Classic Airlines Marketing Solution

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In the classic airline review, there is a lot of information that requires immediate concern in order to retain and maintain the financial position of the organization. The CA had previously performed very well in its operations, which was a boost to the US-based airline. However, it seems like the organization requires thorough scrutiny in order to identify the danger and sources of the organization’s drawbacks.

It is evident that the employees have lost hope completely in the management of the organization. The surprise is that the stakeholders and the airline fraternity would be silently watching the company. In addition to that, how can the media be against the company? The information obtained through company meetings indicates that most of the key organization managers among other staff members secured employment opportunities because they had a link that secured their chances in the management. However, the management determines the out-put of the organization; For instance, the difficulties of implementing the recent technological systems, the aged administrators do not understand the use. Likewise, to the clients and customers who in most cases requires computer literate individually, but they cannot get highly personnel’s due illiteracy.

With constant blames on the management, the good company name that existed had to be wasted due to the negative perception of the company. I deduce that the management should be retrenched so that the new and gentle personnel are authorized to manage the airline company. The changes in the management, will not affect more on the clients as they will keep watching on any improvement to ascertain that the CA has resumed operation.

It is a pity for a company that has taken years to gradually improve, but now is getting into hot water. The article contains a series of events, which are generally against the management style that allowed leadership inheritance by the qualified personnel in a different field to become leaders in totally different jobs

Airline scenario

In the field of airline Classic Airlines, this is also the world’s prestigious and largest airline company that falls in the fifth position. In other words, CA is among the top best airline companies in the world. CA commenced its operations 25 years ago, the period that the company gradually experienced apparent growth until September 11, when the US airlines attack left many dead, wounded and lost loved ones. Classic Airlines is one of the preferred world’s largest airline companies, which offer prestigious services (Kotler & Keller, 2007).

The current situation

However, the key issue will be based on the marketing problems that almost led to insolvency in the airline company. Potentially, the issues of accomplishment plans will be strategically dealt with through the formulation of new objectives subject to the current worrying situation in the management of the company. The paper is aimed at improving the leadership of the organization in order to realize profitability through the involvement of the stakeholders, customers and the company administration in order to curb the crisis at hand.

Classic Airline’s market resolution

Any organization with superior management is likely to succeed; the CA Company should look for the expertise to guide the company on the marketing criterion that would best spot the prevailing inauspicious situations. However, the strengths of the stakeholders, the society and the customers should be the key forces of the management before they make any further steps. Since decades ago, the interests conflict with each other. The marketers are supposed to discover the airline products that fit best the customer needs due to the competitive airline service providers globally. This resulted from the company’s realization of how important it is to maintain a healthy relationship with the customers. However, every organization majors on the loyalty to the customers who are in the first place, the best marketers should appreciate the services from the airline company.

Describe the Situation

In order to retain a good rapport with the customers, the CA should review the issue of customer rewards, employee morale-boosting & award winnings and incentives, as a way of marketing given that it is the same employees who in most cases will interact with the customers. The customers are very inquisitive in case there is a problem or uncomfortably with the travel arrangements with the capacity to enquire from other passengers from different airline companies, making the travel arrangements and requirements very competitive in nature.

The labor and fuel costs are on the increase most of the time globally. However, this should not affect the traveling charges or in other words, the CA Company should at least sponsor some passengers in the quest to boost and let the company shine, and this is one way of sales promotion, which is a marketing strategy (Kotler & Keller, 2007).

Objective and obstacles

In order for the CA Company to regain its customer confidence, there is a need to improve the customer services from face-to-face consultancy services to online IT-based. The inquiries and booking are meant to ease the customer consciousness and self-assurance in the integrity of the company in order to attain quantifiable production results. The availability of ebusiness is a marketing challenge that Classic Airlines must adopt as a research tactic for the antagonism in the global aviation world. This can be achieved through the growth and management of new influential marketing information systems. However, this is a key advantage of competition depending on the consumer information converted into the association to reduce marketing cost and time wastage (Kotler & Keller, 2006).

Making resources available

When comes to decision-making, airline companies are in most cases based in more than one country, thus making it hard to make a fast decision. However, with the availability of internet technology, service delivery will be faster than ever not only at the airports but also in the monitoring section that deals with aviation security. Following the recent cases of air accidents, the technological aspect of the aviation department has advanced in order to produce good results with the ability to track the planes just from the time the incidents started until the accident scenes. The airspace monitoring instruments have the ability to operate through the internet; for example, google earth just to mention, it is prudent that the chances of insecurities are lowered more than ever due to modern technology (Kotler & Keller, 2007).

Problem-solving methods

Market research should be carried out both within the organization and the external organizations in order to determine the failures of the CA in the satisfaction of the customer demands. This can be done through a series of strategies; for example, through questionnaires, face-to-face interviews, short messaging services and organized sales promotion roadshows to sensitize the public on the competitive advantages of traveling through the Classic airlines. With the increase in technological advancement, the customer demands and preferences also differ; the marketing crew should develop a method of determining the expectations and the demands of the customers in relation to transportation, accommodation, traveling and financial exchange services in every airport.

Other than that, proper communication between the flight control unit and the customers awaiting the plane arrival should be adjusted to reduce the chances of confusion. If possible, other common languages from which the other passenger’s jets in, should be cooperated to harmonize the situation at the airport in the efforts to reduce anxiety (Kotler & Keller, 2006).

Marketing Strategy

After conducting the surveys and marketing roadshows, captured by the media as evidence to the whole world about the sensitization of the Classic Airlines Company. All the recommendations and suggestions from all the information sources are to be analyzed so as to get comprehensive information on the implementation process that would positively impact the organization (Kotler & Keller, 2007).

The content of the implementing documents contains information, such as the positioning of marketing communication, advertisement strategies, the introduction of new products and services, improvement of sales promotion tactics and renegotiation of the traveling pricing for both the body, luggage and other personal goods interims of capacity and the authorized and legal goods that should be transported through the passenger place, likewise to the cargo plane (Newsom, Turk & Kruckeberg, 2004).

Under conditions that the CA cannot possibly succeed in marketing, the organization opted to hire marketers; for example, hiring translators who can remove language barriers and implement advanced technology, which cannot be affected by the weather. In addition to outsourcing the marketers, the organization can opt to form marketing alliances and import advanced marketing functions from the advanced nations. For example, software services are a bit complicated and not easy to analyze due to detailed requirements that are embedded within the latest marketing and administrative software.

Practical incorporation

Integration of the marketing department with other departments within the organization equips the marketers with more knowledge about the advantages of the services offered by the organization (Kotler & Keller, 2007). Comparing the relationship between the marketing departments with the logistics department, in such a situation, the marketer will explicitly explain to the customers the advantage of traveling in the airline with proper logistics abroad and back home on arrival to avoid clearance issues with passport at both airports.

The information system allows the coordination of aviation activities within sections and other managerial duties such as product administration, manufacturing, economics and customer care services. Managers are very essential in the organization system and need to analyze the information system in the market effectively. The system design will entirely depend on the manager’s opinion, make and include the hardware type to be used, the modus operations involved in the analysis of the information, formatted and the displayed results not forgetting about the access, cost and information security (Newsom, Turk & Kruckeberg, 2004),

The marketing decisions will be entered in program software, applications software, which is a good way to obtain relevant information as the interviewer will not be able to reframe the question in his or her own understanding. The data that will be obtained will be very necessary for the rationale of increasing the order essential for promotion decisions. For example, the decisions maintenance software and software for managing customer information launched online to support sites and other services (Kotler & Keller, 2007).


Establishment of a marketing database where all the marketing information is kept so that every authorized person could obtain the information with ease when needed. All marketing files should be stored within the database that is in most cases online. This helps in case there are traveling problems anywhere not inconveniencing the passenger as in the case where the information is kept in a hard copy within the immigration department in the host country (Newsom, Turk & Kruckeberg, 2004).

Publicity resolution maintenance scheme

Management decisions do not apply to the marketing department alone, therefore when introducing emarketing, the administration department should be computerized so that the manager can have a say on the decisions arrived at during the marketing surveys (Kotler & Keller, 2006). With the involvement of both external and internal data in order to be as per the world-class aviation standards, such reports are best used in simulation to perfect the employees in the routine duties at the airport. This would minimize chances of errors that may affect negatively the airline and both the immigration departments in the two countries from which the passenger depart from and destine too respectively.


According to the situation in the classic airlines (Kotler & Keller, 2007), it is highly recommended that the organization involves in marketing with all the marketing information kept in a central database so that the information could be accessed from anywhere, provided that there are internet services. However, the information should be accessed only by authorized persons; for instance, the passengers’ ticket should contain a password through which the passengers access their traveling detail. This information should be accessed through a generated primary code of the payment receipt to avoid complications that may arise due to the use of the same names.

However, with the latest technology that entails quick internet services accessed through mobile phones, this is a convenient way of keeping updated systematically (Kotler & Keller, 2006). Such services restore the customer confidence in Classic airlines leading to better and more advanced customer care services which are the organization’s motto.

The organization should continuously update the database system with the up to date information so that the customers may access the real information that is on the ground despite the negative rumor on the organization by those who are against the progress of the organization. In addition, all the employees should have internal training in order to equip them with the computer knowledge that is very essential in this era (Kotler & Keller, 2007). To justify this, the amount of money that would be used for training is comparatively lower than what employees would do with respect to time and effectiveness in the labor market. This would bring about first-hand information that is error-free. The information content can be obtained at any time, very convenient to the long-distance travelers who may need a way of confirming their traveling credentials in foreign countries, which would be either hectic without internet services or impossible when all must be obtained in the hard copy.


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