124 Consumer Behavior Analysis Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 Consumer Behavior Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Online Decision Making Process and Consumer Behavior
    Business essay sample: Consumer behaviour factors should be discussed with references to similarities and differences in the online decision-making of German and Korean buyers.
  2. Impacts of Brand on Customer Purchasing Decisions
    Business essay sample: Customers used brand name to differentiate products from different manufacturers. Customers not only use brand name to differentiate manufacturers, but also make purchasing decisions.
  3. Location-Based Marketing: Issues and Trends
    Business essay sample: Location-based marketing is a method of introducing and promoting goods and services, considering the location that connects a potential customer and a seller.
  4. Digital Marketing: Information Significance
    Business essay sample: Digital marketing ensures that a company’s information is intact, and even ensures that information reaches consumers in order to influence their purchasing behaviour.
  5. Marketing: Concept and Approaches
    Business essay sample: Marketing is responsible for identifying and satisfying customer demands in a profitable manner. It refers to what an organization must do to exchange value with customers.
  6. Dettol Brand Loyalty
    Business essay sample: This paper analyses Dettol brand loyalty using qualitative and quantitative elements of marketing. It is highly useful in the creation of an effective marketing strategy.
  7. E-activity Effects on Customer's Decision Making
    Business essay sample: The discovery of the internet has empowered the modern customer to be flexible, refined, and adventurous. In the recent past, there has been an explosion of internet-based retail business model.
  8. Zappo Company: Consumer and Buyer Behaviour
    Business essay sample: This paper assesses the concept of consumer and buyer behaviour by evaluating the case study titled Zappos: Happiness in a Box and using theories on consumer behaviour.
  9. Louis Vuitton Handbags: Consumer Behavior Model
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the basic elements and considerations that influence consumers' behavior with a focus on Louis Vuitton handbags.
  10. Elsewedy Cables Company Strategies
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes the Elsewedy Cables strategies in the market to help in determining the vision and mission statements that the firm uses.
  11. Customer Service as a Business Success Factor
    Business essay sample: Markets are overflowed with numerous items and services that are feebly separated. Predominantly, organizations can duplicate items and services from their rivals.
  12. Canterbury Company: Consumer Behaviour and Marketing
    Business essay sample: This report will discuss an integrated marketing communication strategy for Canterbury of New Zealand or the Canterbury Clothing Company.
  13. Tesla Cars Company: Marketing Strategies and Channels
    Business essay sample: The proposed study will focus on investigating marketing methods for Tesla to help it survive in the market for its new technology products.
  14. Apple Inc.'s iPhone 4 Product and Customer Values
    Business essay sample: iPhone 4 was manufactured to meet the consumer values which they had desired for a long time. The phone can be used for entertainment, communication, and as a mini-computer.
  15. Internet Service Quality Influence on Consumer Intention
    Business essay sample: The study focused on determining the influence of internet retail-service quality on the ability of consumers to make a repeat purchase.
  16. Buyer Behaviour and Market Segmentation
    Business essay sample: Buyer behaviour can best be understood by segmentation of the market. Market segmentation refers to the classification of customers based on their demographic differences.
  17. Consumer Innovativeness: A Marketing Approach
    Business essay sample: The result of increased consumer loyalty is an increase in products that a given organization produces and sells, and as such, an eventual advancement in the scale of revenues.
  18. Adnams Company: Marketing Approach Redesigning
    Business essay sample: The framework designed by the Adnams Company to address marketing issues may pose a significant threat to the firm’s success.
  19. Etisalat: Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: For a significantly long period of time, Etisalat dominated the UAE market, being virtually the single company in the telecom sector, thus operating a monopoly.
  20. Consumer Behaviour for Future Marketers
    Business essay sample: Economically and socially responsible purchasing behaviors of consumers have become a significant determinant of consumer behavior.
  21. Marketing Management: Development and Strategies
    Business essay sample: It is the work of the marketer to go for the most optimal choice that brings the best value proposition for the firm both in the short term and long term.
  22. Marks and Spencer Company's Marketing Principles
    Business essay sample: Marketing is a platform on which skills and products are exchanged between businesses and customers. This work describes the marketing principles of the Marks and Spencer company.
  23. The New Hybrid Toyota Prius: Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: Saud Bahwan Group has partnered with Toyota Motors Corporation to improve sales of Toyota cars in the local Omani market. In this plan, the focus was to improve the brand and sales.
  24. Gucci Company's Marketing Management
    Business essay sample: The paper’s scope comprises the investigation of Gucci’s approach to marketing in the context of several relevant theories and supporting information from scholarly literature.
  25. La Roche-Posay Company: Digital Innovation Strategy
    Business essay sample: Several potential consumers of LRP have switched to the digital media, and therefore, the marketing strategy required needs to be digital.
  26. Jumeirah Group: Marketing Analysis
    Business essay sample: The Jumeirah group (hotel division) owns some of the most prestigious and luxurious hotels and resorts within Dubai and the U.A.E.
  27. Marketing Effects on Consumer Behavior and Decision-Making
    Business essay sample: The essay explores the impact of advertising on the customers' decision-making processes and the key areas of marketing study on improving the efficiency of this influence.
  28. Marketing Events Role in Consumer Behavior
    Business essay sample: This essay is comprised of seven segments that discuss marketing events of different companies in relation to the concepts of consumer behavior.
  29. The Hershey Company's Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: This report analyzes Hershey's from the view of marketing strategy, discussing marketing mix, consumer buying behavior and branding, and the product lifecycle.
  30. Blackberry Phones and Consumer Behavior
    Business essay sample: Based on the response given by six customers who had purchased and used Blackberry phones, this paper will discuss customers' perceived value of products.
  31. Apple Customer Behavior Analysis
    Business essay sample: Looking for an Apple consumer behavior case study? 📲 Read this paper to figure out why everyone loves Apple so much. 🍏 We offer to analyze Apple consumer behavior which is a complex process that goes beyond simply buying products. 🎁

💡 Essay Ideas on Consumer Behavior Analysis

  1. Adult Soft Drinks Market in the UK
    Business essay sample: The soft drinks market in the UK has been growing fast over the past years. Beverage companies are moving away from alcoholic drinks to curve niche in soft drinks markets.
  2. Eureka Software Compant's Marketing Strategic Plan
    Business essay sample: Eureka Software Inc. was started on 12th October, 2000. It has grown to become one of the leaders in the industry in terms of both market share and profitability.
  3. Consumer Motivation and Marketing Strategies
    Business essay sample: Consumer motivation is a concept that has gained massive popularity among marketers as it enables them to understand their buying behavior.
  4. Management Successful Communication
    Business essay sample: Business communication is vital in business success. For communication to be effective it should embrace good relationships with major stakeholders of a business.
  5. Business Intelligence in Decision Making
    Business essay sample: It is important to understand the main stages of decision-making process for customers when planning to purchase an item.
  6. International Marketing Plan for Bolton PC Company
    Business essay sample: The main issues addressed to enter a foreign market successfully: marketing across borders, risks, and opportunities that the company will face and country analysis.
  7. Functions of Branding
    Business essay sample: One of the main functions of branding, other than being just an identifier of a product, is that branding has become a medium of communication for the company with the customer.
  8. Online Marketing Content Characteristics
    Business essay sample: The advent of the Internet, and online marketing, specifically, has challenged the domination of traditional brick-and-mortar stores with regards to consumer choice.
  9. How Companies Are Shaping Up Their Marketing Efforts?
    Business essay sample: This essay provides an insight into various strategies that companies execute to shape up their marketing efforts in the face of contemporary market places.
  10. Marketing in the UK Clothing Industry
    Business essay sample: This study is aimed at analyzing the consumer behavior towards the clothing industry especially in consideration men and women in UK. Fair trade is concerned with the production of endorsed clothing in the UK.
  11. Strategy Report on Product Launch in the Australian Market
    Business essay sample: Strategy report of the LG side-by-side refrigerator with 15” LCD TV with remote control, including market segmentation, consumer behaviors, and the product strategy.
  12. Buyer Decision-Making Process and Its Five Stages
    Business essay sample: Behind the observable act of buying, there is an invisible five-stage procedure that customers follow when deciding to purchase a product or a service.
  13. Daihatsu Motors Company: Marketing Communication Plan
    Business essay sample: This paper attempts to create an integrated marketing communication mix for the world famous Daihatsu Motors in the Kuwait market place.
  14. Consumer Automobile Purchase in the UK
    Business essay sample: Consumer Automobile Purchase decision is influenced by cultural, social, psychological, personal factors. Social and cultural factors are playing a major role in buying behaviour.
  15. How Marketing Improves Business Performance
    Business essay sample: Marketing is a concept through which companies get to anticipate, identify and then satisfy customer requirements in a profitable manner.
  16. Starbucks Case Study: Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: Researching Starbucks strategic management? This paper sample can answer your questions ✅. The Giant coffee retailer, roaster and specialty of coffee ☕️, has not been spared of the slackening of businesses as witnessed by the company’s financial report
  17. Building Society and the Banking Sector in the UK
    Business essay sample: In the past few years, the future of building societies has witnessed an intense debate, with some people offering a scathing attack on its progress and future.
  18. Viability of a New Invention in Gymnasium Industry
    Business essay sample: This report would discuss the appropriate way to a new business in energy gymnasium industry as an extended business of the firm named “Amazing Ideas”.
  19. Marketing: Buying Behavior and Product Success
    Business essay sample: The consumer’s identity, beliefs, specific needs, attitudes and the kind of product and brands available in the market for that product category, influences his buying behavior.
  20. Victoria Bitter Goes Clubbing With VB Raw
    Business essay sample: There is a need to find out why consumers will choose a particular product over another. There is a need to understand the factors that influence consumer behavior especially.
  21. Jordan’s Landscaping: Marketing Management Plan
    Business essay sample: in the case of Jordan’s, they provide an all-around the year property maintenance for any project that they have maintained for very competitive rates.
  22. Coffee Shop Preferences Among Consumers Research
    Business essay sample: The research report on coffee shop choices among consumers and the factors that influence them. Information will assist the coffee shops in making decisions on expanding.
  23. Lifespan: Assessing the Social Environment
    Business essay sample: The aim of this essay is to assess the social environment of Lifespan, a new company that has ventured into the field of insurance provision.
  24. Poland: International Buyer Behavior
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes the potential customer base in Poland before launching the new product by the marketing team.
  25. Consumer Attitude & Behavior in Marketing Campaign
    Business essay sample: This study provides information on how consumer motivation and decision-making strategies differ between different products depending on their level of importance.
  26. Integrated Marketing Communication. Advertisement
    Business essay sample: Advertisement has great importance nowadays. Companies give importance to the best advertising medium in order to deliver their message to customers.
  27. Branding in an Organisation’s Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: Branding has a great impact on a company’s market position and adds value to its image. A company's market share, current, and future may fluctuate readily.
  28. Trends in Consumer Preference
    Business essay sample: According to Barrow, the prevailing trends in the market may be looked at from the perspective of consumer preference and from the perspective of product development.
  29. Sony Ericsson Company's Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: This marketing plan depicts the importance of situation analysis for setting the objectives and strategies, so Sony Ericsson will be able to target all segments in the UK.
  30. Behavioral Aspect of Marketing
    Business essay sample: The principle of euro-centric rationale must still be resorted to by managers who utilize consumer behavior models on the line of their professional duties.
  31. Starbucks Corporation: Marketing Research
    Business essay sample: This research relates to all aspects of the marketing mix as compared to competitor's situations. It results in statements about the relative effectiveness of advertising.

👍 Good Consumer Behavior Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Analysis of a New Business or Purchase of an Existing One
    Business essay sample: Starting a business can lead to an increase in the entrepreneur's income level. The business must be within the legal structures: sole proprietorship, partnership, or company.
  2. Decision-Making Buying High- and Low-Involvement Products
    Business essay sample: This article will compare the decision-making process for the purchase of a high-involvement product and a low-involvement product.
  3. Trade of Dr. Pepper From USA to UK
    Business essay sample: Dr. Pepper has managed to become a successful company because of designing a marketing mix that enables them to market the product effectively in the market.
  4. British Airways Strategies
    Business essay sample: British Airways is an international and UK’s largest airline that currently operates to over 300 destinations in different countries across the world at different schedules.
  5. Wal-Mart: Entrance of a Large Scale Discount Store
    Business essay sample: Entry of large supermarket chains has been generating a lot of debate on the fate of small scale retailers or mom and pop stores since the nineteen fifties.
  6. Consumer Behavior Audit: Anoush Soap
    Business essay sample: In this review we are going to lay our focus on a toilet soap called Anoush, which is manufactured in the United States and go-ahead to look at how well it can perform in Brazil.
  7. Consumers’ Behaviors in Life Fit Gymnasium Center
    Business essay sample: Consumers’ behaviors at the fitness clubs have changed a lot and therefore, it becomes important to investigate the changes of consumers’ behaviors at fitness clubs.
  8. Marketing strategy of TESCO
    Business essay sample: In addition to offering service of ordering through website, the company has occupied markets in countries like the United States, China, Poland, South Korea and Thailand
  9. Establishing a Retail Shop for Smartphones
    Business essay sample: An appliance to be sold is smartphones and an airtime shop. This choice is based on a number of factors: demographics, location, type of customers who park their vehicles here.
  10. Southwest Wind Power Air X™ Turbine launch
    Business essay sample: Elements of the Southwest Wind Power's strategy to expand the market and to overcome the traditional method of large, centralized power stations.
  11. Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola Companies' Marketing
    Business essay sample: The two companies, Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola, depend on experienced employees, finance, and brand names as their strengths in competing for market share.
  12. Marketing Plan For Secondbite Organization
    Business essay sample: Secondbite is a non-profit organization that relies on volunteers and well-wishers to donate fresh foods so that it can be able to distribute to the hungry masses.
  13. Marketing Research: Gillette Company
    Business essay sample: The marketing research proposal related to Gillette Company, founded in 1895 in the United States, operates within the good consumer sector in the personal products industry.
  14. The CanGo Company's Management Analysis
    Business essay sample: The CanGo Company is focused on the reformation of the strategic management issues, and the values of the investment strategies.
  15. Customers’ Needs and How to Satisfy Them Research
    Business essay sample: The study of consumer behavior is important as it helps the marketing managers to get quality information that would be used in designing good marketing strategies.
  16. How E-Marketing Affects Consumer Behaviour
    Business essay sample: The aim of the dissertation proposal is to assess the impact that E-marketing has had on consumer behaviour. The survey shall target graduate employees in various organizations.
  17. Internet Marketing Strategy for a Company
    Business essay sample: With the current increase in the number of individuals using the internet, internet marketing has become the best option for use in promoting a product.
  18. Sunglass Hut: Preliminary Marketing
    Business essay sample: The paper "Sunglass Hut: Preliminary Marketing" focuses on the Australian market where we have Sunglass Hut as the main retailer.
  19. Managing People, Finance and Marketing
    Business essay sample: In managerial grid approach, there are five types of leadership practiced by different manager in different organisational arrangement.
  20. International Advertising Campaigns and Consumer Behavior
    Business essay sample: The main objectives of the research paper are to evaluate the role of country of origin effects on sales and identify the main success factors related to consumer behavior.
  21. Principles of Marketing Hospitality Industry
    Business essay sample: The hospitality industry is one sensitive industry, and minimal changes in the political, social or economical scene can lead to adverse changes in the industry.
  22. Integrated Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communications
    Business essay sample: Developing the art of marketing and successful sales depends on the acquired proficiency through mastering the concepts outlined in the theories of marketing.
  23. Consumer Behavior in Capitalism
    Business essay sample: The contemporary system of capitalism allows people to find the goods and services they want or require with the freedom to choose what best suits one’s needs.
  24. Promotional Ad Campaign for Product Line Extension of the Coca-Cola Company
    Business essay sample: Maple bacon-flavored Coke has the potential to improve the image of the Coca-Cola Company by creating an association with environmental friendliness and healthiness.
  25. Tesla’s Green Marketing & Environmental Communication
    Business essay sample: This paper focuses on the company’s communications related to Tesla cars and their effects on people’s behaviors and attitudes towards ecological issues.
  26. Environmental Forces and Consumer Behavior
    Business essay sample: There're two types of controllable environmental forces: technological and sociocultural. Technological force means the application of human resourcefulness to real-life situations.
  27. Heineken Market Research: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Heineken is a multinational beer company operating in many parts of the world. Over recent years, it has increased its efforts towards expanding market share in the United States.
  28. Consumers, Competitors and Opportunities
    Business essay sample: The segment analysis is a critical step in understanding customers and competitors as well as identifying opportunities.
  29. The Effectiveness of the Pepsi Advertisement in Influencing Customer Behavior
    Business essay sample: This paper examines the effectiveness of the Pepsi advertisement in influencing customer behavior, as well as they ways which it has achieved its goals.
  30. Factors That Influence a Person’s Buying Decisions
    Business essay sample: The consumers in question made their decisions regarding the purchases differently. In the case of the young woman, the environment of the supermarket did not matter.
  31. Buying Behavior and Market Analysis
    Business essay sample: This article describes the process by which a shopper makes a purchase decision for a particular product, as well as how marketers use this to segment the market.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Consumer Behavior Analysis

  1. Pepsi: Consumer Behaviour Report
    Business essay sample: Pepsi is a beverage company that commenced its activities in the late 1980s after a merger with Frito Lay Company and provides beverages to consumers globally.
  2. Walt Disney Marketing Strategy: Consumer Behavior Analysis
    Business essay sample: Making a personal choice, it would be reasonable to claim that Walt Disney was the best marketer of all time. His decisions showed a deep understanding of how people behaved.
  3. Ryanair Service Process: Service Blueprint
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the service process of Ryanair through the use of a service blueprint. It has identified the strategies used by the airline to increase revenue.
  4. Marketing Strategy: The Implemention of the Servqual Model
    Business essay sample: In order to properly track customer satisfaction, the ServQual model should be implemented due to its dimensions being major indicators of progress.
  5. The Importance of Consumer Behavior Study
    Business essay sample: Studying consumer behavior is important as it helps marketers understand what influences consumers' buying decisions so they can fill in the gap in the market.
  6. The Effect of Online Marketing on Consumer Buying Behaviour in Malaysia
    Business essay sample: The aim of the project is to identify the spheres where online marketing applies the most and define how the decision making process of random buyers changes.
  7. The BMW Company's Marketing Excellence
    Business essay sample: An overview and analysis of the BMW Company's marketing strategy illustrates the reasons for its success and identifies its organizational challenges.
  8. How Does Corporate Advertising Affect the Consumer Behavior Telecommunication Segment? MTN Syria
    Business essay sample: This paper will center on the advertising concept, which is a very crucial concept to any modern business that desires to attain its marketing objectives.
  9. Business Plan Bob’s Fish & Chips
    Business essay sample: This report makes a market analysis of the fast-food industry in the UK using the PEST model. The internal environment of Bob’s Fish & Chips is analyzed using a SWOT analysis.
  10. The Consumer Behavior Patterns Used in the Toyota Marketing Strategies
    Business essay sample: This paper briefly describes the consumer behavior used by Toyota company to serve its clients in a better way.
  11. Lextant Company: Understanding Motives That Are Linked to Purchase and Consumption
    Business essay sample: As companies and commercial institutions try to push up their sales and market share companies like Lextant must understand the motives that are linked to purchase and consumption.
  12. Optical Advertising for the Esports Industry
    Business essay sample: Considering the importance of optical advertising, the paper will be focused on designing a marketing campaign for the Esports industry, utilizing visual interaction.
  13. Almarai Company and Dynamics of Business Environment
    Business essay sample: A change in the political environment can change how corporations are governed and the models of business to adopt.
  14. Consumer Behavior and Culture Consequences
    Business essay sample: The authors delved into the importance of increasing market research on the perceptions of service quality delivery in cross-national environments.
  15. Pembina Pipeline Corporation's Analysis
    Business essay sample: Pembina Pipeline Corporation is one of the leading companies that operate in the Canadian petroleum, natural gas and oil sectors.
  16. The Marketing of McDonald’s
    Business essay sample: The aim of this study is to analyze the marketing of McDonald’s in China during the downturn or recession and to provide recommendations to the company during these difficult times.
  17. 1 Start-up Company and Customer Attitudes
    Business essay sample: 1 is a start-up company based in mainland China. The company provides games on both the computer and mobile phone platforms.
  18. Importance of Customer Behaviour in Business
    Business essay sample: The report discusses the validity of traditional marketing segmentation and targeting in an era where modern practices include the development of personas for individual clients.
  19. Organic Food Awareness and Consumption Behavior
    Business essay sample: Buyer behavior discloses how customers engage in decision-making before purchases to avoid any form of exploitation.
  20. Comparison and Evaluation of Nike and Adidas Competitive Strategies
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes Nike Company which opted to move its operations into six regions and Adidas, which has markets in some regions.
  21. Apple, Inc.: Marketing Plan Analysis
    Business essay sample: In order to appreciate the approach that Apple has developed throughout the course of performance in the market, one will need to view through the lens of five marketing concepts.
  22. Consumer Reaction to “Green” Brand Claims
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses that people are increasingly strict about "green" brands; hence, it is essential to consider some good and bad strategies.
  23. Leadership Theories With Working Examples
    Business essay sample: There are five leadership approaches that are commonly applied in organizations. Each of the five approaches has specific strengths and weaknesses.
  24. The Purchase Intention of Chocolate Amateurs for Bean-to-Bar Chocolate
    Business essay sample: The paper measures the purchase intention of chocolate amateurs for Belgian bean-to-bar chocolate with the help of focus groups and a projective mapping method.
  25. The Attitude of Customers to Sales Promotion Methods on the Example of Apple
    Business essay sample: The primary purpose of the study is to develop recommendations for improving sales promotion methods for companies engaged in the IT spheres, using the example of Apple.
  26. Market Analysis for Clothing Industry
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes Finland's market for the clothing industry in terms of market size, consumer buying habits, growth trends, competitors, and government regulations.
  27. What Influences Customers in the Age of Nearly Perfect Information
    Business essay sample: In this webinar, the speakers discuss the topic of consumer behavior and how marketers control and manipulate it.
  28. Consumer Attitude Towards Buying Organic Food in Hong Kong
    Business essay sample: The aim of this research is to determine the factors that affect the attitudes of consumers towards purchasing organic food in Hong Kong.
  29. The Animal Foodland Organization: Branding Strategy
    Business essay sample: This paper will focus heavily on the marketing and branding strategy of the Animal Foodland organization in its region of operation.
  30. Sustainability and Ethical Consumerism: Patagonia Brand
    Business essay sample: This paper presents an application of US clothing brand Patagonia's sustainability by supporting the need for ethical consumption that ensures sustainability is achieved.
  31. Principles of Marketing & Management
    Business essay sample: Demographics is a powerful tool for marketing strategy development because it helps identify the target segments based on critical characteristics, backgrounds, and needs.

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