Partnership Agreements and Service Providers

Partnerships are two or more organizations that work towards a common purpose and joint action towards the agreed targets. It involves firms in business together for their profits or to develop their concerns. The role of partnership in a disability setting is to ensure efficient service delivery to the clients by creating professional relationships in different disciplines.

Partnership Advantage Disadvantage
Funding Alliance
  • There are reduced costs and risks to the firm.
  • Organizations must disclose financial reports and other valuable information.
Corporate partnership
  • It Bridges the gap in expertise and knowledge while sharing the burden.
  • There is a service breakdown in the event of a failed partnership.
Grant match partnership
  • There is the provision of more cash required for efficient operation within the organization.
  • The decision process requires both partners; hence not possible to make a quick decision.
Name Type Level Description
NDIS Grant match partnership Coordinating Funding aid to people with disability
Chemist Funding Alliance Cooperating Providing webster packs to clients
Fire service equipment Corporate partnership Collaborating Provision of fire safety equipment and fire protection tools.

Conflict of interest: all parties to the partnership should disclose any situation that could reasonably be expected to lead to a conflict of interest.

Intellectual property and confidentiality: individuals should respect and honor the privacy and intellectual property of the business parties and third-party partners. All members should comply with the principles unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Adhere to laws and regulations: parties should follow the rules and regulations with service providers for smooth and efficient business.

Fair dealing and integrity: partnership requires all members to engage in a fair transaction and hold integrity when dealing with service providers.

The partnership with NDIS is one worth describing in this question. The need towards identifying the partnership is lack of funds to operate and help more people in the society. This necessitated the need for a partnership with NDIS to provide finance while helping the organization achieve its goals of helping and reaching the disabled. Building the partnership was based on a collaborative approach where the management and officials from the firm met and signed an agreement. The development of the cooperation is based on service delivery to the people who live with disabilities. Successful account of the allocated funds and how they helped the society help develop the partnership.

The terms and conditions governing how the partnership should act concerning the agreement are funding and accountability guidelines. The association works within a budgetary landscape and does not exceed the pricing parameter as stipulated. This details how the funds are utilized and the output with arrangements is priced towards the partnership. In addition, the activities and modeled budget is provided that help guide targets and different project to people living with a disability.

The introduction of NDSI has strengthened the referral service in the firm. Clients feel secure and want to partner with the company for assistance. Through NDSI, new networks have been developed with clients increasing their desire to be part of the company and help the needy. NDIS has provided funds and resources that help meet the clients’ needs. Understanding the procedures involved and the requirements of NDIS makes one potential, if not ready to join.

The collaboration strategy-this approach dictates collaborating with other partners to achieve the interest of every person and establish cooperation that will last for long. Accommodating approach-conforming to other partners is crucial towards achieving a solid agreement. This strategy ensures selfless decisions and improves the capability of the individual party in the partnership (Brett, 2017). Comprising system- aims at benefiting all the parties involved in the agreement. Pursuing reasonable and practical objectives is vital while holding everything under control and striking a balance for every partner.

Ensuring there is a formal agreement enforceable by law and has defined terms. When a contract is specific and gives appropriate guidance, it is easy to solve and manage conflicts. In addition, hiring a mediator is vital in managing conflict between partners. The mediator assists the parties in presenting their viewpoints in a non-confrontational manner and aid in achieving a solution. Documenting every agreement in partnership is an essential strategy towards managing conflict. All vital decisions of parties in a partnership should be established and their terms defined. This helps refer to the written operational decision that the two partners signed, which reduces future disputes.

One benefit of information sharing in a partnership is reducing financial disagreement. This is because a partnership agreement has clear terms on financial contributions and the entailment of each partner. Profits are equally shared among the partners depending on the level of obligation and amount invested. An example of a risk to sharing information in a partnership agreement is that individuals are liable for the firm debt and losses. This is because the company has no separate legal personality, and the partners share responsibility and are jointly responsible for the partnership’s activities


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