marketing plan and unique branding that are describing in this paper.
  32. Yellow River University: Marketing of Private University
    Business essay sample: Yellow River University of Science and Technology image and positioning are factors which influence student loyalty and success.
  33. Merritt Hookah Lounge: Market Plan
    Business essay sample: The plan entails market research with reference to competitors and consumers as the key market elements, SWOT analysis, key success factors, and the critical issues are analyzed.
  34. Marketing Point for Marline Insurance Company
    Business essay sample: Marline Insurance Company will be conducting a promotional activity as a way of expanding its customer numbers and as give current customers a chance to learn about new services.
  35. Aloha Airlines: Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: Aloha Airlines had its headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Airline operated in Honolulu International Airport.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Promotion Strategy

  1. Dr. Café: Integrated Marketing Communication
    Business essay sample: This report analyzes various components of IMC that Dr. Café has applied in as effort to establish and maintain progress with their customer initiatives.
  2. Situation Analysis of Hawaii’s Living Reef Program
    Business essay sample: The Hawaii Living Reef Program aims at creating public awareness on the importance of the living coral reef ecosystem and its contribution to the Hawaii lifestyle.
  3. Sales and Promotion Management
    Business essay sample: Sales promotion can achieve goals in the short run by making huge sales but create problems in the longer-term because; once the price is increased after the promotion is over, the sales made decreases.
  4. Jampa Textile: “Think Global Act Local”
    Business essay sample: “Think global act local” is an important topic as it helps organization come up with strategies to standardize its operations across all foreign markets where it has established.
  5. Apple Company Managing Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    Business essay sample: Apple changes the way people behave. The innovation process requires different competencies, strategies, structures, cultures and leadership skills.
  6. British Airways Strategies
    Business essay sample: British Airways is an international and UK’s largest airline that currently operates to over 300 destinations in different countries across the world at different schedules.
  7. Truck Safety Company's Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: The Truck Safety Company’s selling strategy will be to sell to ready buyers and the target is made up of people in the transport industry.
  8. Subway Franchise's Positioning Strategy
    Business essay sample: The changing social environment and the lack of proper marketing campaign strategies that support Subway's repositioning are limiting rapid success in terms of market penetration.
  9. Integrated Marketing Communication & Planning Campaign
    Business essay sample: For a business to function well, basic strategies must be used. Essential requirements may include a business plan, a marketing communications plan, and a marketing campaign plan.
  10. Consumer Behavior Audit: Anoush Soap
    Business essay sample: In this review we are going to lay our focus on a toilet soap called Anoush, which is manufactured in the United States and go-ahead to look at how well it can perform in Brazil.
  11. Vitamin Water: Egyptian Market
    Business essay sample: There is a huge potential for the success of Vitamin Water in the Egyptian market. This is possible as long as all the business aspects are taken care of in the entry process.
  12. Strategic Brand Management: Coca-Cola and Pepsi Brand
    Business essay sample: Branding is one of the most important marketing strategies. This paper looks at brand management strategies as used in Coca cola and Pepsi brands.
  13. Abercrombie & Fitch: Brand Revitalization and Extension Strategies
    Business essay sample: The target customer for A&F brand must be extended in terms of demographics i.e. age, sex, color, and race. The traditional white man’s wear concept of the brand must be changed.
  14. Marketing strategy of TESCO
    Business essay sample: In addition to offering service of ordering through website, the company has occupied markets in countries like the United States, China, Poland, South Korea and Thailand
  15. Massage Therapy Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The competition in massage therapy is not stiff, given that it is a nearly new field. With learned ethics and proper management, this is a field that I can manage and be a leader.
  16. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: A United States' public corporation that operates a series of supermarket stores globally. Founded in 1962 by Sam Walton, Wal-Mart is the largest full-line discount in the world.
  17. American Instant Incorporation: Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The marketing strategy, which entails the firm's mission statement, marketing objectives and target market, is illustrated in this paper.
  18. Dannon Company Inc.: International Marketing Mix
    Business essay sample: This paper provides a deep insight into Dannon Company Inc and reviews ways via which it has applied its international marketing mix strategy to support its international market operations.
  19. Marketing Management: The Microsoft Experience
    Business essay sample: Microsoft Singapore has put work and life balance as a business strategy. They care for their employees. We discussed on the effects of Microsoft’s products, the operating systems Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  20. Pinkberry Franchise in Saudi Market
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to outline the opportunities available to Pinkberry in Al Khobar with regards to a market for its products, and the potential consumers demand trends.
  21. Indigenous Publishing Market Profile of Bahrain
    Business essay sample: Publishing is a worldwide market now. The industry has been growing pretty fast but faces many challenges. The paper shows the analysis of the Publishing Industry in Bahrain.
  22. GM Holden Company's Integrated Marketing Communication
    Business essay sample: Outlining the importance of integrated marketing communication, this paper analyzes the role it plays in the brand-building process, based on the example of GM Holden.
  23. China National Tobacco Company and Farmers
    Business essay sample: The Chinese government controls all production of tobacco products in the market in a form of monopoly. The company lacks an intermediary with Chinese tobacco farmers.
  24. Pepsi’s Investment in the Australian Market
    Business essay sample: Pepsi is the second-largest food and beverage business in the world. Launching an energy drink to the market right now is a good and timely investment.
  25. Khalifa University Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The marketing performance of Khalifa University will be evaluated as per its advantages and disadvantages in the competitive environment.
  26. L’Oreal Paris Strategic and Marketing Objectives
    Business essay sample: This report aims to provide efficient marketing mix solutions to reach the company's strategic and operational marketing objectives.
  27. Nike Inc.'s Marketing and Communications Plan Nike
    Business essay sample: Nike's strategies as a brand must be improved, updated, and revitalized to the best option if the company is to be successful in maintaining its profit and market position.
  28. Malaysian Airlines' Marketing Plan Critique
    Business essay sample: This critique assesses the marketing plan of Malaysian Airlines under the scrutiny of the theoretical framework chosen, as well as the scope, and precision of the data provided.

✍️ Promotion Strategy Essay Examples for College

  1. Analysis of Apple’s Marketing Mix
  2. Management Accounting Report of Nissan Company
  3. Traditional Media Elements of Opening Ceremon
  4. Hamdan Footwear Start-Up Company's Business Plan
  5. Forecast/Budget/Control in Health Care Marketing
  6. The Use of Product Line Concept
  7. HAYLO Hair Products Company Analysis
  8. Yearly Management Report of the Hotel
  9. Jawil Food and Drinks Restaurant’s Business Plan
  10. Different Elements Of The Promotional Mix
  11. Sports Marketing Affected by Internet of Things
  12. Arabic Coffee or Arabic Restaurant in United State
  13. Marketing Matrix Elements for Business
  14. John Deere Reman Company Remanufacturing Issues
  15. Employees Diversity: UCCO Case Analysis
  16. Marketing Plan: Strategies for a Successful Business
  17. Integrated Marketing Communication
  18. Associated Brands Industries Limited (ABIL) Charles Chocolates
  19. A Successful Business: Projected Time and Expenses
  20. The Attitude of Customers to Sales Promotion Methods on the Example of Apple
  21. Effects of Strategy of Useful Approaches to Promotions: Case of Amazon
  22. Aspects and Peculiarities of Marketing Mix
  23. Korwin Pharmaceuticals: Promotion and Pricing Strategy
  24. Discussion of Fitbit Case Study
  25. Red Bull Company's Marketing Analysis
  26. Morgan's Healthcare Organization's Strategic Plan
  27. A Qatar SME Analysis: The Case of Ciko Middle East
  28. Human Capital Management in Nursing Home "Active Retirement"

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