Marketing Plan For Secondbite Organization

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Executive Summary

The desire to feed the hungry and help the less fortunate members of the society who survive on less than a dollar a day is what drove the two brother Ian and Simone Carson to establish an organization, Secondbite that will help to supply food to millions and millions of hungry and starving people.

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Secondbite is a non-profit organization that relies on volunteers and well-wishers to donate fresh foods so that it can be able to distribute to the hungry masses. The organization accepts all types of fresh food donations, from fresh vegetable, meat, and even fish. Since its establishment in 2005, the organization has grown from accepting a few cartons to more than 15 tones worthy of fresh foods in a month (SecondBite, 2010). This is a clear indication that despite the hard economic times that the world is facing, most people have a “soft spot” for the millions of people who do not have anything to eat and most of who sleep on empty stomach.

The purpose of this paper is to come up with a marketing plan of the Secondbite Organization. Being a relatively young company (Non Profit Organization), there is a need to come up with a viable marketing plan that will help it market its services to all corners of the world. By so doing, it will be able to help people from all lifestyles to have access to food. The paper will look at the following elements in relation to market plan; situational analysis, market strategy, financials and control. In addition to that, the paper will give a brief conclusion by giving recommendations on the best way the organization can help improve is service delivery.

Situational Analysis

In any organization, it is important to conduct a situational analysis before venturing in any form of business, either profit making or non-profit making. According to Marsala (2010), a good situational analysis model covers five basic steps and they are; marketing and promotional environment, consumer, market and environment, competitive assessment, marketing and advertising objectives and finally advertising creative strategy.

Marketing and Promotional Mix

The SecondBite Organization can apply the elements of the marketing mix to determine how viable the project will be if implemented in some areas of the globe. It important to note that not all the features of the marketing and promotional mix will be used by the organization since it is a non-profit making organization. Different regions have different lifestyles and as such, they consume different foodstuffs

. The first P of the marketing mix is product can be used to determine the type of food that can be supplied in a particular region. Another component of the marketing mix that SecondBite organization can use is the Place / Distribution situation, this will enable it be able to tell the geographical location of the place and how it will distribute the foods. Another promotional mix that will be used is the promotion. Even thou the foods might be offered for free, it is good to convince the people of your intentions in the region. This will be achieved by carrying out promotional activities in the area.

Consumer, Market and Environment

Understanding the consumer needs, eating habits and environment in which they reside in is equally important in determining the type of product that will be introduced (marketed) in the region. In reference to the environment also, the weather conditions of the region determines the type of foods that will be available in the region, therefore the SecondBite organization can use this feature to supply the foods that will not be in season at the time.

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Consumer behavior is the determining factor of how a service or product will fare in that particular market. Identifying consumer behavior and their spending habits helps an organization plan ahead. The organization is able to understand the peak season and the off-peak season. This study helps the organization insulate itself from impending business storms in a particular market or season in a year.

Market Summary

For the few years that the SecondBite organization has been in existence, it has managed to understand the various needs the community that it serves. In so doing, the organization will be in a position to come up with “customized products” for its consumers. It is vital to analyze the market carefully. The aim of a summary of a market is mainly to identify the needs of the consumer and their purchasing behavior. Other aspects of consumer behavior are checked during such efforts. Learning consumer behavior facilitates planning expansion into other markets and collaboration with dealers and distributor in the market.

An organization that is aware of the needs of consumers is able to provide the market with products and services that are bought quickly. Understanding the needs of the customers is the most vital aspect of understanding a market. In fact, an organization that identifies the needs of its customers is able to succeed and expand. This means, this organization is making profits consistently and that its presence in the market is appreciated and is paying off to both the customers and the organization.

Target Markets

Food is a basic need to each individual, however not every one has this privilege. SecondBite as a non-profit organization that is out to feed the hungry is out to ensure that all persons have access to quality foods. The target markets for the organization will depend on the continent (geographical location). In Africa for example, the market target will be; street urchins / street families, the homes for the elderly, school going children who have no access to foods, communities that have been affected with natural calamities like draught, disease and floods.

A market research or study goes a long way to provide an organization with a comprehensive overview of the markets need, how they behave, and consumer spending behavior. To find a market that will subscribe or buy products, the organization needs to study the potential markets and analyze them comprehensively. This approach will facilitate the smooth process of launching the products in the market and enjoy good consumer reaction to the offering.

Market Demography

For any organization that wants to market its products and services to the people, conducting market demography is a key pillar to determine the types of services / products that will be offered to them. For instance, if an individual wants to open a saloon, conducting market demography will help him/her know how viable the idea is, if the area has more female than male residents do then it will be a good idea.

According to Marsala (2010), there are two important questions to be considered by the business owner when conducting the market demography, the questions are; “If I am a customer and I walked into a ship, what I will think, and what I will want?” If the shop / store products and services can answer, the two questions then I will be at the right place. The SecondBite organization even thou is not a profit making organization, it should ask itself the above questions. Will it be able to meet the needs of the thousands and thousands of people in need of fresh foods?

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Terminologies of Marketing Research

The following terminologies are commonly used when talking about marketing research and for any person who wants to apply the marketing principles and strategies, it is important for them to thoroughly understand all of them.

  • Primary data: This raw data is collected during the process of doing marketing research.
  • Secondary data: Secondary data is the data that had been collected before and it has stored it the organization database. The information might have been collected for an earlier marketing process and it is still viable and important to the organization.
  • Qualitative Research: This research covers figures and statistics of the viability of the project (marketing project) that is to be undertaken.
  • Qualitative Research: Human resources and resources available for the task are categorized under this segment.
  • Sampling: After the information has been collected, it is then sampled into different categories depending on how it will help in the implementation of the marketing plan.


Behavioral Factors

The behaviors of the consumer determine the kind of product / service that an entrepreneur can introduce into the market. This is because the product / service will aim at satisfying the consumer needs of the moment. For instance, during winter the consumer behavior suggests that they are in need of hot beverages and therefore introducing such services will ensure that the business thrives. The same applies to the SecondBite Organization, the type of fresh foods to be distributed to its consumers should be “compliant” with the culture of the community, it will be weird to donate pork of the Muslim community since their religion PROHIBITS them from eating it. The buyer behavior can be analyzed using different approaches: types of buyer behavior, dominant family purchase, demographic factors, consumer buying process and the decision making process

Market Needs

Different age groups do have different needs when it comes to food and nutrition. For SecondBite to be able to cater for the needs of all of its consumers, then it should strive to collect fresh foods that will meet the needs of the market. There should be specific foods for the old as well as for the youths, the lactating mothers, and the kids who are being winnowed.

Market Growth

As the population of the universe increases, so does the need for food increases. In its marketing plan, the SecondBite organization should have a detailed plan on how it plans to cater for the increase in the number of people in need of food. Failure to do so may force the company to close its services in some regions due to lack of enough supply and this may not be good news for the millions of starving masses. According to brs (2010) when it comes market growth, it is based on two things to consider; how your enterprise will address the competitive marketplace and how you will implement and support your day-to-day operations. Also market growth can be stimulated by conceiving innovation as a business discipline. The company should give resources and time to innovation, long-term objectives of the company, market research, and insulation against impending business storms.

SWOT Analysis

Analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats faced by an organization can help in products / services introduction to the clients. For the SecondBite Company, the SWOT Analysis may not be applicable because of its nature of services; however, here are some key points to be noted.


The main strength for the company is the fact that there are millions of people around the world in need for fresh food. Therefore, the foods that the company will receive in form of donations will be easily absorbed to the community. Some of the foods will be airlifted to other parts of the world to cater for the needs of the people in those regions.


The organization lacks enough storage space for its fresh foods. In addition to the storage space, the organization lacks enough refrigerators to store foods for a longer period. This is one area that the organization should try to work on and ensure that it has enough space to handle more donations as they come in. another weakness that the company faces is there are few donors who are willing to help it fund its project and noble idea.

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The need to provide food for the people is one area that the company can capitalize on.


Most threats that the organization faces are natural threats, there is unfavorable weather conditions that may make it impossible for some fresh foods to mature and reproduce well, and for example, draught and excess rainfall may hinder the proper growth and germination of some food crops. In addition to that, the crops may be affected by disease, which in turn will destroy them, and for the company it will mean that the number of food donors will greatly reduce.


Competition is evitable in any business, the SecondBite may is likely to encounter competition from other nonprofit making organization who might think that the business is profitable. To deal with this, the organization should sensitize the public on its mission and objectives and that it is a nonprofit making organization out to help the less fortunate members of the community have a decent meal. Therefore, this will help the people differentiate between the organizations that are out to fleece the members of the public or an organization that is genuine and ready to help the people.

Product Offering

Madan (2010), the product offering segment is greatly influenced by the demographic study that the organization. In the market plan for SecondBite organization, the organization should try and separate the foodstuffs that it supplies to its consumers. The organization should have fresh foods for the old people (those in the home for the elderly), for the street urchins as well as the malnourished persons. By so doing, the organization will be able to easily distribute fresh foods to all parts of the world, for the residents in Africa; the organization will be able to set aside high nutrition foods since most people in Africa suffer from malnutrition.

Key to Success

According to Lyman (1996), there are some key points that an organization can base on as the path to its success; Ability to accept risk, high self-esteem, persistence, enjoying your work, and having talent and passion for your job. The SecondBite Company has embraced all the above aspects in relation to the key to the success of the organization, the task however is how to implement them and make them viable.

Apart from such perspectives, the key to success mainly revolves around quality. Quality has always been looked at the value aspect of a service or product, however, the buying and selling process also counts for the value context. How you deal with the clients during this process matters most. Establishing a relationship with the customer during this process can make the value and quality of what the seller is selling to be higher in the eyes of the consumer.

Many organizations fail to achieve results, especially when they fail to identify their clientele properly. Market research and consistency in finding markets is another vital ingredient of success. Focusing on expanding the market can increase the organizations market-share. An increased market-share provides the organization with more profit. The presence of an organization coupled with the quality aspect of its products guarantees great results. Success is easily achieved through such efforts.

Accountability in an organization is a great insulation against loss making. It has been commonplace practice that many company managers are not accountable. Accountability dwells mainly on management of both operations and the financial liabilities. Poor accounting practices, lack of records and poor documentation is indicative of lack of accountability. Many business closes soon after opening their doors to customers. The operating cost remains at par with the income generated from the business process while the managers fail to account for the gross and net incomes. In the process, money spent and what is left fails to support the organization. The managers depict this as failure. To succeed, the need for accountability is inevitable.

Critical Issues

For most consumer, they quality of the product being offered to them is the one of the critical issues that they consider before checking the price. Even thou SecondBite Organization is a non – profit making organization that is out to feed the needy, most of the people will consider the quality of food being offered to them, it will be disrespectful for the organization to offer contaminated foods to its clients. It is one thing that they have to take into consideration when entering the market.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is a wide field and each and every organization has different marketing strategies depending on the nature of the product / services that it is offering to the masses. The SecondBite organization being a non-profit making organization should use a marketing strategy that aims not to make profit but rather to sensitive people on the need of good nutrition to the human life. The organization should educate the people on the importance of eating a healthy diet.


The mission of the organization can be reflected in its motto “Food for People in Need”. This the same agenda that the SecondBite organization should strive to achieve in the course of offering its services to the less fortunate members of the society.

Marketing Objectives

What does SecondBite organization want to achieve? This is a major question that should be answered by the management of the organization before it rolls out its marketing plan. The organization goals should be measurable and have clear time frames

Financial Objectives

Financial objectives in most cases relate well or business that are profit oriented, the SecondBite being a non-profit making organization cannot fully qualify to apply this objective in relation to marketing strategy. It can however use it when it outsources for funds for its projects around the world. It will use this aspect of marketing plan to get funds and allocate the funds to relevant projects without and ensure that the funds are not misused in any way whatsoever.

Target Markets

The target market of the SecondBite products will be greatly determined by the demographic research that would be carried out before the roll out of the project. The target market will include; the elderly homes, the street families and those affected by natural calamities and disasters. These are some of the key points that the organization will need to consider. In addition to that the organization should ensure that the personnel mandated with the task of carrying out demographic exercise should do a detailed research that will enable the organization easily identify its target markets.


The increase in the poverty level and the environmental pollution positions the organization at a better place when it comes to service delivery. The reason for this is that the above stated cases have made food become scarce to millions of people, this gives the organization an upper hand as compared to other players in the food industry who are out to make profits.


The strategies to be adapted by organization should be crafted to meet the needs of the people. The strategies that the organization will use should cover, ways of food collection, food storage methods, the mode of determining the people to the priority when it comes to distribution of food and the different distribution channels to be used.

Marketing Mix

The marketing mix can be summarized using the fours P’s, however not all of them can be applied by the SecondBite organization since it is not a profit minded organization. The fours (4) P’s are: Product, Price, Place and Promotion.


The first P is the product. This aspect of marketing planning and strategies covers the following areas, product and service classification system, the product life cycle, introduction to product matrices, Boston matrix (growth/share), handoff’s matrix (product market)

The product and service classification system categorizes goods depending on convenience goods, shopping goods, specialty goods and finally unsought goods. The classification method of these goods depends on the price and the quality of the goods. The purpose in which the goods will be used for also helps in determining the product aspect of the fours P’s. This aspect of the marketing mix is what SecondBite can work with when it comes to implementing its marketing plan.


Pricing is a process that identifies costs of products and services. In addition to that, this aspect helps the entrepreneur to tell the different ways in which they can “increase” prices without necessarily increasing the price, i.e. increasing the price in such a way that the consumer will not be able to tell. Since the organization is not a profit making organization, the element of the marketing mix is not applicable to its marketing plan. If it incorporates it in its plan then the general public can mistake it to be a money laundering organization.

The Place

The third aspect of the four P’s is the place which covers the channels of distribution. There are six main channels of distribution that can be applied in the marketing planning and strategies. The channels include: Direct or indirect channels, single or multiple channels, length of channel and finally the types of intermediaries. The organization need to have strong “selling” points that will enable it provide its services to a large population.


As the last P of the four (4) P’s, the promotion of a product or service can be carried out in different ways. There is promotion through the media which covers Television commercials and radio advisements; there is advertising through the print media which covers magazines, newspapers and other journals. Another form of advertising is by use of brochures, hand outs and on the bill boards. The final way in which promotion of a product and service can be carried out is through the internet – which is popularly and commonly used. The introduction of social websites like face book and tweeter have made the online advertising a walk in the part to many investors, however there are websites that are specifically reserved as marketing site depending on the product / service that you wish to advertise and promote.

Marketing Research

Marketing research covers the following aspects: gathering information, recording the information and analysis the data recorded in relation to the promotion of the products and services. The marketing research process can be classified under the marketing information systems (MIS). The organization will be able to fully intergrate this aspect in its marketing plan if it can understand the following segments of the MIS; Marketing Processes, Marketing Research Techniques and finally Terminologies of Marketing Research.


The financial aspect of the marketing plan for nonprofit organization is different from that of nonprofit making organization. SecondBite organization is a nonprofit making organization whose motto is “Food for people in need”, as such in its marketing plan, the organization should deal mainly with how it will acquire funds to be used for the implementation of its projects. The ways in which the organization will raise funds is through donor support and well wishers as well as partial support from well wishers.

Break-Even Analysis

The break even analysis of the organization financial planning is how well the income and expenditure of the organization balance. Since the organization will be not making any profits, the funds it gets should be well budgeted for to ensure that is does not register a deficit before the end of specified financial year.

Sales Forecast

Sales forecast for the organization will be how much the organization will generate from grants and donations it will receive from well wishers and other sponors. The income will greatly help in the expense forecast and budgeting.

Expense Forecast

Every organization that is in business always strives to minimize expenses and maximize revenue, however for the SecondBites organization, the expense forecast will be on the amount on money it will spend on marketing and other activities related to providing its services to the less fortunate members of the society in the coming financial years.


Marketing control is the process by which the management of the organization observes the proposed plans as they are carried out and adjusting where necessary. The marketing controls cover a large area and they can be applied depending on the nature of business. Some of the marketing controls include; market share analysis, ratio analysis, cash flow statements, customer relationship management systems (CRM), and distributor support among other controls. The SecondBite Organization can apply the control that best suits to its marketing plan.


There are seven basic steps in which can be implementation process can be achieved. These steps are referred to as the 7 S and they are; Strategy, structure, systems, share values, style, skills and staff. SecondBite as a non profit making organization can use some of the 7 S to determine if it is well suited for the task at hand.

  • Strategy: What strategy does the organization plan to use in the implementation of the marking plans. The strategy or strategies to be used are to be viable and easy to implement strategies. This will not only save the organization time but it will also cut the cost of implementation of these strategies.
  • Structure: The structure of the marketing and advertising team can determine the duration that the whole process will take to complete. It is therefore good for the organization to set up structures that are flexible and easy to deal with. The communication / leadership approach to be used should be democratic in order to accommodate all the major players in the sector.
  • Systems: The hardware and soft ware systems put in place should be easy to use by all the participants in the implementation of the marketing principles and strategies. Using too advance and too ancient machines and equipment may complicate and slow down the situation.
  • Share Values: What does the organization stand to gain by implementing the various marketing principles and strategies? This is the question that is supposed to guide the organization as it seeks to roll out new marketing plan and strategies. The organizations should also take into consideration whether they stand to make looses or profits in terms of share value.
  • Style: Different organizations use different styles in the in the implementation of their marketing principals and strategies. The style chosen by the organization should be modern / latest and the one that blends well with the public. The use of public personnel or celebrities in the marketing process increases the chances of the product performing well in the job market. This however depends on the product that is being launched and the celebrity being used to market the brand. For instance, it will be in bad taste to use a gospel artist to market and promote and alcoholic drink and vice versa. Another issues to take into consideration when it comes to style is the promotion materials that will be used in the process, it is advisable to use posters that are captivating but at the same time promote moral ethics and good behaviour among the population.
  • Skills: Which skills does the organization seek to use in the process? The use of the right skill(s) at the right time will contribute to the success of the implementation process. It is therefore advisable for the organization to invest heavily in the right skills to ensure the project / implementation is a success.
  • Staff: The staffs are the persons who will market the company’s products and services under this phase. Hiring well trained and qualified personnel for the job will ensure that the process runs smoothly and in the end it will be a success. The kind of staff hired should be based on the product to be marketed, for instance, if the product targets the youths, it is advisable to use people who interact well with them and if the target group are the kids, then the person should not be aggressive and rough but rather they should be kind, funny and child friendly. This will ensure the implementation process lives to its expectation.

Marketing Organization

Most business fail to make an impact on international platform because of poor marketing strategies they adapt. It is common to find business where the manager doubles up as the accountant, messenger and even the sales and marketing person. These are signs of a business that does not have a chance of growing, marketing organization are “special marketing units” that are mandated with the responsibility of marketing the organizations products and services.

SecondBite organization as one of the most reputable organizations in the world should incorporate a professionally assembled marketing plan to carry out the task of marketing its products. Even thou the organization is a non-profit making, the unit will sensitize the public on the activities of the organization and as such it will end up gaining more support from all walks of life.

Contingency Planning

In business, it is normal for abrupt and unplanned obstacles to occur that may derail the normal functioning of the business. This can greatly affect the organization if it does not have a backup plan which is referred to as contingency plan in business language. A contingency plan consists of rules and regulations that define how a business will continue or recover its critical func­tions in the event of an unplanned disruption to normal activities. In its marketing plan, the SecondBite company should have a detailed contingency plan that will enable it continue with its noble mission in case they are disrupted. Some disruption may be as a result of failed equipment and failure in implementing transport logistics due to unavoidable circumstance. A good contingency plan covers the following six segments; executive summary, risk management goals, risk assessment, business impact analysis, risk management strategies and plan maintenance.

Difficulties and Risks

Problems in the generating of visible ideas, slump in the economy and challenges encountered in the construction of new facilities as well as acquisition of new machines and equipments are some of the major challenges that the SecondBite organization is most likely to encounter in the process of striving to provide food for the need. This however can be tackled by the management of the organization by having a good contingency plan.

Worst-Case Risk

For an organization that does not make profits but rather provides philanthropic services to the community, it stands higher chances of collapsing if it doesn’t get enough financial and technical support. Some of problems that the organization might face are; the business not being able to support itself due to lack of funds and also the organization having to liquidate some of its equipment to cover liabilities that he business might have accrued.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The SecondBite organization has curved and inch for itself as being a ‘leader” in the distribution of fresh foods to the needy member of the community. The number of well-wishers to donate the fresh foods has also been on a steady increase since the time the organization was set up in 2005.

The main differentiating factor between the SecondBite and other nonprofit organizations is that whereas other organizations supply cereal foods that are less nutritious, the SecondBite group aims at supply highly nutritious foods to the population and this has worked as an advantage to it. The SecondBite Company, Australian government as well as other members of the G8 should work hand in hand with third world nations as well as developing nations to ensure that there is enough supply of fresh foods to its population. The paper earlier on stated that “The desire to feed the hungry and help the less fortunate members of the society who survive on less than a dollar a day is what drove the two brother Ian and Simone Carson to establish an organization, Secondbite that will help to supply food to millions and millions of hungry and starving people.”

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