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Are you looking for an explanation of PESTEL analysis? You’ve come to the right place! From this page, you will learn what PESTEL (PESTLE) analysis stands for and how to conduct it. You’ll also find excellent examples of the macroenvironmental analysis of Amazon and Mcdonald’s.

🔝 Top-10 PESTEL Analysis Examples

  1. Jet Company’s Supply Chain Strategy
  2. Louis Vuitton Company's Strategic Management Policies
  3. Just Us! Coffee Roaster Company's Marketing Plan
  4. External and Internal Analysis Tools in Strategic Management
  5. Eastman Kodak Company's Marketing Analysis
  6. Toyota Motor Corporation Analysis
  7. Internationalization of Business: Management Report
  8. Pepsi Company Analysis: Operations and Performance
  9. Nike Marketing Plan: Marketing Mix, Concept, and Strategy Case Study
  10. Ocean Beauty Center: Business Proposal

🔤 PESTEL Analysis: Definition & Importance

PESTEL analysis looks at macro factors influencing a company’s daily operations. Companies can’t directly control these circumstances and must adapt to them. This analysis is significant because its results can affect business growth, planning, and marketing strategies. Companies should conduct this research at least every 6 months.

What Does PESTEL Analysis Stand for?

The PESTEL acronym stands for:

  • P — Political. It includes laws and legislation that can influence the company. Regulations, restrictions, policies, and political stability fall under this category. They can disrupt the supply chains or influence HR and industrial regulations.
  • E — Economic. The economy plays a significant role in how businesses operate and grow. Companies should assess economic growth prognosis, inflation, interest, and exchange rates because these things can change customer behavior.
  • S — Social. Social factors cover customers’ attitudes and demographic trends, such as health consciousness, age distribution, population growth, etc. This factor helps companies understand their customers better since, for instance, younger and older individuals have different buying habits.
  • T — Technological. Companies should monitor emerging technology. New tech can influence how a business produces and distributes goods and services. Companies may use the tech to find new ways of communicating with target markets.
  • E — Environmental. Environmental conditions also play a role in a company’s daily work. These encompass the changing climate, pollution levels, scarcity of raw materials, and carbon footprint targets.
  • L — Legal. Lastly, businesses should consider the current legal framework they operate in. Advertising standards, health and safety protocols, product safety, and customer rights laws can change unexpectedly.

👣 How to Do PESTEL Analysis in 5 Steps

Now that you know what PESTEL stands for, you might try conducting this analysis. It may be tricky if you don’t know what steps to take. The whole process can be broken down into 5 sections:

🔎 Determine the factorsFirst, go over the list of PESTEL elements. Make sure to understand the difference between each point of the acronym. This way, conducting a PESTEL analysis will be a lot easier. Once you get a fair grasp on these categories, it’s time to establish key factors.
📊 Consider what data will be necessaryOwners should focus on things that directly influence their business. But you, as a student, can include other factors if you want to. For example, if you examine a small business, it’s good to explore municipal laws and the latest HR policies.
✍️ Conduct the researchAfter determining which factors to include, it’s time to conduct the investigation. You should use the 6 components of PESTEL and analyze how they affect your chosen company. There are plenty of online sources that contain information on these factors.
6️⃣ Create a table with six sectionsThis method makes the analysis easier to write down and follow. Include all relevant factors for each listed category. If you’re working with more extensive topics, consider dividing parts of the analysis into subsections.
↪️ Add an introduction and conclusionIt’s also important to add a short introduction that details the goals of a PESTEL. This way, readers will better understand its purpose. In the end, you should add a conclusion explaining the analysis’s result.

💭 PESTEL Analysis Examples: McDonald’s & Amazon

We’ve made several examples to ensure that you remember how to do PESTEL analysis.

Amazon PESTEL Analysis

The microenvironment of Amazon consists of the following factors:

  • Political. Amazon faces intense competition in China because of the country’s policy of backing national e-commerce.
  • Economical. The corporation benefited from economic measures introduced during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Social. Amazon enjoys most of its profits from tech-savvy millennial buyers.
  • Technological. This company heavily invests in drone package delivery tech.
  • Environmental. The corporation does little to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Legal. Amazon faces legal complications because of its work practices.

PESTEL Analysis: McDonald’s

Macroenvironmental factors affecting McDonald’s include the following:

  • Political. The chain has been banned from operating in several countries.
  • Economical. McDonald’s had to close shop in Norway due to the high price of meat and produce.
  • Social. The fast-food company excels at adapting its products for oversea markets.
  • Technological. McDonald’s invests in new digital menus and self-serve kiosks.
  • Environmental. The fast-food corporation seeks ways to reduce waste and help the environment.
  • Legal. This chain is often involved in lawsuits over its trademarks.

The PESTEL analysis can better prepare businesses when facing new external factors in their daily operations.

📝 PESTEL Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. HSBC Holdings Plc's Financial Services Development
    Business essay sample: HSBC is operating in an intensely competitive market. The market has various players who have different capacities based on a number of factors.
  2. Emirates Airlines' Operations and Improvement
    Business essay sample: This paper reviews the operations of Emirates Airlines to identify its strengths and weaknesses and suggest ways through which it can improve its operations.
  3. Apple Inc.'s Internationalization Marketing Capacity
    Business essay sample: Apple Incorporation has managed to retain its top position as the most valuable brand in the global market, edging out other reputable companies.
  4. Toyota Company in China: Global Strategy
    Business essay sample: In this paper, the focus is on analysing the current problems that Toyota is facing in China and strategies that can be employed to address them.
  5. Ford Motor Company's Competitive Advantage and Future
    Business essay sample: This paper has provided a comprehensive analysis of Ford Motor Company's strategies to conclude the company's competitive advantage and potential for further development.
  6. Apple Incorporated: History and Analysis
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes Apple's history and mission, its current position on the market, its strengths and weaknesses, to understand the reasons of its success.
  7. Pepsi Company Problems and Solutions
    Business essay sample: In this paper, we discuss Pepsi company problems and solutions. 📉 Inside, you will find a critical analysis of PepsiCo challenges and objectives. 🎯 Besides, learn how to address challenges faced by PepsiCo effectively. ✨
  8. Amazon Company's E-Business Strategy
    Business essay sample: Amazon is a global online retail giant. Established in 1994, the company has grown over the years into a multinational corporation with an active presence in the US.
  9. Strategic Management of Nestle: Nescafe Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: Researching strategic management of Nestle or ☕️ Nescafe marketing strategy? Business strategy analysis is very important as it enables the company’s executives to make better 📈 decisions. The Nestlé Company is the business of interest in this case.
  10. General Motors Company's Non-Market Environment
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses the environmental and technological factors of the non-market environment in relation to the case study of the General Motors company.
  11. FreshDirect Business Model & Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: Analyzing FreshDirect business model? 📦 In this essay, we investigate how profitable FreshDirect’s business model is and what can be improved. 🪄
  12. Cobra Beer Company's Marketing Issues
    Business essay sample: In this paper, the analysis focuses on the market forces that Cobra Beer faces in the market and how it has developed strategies to deal with these forces.
  13. Emirates Airline Company's Case
    Business essay sample: The aviation industry of the United Arab Emirates plays a significant role in the growth of the region’s economy. This report focuses on the case of Emirates Airlines in UAE.
  14. Brand Awareness and Its Impact on the Reputation
    Business essay sample: The tool for analyzing the organization's environment is SWOT analysis. This tool is useful in measuring the attitude of organizations towards environmental factors.
  15. Electrolux Company's Business Studies and Strategy
    Business essay sample: One of the most outstanding stakeholders of Electrolux is the targeted community of consumers who are located in various markets across the world.
  16. EasyJet Company's Comprehensive Manner
    Business essay sample: This study evaluated the current EasyJet Company's operations and availed recommendations on the expected procedures towards profit making.
  17. Emirates & British Airlines' Human Resources Strategies
    Business essay sample: This paper will discuss human resources strategies that will be adopted by a joint venture between Emirates Airlines and British Airlines.
  18. Abu Dhabi Oil Company's Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: Abu Dhabi Oil Company has distinct advantages that can propel it to new heights. It can exploit many opportunities to further its dominance in the local and regional markets.
  19. Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre
    Business essay sample: The researcher seeks to discuss principles, theories, and practices that the Ritz-Carlton Hotel should embrace to achieve success in the Dubai market.
  20. Southwest Airlines Company Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: By the end of 2014, Southwest Airlines was one of the best companies in the airline industry. Its success founded on the provision of exceptional travel services at lower prices.
  21. McDonalds Company: Human Resource' Functions
    Business essay sample: McDonalds Fast Food Company has been chosen as an example of an organization for this report and this report will further discuss the HR agenda within this organization.
  22. AgLocal Company: Innovation Market Opportunity
    Business essay sample: This research analyzes AgLocal to determine its business concept, vision, and market strategies that it uses to penetrate the highly competitive software market.
  23. Emirates Airlines' Successful Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: In this strategic management paper, the focus was to determine the strategic management techniques that Emirates Airlines has been using to achieve its current levels of success.
  24. Microsoft Corporation's Market Competitiveness
    Business essay sample: This research paper evaluates Microsoft's growth consistency by examining the company's background and analyzing internal factors, and external factors, business
  25. Adnams Company: Marketing Approach Redesigning
    Business essay sample: The framework designed by the Adnams Company to address marketing issues may pose a significant threat to the firm’s success.
  26. ADNOC Gas Processing Strategy
    Business essay sample: ADNOC Gas Processing (previously GASCO) was established in 1978 through joint venture among ADNOC, Shell, TOTAL, and Partex.
  27. Inc.'s Business Management
    Business essay sample: The analysis of Amazon shows that it has a flexible and adaptable business model that has facilitated its growth in both product lines and global expansion.
  28. The United Kitchen Provider's Market Strategy
    Business essay sample: This research focuses on evaluating the internationalization and market entry strategy of The United Kitchen Provider into the Kenyan market.
  29. Virgin Group's Successful Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: Virgin Group is one of the most successful conglomerates in the world. Most people attribute Virgin’s growth to its founder, Sir Richard Branson.
  30. Tesla Internal Environment & Tesla External Strategy Analysis
    Business essay sample: Analyzing Tesla’s strategy in the global environment 🌎 ? Tesla operates in an automotive industry 🚗 that is exposed to political instabilities in major markets, although government incentives have helped in the development of EVs.
  31. Phone Manufacturing Company's Marketing Management
    Business essay sample: The phone manufacturing company targets customers in the low and middle price ranges. This paper analyzes its marketing plan for the previous four years.
  32. Marketing Analysis of Etisalat Corporation
    Business essay sample: This study analyzes the competitive position of Etisalat Corporation by using the SWOT and PESTEL analysis to determine the marketing strengths and weaknesses of a company.
  33. Toyota Motor Corporation's Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The market plan contains a detailed analysis of Toyota, its internal and external activity, the marketing strategies that the company uses, the marketing mix and SWOT.
  34. Digital Entrepreneurship: Videogame Sales Tracker
    Business essay sample: The subject of this report is a business idea – a service that tracks videogame sales on game launchers and online stores and collects the best deals.
  35. Nike Inc.'s Marketing in the United Arab Emirates
    Business essay sample: Nike does not have its own factories and a permanent production base, which makes its organization mobile and dynamic.
  36. Apple Company's Current Marketing Strategies
    Business essay sample: In this study, the researcher will be interested in investigating the current marketing strategies of Apple Inc, and how effective they are in addressing the issue of competition.
  37. Steel Industry: Thriving in a Competitive Global Environment
    Business essay sample: The global steel industry is highly competitive as large multinational corporations struggle to expand their market share beyond their national borders.
  38. Saudi Aramco Company: Engineering Economic Strategy
    Business essay sample: All operations, explorations, and concerns regarding oil and gas within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pass through Saudi Aramco.
  39. Amazon in India
    Business essay sample: The governments where Amazon operates have the role of legislating strong cybercrime laws and effectively implementing them to protect the online business platform of this multinational company.
  40. Global Business Management: Japanese Market Place
    Business essay sample: The political environment in Japan has evolved over the past decades from dictatorship to constitutional monarch.

💡 Essay Ideas on PESTEL Analysis

  1. Dyson Company's Strategies and Challenges
    Business essay sample: Dyson is one of the leading players in the handheld vacuum industry. This discussion gives a detailed analysis of the company’s business strategies, competitors, and existing challenges.
  2. Apple's iPhone 7: Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: Apple Inc. is one of the leading companies in the technology industry where it specializes in the production of electronic gadgets.
  3. Marketing Plan for Home Appliance Repair in Australia
    Business essay sample: In Australia, the scale of operations in-home repair industry is very small. There is approximately one retail store for every fourteen households in the country.
  4. Ford Motor Company: Strategic Goals
    Business essay sample: The business goals of Ford are to deliver the best quality and innovative solutions to the end consumer, expend internationally and enter new markets.
  5. Marketing Environment and Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: The environment of business comprises internal and external business environments. They affect the organization's decisions, strategies, processes, performances.
  6. Wal-Mart: Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: The paper will analyze and evaluate Wal-Mart stores in America, internal and external factors that influence the corporation.
  7. Ryanair in the European Low-Cost Airline Industry
    Business essay sample: Ryanair's low model of growth has been leaned and aggressively sought by several low-cost airlines in Europe and in other parts of the world.
  8. Marketing Audit of the Peppers Restaurant
    Business essay sample: The food industry is one of the profitable industries today. Pepper’s is a UK-based company that followed the structure of successful restaurants located in the USA and France.
  9. Critical Analysis on Nissan with Rio Tinto and Vestas
    Business essay sample: A report evaluates and compares investments opportunities in three companies, Nissan, Rio Tinto and Vestas. A special attention is given to political and environmental environments
  10. Ford Motor Company: Management of Change
    Business essay sample: In Ford Motor Company there is a critical need to address radical change, personal inconvenience, and new accountability.
  11. International Marketing in the Parker Pen
    Business essay sample: This paper undertakes to study the international marketing strategy used by parker pen. Parker pen is a company that has gone global which sells products over 154 countries worldwide.
  12. American Automobile Industry
    Business essay sample: This paper is based on the American automobile industry’s recent integrated marketing communication strategies.
  13. Jimmy Possum: The Business Case Study
    Business essay sample: This article talks about Jimmy Possum as a successful business in the Australian furniture sector, it`s strategic and marketing decisions with PESTEL analysis and SWOT analysis.
  14. Drax Group PLC: Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: Drax Group plc is an independent British power generation player with the largest coal-based power plant all over the Western Europe.
  15. Diageo Ltd.: Strategic Financial Management
    Business essay sample: Diageo Ltd it's a holding that specializes in the following areas: production and distribution of alcoholic beverages; sale of bitters and liquors; hospitality industry.
  16. The England Supermarket Factors
    Business essay sample: This paper therefore tries to give political, social, economical, and technological factors that effect large scale retail industry in the United Kingdom using England as an example.
  17. Personal Finance Tesco Company
    Business essay sample: Tesco Plc is known as major grocery retail store worldwide. But now Tesco is going to offer Consumer Banking n the financial market to gather potential customers.
  18. Ryanair – The Low-Fares Airline
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this paper is to study the case of O' Higgins “Ryanair – the low-fares airline’’. The paper considers the environmental issues of the European airline industry.
  19. Milco Company: Management
    Business essay sample: Milco Company is one of the food companies being operated under the group name National Food Product Company. The company was established in 1973.
  20. The Emirates Airways Comprehensive Analysis
    Business essay sample: The Emirates Airways Company is a global company that faces the challenge of the global coordination of its services where it requires to apply modern technology.
  21. Agent Provocateur Company: General Notions and Background
    Business essay sample: Agent Provocateur is an English, London-based company that specializes in production and sale of luxury lingerie items for women of the high income social groups.
  22. Southwest Airline Company: The Background
    Business essay sample: The Southwest Airline Company was incorporated in 1967 as Air Southwest Company adopting the current name later in 1971.
  23. A New Mobile Phone That Is Compatible to Projectors
    Business essay sample: Development of technology is a well-cited demand of consumers of mobile phone sets and innovation in the field becomes the single indicator of success.
  24. McDonald’s Strategic Management and Analysis
    Business essay sample: This study seeks to carry out an analysis of McDonald’s strategies, explore how the company provides value to its customers and how it builds a competitive advantage.
  25. Wait Watchers International: Strategic Analysis and Future Directions
    Business essay sample: This analysis will help Weight Watcher company to align its performance positively against the forces of change that affect the business environment.
  26. Contemporary Developments in Business and Management
    Business essay sample: Effective communication, motivation, the work ethic of workers, risk management system, internal control, and internal audit are the major internal issues for the company's growth.
  27. Advanced Marketing Strategy of Nokorola Report
    Business essay sample: The report analyzes Nokorola’s status using the PESTEL analysis, the porter forces, and the six Ps and describes what Nokorola can do to salvage its future.
  28. PESTEL and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis for the Euro Disney
    Business essay sample: Assessing the situation that Euro Disney faced in 1994 with a PESTEL analysis and Porter’s Five Forces in order to assess what is the effect that external forces have on the company.
  29. Asda Stores' Strategic Marketing
    Business essay sample: The report evaluates and analyzes the current marketing strategies of Asda and proposes changes in its strategic planning and channels of distribution.
  30. Jet Airways' Strategic Financial Management
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this report is to evaluate the strategic position of Jet airways. Jet Airways is one of the leading private airlines in India.
  31. Dunn Brothers Franchise Inc.'s Strategic Plan
    Business essay sample: The purpose of the paper is to prepare a strategic plan for Dunn Brothers Franchise Inc to introduce a new food menu, which is popular with the customer.
  32. Valero Energy Comprehensive Analysis
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses the Valero Company's external environment, recognizes present opportunities, factors hindering change, and finalizes with recommendations.
  33. PESTEL Company Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: The PESTEL analysis will put a spot light on the major concerns especially the external factors that will have a negative effects on the business.
  34. Ryanair - the Low-Fares Airline
    Business essay sample: Ryanair is one of the low cost airlines in Europe with its headquarters at Dublin airport in Ireland. The company was established in 1985, flying between Waterford and London.
  35. Coca-Cola: Company Marketing Analysis
    Business essay sample: Coca-cola Company, having been in business for over 100 years, has undergone a lot of innovation and re-evaluation for its products, and this is what has kept it afloat for all these years.
  36. Strategic Analysis of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd
    Business essay sample: The following paper presents a comprehensive in-depth strategic analysis on the development and management of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
  37. International Strategic Management Overview
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this paper is to provide an extensive overview of the essential topics of international strategic management.
  38. Food Industry: McDonald’s Company
    Business essay sample: McDonald’s is one of the world’s leading fast-food corporations. Its fast growth in the global scene have influenced the food industry by revolutionizing the fast-food sector.
  39. Phantom and Wakame: Companies Analysis
    Business essay sample: Phantom is a consultancy firm that could help Wakame in regard to management optimization and marketing changes.
  40. BlueJeans: Business Strategy and Recommendations
    Business essay sample: The analysis of BlueJeans shows that it employs different business strategies because it has been leading in creating unique innovations over time in line with it is mission and vision.

👍 Good PESTEL Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Bandtech Company's Business Plan
    Business essay sample: This paper provides a breakdown of the business plan for Bandtech including advantages and weaknesses that are likely to be encountered during the operational stage.
  2. Ryanair & Next Step: Primary Issues and Prospects for the Company
    Business essay sample: Ryanair airline was the first among European low-cost airlines to apply the horizontal diversification strategy, which means that it began to acquire other European low-cost airlines.
  3. Reflection on AMGD Global PTE. LTD
    Business essay sample: This report will examine the AMGD business idea, present an industry analysis, identify issues, and discuss strategic differentiation and future for the company.
  4. Microsoft Corporation: The Rise of a Major Company
    Business essay sample: Microsoft Corporation is a leading organization in the sales, design, and production of IT solutions and servers; it is aligned with an effective plan and business strategy.
  5. Bates Farms and Dairy: PESTEL Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper shows why Bates Farms and Dairy should enter the US market by conducting PESTEL analysis on the country and discussing the viable market segmentation plan.
  6. Inventory Optimization and Management in Oil and Gas
    Business essay sample: In the current competitive business environment and the global economic volatility, the focus of managers is shifting from the growth of revenue to profitability growth.
  7. Eastman Kodak Company's Strategic Management Problem
    Business essay sample: Eastman Kodak failed to embrace change at a time when customers’ expectations were changing, allowing its rivals to expand their market share rapidly at their own expense.
  8. Heineken Company Analysis Case Study
    Business essay sample: The Heineken company’s leadership is made up of experienced leaders with diverse backgrounds and unrivaled expertise in their key operation areas.
  9. Malaysian Airlines' Marketing Plan Critique
    Business essay sample: This critique assesses the marketing plan of Malaysian Airlines under the scrutiny of the theoretical framework chosen, as well as the scope, and precision of the data provided.
  10. Management Report: Tesco Personal Finance
    Business essay sample: This management report has discussed Tesco’s strategy, the current position in recession, and justification of their strategy.
  11. CD Projekt S.A.: Business Report
    Business essay sample: CD Projekt S.A (CDR as noted in a stock market exchange abbreviation) is a Polish company that operates in the video game development industry.
  12. General Motors Company's Decision-Making
    Business essay sample: The essay defines the accurate system approach to defining problems and the right solution in the scope of modern engineering and technology.
  13. Company Analysis: The Coca-Cola Company
    Business essay sample: Analysis of the external environment makes it possible for the company to understand changing trends in the market, including threats and opportunities in a given country.
  14. Salim Group's Company Analysis Since 1990
    Business essay sample: The political environments of the countries in which Salim and his group are venturing into are quite stable. The countries provide a good business environment.
  15. Financial Analysis for Burberry and Louis Vuitton Companies
    Business essay sample: This report presents an in-depth analysis of the financial performance of two leading clothing companies: Burberry and Louis Vuitton Companies.
  16. Selecting a Firm for Sourcing Exercise
    Business essay sample: In this paper, the researcher will provide a justified recommendation as to whether this organization would be considered for a sourcing exercise.
  17. The Entrepreneurship at Twitter
    Business essay sample: Twitter is one of the most popular, as well as powerful social media in the world today. It is an online microblogging and social networking service.
  18. United Airlines Strategic Analysis Report
    Business essay sample: This report analyzes the internal structure and external environment of United Airlines, one of the largest air carriers in the U.S.
  19. Tesco Plc Company's Business Environment
    Business essay sample: To analyze and evaluate the business environment of a Tesco Plc Company, factors like competitors, and the legal factor will be analyzed in this paper.
  20. Strategic Management Etihad Airways
    Business essay sample: This report will provide an industry analysis and discusses strategic management up-to-date and going forward for Etihad Airways.
  21. Business Issues in Context of Human Resources
    Business essay sample: The HR department had to develop effective strategic management to remain competitive with the global changes in the socio-economic and environmental settings of businesses.
  22. Almarai Company and Dynamics of Business Environment
    Business essay sample: A change in the political environment can change how corporations are governed and the models of business to adopt.
  23. Business Issues and the Context of Human Resources
    Business essay sample: The provisions underscore the minimum wage range, taxes, workplace safety, employees’ rights, and equal employment practices that a company ought to comply with during its operation.
  24. Monsoon PLC Analytical Report
    Business essay sample: The review consists of a marketing communications audit, strategy and plan, and other relevant advertising and marketing strategies.
  25. Alphabet Inc. (GOOGLE) Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: The history of Google can be traced to the initial idea of developing a search engine dependent on links to determine the importance of various pages within the World Wide Web.
  26. Strategic Management: Parcel Force Case Study
    Business essay sample: To address the case study of Parcel Force Worldwide, this paper would consider the SWOT as a variable of the case that has been identified first.
  27. Tesla: Marketing Distribution and Pricing
    Business essay sample: This report examines the pricing and distribution problems at Tesla, an overview of the company, pricing, distribution challenges, and recommendations will be discussed in detail.
  28. Visa Inc: Threat from Cryptocurrency Case Study
    Business essay sample: This paper evaluates Visa Inc.'s case focusing on the environmental analysis, its innovation efforts, and the way forward concerning the engagement with cryptocurrencies.
  29. Quillstine Farm's Start-Up Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The business plan explains how the Quillstine Farm company will spend a capital of 200 million on starting up the business.
  30. Dyson Company Market Entry Strategy
    Business essay sample: This essay will look at different marketing elements that affect the Dyson company as it plans to open a new store in New York in the US.
  31. Examples of How Changes in the Environment Affect Organizations: The Anglian Water Company
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this report is to outline the changes in the external environment that are affecting UK business organizations and to discuss additional theoretical concepts.
  32. Good Mark Company Limited: Evaluation Management Project
    Business essay sample: Good Mark Industrial Limited has faced various problems and challenges in the past period it has been in operation.
  33. BMW Company's Business Environmental Analysis
    Business essay sample: The paper critically evaluates the impacts that both macro and micro factors have on the organization's business objectives and decision-making.
  34. General Electric (GE) in India
    Business essay sample: This paper provides a comprehensive PESTEL analysis of the company by evaluating factors that hinder and assist in expanding its services in India and across the globe.
  35. MTN Ghana Company's Analysis and Future Strategies
    Business essay sample: MTN Ghana is a successful business that has been operating in Ghana since 2008. It benefits from MTN’s best corporate practices and has a stable position in the market.
  36. Costco Wholesale Corporation's Operations Management Evaluation
    Business essay sample: Evaluation of the operations management of Costco Wholesale Corporation demonstrated the adequacy of currently applied solutions to the identified challenges by the company.
  37. Johnson and Johnson Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to look at Johnson and Johnson’s background, macro forces that may affect the pharmaceutical giant, the analysis of SWOT, and porter's five forces.
  38. British Airways Plc.'s Fundamental Analysis
    Business essay sample: The paper provides an analysis of macro-factors affecting the airline industry and British Airways and an analysis of the company's competitive position in the industry.
  39. Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Company's Analysis
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes the market environment for Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical products and assesses how the company can differentiate itself from competitors.
  40. Wirksworth Heritage Centre's Digital Marketing
    Business essay sample: The report will evaluate the background of digital communication audit, the history of Wirksworth Heritage, and museums within the United Kingdom.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with PESTEL Analysis

  1. Whittard of Chelsea Firm's Market Entry Strategy for the US
  2. Strategic Management and Planning in Non-Profits
  3. Starbucks Corporation's Market and Strategic Analysis
  4. Amazon Company's Resources and Competencies
  5. Betterhomes LLC: Change Management
  6. Ryanair Firm's Competitive Position in the UK
  7. Associated Brands Industries Limited (ABIL) Charles Chocolates
  8. Tesco Company's Strategic Management Tools
  9. Human Resource Planning the Organization Unilever
  10. Marriott Hotels: Company Analysis
  11. AT&T Company's PESTEL and SWOT Strategic Analyses
  12. Lebanese Flower Restaurant: Case Study
  13. Garmin Case Study: Strategic Management
  14. The Walt Disney Company's Marketing Transformations
  15. Unilever's Management of Foods & Refreshment Division
  16. Netflix Case Study Report: Brief History
  17. Planning Tools in Management Accounting
  18. The Walt Disney Company Analysis
  19. McDonald’s Internal and External Strategic Analyses
  20. WeWork Singapore Firm's Strategies for Dealing with COVID-19
  21. Analysis of Disney Plus by The Walt Disney Company
  22. GAP Inc.: Strategic Management Plan
  23. Strategic Management: A Case Study of Netflix
  24. JD Sports Diversification: Real Estate Market in the UK
  25. Sony Corporation: The External Environment
  26. McDonald’s Threats and Opportunities in Norway
  27. Netflix: The Founders of Digital Streaming
  28. The Dudebox Subscription Market Research Project
  29. Management: Moyon Tea Business Plan
  30. A Qatar SME Analysis: The Case of Ciko Middle East
  31. The Unilever Group's Strategies for the Next Five Years

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