146 Strategic Analysis Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 Strategic Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Netflix Objectives, Plan, & Mission [Strategic Audit of a Corporation]
    Analyzing Netflix strategic objectives? 🏹 This paper describes Netflix strategic plan, goals, and other policies. 📜 Discover the best strategic audit of corporation example and figure out Netflix’s mission. 👍
  2. BlackBerry Business Strategy [Compared to Apple & Motorola]
    What is BlackBerry’s business strategy? 🤳 This paper analyzes BlackBerry's strategy and compares it to 📱 Apple’s successful management and Motorola’s business strategy failure. 😮 Aren’t you curious yet?
  3. Whole Foods Market Company’s Strategic Audit
    This paper is a strategic audit of Whole Foods Market, right from its inception to 2004 where the case study ends. The company has been very successful in its operations.
  4. Nike Business Strategy Case Study: Industry, Corporate Social Responsibilities, and Strategic Decisions Analysis
    Researching Nike Strategy in 2021? Nike is an American-based 🇺🇸 multinational company that is involved in design, development, production, and global marketing of sportswear, apparel, and sports equipment 🏀 and services.
  5. Drug Manufacturing Company's Business Development
    Drugs Manufacturing Company (herein referred to as DMC) is a business organization operating in the pharmaceutical industry.
  6. Reebok Company's Market Environment
    This paper is intended to analyze the market environment, strategy, and strategic position of Reebok in order to recommend on the best strategic move that can position the company better.
  7. First Gulf Bank’s Business Strategy
    Founded in 1979 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), this firm has experienced tremendous growth and has expanded its operations beyond the borders of this country.
  8. AT&T Company Analysis
    This report looks at the strategic analysis of AT&T, which is an international corporation in the telecommunication industry. The report focuses on both the company’s internal and external analysis.
  9. FreshDirect Business Model & Strategic Analysis
    Analyzing FreshDirect business model? 📦 In this essay, we investigate how profitable FreshDirect’s business model is and what can be improved. 🪄
  10. Walt Disney Company Brand Awareness
    The report provides some of the strengths that Walt Disney enjoys, which has been instrumental in sustaining a positive financial performance highlighted briefly in the report.
  11. Cobra Beer Company's Marketing Issues
    In this paper, the analysis focuses on the market forces that Cobra Beer faces in the market and how it has developed strategies to deal with these forces.
  12. Samsung Company Strategic Analysis
    Samsung is facing challenges at sustaining its growth in mobile phone business and at the same time safeguarding its profitability.
  13. Coca-Cola Company’s Sustainability Initiative
    This study will help develop a strategy that can be used by the Coca-Cola Company to ensure that its operations are environmentally sustainable.
  14. Starbucks Corporation: Strategy Implementation Challenges
    The current study involves a thorough analysis of challenges related to strategy implementation with regards to management in Starbucks Corporation.
  15. EasyJet Company's Comprehensive Manner
    This study evaluated the current EasyJet Company's operations and availed recommendations on the expected procedures towards profit making.
  16. Casper & Gambini’s Company’s Strategic Analysis
    The Casper & Gambini’s firm targets to enter new markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, North Africa, and in the GCC region.
  17. Abu Dhabi Oil Company's Strategic Analysis
    Abu Dhabi Oil Company has distinct advantages that can propel it to new heights. It can exploit many opportunities to further its dominance in the local and regional markets.
  18. Marriott International Company's Strategic Direction
    The paper aims to analyze Marriott by examining market brands that cut across the entire economic-level consumer segments and the factors that shape the strategic direction.
  19. Toyota Motor Organisation in Context
    In the 1st quarter of 2008, the Toyota company was leading globally in automobile sales and on the Forbes 2000 list of 2005, Toyota was ranked fifth.
  20. Taco Bell Brand: Strategic Plan and SWOT Analysis
    Using the brand of Taco Bell as a benchmark, a mission statement has been developed to differentiate the company’s products from the competition.
  21. Volkswagen Company Business Strategy
    This paper explores the current changes in the strategic management of Volkswagen (VW) that have been spurred by the recent emissions-cheating scandal.
  22. Burger King Company: Strategic Audit
    The paper contains an analysis of the internal and external market environments of Burger King. The company needs to solve the key problems of the domestic and foreign markets.
  23. Microsoft Company’s Innovations and Culture
    Analyzing innovation at Microsoft in 2022? The main innovation activity for Microsoft as an organization continues to be within the development of the Windows operating system.
  24. General Electric Company's Strategic Management
    GE is a well-established brand that operates in different markets and focuses on industrial manufacturing, capital investments and healthcare.
  25. Wal-Mart's Competitive and Strategic Analysis
    Wal-Mart, which is one of the leading retail corporations in the world, endeavors to succeed in the global retail industry.
  26. Starbucks Strategic Plan & Global Market
    Researching Starbucks strategic plan? ☕ Read the paper to learn how Starbucks has attained an optimal market position in the specialty business. 🥇 However, the Starbucks company can enhance its performance by implementing strategic marketing recommendations. ❗
  27. Southwest Airlines' Strategic Evaluation
    In this report, the strategic analysis of Southwest Airlines with the help of PEST and SWOT tools is conducted.
  28. Disney Company's Strategic Analysis
    Disney is one of the leading firms in the global entertainment industry. The firm aims at being the premier provider of entertainment services in the market.
  29. Apple Incorporation's Strategic Plans and Analysis
    The paper examines strategic plans and SWOT analysis of Apple Incorporation. It is a highly profitable organization with reputable product brands.
  30. Toyota Company's Strategic Analysis and Trends
    This paper reports on the SWOTT analysis carried out on the Toyota Company. SWOTT is a critical tool for analyzing the strategic points of an organization.
  31. Strategic Analysis Forms for Management Teams
    The paper includes Industry analysis form, SWOTT analysis form, competitor analysis, and perceptual map form, and five-year financial forecast form.
  32. The QVC Company: Strategic Management
    This paper will involve establishing the challenges that the company face and the measures it came up with in order to confront these challenges.
  33. Strategic Recommendations for Tesco – Analysis
    Analyzing Tesco business strategy? 🛍️ This report investigates Tesco’s retail segment in its primary market of the UK. 📈 Find out the best strategic recommendations for Tesco and its position on the market. ✅
  34. LeBanze Automotive Company Business Plan
    The purpose of LeBanze Automotive Company business proposal is to describe the business type, objectives, activities, location, unique selling point, market environment, and business needs.
  35. Procter and Gamble Company: Strategic Business Analysis
    This paper provides information about Procter and Gamble Company, engaged in the production of various consumer goods; provides company's SWOT-analysis and management features.
  36. The Fail of General Electric Company
    The overall analysis in this paper indicates that GE has the potential to control its ailing condition. The internal and external factors impacted the growth of GE.
  37. Panera Bread Company's Strategic Analysis
    The cafe-bakeries operated by Panera Bread Company are cozy, and the service is friendly, providing customers with a unique fast food experience.

💡 Essay Ideas on Strategic Analysis

  1. British Petroleum: Strategic Analysis
    Year 2007 has been great for the BP. Highlights include increase in revenue and improvements in other financial indicators.
  2. Zara Company’s International Strategy and Success
    Zara had followed international expansion strategy, market-based pricing strategy, new product development strategy, and social strategy involving dialogue with employees.
  3. Clarins Company's Strategic Analysis
    The skincare and the make-up market is currently very saturated. The French brand Clarins benefits from such opportunities as market growth and the eco-oriented generation.
  4. Marketing Environment and Strategic Analysis
    The environment of business comprises internal and external business environments. They affect the organization's decisions, strategies, processes, performances.
  5. Air New Zealand Company's Strategic Analysis
    The Air New Zealand company is primarily involved in the transportation of cargo and passengers on scheduled airline services. It is based in New Zealand.
  6. Samsung Mobile Phones in the United States
    The management report of Samsung USA begins with a strategic analysis of the company with a detailed SWOT analysis of the organization based on its current position.
  7. Salvation Army's New Strategic Operational Management
    The essay aims to provide a strategic analysis of the Salvation Army‘s predicaments and provide recommendations for the future to solve the above-mentioned problems
  8. ExxonMobil Singapore's Strategic Analysis
    ExxonMobil's market position is strategically important in light of the growing demand for oil from regional countries such as China and India.
  9. Cemex Company's Strategic Analysis
    Cemex Company has grown tremendously from a local manufacturer of cement in Mexico to become the third-largest cement company in the world only behind Lafarge and Holcim.
  10. External and Internal Environment
    The growing complexities in the business environment have invoked a new urgency for organizations; the need for the organizations to have a clear structure.
  11. Southwest Airlines: Strategic Analysis
    The study is a strategic analysis of “Southwest Airlines Co.” as the biggest passenger airways in the U.S.A as well as one of the prominent global players in the aviation industry.
  12. Pilgrim Pride Corporation: Company Analysis
    The structure and the strategic decisions of the modern business organizations are well established and particularly defined to achieve their vision with skill management teams.
  13. Management Accounting. World Wrestling Federation
    The main strategy of WWE is to capitalise operation leverage and expanding it in the promotional activities of WWE brand in the domestic and international markets.
  14. Apple Incorporation's Strategic Analyses
    The paper discusses the internal and external environment of Appl. Various models assist in the analysis, including PEST factors, Ansoff matrix, Porter’s five forces.
  15. Strategic Plan for Dubai World Trade Centre
    In order to develop a reasonable strategic plan for Dubai World Trade Centre, housing keeping department, the company’s mission and dream must be integrated with its objectives
  16. Nokia Company's History and Analysis
    This research will provide a short description of the Nokia company, the reason behind choosing this particular company, its target market, and the current situation of Nokia.
  17. RadioShack Company's Operation Analysis
    RadioShack “is one of the nations most experienced and trusted consumer electronics specialty retailers, offering innovative products and services from leading brands.”
  18. Wal-Mart Strategic Audit: Origins, Objectives and Strategies
    Currently, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. displays the signs of recovery from the crisis caused to the bulk of business companies worldwide by the economic recession and financial downturn.
  19. Drax Group PLC: Marketing Plan
    Drax Group plc is an independent British power generation player with the largest coal-based power plant all over the Western Europe.
  20. The Bank’s of America Standards and Tactics
    Description and analysis of the Bank of America standards and tactics in marketing segmentation which help in the building up of excellent products in the industry.
  21. Strategic Analysis of Häagen-Dazs
    For Häagen-Dazs, the main strategies of this organization is to provide high quality with all natural ingredients to its’ potential target markets.
  22. The Saudi Arabia's Strategy in Oil and Gas Industry
    The objective of the report is to conduct a strategic analysis on Saudi Arabia’s oil and gas industry. In addition, the report entails an analysis of how a firm’s competitive position is determined by the industry structure in which the firm operates.
  23. Organizational Strategy and Planning for Bradford & Bingley Plc
    The report of Bradford & Bingley Plc begins with a strategic analysis of the company with an exhaustive SWOT and PEST analysis of the organization based on its current position.
  24. Strategic Analysis of Coach Inc
    The report of Coach Inc begins with a strategic analysis of the company with a detailed SWOT analysis of the organization based on its current position.
  25. College of Business at Florida Institute of Technology: History, Structure, Strategic Recommendations
    The college provides the high quality education, based on the world business experience, and pursues the aim to prepare the graduates for the variety of business professions.
  26. California Pizza Kitchen's Strategic Analysis
    California Pizza Kitchen’s external analysis scans the external environment for factors that might open up new opportunities or present threats to survival.
  27. TESCO Personal Finance and Strategic Analysis
    In the United Kingdom, TESCO is the largest and leading retail business in the food and non-food industry. This retail business is also in personal finance.
  28. Company Analysis of Easyjet
    The report is prepared for depicting the company analysis of Easyjet, Europe’s largest airline in terms of passengers.
  29. Construction Industry of UK Strategic Analysis
    The essay assesses the construction industry of the UK based on strategic management theories and will try to find out whether these theories are working well or not.
  30. Apple Company: Strategic Analysis
    This paper focuses on the Mac brand of Apple’s personal computer production line in the USA. The publicly owned California based company operates basically on portable PCs.
  31. Recruiting Approaches in A3 Integral Energy
    A3 Integral Energy, an Australian state-owned Energy Corporation, has applied a prudent and strategic approach to the recruitment of its internationally spread number of employees.
  32. Non-Profit National Kidney Foundation's Strategy Proposal
    The paper gives an analytical strategic analysis of the Non-Profit National Kidney Foundation and provides a proposal of a new strategy for development.
  33. Wait Watchers International: Strategic Analysis and Future Directions
    This analysis will help Weight Watcher company to align its performance positively against the forces of change that affect the business environment.
  34. Business Strategy - Schools of Thoughts
    Business strategy has continuously changed in the last 50 years. Considering the various definitions of business strategy, the strategy process is also vast in meaning.
  35. Krispy Kreme Hospitality Company's Strategic Analysis
    The KK Company has been struggling hard to survive in the marketplace; and by so doing, they gained the capabilities to capture an excellent market share.
  36. Dunn Brothers Franchise Inc.'s Strategic Plan
    The purpose of the paper is to prepare a strategic plan for Dunn Brothers Franchise Inc to introduce a new food menu, which is popular with the customer.
  37. JetBlue’s Airline Story Revision
    At the time of JetBlue's airline launch, there were already 87 cases of failures that the U.S. airline industry had witnessed in the duration of 20 years.

👍 Good Strategic Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Corporate Strategic Audit of Turkcell Company
    The company is the largest in Turkey in the field of mobile and optical infrastructure. It is listed on both the Turkey Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange.
  2. PESTEL Company Strategic Analysis
    The PESTEL analysis will put a spot light on the major concerns especially the external factors that will have a negative effects on the business.
  3. Du Company Strategic Analysis
    Du makes the mission statement in its annual reports as to make the customers happy and to become one of the employers of choice to attract and retain best talents.
  4. Coca-Cola Company's Strategic Choice and Analysis
    Firms such as Coca-Cola are increasingly faced with many challenges as a result of changing business environments. This paper will analyze issues of the Coca-Cola company.
  5. 99p Stores: Company Analysis
    The discussion of this paper entails an analysis of a fast growing company. The firm considered is 99p Store which is established within UK.
  6. Atmos Energy Corporation's Strategic Analysis
    The work carries out a strategic analysis of Atmos Energy Corporation, examines the history of the company from the moment of its foundation to the present day.
  7. Business Strategy Analysis: Emirates Airlines
    This paper presents a project on the strategic analysis of Emirates Airlines. The paper provides an internal and external environment analysis of the Airline.
  8. Strategic Analysis of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd
    The following paper presents a comprehensive in-depth strategic analysis on the development and management of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
  9. Dell Inc.: Strategic Analysis
    This essay reports on Dell Inc. strategic analysis. It addresses Dell Inc. internal strategic analysis through internal Dell Inc. business environmen.
  10. Critical Strategic Analysis of VW Group
    In this critical strategic analysis paper, the researcher will focus on the evaluation of the flagship Volkswagen, one of the most successful brands under the Volkswagen Group.
  11. Phantom and Wakame: Companies Analysis
    Phantom is a consultancy firm that could help Wakame in regard to management optimization and marketing changes.
  12. Colorado Crop to Cuisine
    This paper analyses the firm’s operations and reports its strengths, shortcomings, financing, marketing, organizational structure, and human resource.
  13. Red Bull Company's Strategic Analysis
    Considering the SWOT analysis, one can easily say that, having loyal customers all over the world, Red Bull is a company that can sustain itself in the market.
  14. Maple Leaf Shoes Limited's Strategic Analysis
    The Maple Leaf Shoes Company Limited makes profits goal and the goal of being a strong force in the market because of the wide range of products it manufactures.
  15. Exxon Mobil Corporation Strategic Analysis
    Exxon Mobil Corporation or what is popularly known as ExxonMobil is an American international company that specializes in the exploration, production, and sale of oil and gas.
  16. The Strategic Analysis of Apple Inc.
    The paper provides an analysis of Apple Inc. in terms of strategic goals, management, organizational structure, employee Recruitment and selection, and so on.
  17. Samsung Electronics: Supply Chain Strategy
    Samsung Electronics’ long-term strategy should focus on building resilience and agility within the company’s supply chain management structure.
  18. Strategic Management for the Ministry of Culture, Saudi Arabia
    Strategic management of the Saudi Ministry of Culture is impossible without understanding the current situation what issues it seeks to resolve through the analyzed organization.
  19. Searchie.ai Company's Strategic Analysis
    The Searchie company’s business depends on the increase in the number of recruiters and companies using its services in their recruitment process.
  20. Internal and External Environment of PepsiCo: Company Analysis
    PepsiCo is a large multinational company which operates across the globe, mostly in the US and other developed nations. Its main products are soda drinks.
  21. United Parcel Service Strategic Management
    This paper provides a strategic analysis of the United Parcel Service, including a discussion of its mission and objectives, as well as the conduction of internal and external audits.
  22. Airbnb Strategic Analysis
    Airbnb is an international marketplace specializing in hospitality by offering arrangements for temporary and short-term lodging in cities around the world.
  23. Netflix Inc.'s Business Strategy and Strategic Analysis
    The competitive pricing of Netflix services allows the company's subscribers to watch unlimited content for an affordable price.
  24. GoPro Firm's Functioning and External Environment
    GoPro remains critically dependent on its suppliers as at the moment the company does not produce the core technology needed for the functioning of its action cameras.
  25. Netflix Inc.'s Strategic Audit for 2019-2020
    This paper analyses the internal and external environment of Netflix Inc. and conducts analysis in different matrices and proposed recommendations for strategic planning.
  26. Greggs Bakery Chain’s Strategic Analysis
    This paper aims to conduct a strategic analysis of Greggs in terms of Porter’s Five Forces framework to formulate relevant recommendations for its further development.
  27. Netflix Company's Performance and Strategic Audit
    Netflix is an example of excellent strategic management. The company's executives recognized the peak of demand for one service and introduced an alternative to retain customers.
  28. Walmart Supply Chain Case Study
    This case study highlights the challenges faced by Walmart from a digital competitiveness point of view where efforts to compete with Amazon are failing.
  29. Amazon Strategic Audit Report
    Amazon's strategic audit shows advantages over its rivals, from a sustainable business environment, government support, and good employees relations.
  30. Advanced Micro Devices Company's Strategic Analysis
    In this paper, the researcher was interested in conducting a strategic analysis of the AMD company to understand the growth that it has achieved in the market over the years.
  31. The Sustainability of Apple’s Success
    This analysis is a case study of two reports by Ireland & Hoskissen (2009) and Ashcroft (2010). Their reports show how market changes have affected Apple’s competitive landscape.
  32. Apple Corporation: Case Study
    The paper critically evaluates how well placed Apple is to sustain its recent success in the consumer electronics industry.
  33. Coach Inc.: Strategic Analysis
    This case analysis will look into Coach Inc’s history, status and operating environment with an aim of recommending suitable strategies to improve and maintain company performance.
  34. Financial Analysis for Burberry and Louis Vuitton Companies
    This report presents an in-depth analysis of the financial performance of two leading clothing companies: Burberry and Louis Vuitton Companies.
  35. Aberdeen Asset Management's Strategic Evaluation Models
    This report carries out a strategic evaluation of Aberdeen Asset Management using the fundamental model, cash-based and asset-based evaluation models.
  36. Nike Inc.'s Financial and Strategic (SWOT) Analysis
    Nike Inc. is the largest supplier of athletic wear with a global market share of 37% started as an importer of Japanese shoes in 1962.
  37. Telecity Group Plc.: Financial, Strategic and Risk Analysis
    This report covers a comprehensive analysis of Telecity Group plc and recommendations are provided for managing these risks more effectively.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Strategic Analysis

  1. United Airlines Strategic Analysis Report
  2. GlaxoSmithKline Company's Strategic Analysis
  3. Alphabet Inc. (GOOGLE) Strategic Analysis
  4. Tempur Sealy International Perfomance
  5. Strategic Management Analysis Nike
  6. Tim Hortons Inc.: Strategic Analysis
  7. Drinkworks Strategic Analysis
  8. Strategic Analysis of Diageo Multinational Corporation
  9. American Airlines' Strategic Position Analysis
  10. Citibank Financial Woes and a $400 Million Fine
  11. British Airways Plc.'s Fundamental Analysis
  12. MTN Nigeria Company's Strategic Issue Analysis
  13. Uber Firm's External and Internal Environments
  14. Starbucks Corporation's Market and Strategic Analysis
  15. The Walt Disney Company's Strategic Analysis
  16. Strategic Analysis and Operational Considerations
  17. Betterhomes Company's Strategic Planning
  18. The Amazon Company's Strategic Case Analysis
  19. The Hershey Company: Strategic Audit of the Organization
  20. Southwest Airlines' Strategic (SWOT) Analysis
  21. Ford Motor Company: Strategic Analysiso
  22. Ford Motor Company's Digital Strategy Development
  23. Kono Company's Strategic Analysis in 2021
  24. Strategy Analysis of LinkedIn Company
  25. The United States’ Auto Industry’s Strategic Analysis
  26. Strategic Analysis of David Jones Brand
  27. Strategic Analysis of the Food Chain: McDonald's
  28. Turkish Airlines Strategic Analysis
  29. The Red Bull Company's Strategic Analysis
  30. Home Depot Inc.'s Strategic Audit
  31. The John Deere Firm's Strategic Analysis
  32. Target Corporation's Strategic (SWOT) Analysis
  33. The Business Situation: Tesla Case Study
  34. Victoria’s Secret Strategic Alternatives Analysis
  35. Analysis of Virgin Atlantic Airways

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