107 Customer Service Strategy Examples

What makes KFC a beloved restaurant chain? Aside from cooking delicious food, KFC’s employees provide excellent customer service. People enjoy the experience and become regular users.

A good customer service strategy can do wonders for a brand. Read on to learn more about it!

🔝 Top 10 Customer Service Strategy Examples

  1. Lush Cosmetics Marketing Plan – Strategies & Issues
  2. Banking Service Sector Customer Care
  3. Car Mechanical Services Industry Customer Satisfaction
  4. Islamic Banks in UAE: Service Quality and Customers Satisfaction
  5. AusNet Company's E-Commerce and E-Marketing
  6. McDonald’s Company Performance Measurement
  7. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority's Quality Service
  8. Healthy Food Restaurant Business Plan
  9. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority's Services
  10. Customer Satisfaction in the Hospitality Industry

🤩 What Is Customer Service Strategy?

A customer service strategy is a template a company follows to provide its consumers with a level of care. It also outlines how to measure the standard of care the customers are receiving. This strategy is a crucial component of a company’s supply chain management.

What Are the 5 Ps of Customer Service?

  • Product: The product or service the company offers to its consumer.
  • Policies: The guidelines that ensure customer satisfaction
  • People: The employees that follow the policies mentioned above.
  • Processes: The steps taken to turn customer satisfaction goals into reality.
  • Proactivity: The need to strive for better policies to improve customer satisfaction

What Is the Best Customer Service Strategy?

The best customer service strategy has the customer at its center. It takes into account their viewpoints, what they expect of the company, and what level of service is expected at the price they pay. An analysis of expectations helps create firm foundations for a good customer service strategy.

📈 Customer Service Management Strategy Evaluation

When analyzing a company’s customer service, it is essential to evaluate the following key areas.

Customer Churn Rate Look at the rate of customers buying the product. If these numbers are dropping, it is likely because customer service is not meeting expectations, and they are switching providers.
Negative Feedback One complaint about customer service may be irrelevant. Many people complaining about the same thing means it’s time to step back and review the policies.
Customer Surveys Creating surveys, monitoring the scores, and commenting on them helps find ways to meet customer expectations better.
The Employees The employees in a company are often the first people the clients meet. They know where the failings are and what can be done to make customer service more efficient.
The Trend A company should proactively look at other customer service strategy examples and provide high-quality service for customers regularly to stay on trend.

✨ 5 Best Customer Service Strategy Examples

Have a look at how famous brands craft their customer service strategies:

Uber Customer Service Strategy

Uber is an excellent start to our list of customer service strategy examples. They focused on client satisfaction, meaning the customer support worked efficiently from release. The taxi driver matching system ensures that every rider is satisfied.

Customer Service Strategy of KFC

The customer service strategy of KFC is through excellent employee policy protocols. Every employee learns how to treat a client and maintain high customer service and satisfaction throughout each interaction.

Apple Customer Service Strategy

Apple customer service strategy implies only hiring employees with the knowledge needed to provide excellent and informative customer service.

Amazon Customer Service Strategy

Amazon consistently listens to the customers’ needs and provides excellent service, especially when it comes to returning a product. Keeping things simple keeps clients happy.

Wegmans Customer Service Strategy

Wegmans is famous in the world of retail for focusing on employee satisfaction. No wonder they’ve been ranked as a Fortune 100 Best Company for 22 years!

Other examples of companies with great customer service strategies include:

The following essay samples are filled with more ideas and have great examples of an effective customer service management strategy. Check them out!

📝 Customer Service Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority Company' Strategy
    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is a public company that majors in the distribution of electricity and water to Dubai residents.
  2. Apple Company's Poor Inventory Management Issues
    Since Apple Company operates internationally, it at times experiences challenges related to the supply of products, which emanates from poor inventory management.
  3. Tepco Inc.'s Marketing and Customer Management
    Marketing aims at satisfying the needs of the consumers. It does this by ensuring that consumers can get the products when they need them.
  4. Determining Customer Satisfaction: Delivery Services
    Latest empirical researches in service industry have conclusively established that there is direct link between customer satisfaction and quality of service being offered.
  5. Consumer Behaviour for Future Marketers
    Economically and socially responsible purchasing behaviors of consumers have become a significant determinant of consumer behavior.
  6. Digital Entrepreneurship: Videogame Sales Tracker
    The subject of this report is a business idea – a service that tracks videogame sales on game launchers and online stores and collects the best deals.
  7. Zara Customer Analysis and Strategy
    Researching Zara’s customer service? Zara 👕 has attained an optimal market position in the international market. The firm’s performance 📈 can be attributed to the adoption of the product-oriented strategy.
  8. Servicescape: Employee and Customer Responses
    Servicescape is a model that focuses on understanding and explaining how customers and employees interact with the environment where the service takes place.
  9. Organizational Culture, Employee Performance and Customer Retention
    Understanding the correlation between corporate culture, employee performance, and customer satisfaction is paramount because it helps to boost a competitive edge of an enterprise.
  10. Apple Company's Current Marketing Strategies
    In this study, the researcher will be interested in investigating the current marketing strategies of Apple Inc, and how effective they are in addressing the issue of competition.
  11. Customer Service Management: the Importance of Empowerment
    Defined as giving somebody power or authority, empowerment must follow a top-down model that conveys authority through the ranks to front-line service professionals.
  12. Marriott Customer Demographics & Market Segmentation
    What is Mariott’s customer demographics? 🏨 This paper offers meaningful recommendations for Marriott to remain competitive in the hotel industry. 📈 Read the article to learn more about Mariott market segmentation. ➡️
  13. The Hershey Company's Marketing Strategy
    This report analyzes Hershey's from the view of marketing strategy, discussing marketing mix, consumer buying behavior and branding, and the product lifecycle.
  14. Blackberry Phones and Consumer Behavior
    Based on the response given by six customers who had purchased and used Blackberry phones, this paper will discuss customers' perceived value of products.
  15. Apple Customer Behavior Analysis
    Looking for an Apple consumer behavior case study? 📲 Read this paper to figure out why everyone loves Apple so much. 🍏 We offer to analyze Apple consumer behavior which is a complex process that goes beyond simply buying products. 🎁
  16. Jetblue Company: Excellent Customer Services
    Despite the fact that Jet Blue has managed to provide a high level of customer satisfaction, the company has been experiencing some problems that have disrupted its operations.
  17. Customer Service: Term Analysis and Review
    Customer service has always been an important part of a company, but today it has become indispensable. Surveys of consumer and business purchasing have often shown that people prioritize service over price.
  18. Marketing Promotional Strategies
    Marketing and other effective promotional strategies play a very important role in creating a good impact for prospective consumers.
  19. Maintaining Operations
    Quality, cost, flexibility, and delivery are four critical aims of business operations that play a role in producing quality products for the customer.
  20. Verbal Communication Skills in Customer Service
    How important is verbal communication in customer service? 🗣️ Customer care skills fall under customer relationship management policy. 🎧 It includes the collection, analysis, and translation of essential customer information. ✅
  21. Johnson Beverage Inc. Case Study Analysis
    This paper aims to work out a costing system, required to fulfill the demands of each customer, for such a company as Johnson Beverage Inc (JBI).
  22. One Touch Direct, LLC: Strategy Review
    The paper entails an analysis of One Touch Direct, LLC. In this case, the firm’s customer base shall be analyzed, along with the type s of services the firm offers.
  23. The Customer Services at TESCO Supermarket
    Customer relationship management from the point of view of Tesco has been examined. The research paper has examined enhanced regulation adherence and customer service at Tesco.
  24. Coffee Shop Preferences Among Consumers Research
    The research report on coffee shop choices among consumers and the factors that influence them. Information will assist the coffee shops in making decisions on expanding.
  25. Masiya Company's Quality Management Issues
    The aim of this paper includes discussing current issues in the Masiya company which have been collected by interviewing different company members.

💡 Essay Ideas on Customer Service Strategy

  1. "A Cut Above" Hairdressing Business' Marketing Management
    The A Cut Above business has to introduce a new type of cutting and styling method to improve the good appearance and confidence of customers.
  2. Airline Customer Service: Marketing Research
    The airline industry is currently facing a crisis. Passengers normally complain because they are not satisfied with the services they receive.
  3. Starbucks Corporation's Promotion Strategy
    Starbucks has engaged in some promotion strategies in its coffee and beverage business to emerge as a global market leader.
  4. The Factors That Affect Usage of Mobile Banking in Saudi Arabia
    Various factors affect the use of mobile phone banking in Saudi Arabia. These range from the usage pattern of the service, to demographic of the consumers.
  5. “A Cut Above” Hairdressing Business: Marketing Advice
    ‘A cut above’ will try to maximize the opportunities for consumer complaining so that management can get a more complete picture of customer reactions to their services.
  6. Industrial Research of MAN Group UAE
    The aim of this assessment report is to examine the issues facing MAN Group UAE, the exclusive suppliers of MAN trucks and equipments in the United Arab Emirates.
  7. Leveraging Information Technology to Maximize Competitive Advantage
    Information System plays an important role in the business strategies. Information systems are the strategic weapon in order to achieve reputable position in market.
  8. Strategic Analysis of Häagen-Dazs
    For Häagen-Dazs, the main strategies of this organization is to provide high quality with all natural ingredients to its’ potential target markets.
  9. Strategy for Retaining Customers
    Client retention and loyalty is a very important aspect of medical services provision. The relationship between the doctors, the other staff and the patients influence retention.
  10. Emirates Customer Relation Management Solution
    This paper is going to demonstrate How CRM is going to assist airlines such as Emirates in Attracting and retaining new customers through CRM solutions.
  11. Currys: Marketing Performance
    The economic situation of Currys shows that many retail companies fail to meet increased economic pressure and new social changes, which lead to profits decline.
  12. Starbucks Corporation: Marketing Research
    This research relates to all aspects of the marketing mix as compared to competitor's situations. It results in statements about the relative effectiveness of advertising.
  13. Marketing. Service Quality in the Banking Industry
    Accuracy, affordability, flexibility, efficiency or speed, variety, and professionalism are some of the important service characteristics in the banking industry.
  14. A Research Proposal on Banks and Customer Satisfaction
    Customer satisfaction is not just aimed at merely getting profit or sales, rather it focuses on gaining the loyalty of the customer.
  15. Aussie Pooch Mobile Pty: Strategic Plan
    The main success factors include the popularity of the brand among customers and franchisees and the increase of the company revenues.
  16. Problematic of Customer Their Needs
    The banking and financial services sector is one of the most dynamic and competitive business sectors in the world and is also a highly regulated industry.
  17. Customer Satisfaction in Banking Business
    The focus on the customer has forced the banks to have a customer center that works as a call center. In most cases, they are toll-free stations.
  18. DU Telecommunication: Total Quality Management
    This report inquires about the principles of TQM to discuss the findings of my investigations and analysis of the total quality system of DU.
  19. Customer Loyalty and Their Needs From Business
    The essence of marketing needs to focus on how firms attract, retain and enhance their relationships with customers.
  20. Methods for Organizing and Measuring Customer Satisfaction
    This report explores the importance of front-line staff and the ways that management can support them; it reviews ways to assess the manner of satisfaction in service delivery.
  21. Respect, Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction
    Consumer satisfaction raises loyalty as well as shows respect to the customers. Thus if the company was rated highly, then this indicates that it is placed in a favorable position.
  22. Innocent Smoothies Limited Company's Analysis
    Building a brand is a difficult task but sustaining that brand at a certain standard is even a more tedious and difficult task.
  23. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Performance Analysis
    The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is an autonomous, interstate, corporation that controls and sustains bridges, tunnels for both road and rail transport.
  24. Total Quality Management in the Financial Service Provision Industry
    This paper seeks to give a comprehensive review of the principles and applications of the Total Quality Management concepts in the provision of financial services.
  25. EBay: Customer Support Outsourcing
    Customer support outsourcing for eBay is a brilliant idea since it will increase the economic stability of the world at large.

👍 Good Customer Service Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Apple Stores Retail Mix Analysis
    The paper keenly describes Apple’s retail mix, variety and assortment of merchandise, sustainable competitive advantage and Customer Relationship Management.
  2. Preventing From Switching to the Other Service Provider
    In this article writer researches the main reasons for the customers’ switching to the other service providers and ways to prevent it.
  3. Selling Process and Influence on Customers
    The selling process explains the phases salespersons go through to make a sale – an act of planning in the mind of another person a motive that will induce a favorable action.
  4. Classic Airlines Marketing Solution
    The CA had previously performed very well in its operations, which was a boost to the US-based airline. But it seems like the organization requires thorough scrutiny
  5. Customer Care and Case Study of Emirates
    This report provides a recommendation and conclusion considering the outcomes of a case study of Emirates Airlines in Customer Care topic.
  6. Service Delivery Excellence: Engineering, Construction
    The international business manager should then study and understand the complexities pertaining to engineering and construction services delivery.
  7. General Civil Aviation Authority's Customer Service
    The General Civil Aviation Authority requires a plan to change its current customer service and increase satisfaction. The paper provides strategies for the implementation.
  8. American Airlines Improving Customer Service
    This paper examines the problem of reducing the quality of customer service for well-known airlines and considers possible ways to improve the situation.
  9. Quality Culture in TNT Express UAE
    This paper elaborates on the concept of quality culture and its impact on organizational performance. As a case study, this paper examines the quality culture in TNT Express Dubai, UAE.
  10. Woolworth Organization: Company Analysis
    This paper will mainly focus on the plans and strategies that Woolworth organizations should formulate to attain success.
  11. Customer Service in the Western Cruise Liners Company
    The Western Cruise Liners Company is a recently founded hospitality business organization, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  12. Examples of Right and Wrong Decisions in Marketing
    Discussion about how marketing is defined in terms of satisfying customers' needs and wants on examples of companies.Examples of right and wrong decisions in marketing.
  13. Customer Satisfaction and Pricing in UAE Shopping Centers
    This research paper aims at identifying the role prices have on the satisfaction of customers in shopping centers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  14. Apple Inc.'s Revenue, Relationship Marketing, and Customer Loyalty
    This essay will define the theory of relationship marketing and its related fundamental concept of customer loyalty and outline its impact on business performance for Apple.
  15. A Customer Journey for a Business Class Customer
    The paper discusses customer journey for a business class passenger can be planned from the perspective of the airport that is offering the transportation service.
  16. Animal Foodland Organization's Marketing Plan
    Animal Foodland organization will make use of different integrated marketing communication plans. The organization will be very strategic when giving items and animal food prices.
  17. Product Comparison: Competitive Analysis
    To successfully promote a product, position it and perform market research the use of competitive analysis is necessary – identifying the product’s strengths and weaknesses.
  18. Australian Biscuit Market's Analysis
    Biscuit is considered a high-calorie snack in our daily life. It is eaten as extra food for people, which is usually sweet. The raw material includes flour, starch, fat, and sugar.
  19. Threat Tech, Yorktown Systems Group and Alelo, Inc.: Comparative Analysis
    This paper compares the military mindset of the three companies: Threat Tech, Yorktown Systems Group and Alelo, Inc.
  20. Quality Alloy, Inc (QA) Company: Web Analytics in Business Promotion
    Quality Alloy, Inc (QA) promotion companies consist of both traditional and more IT-oriented methods, including a company-based website.
  21. The Coca-Cola Company's Environmental Analysis
    This report contains an in-depth analysis and description of the environment of the Coca-Cola Company and an individual marketing plan.
  22. Expanding Hulu Streaming Services into Canada
    Streaming services are gaining popularity across the globe as they only require the internet, which is more accessible and convenient than television cable.
  23. The Comprehensive Analysis of the Best Buy Company
    This case presents a comprehensive analysis of the company. Best Buy should develop a strategy to rival e-retailing giants such as Amazon for a competitive edge.
  24. Importance of Building Trust in Business
    The paper argues every business operator need to have to be honest, show competence in service provision, have good communication skills and be willing to take a risk.
  25. Consumer Reaction to “Green” Brand Claims
    The paper discusses that people are increasingly strict about "green" brands; hence, it is essential to consider some good and bad strategies.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Customer Service Strategy

  1. The Benefits Consultancy for the Apex Organization
    The consultant convinces the president of Apex manufacturing why the company needs a benefits consultant's services and prove that the proposed methods can guarantee results.
  2. Marketing ROI: Challenge of ROI, the Problem of ROI Assessment
    This report aims to illuminate marketing mix-based assessment methods, where customer equity, word-of-mouth, and other critical approaches are derived.
  3. The Coca-Cola Company's Enterprise Resource Planning System
    Coca-Cola sales are driven by solid customer preference choices globally and the strategic setting of retailers.
  4. Case Study: “Sustainable Lawn Care”
    Although the Lawn Care Company presented the best quality products, it started losing customers who lacked the application knowledge.
  5. Managing Post-Purchase Feeling of Customers
    The role of marketing to the firm is to attract the needs and desires of the customers. Marketing focuses on attracting new and maintaining old customers.
  6. Starbucks Coffee Company Planning and Promoting New Service
    The use of social media marketing, promotional website and advertisement are suitable marketing strategies that the coffee company will utilize.
  7. Walmart Company's Supply Chain and Digital Transformation
    This paper discusses Walmart’s supply chain profile and strategy towards value creation, challenges, and how digital transformation enhances Walmart’s connectivity and integration.
  8. Supply Considerations and Strategic Management
    Identifying customer needs and establishing commercial equivalents of the product are two elements pertinent to any organization.
  9. Analysis of Sony Group Corporation
    The paper analyzes the Sony Group Corporation - one of the leaders in the sphere of consumer and professional electronic products.
  10. JP Barber Shop’s Business Plan
    The examination assists JPs with understanding the measure of deal income for overall gain to take care of all expenses.
  11. Analysis of Coastal Medical Center (CMC): Baldrige Criteria and SWOT Analysis
    Coastal Medical Center (CMC) is a regional referral hospital that specializes in the provision of a full range of services, this study audits CMC based on the Baldrige criteria.
  12. Carnival Cruise Lines' Customer Service
    Carnival Cruise Lines have a great customer support system. Slight changes and improvements may take the company to a higher level.
  13. Jeff Bezos' Resonant Leadership in an Organization
    The study is based on theories of leadership and culture in an organization by examining the degree to which Jeff Bezos's resonant leadership style is transformational.
  14. Digitalization of Age United Kingdom Organization
    Age UK provides critical community support by enabling people to choose their own care and implementing best practices for overcoming loneliness in older people.
  15. Carnival Cruise Lines Customer Service & Total Quality Management
    In this paper, total quality management concepts will be applied to assess Carnival's customer service with the aim to provide recommendations to improve TQM.
  16. The Customer Experience Strategy for the Rolex Company
    This paper addresses the questions of positioning, customer experience, and brand image of the luxury watchmaker.
  17. SWOT Analysis for Mocha House Co.
    This paper provides an overview of a new locally-owned coffee shop in the United States, Mocha House Co. It includes a SWOT analysis.
  18. Partnership Agreements and Service Providers
    The paper discusses partnerships. They are two or more organizations that work towards a common purpose and joint action towards the agreed targets.
  19. Yolk-ay Restaurant Company’s New Competitive Strategy Description
    Gradual changes in the menu are essential in ensuring the Yolk-ay restaurant business thrives and can compete with other players in the industry.
  20. Current Marketing Activities of UK-Based Firms
    The United Kingdom (UK) consumers are known to be loyal to their favorite firms and brands, which guarantee to ship their products for free and offer product returns.
  21. Vending Machine "Great Coffee": Business Proposal
    The company ‘Great Coffee’ will offer four types of coffee Espresso, Americano, Latte, and Cappuccino on University campuses.
  22. The Next Closet Expanding Service to South Korea
    Regarding the fact that the company The Next Closet is considering expanding its services to South Korea, it is important to look at the country's interest rates.

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