318 Financial Statement Analysis Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 Financial Statement Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Business Plan and Entrepreneurial Activity
    Business essay sample: A business plan contains objectives, factors that make them attainable, and a plan for realizing them. An entrepreneur has a new business venture and shoulders all the the risks.
  2. Financial Statements, Contents and Importance
    Business essay sample: Five major types of financial statements are covered in this research to show the contents and importance of these financial records.
  3. Accounting Theory in International Financial Reporting Standards
    Business essay sample: This report provides an insight into the implementation of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Australia and various countries across the globe.
  4. Profit Maximization in Company Performance Assessment
    Business essay sample: Maximizing the bottom line has become the most dominant yardstick that profit-oriented entities use in assessing their performance.
  5. Nonprofit Organizations and Financial Management
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses differences in for-profit and nonprofit organizations, such as sources of funds, use of debt, performance evaluation, and governance mechanisms.
  6. Saudi Arabia International Financial Reporting Standards
    Business essay sample: Financial statements are very important because they provide information about an entity’s financial performance and financial position within a given period
  7. International Financial Reporting Standards Convergence
    Business essay sample: International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) refer to a set of accounting laws formulated and maintained by the International Accounting Standards Board.
  8. Company's Performance: Financial Reporting
    Business essay sample: The paper showed how different stakeholders can use financial statements to examine the company's financial health, investment opportunities, and perform due diligence.
  9. Sharjah Islamic Bank Financial Performance
    Business essay sample: The objective of this report is to evaluate the financial performance of the Sharjah Islamic Bank by considering the values of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from 2009 to 2015.
  10. Apple Company's Performance
    Business essay sample: Apple’s vision statement clearly demonstrates the ambitions of the firm in the competitive electronics market.
  11. Nike Business Strategy Case Study: Industry, Corporate Social Responsibilities, and Strategic Decisions Analysis
    Business essay sample: Researching Nike Strategy in 2021? Nike is an American-based 🇺🇸 multinational company that is involved in design, development, production, and global marketing of sportswear, apparel, and sports equipment 🏀 and services.
  12. Pepsi Company Problems and Solutions
    Business essay sample: In this paper, we discuss Pepsi company problems and solutions. 📉 Inside, you will find a critical analysis of PepsiCo challenges and objectives. 🎯 Besides, learn how to address challenges faced by PepsiCo effectively. ✨
  13. EasyJet Company's Comprehensive Manner
    Business essay sample: This study evaluated the current EasyJet Company's operations and availed recommendations on the expected procedures towards profit making.
  14. BHP Billiton Company's International Business
    Business essay sample: BHP’s most significant risk arises from transaction, translation, and operating exposure since purchases and sales by Australian-based operations are denominated in the US.
  15. Delisle Industries Company's Financial Statement
    Business essay sample: Financial statement analysis helps the firm to understand its financial position. The analysis suggests Delisle Industries has unnatural financial leverage and very little profit.
  16. Business Plan: UNIK AutoCare Services Limited
    Business essay sample: The proposed UNIK AutoCare Services Limited is an auto repair business that aims at offering quality and unique auto repair services at competitive pricing for customers within the city of Riyadh.
  17. The Organization "Last Chance for Man's Best Friends"
    Business essay sample: The purpose of the agency is to provide emotional support for elderly people staying at nursing homes by allowing them to communicate with dogs.
  18. Islamic Financial Institutions: Accounting Concepts
    Business essay sample: The main focus is on the analysis of differences in accounting between commercial banks and Islamic financial institutions.
  19. Lowe’s Companies Inc.’s Consolidated Balance Sheets
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes the Lowe’s consolidated balance sheets to perform the trend analysis, including horizontal and vertical analysis and also the financial ratio analysis.
  20. Financial Ratio of Apple and Samsung
    Business essay sample: The current report carries out a financial ratio analysis of both Apple and Samsung to evaluate and compare their financial performance in the last three years.
  21. Lowe’s Companies Inc.’s Financial Statement
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes Lowe’s Companies Inc.’s consolidated balance sheets to perform the trend analysis and to evaluate its financial performance in the last two years.
  22. International Financial Reporting Standards
    Business essay sample: The adoption of common accounting standards would help companies and investors to compare financial performances of various economic blocks, being able to make sound investment decisions.
  23. The International Financial Reporting Standards
    Business essay sample: IFRS has a strong potential to revolutionize the financial reporting system and create a solid base for a standardized approach to reporting.
  24. McDonald's and Wendy's International Inc.: Financial Performance
    Business essay sample: The financial ratio analysis used in this study involves two types of comparisons. In the first part of the study, an analysis of financial performance is made for McDonald's, U.S., and Wendy's International Inc.
  25. The Nature of Management Accounting
    Business essay sample: Accounting is more than a way to organize financial figures. The goals of a nation and the aspiration of a people influence the structure of an accounting system.
  26. Audit Standards Comparison
    Business essay sample: The AICPA sets all generally accepted audit standards, which are commonly termed as GAAS. GAAS still forms the basis of other standards like the GAGAS and the PCAOB standards.
  27. Sunoco, Inc. Financial Analysis Report.
    Business essay sample: Sunoco refines and markets petroleum. Sunoco also manufactures petrochemicals that are used in making fibers, plastics, film and resins.
  28. Research on Carbonated Soft Drinks Market in the UK
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this research is to investigate the carbonated soft drinks market as a major sector in the worlds refreshment industry but majoring in the UK markets.
  29. Accounting: Financial Statement Analysis
    Business essay sample: Cash basis of accounting is defective and financial statements prepared on a cash basis of accounting may distort the portrayal of financial position and operating results of a business.
  30. Financial Statements Definition, Types, & Examples
    Business essay sample: Three main financial statements of an entity as per GAAP are Balance Sheet, Income Statement (also known as Profit and Loss account), and Cash Flow Statement.
  31. Target Company Financial Statement Analysis
    Business essay sample: This report covers analysis of Target Company’s performance of three years that is in year 2005, 2006 and 2006. Ratios are calculated to draw inferences about the financial soundness of the company.
  32. Companies Financial Statements Overview
    Business essay sample: The essay describes the purpose of the financial statements for organizations and examines what types of statements are used and their scope of the companies.
  33. Starbucks Company: Financial Statement Analysis
    Business essay sample: The organization improved internal control by creating a friendlier communication system that has assisted them to reach the current profitability level which they are enjoying.
  34. Bank Audi and Saudi British Bank Comparison
    Business essay sample: Bank Audi S.A.L. – Audi Saradar Group is a Lebanese joint-stock company. SABB is a Saudi Joint Stock Company with a strong track record and a heritage that stretches back 30 years.
  35. Accounting Information Systems in the Organizations
    Business essay sample: Auditing refers to the process where an administrator or someone else keeps track of the activities of the organization so that the users and groups can use the financial statements.
  36. Abbott Laboratories: Company History and Performance
    Business essay sample: Abbot Laboratory’s performance improved in the three years under consideration as well the stock performed well.
  37. International Business Machines: Case Study
    Business essay sample: International Business Machine Company (IBM) is a firm in the information technology industry. It was established in 1910 by Thomas, J. Watson.
  38. Pilgrim Pride Corporation: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The structure and the strategic decisions of the modern business organizations are well established and particularly defined to achieve their vision with skill management teams.
  39. Intercontinental Continental Hotel Analysis
    Business essay sample: The size of the company increased by 5% because of the addition of 9,849 rooms, which comprises 117 hotels, resulting in the general size of 629,700 rooms, that is 4,303 hotels.
  40. Management Accounting. World Wrestling Federation
    Business essay sample: The main strategy of WWE is to capitalise operation leverage and expanding it in the promotional activities of WWE brand in the domestic and international markets.

💡 Essay Ideas on Financial Statement Analysis

  1. WorldCom Accounting Scandal Analysis
    Business essay sample: WorldCom which is the US's second-biggest long-distance phone company is considered to have committed the greatest accounting fraud in the annals of the history of the US.
  2. DHL & FedEx: Comparison and Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper would compare and analyze the two large companies DHL and FedEx to recommend the prospect of these organizations, evaluate the TOWS Matrix of DHL and FedEx.
  3. SABIC and the Petrochemical Industry of Saudi Arabia
    Business essay sample: In view of all the challenges that the petrochemical industry faces, SABIC has undertaken certain steps to meet all these challenges.
  4. RelaxO Company’s Business Development and Production Plan
    Business essay sample: RelaxO is focused on providing a comfortable resting place for passengers at Indira Gandhi Airport through the use of high-quality boxes built using high-quality materials.
  5. KSA Financial Market in Saudi Arabia
    Business essay sample: The report talks about the financial market in Saudi Arabia, the banking system and banks in Saudi, the Saudi insurance system and companies, and the stock market in Saudi.
  6. Transparency in Corporate Governance
    Business essay sample: Corporate governance is the process of directing and controlling the corporation activities with an aim of ensuring efficient growth and development
  7. Case Analysis of Nucor Corporation
    Business essay sample: This case analysis has considered all the facets of Nucor Company’s operating results and financial position.
  8. Mergers and Acquisitions: Wal-Mart and Morrisons
    Business essay sample: This assignment evaluates how Wal-Mart will merge or acquire Morrison’s as expanding its operations to the UK, Europe, Far East, and the Gulf States.
  9. Managing People, Finance and Marketing
    Business essay sample: In managerial grid approach, there are five types of leadership practiced by different manager in different organisational arrangement.
  10. Du Company Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: Du makes the mission statement in its annual reports as to make the customers happy and to become one of the employers of choice to attract and retain best talents.
  11. Goodstart: Business Plan and Pitch
    Business essay sample: Expanding the Goodstart Early Learning Centre Model in Australia to offer a premium service at some centers in higher social-economic areas.
  12. The Franchise of Second Cup by Hatches Family
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the issue of the Hatches family who plans to open their own business under the franchise of Second Cup.
  13. Ford Motor Company and Subsidiaries Analysis
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this article is to provide an analysis of the financial statements of Ford Motor Company and its subsidiaries using 2019 data and compare them with 2012 data.
  14. Walt Disney World: Financial Analysis
    Business essay sample: The financial analysis of the Walt Disney World organization demonstrates that – being a part of an extremely big company – possesses every possible instrument to perform flawlessly.
  15. The Financial Analysis of Coca-Cola
    Business essay sample: The financial analysis of Coca-Cola is performed in this section, which focuses on the company’s financial performance and its stock price movements in the last five years.
  16. Dignity Plc.: Financial Statements
    Business essay sample: The present paper aims at evaluating the financial performance of Dignity Plc by using relevant ratios and exploring their dynamics.
  17. Financial and Investment Analysis: National Grid plc
    Business essay sample: This paper conducts an analysis of financial performance, liquidity position, and future prospects of National Grid for the years 2007 and 2008 by using relevant ratios.
  18. Du and Etisalat Telecom Companies: Market and Financial Positions
    Business essay sample: This report analyses the market and financial positions of Du and Etisalat telecom companies by comparing the main financial and market strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  19. Overview of Kaiser Permanente
    Business essay sample: This paper studies the Kaiser Permanente healthcare organization, its competitive advantages, and financial statements to determine the effectiveness of the company's activities.
  20. Analysis of the Financials of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank-Australia
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to conduct an accounting analysis of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank –Australia’s full-year financial statements for 2008.
  21. Analysis of the World Health Organization
    Business essay sample: The analysis of historical aspects, management systems, and primary goals of the company gives an understanding of the functioning of the organization.
  22. Saudi Basic Industries Corporation Annual Report Analysis
    Business essay sample: This thorough paper review of financial statements for the last three years beginning the year 2005 up to 2007 of Saudi Basic industries corporation.
  23. Accounting in Another Country: The Netherlands
    Business essay sample: The Netherlands law, the management board for each legal entity, is required to maintain books of financial statements for the financial situation of such entity.
  24. Comparative Analysis Second Cup and Starbucks Coffee Company
    Business essay sample: The company Second Cup offers not only whole coffee beans products but has also specialized coffee blends available to its customers.
  25. Pacrim Energy Limited: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: Pacrim energy ltd is a company listed on the Australian stock exchange whose nature business is an exploration of oil.
  26. Analysis of The Candy Company, Inc
    Business essay sample: The Candy Company Inc can establish their business in a nation like India to expand their global market as India boasts to have the second-highest population after China.
  27. Basic Accounting Concepts
    Business essay sample: The aim of this essay is to assess the basics of financial accounting, its significance, and how this information is relevant to understanding the performance of the business.
  28. The International Financial Reporting Standards and GAAP
    Business essay sample: International Financial Reporting Standards constitutes the standards, interpretations and accounting framework accepted by the International Accounting Standards Board.
  29. Issues in Accounting: Synergy and Benefits to Merging Companies
    Business essay sample: The article indicates that the rate of ABC implementation is quite low in Australian firms and is quite successful in firms where it is implemented.
  30. Advanced Micro Devices Company's Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: In this paper, the researcher was interested in conducting a strategic analysis of the AMD company to understand the growth that it has achieved in the market over the years.
  31. Nortel Accounting Scandal Comprehensive Study
    Business essay sample: Nortel is engaged in the supply of telecommunications equipment for Canada’s telephone systems. This research essay discusses the Nortel accounting scandal in detail.
  32. Analysis of Saudi International Petrochemical Company
    Business essay sample: The study analysis of the financial statements determine the condition of a business and out to spot financial patterns and trends that threaten the existence of the company.
  33. CFO Report on Colgate-Palmolive Company
    Business essay sample: This CFO report is going to focus on the renowned Colgate- Palmolive Company. It is one of the world’s largest cosmetics and toiletries companies.
  34. Urban Outfitters Inc. and Tiffany & Co.'s Comparative Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to compare Urban Outfitters Inc. with Tiffany & Co. under the retail business industry using their annual reports and other appropriate source materials.
  35. Stock Compensation Plans
    Business essay sample: This article focuses on a bill by Congressmen David Dreier and Anna Eshoo that would give companies the option of not recognizing share-based compensation expenses.
  36. Ford Motor Company: Balance Sheet
    Business essay sample: The aim of this paper is to explain the purpose of the balance sheet, analyze the details of Ford Motor Company’s balance sheet, and concentrate on the financial ratios.
  37. Accounting Standards in the UK
    Business essay sample: This paper will discuss the implications of the IFRS in the integrity of financial reporting and whether these IFRS undermine the UK’s financial reporting integrity.
  38. How Partnerships and Corporations Differ in Their Accounting Procedures
    Business essay sample: This paper analyses how partnerships and corporations differ in their accounting procedures by looking at the different financial statements and books of accounts kept by each.
  39. Non-Profit and Governmental Entities Finances
    Business essay sample: This discussion explores the differences in financial reporting between government organizations and non-profit organizations.
  40. Accounting: Theoretical and Practical Controversial Issues
    Business essay sample: This paper describes the theoretical and practical controversial issues raised in the accounting standard, their importance for economic decision-making.

👍 Good Financial Statement Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Virgin Blue Holdings: Financial Statement Analysis
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this report is to analyze the financial performance of the Virgin Blue Holdings basing on the annual information provided by the company.
  2. David Jones Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: David Jones is an Australian business entity operating a wide network of department stores in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South and Western Australia.
  3. Analysis of Citigroup Financial Company
    Business essay sample: Citigroup is a public limited company. The company has been greatly expanding although it has equally been forced to discontinue operations in loss-bund areas.
  4. "International Financial Statement Analysis" by Choi and Meek
    Business essay sample: The researchers investigate the difficulties in evaluating business strategy analysis as well as main approaches to data collection.
  5. Westfield Company: Financial Analysis
    Business essay sample: The Westfield Group has more than 110 shopping centers with more than 4,000 employees around the world, and is the largest retail property group in the world.
  6. Golden Agri Corporation: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: Golden Agri Corporation is able to provide value to its shareholders and expand in Asia because of a diverse range of operational strengths at its core.
  7. Basic Financial Statements in Accounting
    Business essay sample: The common financial reports prepared by most organizations include; budgets, cash books, cash flow statements, tax reports, and the balance sheet, just to mention but a few.
  8. Review of Accounting Process and Financial Statements
    Business essay sample: Income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements each have a distinct role in analyzing the operating performances and presenting the financial position of the entity.
  9. Auditor Independence: Perception or Reality
    Business essay sample: The auditor's role is to verify the information provided in the firms' financial statements which serve to increase the credibility of the information.
  10. Public Accounting in America
    Business essay sample: Public accountants in America play particular roles and among these are two types of services offered by these accountants; assurance and non-assurance services.
  11. Standards of Accounting: History and Background
    Business essay sample: International accounting standards refer to internationally accepted guidelines that set a certain standard of practice on all accounting-related matters.
  12. Accounting Is Implicated in the Construction of Social Reality
    Business essay sample: The essay focuses on the theoretical framework for accounting. The accounting theorists continue to learn the main purpose of accounting in its varied ways and forms.
  13. BP and Shell Companies' Financial Analysis
    Business essay sample: The assignment focuses on the financial analysis of both BP and Shell companies. The focus of this research is to evaluate the financial performance of both Shell and BP Company.
  14. BMW, Hershey’s and AT&T: Financial Comparison
    Business essay sample: BMW, Hershey’s and AT&T prepare their financial statements on a consolidated basis and therefore, this paper is keeping in view the overall position of the groups.
  15. Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation and Levi Strauss & Co.'s Vertical Analysis of Financial Statements
    Business essay sample: Considering the vertical analysis of the companies Phillips-Van Heusen and Levi, it appears that Levi is undergoing severe financial stress in the absence of cash inflows.
  16. Costco Financial Statement Analysis Research Paper
    Business essay sample: Costco is known to be the largest wholesale membership club in the U.S. It is ranked as the third-largest retailer in the United States.
  17. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
    Business essay sample: Financial statements provide information on the financial condition, operations results, and changes in its financial state.
  18. Accounting Summary Report: The Case of Competition Bikes
    Business essay sample: This paper is an analysis of the financial statements of Competition Bikes to decide on whether it can merge with or acquire the Canadian Biking facility.
  19. Startup Business Advice: Financial Issues
    Business essay sample: Business financial planning has an effect on how an entrepreneur will attract financial assistance that is needed to start, grow and run a business.
  20. Accounting Principles Board and Regulatory Systems
    Business essay sample: Financial statements and reports prepared in accordance with the IFRS though are similar to the ones prepared in accordance with GAAP, but with a little higher value addition.
  21. Financial Accounting and Standards Board's Effects on Public Corporations
    Business essay sample: The present research focuses on the impact of the Financial Accounting and Standards Board (FASB) on public corporations.
  22. Financial Statements: The Purposes of Accounting
    Business essay sample: This paper will define the purposes of accounting; give the basic financial statements, relation to each other as well as their use in the various fields of accounting.
  23. Healthcare Organization Financial Analysis
    Business essay sample: This report will investigate the financial situation of the healthcare organization to determine whether it is performing satisfactorily.
  24. Business Plan E & D Hamburger Restaurant
    Business essay sample: This business plan presents a marketing, financial and operational analysis of the E & D Hamburger Restaurant.
  25. Walmart Ltd Financial Analysis
    Business essay sample: The article presents financial statements with full compliance with GAAP and other accounting principles and gives the true picture of the company Walmart.
  26. Company Financial Accounting and Reporting
    Business essay sample: The paper considers the key elements of the regulatory framework for listed companies in the UK and globally harmonizing financial accounting standards.
  27. Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s Comparative Financial Analysis
    Business essay sample: MRW is a United Kingdom-based company engaged in the operation of retail supermarket stores. Its business is mainly related to food and grocery.
  28. Income and Cash Flow Statements
    Business essay sample: Balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements are financial statements used by most businesses and practitioners for financial reporting purposes.
  29. IFRS v. US GAAP: What's the Difference?
    Business essay sample: The US GAAP and IFRS differ on the presentation and recording of certain financial items, which are investigated in the following paper.
  30. Audit Quality: Evaluation of Limits to Harmonization
    Business essay sample: Auditing can be done in all fields including the maintenance of public funds, institution performances, and in financial statements among others.
  31. Billabong International Limited (BBG): Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The negative effects associated with globalization have heavily affected the operations of multinational corporations, Billabong included.
  32. Analysis of Aramark Limited Company
    Business essay sample: The objective of the report is to analyse the performance of Aramark Ltd in the financial years 2009 and 2010.
  33. EBay Inc.'s Stock Option Plans
    Business essay sample: eBay’s management must have done a cost-benefit analysis of compensating its employees with stock option (non-cash) means as opposed to other modes of compensation.
  34. Financial Services in Saudi Arabia: Al Bilad, Al Jazira and Al Rajhi Financial Ratios Analysis
    Business essay sample: This project analyses the bank and financial sector in Saudi Arabia. It aims at advising a prospective investor on the best stock to invest in.
  35. Financial Analysis of Procter and Gamble
    Business essay sample: The report encompasses findings regarding the company, its management, and product profile along with a discussion on the industry and competitive forces.
  36. Halfords Group Plc.: Financial Reporting
    Business essay sample: The paper seeks to analyze Halfords for purposes of possibly investing with the company’s stocks based on its annual reports including the financial statements thereto.
  37. Regulatory Framework for Accounting and the Conceptual Framework
    Business essay sample: This article deals with aspects of the legal and regulatory framework for accounting, as well as the functions of the International Accounting Standards Foundation.
  38. Fair Value Financial Accounting
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this article is to consider the impact of using fair value instead of historical cost in financial statements.
  39. Accounting for Decision Makers at HMV Group Plc
    Business essay sample: The accounting concept is a key concept in both measuring performances as well as a tool for decision-making. Accounting has made it easy for HMV Group Plc
  40. Ford Motors Corporation's Conflicting Accounting Principle
    Business essay sample: Ford Motor Company is a multinational corporation that is based in Michigan, U.S. It mainly deals in different kinds of automobiles such as Ford and Lincoln.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Financial Statement Analysis

  1. Stock Analysis Project for Cat Company
  2. Roles of Auditors and Accountants in Improving the Accountability of Public and Private Bodies
  3. Ratio Analysis of McPherson’s Limited
  4. UK Grocery Chain Segment: Sainsbury vs Tesco
  5. Exploiting Accounting Loopholes in the United Kingdom
  6. Accounting - The International Accounting, Manager Duties
  7. ASOC plc- Report for a Potential Investor
  8. Detection and Deterrence of Financial Statement Fraud
  9. Microsoft: Financial Statement Analysis
  10. Coca-Cola 2010 Annual Report Analysis
  11. Financial Report of Lockheed Martin Corporation
  12. Financial Statements: an Income Statement
  13. SodaStream’s Capital Structure, Returns, and Growth
  14. Financial Position of Proctor & Gamble
  15. Accounting for Consolidations: Review
  16. International Financial Reporting Questions
  17. Deltic Timber Corporation Financial Analysis
  18. Ocean Commercial Holdings: Accounting
  19. Whirlpool Corporation: Analysis of Accounting Principles
  20. Key Financial Indicators of Express Scripts, Inc
  21. Herfy Company: Financial Analysis
  22. Greencore Group PLC: Financial Analysis
  23. Accounting Standard-Setting and Regulatory Bodies
  24. Stock Market Analysis: PepsiCo vs. Coca-Cola Company
  25. Financial Analysis: A Case for Coca-Cola and Pepsi
  26. General Mills and Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.: Financial Statements
  27. Financial Statement Analysis of Whirlpool Corporation
  28. The General Mills Ltd. and Meiji Holdings Company: Financial Accounting
  29. JB Hifi Limited: Accounting Policies
  30. Coach Inc.: Strategic Analysis
  31. Financial Ratio Analysis of Family Dollar 2010-2013 Financial Statements
  32. The Cosmético de Venezuela Firm’s Financial Statement
  33. Unilens Vision Incorporation's Company Analysis
  34. Accounting Firm Experience and Operations
  35. The Set-Up of an African Jewelry Shop
  36. Canadian Tire Corporation: Financial Statements
  37. Impact of Unethical Accounting Practices on Business in the United Kingdom
  38. Foreign Subsidiary Financial Statements and Consolidating of US
  39. Sharjah Cement and Industrial Development Company: The Ratio Analysis
  40. Durango Manufacturing Company's Business Plan

✍️ Financial Statement Analysis Essay Examples for College

  1. Profiles of Nestle and Sabic
  2. AvalonBay Communities' Revenue Analysis
  3. The Roles of Each Step in the Accounting Cycle
  4. Danish Crown and Panera Bread: Financial Statements
  5. The Costa Company: Financial Statement
  6. Consolidating U.S. and Foreign Subsidiary Financial Statements
  7. Financial Statements Review: Management Accounting and Financial Accounting
  8. Analysis of Annual Reports Hilton Hotels and Resorts
  9. Imperial Tobacco Company Analysis
  10. The Proctor & Gamble. Company Analysis
  11. Income Statement: Apple and Samsung
  12. International Accounting in Comparison
  13. Ford Motor Company and Tesla: Financial Statement Analysis
  14. Apple Financial Analysis Project
  15. Netflix Inc.: Financial Analysis
  16. Accounting Principles and Concepts
  17. Financial Statement Analysis: Saudi Cement Company
  18. Damac Properties Dubai Co.'s Financial Statement Analysis
  19. The Standards Issued by U.S. GAAP “Preparing a Consolidated Financial Statement”
  20. Johnson and Johnson Financial Ratio Analysis
  21. Purpose of Statement of Cashflow
  22. Financial Statement Fraud Regulation
  23. Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia Financial Analysis
  24. The Financial Statement of Wendy’s and Domino’s
  25. Riverview Community Hospital Case Study
  26. Adidas Group's Financial Statement Analysis
  27. Financial Statements: Purpose and Importance
  28. HP Company and Apple: Financial Statement Analysis
  29. The Starbucks Company Analysis
  30. Abu Dhabi Ship Building: Investment Potential Analysis
  31. Auditing: Legal and Professional Requirements
  32. Financial Statements of Companies Leading on the Australian Stock Exchange
  33. Fashion Clothing Company's Financial Statements
  34. Aberdeen Asset Management's Strategic Evaluation Models
  35. Income Statement: Definition, Explanation and Examples
  36. Hong Kong Stock Market: The Relationship between Stock Returns and Three Ratio Variables
  37. Accounting Policies Revenuing Recognition and Leases
  38. Corporate Finance: Equity Financing and Debt Financing
  39. Accounting for State and Local Governments
  40. Greene King Plc and Enterprise Inn Plc: Financial Comparison
  41. Accounting Principles and Standards
  42. Leasing in the United States of America
  43. Analysis of AstraZeneca Financial Report
  44. An Analytical Presentation for the Custom Snowboards Strategic Expansion
  45. Ratio Analysis: Accounting Procedures
  46. Tesco Plc's Financial Statement Analysis
  47. Stanley Black & Decker Inc.'s Financial Statements Analysis
  48. Financial Analysis of Roll Royce and BAE Systems
  49. The Role and Issues Surrounding Materiality, Prudence, Etc.
  50. The Role of Financial Statement Analysis in Business
  51. Financial Statements in Accounting
  52. The Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 and Financial Statements
  53. Poynt Corporation: Financial Statement Restatements
  54. Timothy’s Fine Tobaccos and Implications of Managerial Accounting
  55. Financial Statements' Purpose and Importance
  56. Financial Analysis for Greggs Company
  57. Samsung Electronics Company's Evaluation Report
  58. Pfizer Company’s Financial Statement Evaluation
  59. Internally Generated Intangible Assets Initial Accounting
  60. Audit Quality, Reports and Standards
  61. Analysis of Multinational Corporations
  62. “Public Accountants’ Perceptions” Article by McEnroe
  63. The Accounting GAAPs for Private Companies and SMEs
  64. Comparative Financial Statements of McDonald's
  65. Financial Statements' Analysis and Interpretation
  66. Generally Accepted Auditing Standards
  67. Professional Ethics in Accounting
  68. Krispy Kreme Company's Financial Statement
  69. Financial Statement Analysis - Toyota Company Case Study
  70. Just for Feet Inc. Financial Analysis
  71. Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting
  72. Restatement of Telkonet Inc.’s Financial Statements
  73. Current U.S. GAAP and IFRS
  74. Harmonization of Accounting Standards in Financial Reporting
  75. Mumias Sugar Company: Analysis of Accounting System
  76. Financial Analysis of KOSS Corporation
  77. Financial Statement Ratios: Morgan Crucible Company
  78. Financial of Brookside Dairy Limited
  79. Financial Analysis of Cavco Industries INC.
  80. Financial Analysis for Graphic Packaging Holding Co

🏆 Best Financial Statement Analysis Research Titles

  1. A Merger Between Hospital Corporation of America Holding INC. And Tenet Healthcare
  2. Responsibilities of Auditors and Fraud
  3. The Current Duties of Auditors in the UK
  4. The Role of the CFompany's Financial Statements. Gains and Losses Report
  5. SIRIUS XM Radio Incorporation’s Financial Statements
  6. Advanced Accounting Principles and Practices
  7. Mythical High Technology Corporation
  8. Saputo Inc Company Analysis
  9. Advanced Financial Accounting Theory and Practice
  10. McDonald’s Corporation: Financial Statement Analysis
  11. Blackberry Company. Accounting and Financial Management
  12. Audit Independence and Role of the Frc in This Regard
  13. Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited: Financial Analysis
  14. The Use of Accounting Skills: Forensic Accounting
  15. Al Futtaim and Galadari Business Groups Analysis
  16. Analysis of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Firm
  17. Oil and Gas: Property Plant Equipment
  18. Global Accounting Rules: An Unfeasible Aim by Fearnley and Sunder
  19. Accounting: Crazy Computers case Study
  20. Accounting: Role in the Organizations
  21. Audit Risks: CSR Limited Company
  22. International Harmonization of Accounting Standards
  23. The Board of Directors of The Business Plc.
  24. Westfarmers Limited: Company Analysis
  25. Irrational Ratios in the Companies Financial Statements
  26. AGL Energy Limited Company Making 10-Year Forecast
  27. Emirates Airways: Financial Analysis
  28. LVHM Case Study: European Fourth Directive and IAS 1
  29. ALFIN Mills Inc.'s Financial Forecasting
  30. Financial Analysis: Simulation Analysis
  31. McDonalds: Financial Analysis
  32. Financial Analysis of ENGlobal Company
  33. The Financial Statement of Apple Inc
  34. Individual Report of Pfizer INC
  35. Gap INC Company: Financial Statements
  36. Koss and Harman: Investment and Portfolio Management
  37. Apple Incorporation Financial Performance
  38. Graphic Packaging’s Operational and Financial Details
  39. Accounting Theory and Analysis
  40. Accounting as a Tool for Management Performance Evaluation
  41. Business Failure and Unethical Accounting Practices
  42. The International Accounting Standard Board (IASB)
  43. Financial Analysis of Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL)
  44. Cummins Inc.: Financial Analysis
  45. Blackberry Company: Financial Statement Analysis
  46. Financial Analysis for Sturm Ruger & Company
  47. The Business Plc.: Financial Statements
  48. Financial Information Sparklin Automotive Company
  49. Financial Fraud to Achieve a Desired Company Image
  50. Managing Corporate Finance of British Media Publishing Company Magazine News PLC
  51. AlDar Company Valuation
  52. NextDC Limited Firm's Corporate Governance and Capital Market
  53. Arabic Coffee or Arabic Restaurant in United State
  54. Importance of Financial Statements for Users
  55. Pembina Pipeline Corporation's Analysis
  56. Xerox Corporation's Audit Failure
  57. General Electric Company’s Challenges in the Marketplace Area
  58. GlaxoSmithKline Firm's Business Growth Opportunity
  59. Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton Firms' Financial Analysis
  60. ARAMCO Company's Financial Analysis
  61. PepsiCo Incorporated Financial Analysis
  62. Hyatt Hotel Corporation's Analysis and Environment Evaluation
  63. Maxway Company’s Financial Performance in 2019-20
  64. Analyzing the Financial Health of Imperial Oil
  65. Manchester United Club's Financial Performance
  66. Lockdown Ltd.'s Financial Position Analysis
  67. Apple Company's Key Financial Metrics Evaluation
  68. Analysis of Apple Inc. Company
  69. Effective Corporate Governance: Worley Limited
  70. Project Life Cycle Principles in Business
  71. Form 10-K Report Analysis of JPMorgan Chase & Co
  72. Simons Inc.'s Accounting and Auditing Standards
  73. Lloyds Banking Group Plc's Corporate Performance
  74. Tesla Inc.: The Research of the Firm, Industry, and the Environment
  75. Origin Energy Company's Financial Analysis and Investment Decision
  76. Starbucks Corporation in China: Problems During September 2017
  77. Sony Corporation's Stance in the Market
  78. Mark Maurer’s “SEC Digs Deeper Into Companies’ EPS Manipulation”

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