Change Management Analysis — Free Guide & Essay Samples

Did you know that about half of organizational change initiatives fail? These statistics prove the importance of efficient planning, coordinating, and executing organizational change. This page will provide the definition of change management, common models used in this process, and case study examples.

🔝 Top-10 Change Management Analysis Examples

  1. Sea Treasures Company's Change Models
  2. Leadership and Change Management
  3. Impact of Organisational Culture on Change Management
  4. Leading Organizational Change: Dixons Group' Case
  5. Cisco Systems Company: Leading Organisational Change
  6. Leaders' Role in Organisational Change
  7. Organizational Change and Readiness to It
  8. Organizational Dynamics and Its Components
  9. Strategic Thinking, Leadership, Innovations
  10. Strategic Change Management Aspects

➡️ Change Management Process Guide

Change is an inevitable component of life and a critical aspect of the business. Companies must continually grow and adapt to deal with various difficulties, including technological changes and the rise of new competitors. So, firms must know how to prepare their businesses for a change with the help of change management analysis.

What Is Change Management Process?

The change management process is a method by which a business plans and implements change in its internal and external operations. The approach guides corporate change through the stages of conception and preparation, implementation, and resolution. Also, the process necessitates multiple levels of cooperation and may involve various organizational entities.

Why Is Change Management Important?

Here are the key benefits of change management:

  • Smoother transitions. Creating a change management strategy allows organizations to adapt more smoothly during times of change.
  • Aligned resources and funding. Taking the time to plan adjustments reduces the risk of competing priorities and wasted efforts. Change management also ensures that all activities and decisions are aligned with overarching goals.
  • Less time for implementation. Change management assists in understanding the impact of a change and the amount of effort and time required to complete it.
  • Minimal pushback. A change management plan necessitates effective communication of change and ensures that employees do not feel anxious about the unknown.

What Are the Principles of Change Management?

The change management process is based on 4 core principles:

  1. Understand the change. Successful implementation necessitates that the companies pushing the change comprehend its purpose. Also, it is vital to take time to assess change and ensure that a strategic plan to achieve a goal is clear.
  2. Plan the change. Changes may be challenging for employees, so having a business plan to help them through the transition is critical. In addition, the change plan increases organizational awareness about the change.
  3. Implement the change. Successful implementation requires the change strategy to thoroughly evaluate both the nature of the change and the entire scope of execution. Organizations receive the most significant value from change through a systematic and well-managed initiative.
  4. Communicate the change. Communication is an essential aspect of any excellent change management process. It aids in preparing the workforce for a change and familiarizing employees with the newly introduced practices.

📊 Change Management Models

There are numerous techniques of change management. Thus, it is critical to analyze the business and the change before choosing the appropriate change management model. Among the best change management models are Kübler-Ross’ model, ADKAR’s model, Kotter’s model, McKinsey’s 7-S model, and Lewin’s model.

Kübler-Ross’s Model

Kübler-Ross’ change model, also known as 5 stages of grief, illustrates the numerous emotional stages, such as denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance of a person experiencing a life-altering change. This model can also describe an individual’s emotions and experiences when going through significant modifications at work, which plays a crucial role for managers. However, it can lead to less focus on organizational needs.

ADKAR’s Model

Letters in the ADKAR model represent awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement. The model aids in understanding the change process and helping individuals go through it. This ADKAR ready-made model might be beneficial for some firms but difficult for those seeking a deeper dig into the process.

Kotter’s Model

Kotter’s theory is based on 8 essential steps of conducting successful change. This model is based on workers’ direct involvement and is simple to comprehend, which helps employees accept the change without difficulties. One disadvantage of this methodology is that missing a step might be catastrophic because Kotter’s model is a step-by-step procedure.

McKinsey 7-S Model

The McKinsey 7S model is a tool that assesses a company’s organizational design by examining its 7 major internal elements: strategy, structure, systems, shared values, style, staff, and skills. These components aid in determining whether the organization is ready to change and achieve its objectives. As a result, this model guarantees that a business only embarks on a change once it is prepared.

Lewin’s Model

Lewin’s model of change consists of only 3 practical steps: unfreezing, changing, and refreezing. The change is compared to the ice: it should be unfrozen first to make it flexible, molded into the desired shape, and then refrozen to solidify the new form. While the model’s simplicity is beneficial, it might be unsuitable for a complex change requiring more than 3 phases.

👣 Change Management Analysis — Step by Step

The framework of change management analysis consists of 5 core steps:

Step 1 – Prepare the organizationThis step aims to understand the appropriate changes and prepare staff members and stakeholders for the future. It is crucial to ensure the change manager helps personnel deal with any worries and manages resistance as part of the change process.
Step 2 – Define a vision for change and create a planOnce stakeholders have given their approval for a change, you can focus on developing the transformation strategy. Also, this process entails setting goals and assigning key performance indicators and duties to the appropriate parties.
Step 3 – Implement changesExcellent management and communication skills are essential for putting change plans into action. Managers must ensure that everyone is performing their jobs and that staff is still pleased and ready for changes.
Step 4 – Solidify changesOnce the changes have been implemented, it is critical to ensure that the change is permanent so that employees do not revert to old habits. This step ensures that systems for training employees and clarifying new structures, procedures, and rewards are in place.
Step 5 – Monitor the analysis outcomesThe final step of the process is critical to ensuring that improvements continue to be effective and beneficial. You must analyze the business’s performance and adjust the change strategy if needed.

📝 Change Management Case Study Examples

  1. Pret a Manger Company: Strategic Manager' Skills
    Business essay sample: The paper lists the personal and professional skills and competencies of a strategic manager at the Pret a Manger to achieve the strategic goals of the company.
  2. Human Resource Management During Company's Change
    Business essay sample: The article “How to Manage HR Effectively during Times of Change” explores organizational change issues, challenges, and best practices from a human resource (HR) perspective.
  3. Global Economics Effects on Organizational Change
    Business essay sample: Globalization has its historic background on the development of new technology and deregulation of capital markets.
  4. Managerial Competency Levels in New Zealand
    Business essay sample: This presentation analyzes the competency levels of the New Zealand managers by summarizing research conducted by Du Plessis to investigate the mentioned topic.
  5. Mindful Team Management and Positive Change
    Business essay sample: A mindful approach to the process of empowerment stimulates the increase in staff productivity and a significant improvement in annual revenues.
  6. Legitimating of Learning in Organizational Change
    Business essay sample: Organizational change entails the development of new strategies that seek to positively alter the way a particular business performs.
  7. UAE Airline Company's Change Management
    Business essay sample: The paper focuses on Organization X, which is an airline company that traces its roots in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.
  8. Fast-Food Company's Organizational Change
    Business essay sample: Company X has been in operations for almost three decades as a fast food business with various products such as fries, burgers, hamburger, and soft drinks.
  9. Organization X Applying Change Concepts and Theories
    Business essay sample: The selection and execution of appropriate reform strategies have made Organization X one of the leading corporations not only in the United States but also globally.
  10. Leadership, CEO's Discretion and Organizational Change
    Business essay sample: The survival of any organization depends on how it coordinates and manages the various performance determinants.
  11. Walmart Company Change Management
    Business essay sample: An analysis of the Walmart's operations shows that it has integrated the elements of the congruence model in processing environmental inputs into critical outputs.
  12. EasyJet Airline Company Change Management
    Business essay sample: The report categorises the key components of the environment, strategy, tasks, formal system, and key individuals to determine what outputs are desired, and whether they are achieved by easyJet plc.
  13. Dell Company Change Management
    Business essay sample: This paper reviews the organisational structures of Dell Inc company, which is used as a case example of showing how the Nadler and Tushman’s model is applied.
  14. EasyJet Strategy in Change Management
    Business essay sample: This paper describes the background and analyses change implementation at EasyJet Airline Company by deploying Nadler and Tushman’s congruence model.
  15. Etisalat and Its Human Resource Legal Functions
    Business essay sample: Etisalat Corporation is the leading technology company within the GCC countries, whose development history dates back in the year 1976.
  16. Holiday Seekers and Small World Companies: Management Plan
    Business essay sample: The merging of two companies, Holiday Seekers and Small World, which are travel agencies, requires careful planning and addressing multiple issues.
  17. Al-Falak Company's Change Management
    Business essay sample: This paper studies the change management process within the Al-Falak Company from the view of a former sales support representative of the company.
  18. Drug Manufacturing Company's Business Development
    Business essay sample: Drugs Manufacturing Company (herein referred to as DMC) is a business organization operating in the pharmaceutical industry.
  19. NXP Semiconductor Company's Organisational Change
    Business essay sample: This paper reviews the issues faced by NXP Semiconductor in the course of implementing its change project. It assesses the strategic management and leadership practices.
  20. World Travel Agency and Holiday Seekers Travel Agency
    Business essay sample: World Travel Agency and Holiday Seekers Travel Agency undergo a serious and complex transition to becoming one company.
  21. H&M Company: Major Changes From 2005 to 2010
    Business essay sample: To remain competitive, the H&M company needs to utilize its branding strategies that can easily acceptable in the competitive market.
  22. Employees’ Resistance to Bank’s Change
    Business essay sample: The thesis explores how to address employees’ resistance to bank’s change in the banking sector. It examines the effect of negotiation on addressing this issue.
  23. Qatar National Bank's Employees in Change Processes
    Business essay sample: The dissertation focuses on investigating the impact of human resource bundles on change management processes in Qatar National Bank (QNB).
  24. Human Resource Processes in Qatar National Bank
    Business essay sample: This paper investigates how the configuration of human resource management practices in bundles is applied within the context of Qatar National Bank to improve change management processes.
  25. Complexity Theory in Change Management
    Business essay sample: Organizational change management is an integral part of every company nowadays. All organizations should be able to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.
  26. Impact of Training during Organization Change
    Business essay sample: Change within an organizational setting is a force that cannot be avoided, especially in the modern society where technology is increasingly redefining the manner in which things are done.
  27. Frugal Innovation and Change Management in India
    Business essay sample: This report uses frugal innovation in India to evaluate why change is so prevalent and so necessary for organizational success and survival.
  28. Middle Managers Driving Change in Organization
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes the problem of implementation of change by middle managers in an organization, and the associated difficulties.
  29. Leading Change in a VUCA World
    Business essay sample: Similarly to cyclones and hurricanes 🌪, strong winds of change that were blowing in business turned into a real storm that was named VUCA. Read essay about to learn about its impact on 💸 business in contemporary conditions.
  30. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company: Program Governance
    Business essay sample: The research will focus on how program governance styles can be used at Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) to improve performance.
  31. Dubai Customs' Quality Management and Innovation
    Business essay sample: The paper explores the influence of the implantation of Quality Management Systems (QMS) on innovation initiatives in Dubai Customs.
  32. Strategic Leadership Role in Change Management
    Business essay sample: This report examines the role of strategic leadership in change management, strategic management processes, change management processes, and change resistance.
  33. Cisco Systems Inc.'s Organisational Theory, Design, Change
    Business essay sample: The case study assesses how Cisco Systems has succeeded in implementing the organisational theory, design, and change.
  34. The Stationery Supplies Company's Change Model
    Business essay sample: An executive leadership will create an appealing atmosphere for the Stationery Supplies Company. It determines the openness of employees, socialization and performance.
  35. Stationery Supplies Company's Global Change
    Business essay sample: Stationery Supplies has made a decision to go global. The firm must be ready to deal with environmental changes in the new market in order to succeed.
  36. Leadership Role in Change Management
    Business essay sample: The leaders of the 21st century deal with changing expectations of modern organization, the conduct of their employees and increased global competition.
  37. Change Management and Leadership Project
    Business essay sample: Change is inevitable in any organization and it is very important to manage it to ensure that the organization remains on the right course or even improves.
  38. Etisalat Company's Leadership and Change Management
    Business essay sample: The main purpose of this paper is to examine the leadership styles employed by the leaders at Etisalat and apply leadership theories in assessing their accomplishments.
  39. Leadership in the Public Sector
    Business essay sample: Public organisations in different parts of the world are increasingly stepping up their leadership capacities to maximise on service delivery and register great yields.
  40. Willa Seldon's Leadership Style at the Tides Centre
    Business essay sample: This paper aims at using the existing leadership theories and knowledge about the application of leadership in organizations to evaluate Willa Seldon's leadership at the Tides Centre.

💡 Essay Ideas on Change Management Analysis

  1. Leadership Styles and Functions
    Business essay sample: This essay will explore the subject of leadership and its role in change management, as well as its usage in the current competitive business environment.
  2. Emirates Airlines' Human Resources Practice
    Business essay sample: The Emirates Airlines is ranked the seventh position in a list of the best global air carriers across the globe based on the revenue that is generated per kilometer of travel.
  3. Effective Change in the Banking Industry
    Business essay sample: The review examines past studies and theoretical models that have been presented to support the implementation of effective change in the banking industry.
  4. Non-Incremental Innovations Effects: Procter & Gamble Case
    Business essay sample: The research results show that there is a need to incorporate NIIs into the design of global organisations such as P&G.
  5. Apple Inc.'s Innovation Action Plan
    Business essay sample: The innovation action plan will evaluate the weaknesses and the strengths of Apple’s innovation management structure.
  6. Transformational Leadership and Saudi Employees’ Change Readiness
    Business essay sample: This research is focused on understanding the role of transformational leadership on Saudi Arabian employees’ perceptions of organizational readiness for change.
  7. Insiders and Outsiders Role in Leading Organizational Change
    Business essay sample: While the term insiders is used in this paper to refer to internal change agents or consultants, outsiders refers to external change agents.
  8. Human Resource Managers' Role in Organizational Change
    Business essay sample: Organizational change is a revolutionary process of altering the way an organization operates in an attempt to meet some defined goals and objectives.
  9. Organizational Change' Management Sphere
    Business essay sample: This paper cultivates the enhanced understanding of the basic concepts of organizational change and demonstrates existing perspectives and ideas about it.
  10. Change Management in the Company's Work
    Business essay sample: The main reason for the change was the lack of the effectiveness of the existing patterns and the outdated character of the majority of the utilized approaches.
  11. H&M Employee Training and Development Strategy
    Business essay sample: Is H&M employee training effective? 👖 Let’s figure this out on this page! 📄 The purpose of H&M training and development strategies is to equip the employees with the skills to improve their productivity. ⏱️
  12. Technology and Change Management: Apple and Kodak Companies
    Business essay sample: The paper studies Apple Inc.'s technology, innovations, George Fisher's strategy for Kodak, explores change management, value creation and technology management.
  13. Quay International Convention Centre's Change Process
    Business essay sample: An external change agent improved QICC's organizational effectiveness. The report evaluates the organizational development process and activities are taken for QICC.
  14. Effective Leadership: Variety of Perspectives
    Business essay sample: The topic of effective leadership cannot be limited to one specific area. Effective leaders can be found in military, airline services, in banks, in technology, or even education.
  15. Leadership-Associated Problems and Strategies
    Business essay sample: The paper reviews leadership-associated problems of organizations during the transition period and strategies used by leaders to manage change and solve problems.
  16. Process Control Inc: Marketing and Technology Strategies
    Business essay sample: This case study focuses on Process Control Inc (PCI). PCI is the European manufacturing subsidiary of the American firm. PCI is located in the UK Midlands.
  17. Lenovo Company's Change Management
    Business essay sample: This essay focuses on the Lenovo Company and uses five different articles to elaborate on various aspects involved in its change management.
  18. Nokia Change Management & Organizational Changes
    Business essay sample: Investigating Nokia change management? 📟 Nokia has undergone organizational changes that have transformed it from a small manufacturing company to a leading corporation. 🏆 Read this paper to learn about Nokia organizational strategy, failures, and other transformations. 🗞️
  19. Change Management and the Effective Leadership Role
    Business essay sample: This following paper locates the success factors critical to change management and determining the role of leadership in the process.
  20. Dubai Holding: Change Management Analysis
    Business essay sample: Dubai Holding is one of the major UAE organizations that are currently globalizing and has a heavily bureaucratic arrangement and management.
  21. Planning, Diagnosing and Managing Change
    Business essay sample: An analysis of reviewed literature has revealed that the scholars have successfully disclosed the terms of organizational change for the audience to understand its importance.
  22. The Business Process Management Concept
    Business essay sample: Business process reengineering (BPR) is one of the earliest management processes, which precisely focus on white collar non-productive services.
  23. Job Performance and Business Communication
    Business essay sample: Job performance is the ability of employees to use their skills and competence to accomplish various activities within a particular organization.
  24. Ekato Ruhrwerke Company's Change Process
    Business essay sample: The similarities and differences in the way Ekato Ruhrwerke Company chose to manage their technology can be explained (by their individual strategies) to improve competitiveness.
  25. McKinsey Company Organisational Change and Development
    Business essay sample: This paper discussed organisational change and development and its impact on organisational effectiveness from the perspective of a Strategic Manager on a full-time employment.
  26. Operations, Change and Risk Management
    Business essay sample: Some of the major challenges which operations managers are faced within the dynamic business environment of today include the management of change, risk management, and staffing.
  27. Change Management Process and Related Challenges
    Business essay sample: Change management is an integral part of business strategy in current times, and there is nothing permanent except change.
  28. Kotter and Cohen’s Change Model' Learnings
    Business essay sample: Kotter and Cohen’s change model confirms that change management depends on the ability of the guiding team to establish an apparent sense of direction.
  29. Critical Success Factors for Managing Change as a Business Process
    Business essay sample: Business processes are characterized as sets of events and activities performed by the staff and equipment to achieve a particular business goal.
  30. Human Resource Manager's Developing Role in Business
    Business essay sample: Human resource departments of corporations around the world have been compelled to transform from primarily operational roles to the assumption of duties.
  31. Al Bawadi Islamic and Al Shurooq Banks Merger
    Business essay sample: This report presents a change management plan for two banks, Al Bawadi Islamic Bank and Al Shurooq Bank that intend to merge to create the New Bank.
  32. Organizational Change and Attitudes Toward It
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses an opportunity to further develop an understanding of challenges, techniques and problems associated with initiating and implementing change in organizations.
  33. Business Issues and the Contexts of Human Resources
    Business essay sample: The organization’s competition basis is web development and business applications integration into corporate information management system
  34. Organizational Leadership and Changes
    Business essay sample: Leadership is the process through which an individual guides and influences a group or an organization towards a common goal.
  35. Management Consultancy Role in Strategic Plans
    Business essay sample: This essay reviews the conventional approaches to management consultancy and compares the approaches with social constructionist alternative.
  36. Organizational Change and Human Resource Management in Emirates Airlines
    Business essay sample: This paper determines the success of organizational change and human resource management in Emirates Airlines as it embarked on transformations in its operations and information systems.
  37. Organizational Change in "The Heart of Change" Book
    Business essay sample: The writers have compared the eight steps for successful change in the organization. The heart of change book is a presentation method of organizational change in eight steps.
  38. Human Resources Supporting Business Performance
    Business essay sample: The performance of an HR manager and the efficacy of the strategy developed by the HR Department are largely affected by the environment in which an organization functions.
  39. Online Banking Impact on Dubai Islamic Bank
    Business essay sample: The Islamic banking sector has experienced similar change patterns through the introduction of e-banking, which is a virtual tool for facilitating business transactions.
  40. Communication in Change Implementation
    Business essay sample: Organizational change comprises many activities that an organization undertakes with the aim of improving performance. It can be observed that change is a process that combines many activities.

👍 Good Change Management Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Organisational Culture During the Change Process
    Business essay sample: Change management involves the processes of making the organization accept changes in its culture. Culture refers to the practices that facilitate smooth operations.
  2. Enterprise Resource Planning in Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry
    Business essay sample: This study aims to show that the adaptation of firms to imposed conformity of ERP platforms was a major challenge in the Nigeria oil and gas industry.
  3. The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company: Process of Change in an Organization
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this paper is to analyze a change process, where this company is expected to introduce additional emergency leave for its employees.
  4. Managing Organizational Changes in ADEK
    Business essay sample: The paper discussed challenges of such processes, ways of overcoming such challenges, models that this organization should consider using, and benefits of the model..
  5. Organizational Change and Its Causes
    Business essay sample: The primary reason for organizational change is the fact that corporate individuals realize that the old way is no longer acceptable.
  6. HR Management Involvement in Organizational Development and Leadership
    Business essay sample: To qualify as a strategic leader, a person that fulfills some job position should be able to influence or implement his or her organization’s strategic vision.
  7. Leading Organizational Development: The Most Effective Approaches
    Business essay sample: This report seeks to establish the most effective approach to leading organizational development by mainly focusing on strategic processes and change management.
  8. Organizational Change Dynamics: A Strategic Approach
    Business essay sample: There has been an increasing desire for organizations to improve their internal management structures and processes to make the best use of evolving technologies.
  9. Organisational Change and Employee Turnover
    Business essay sample: The article “Organisational change and employee turnover” by Morrell et al. reveals that increased voluntary turnover in an organization can lead to dwindled performance.
  10. Change Management and Employees' Role in It
    Business essay sample: The study of change management focuses on the inclusion of employees and the employees' decisions during change management to analyze the value of the impact of change.
  11. Professional Practice in Managing Organizational Change
    Business essay sample: The context of change management is familiar in today’s world, although it varies depending on the change itself and the kind of citizens involved.
  12. Lack of Training in Changing Organization Management
    Business essay sample: A company requires nurturing talent and providing adequate training to its new members to replenish turnover rates and adapt to the changing realities of the market.
  13. Communication's Factor and Role in Change Management
    Business essay sample: Change management requires an immense amount of energy, an accumulation of leadership experience, well-developed skills, and significant knowledge.
  14. Ajax Minerals and Perrier Companies' Change Resistance
    Business essay sample: This paper identifies sources of resistance to change in Ajax Minerals and Perrier, to compare and contrast the approaches to dealing with the resistance.
  15. Zetech Organization' Proposed Change: Strengths and Weaknesses
    Business essay sample: The organization is not in a position to sustain the salaries paid to its employees without having to forgo profit making and business sustainability.
  16. Johnson Engine Company and Change Management
    Business essay sample: Johnson Engine Company is faced with the dilemma of whether to embrace organizational change or retain the status quo.
  17. Organizational Structure and Management: Adapting to the Changes
    Business essay sample: In an organization, the structure and management can be considered to require the knowledge and ability to be able to have an optimum output.
  18. Leadership and Organizational Change
    Business essay sample: Out of traditional approaches to leadership, it appears that the behavior approach was closer to the modern understanding of leadership.
  19. Leading Organizational Development in Ministry of Education
    Business essay sample: This report presents an analysis of the strategic management process in the HR department of the Ministry of Education.
  20. Innovations and Change in Organizational Functions
    Business essay sample: Innovations and changes help organizations function effectively in a chaotic world. Some even do engage in radical changes to their basic business processes.
  21. Organisational Change and Its Role in Management
    Business essay sample: This article discusses the importance of organisational change to business and factors that contribute to effective or poor organisational change.
  22. Process Theories in Change Management
    Business essay sample: Process theories are relevant to change management as they introduce the sequence of change stages from different perspectives and prove change as an integral process.
  23. Stakeholder-Driven Change Management Strategy
    Business essay sample: Instead of the top managers dictating what changes need to be embraced, an organization should allow its stakeholders to be involved in change management.
  24. Effective Communication for Change Management
    Business essay sample: This report examines effective communication. Effective communication has been modeled to integrate verbal and nonverbal actions when interacting with others.
  25. Conflict to Make Positive Change in the Workplace
    Business essay sample: This paper examines various theories of conflict and analyses a few case studies where conflict has been used to bring in positive change in the workplace.
  26. Managing in a Global Context
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the importance of managing people in a global context, organizational development, change management and its' psychology and managers' role.
  27. Business Project Management and National Culture
    Business essay sample: The process of Business Project Management (BPM) could be successful only if the influence of national culture and its role in the process are taken into account by a manager.
  28. Conducting Business Process Change
    Business essay sample: This paper touches on the importance of people, IT, and TQM as some of the factors that affect the change process in organizations.
  29. Change Management Processes
    Business essay sample: The essay describes the change management processes within the project management framework and the various processes of initiating, monitoring and closing phases of a project.
  30. Sprint Corporation: Kotter’s Eight Stage Process of Change
    Business essay sample: This paper has analyzed the Kotter’s eight-step process to abolish obstructions by correct positioning and suggested for further research analyzing a real file paradigm of Sprint Corporation, USA.
  31. Chief Executive Officer's Role in Organizational Change
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this paper is to investigate different aspects of organizational change and clarify the role of the CEO in its development.
  32. McDonald’s Company’s Strategic HR Direction
    Business essay sample: McDonald’s Corporation was started in the year 1940 and is said to be the biggest chain of fast food restaurants in the world.
  33. Laura Ashley Organization's Change Management
    Business essay sample: All organizational change obviously depends on behavior change on the part of individual members. The company selected for analysis is Laura Ashley.
  34. Supply Chain Management Changes and Leadership
    Business essay sample: The paper tracks the changes that the supply chain has undergone over the past decade in order to demonstrate how the issue of change management has been addressed.
  35. IBM Company: Change Management
    Business essay sample: For an organization like IBM, it is imperative to have the best out of what exists, and this means that the company has to give out a huge amount of its resources for this goal.
  36. Managers' Responsibility for Organizational Performance
    Business essay sample: It is expected that in the future, to enhance the performance of a company, the role of the manager will involve personnel management and managers' competencies.
  37. Readiness for Change Versus Resistance to Change
    Business essay sample: The world is in a constant state of change and seemingly lacks organization and no one or no organization can escape the effects of operating in a continually dynamic, evolving landscape.
  38. Complex Organizational Structure and Change Management
    Business essay sample: The real thing to focus on is the change in the culture of the organization. For a change to become a reality, someone has to take the initiative of starting the change process.
  39. Managing Change and Innovation in Gillette Company
    Business essay sample: The main problem faced by management is resistance to change and innovation caused by fear of change and personal attitudes of employees.
  40. Organizational Change Management Effectiveness
    Business essay sample: Implementation of all the changes effectively will ensure that organisational change is achieved and the competitive advantage of the company has gone up.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Change Management Analysis

  1. Innovation Management Characteristics
  2. Role of the HRM in Effective Management of Changes in Organizations
  3. Innovative Management in the Engineering Industry
  4. Organization and Changes in It
  5. Quality Management and Value Creation in Business
  6. Strategic Plan for Dubai World Trade Centre
  7. Ford Motor Company: Management of Change
  8. Oxiana and Zinifex: Managing Organizational Change
  9. The Change Process in Business
  10. HR-Transition of Employees in Saudi Arabia
  11. Managing Change in Organizations
  12. Management Research Project: 7- Eleven Singapore
  13. Business Analysis and Management of Change: Applying SSM to the CONFIRM Case
  14. Jack Welch's Leadership and Organizational Development
  15. Kilmer Systems Company's Change Management
  16. News Corp.: HRM Innovation and Change
  17. Wal-Mart: Organizational Behavior Concepts
  18. Telstra: Change Management Strategy
  19. Cathay Pacific Airways: Managing Organizational Change
  20. The Kroger Co.: Case Study
  21. Corporate Strategy Decline and Recovery in Business
  22. Ryelea Minibuses Ltd.: Managing Activities to Achieve Results
  23. Knowledge Management: Business Strategies
  24. Motorola Inc: Change Management
  25. Transformational Change: Role of Leadership
  26. Alltel and Verizon Wireless Merger
  27. Managing Employees Resistance to Change in Organizations
  28. Change Management Principles
  29. Why Is Strategic Change So Difficult to Manage?
  30. Telstra Corporation: Change Management Issues
  31. Leadership Ways in Managing Change In Cultural Contexts
  32. Business Environment in Time of Globalization
  33. Change Management in the Bank
  34. Merging Compaq-Digital Process Analysis
  35. Contemporary Perspectives in Management
  36. Management Strategy at Telstra
  37. Telstra Corporation: Managing Organizational Change
  38. Training and Development in the Human Resources Management
  39. The Gallery Cafeteria Managing Human Resource
  40. Quality Culture in TNT Express UAE
  41. The Role of Management and Organizational Behavior in Companies
  42. MyBank: Change Management
  43. Integrating Human Resource Strategies and Theories
  44. Starbucks and Its Organizational Behavior Concepts
  45. MyBank: The Aspect of Change Management
  46. Use of Business Information Systems at Wal-Mart Stores
  47. Managing Change and Innovation
  48. Performance Appraisal and Motivation Techniques
  49. Traditional and Future View Organizational Change Management
  50. Review of Leading Change, a Book by John P. Kotter
  51. Change Management in Aramco
  52. The Developing Role of HR Within Modern Day Business
  53. Managing Change – Case Study of Dubai Electricity and Water
  54. Change Agent: Description of Actions

✍️ Change Management Analysis Essay Examples for College

  1. Managing Organizational Change: Company Focus
  2. Assurant Company: Organizational Change Management
  3. Human Resources Function: Managing and Coordinating
  4. The Challenges of Organizational Leadership
  5. Change Plan Report: Papa John’s Pizza Inc. Analysis
  6. Ajax Minerals and Perrier Companies: Strategy of Change
  7. Organizational Change Management: Fall Out From Global Financial Crisis
  8. Change Management: Error Analysis and Solution Search
  9. Short-Term Wins & Momentum in Change Management
  10. Strategic Leadership and Change Management
  11. Resistance to Change in Organizations and Its Causes
  12. Change Management and Strategic Management Relations
  13. Management. Crisis and Change Relationship
  14. Managing and Coordinating the Human Resources Function (5HRF)
  15. Relationship Between Crisis and Change
  16. Change Management: Theory and Practice
  17. AT&T Corporation's Competitive Strategy
  18. Board of Directors Diversity: Scenario Analysis
  19. The Sustainable Change Management
  20. Business Issues in the Context of HR Management
  21. SARHS: Strategic International Business Management
  22. Elon Musk Changing Tesla Company
  23. Human Resources and Their Developing Role
  24. Leading MyExport Enterprises Through Change
  25. Strategic International Business Management
  26. Organizational-Development Program
  27. Change Management in Comcast and Verizon Companies
  28. Change Management Tactics
  29. Human Resources Compensations and Benefits
  30. Change Management Case analysis of Center of Forensic and Digital Science
  31. The Resistance to Change
  32. Managing Organizational Change: Review
  33. Singapore Airlines' Radical Circles & Vision Transformation
  34. Satya Nadella at Microsoft: Case Analysis
  35. Management Principles: Organizational Structure
  36. Contemporary Workplace Leadership as an Organizational Change Driver
  37. Procter & Gamble: Managing Change
  38. Soliel Panel Distribution
  39. Organizational Change Management: Information System
  40. BUPA International Recent Change Management Project or Strategy
  41. The Individual Professional Development Plan (PDP)
  42. The Apple Inc. Company Analysis
  43. BHP Billiton: Report in Change Management and Sustainability
  44. Netflix Firm's Change Management and Organizational Structure
  45. Analysis and Prediction of Netflix Company
  46. Eurostar Firm's Strategies for Leading and Managing Change
  47. Changes in Management Accounting
  48. Volkswagen: Strategic Management and Human Resource Practices
  49. Important Aspects of the Human Resource Management
  50. Organizational Diagnosis and Change Management
  51. Cultural and Emerging Issues Affecting EDC
  52. Creativity, Innovation, and Change in Business Environment
  53. Project Management: Interface and Change Management

🏆 Best Change Management Analysis Research Titles

  1. Change as an Important Aspect in Any Kind of Organization
  2. Interface and Change Management Concepts
  3. The Culture of an Organization: Change Management
  4. Change Agents in the Change Management Process
  5. Construction Management in Different Countries
  6. Organizational Change Management and Leadership
  7. Managing and Leading Change: A Case Study of Partexceltron
  8. International Organizational Change Research
  9. HS Company: Issues and Change Management
  10. Change Management at Almarai
  11. Microsoft Company: Change in the Management
  12. Business Issues and the Context of Human Resources
  13. Resistance to Change Within an Organization
  14. The Department of Labor's Change Management
  15. Sears Holdings' Change Management
  16. Leading Change - Why Transformation Efforts Fail
  17. Boston Accounting Firm: Restructuring and Downsizing Plan
  18. Red Carpet LLC: Change Management Processes
  19. Organization's Transformational Change: Leadership’s Role
  20. Kodak Company: Implementing Organizational Change
  21. USPS: Management of Organizational Change
  22. Change Management at Global Green Books Publishing
  23. Leadership and Change Element
  24. Change Management and Management Styles in Human Resources
  25. General Motors and Ford Motor Companies' Change Management
  26. Leadership and Change Management in Organizations
  27. Coca-Cola Change Management
  28. Contemporary Issues in Change & Project Management
  29. Leadership Style and Change Management in Healthcare
  30. Personal Leadership Situation Analysis
  31. Organizational Changes Research and Its Philosophy
  32. Human Resource Information Systems
  33. Change Management Plan in Locus Fs Company
  34. Kodak's and Apple Inc.'s Organizational Changes
  35. Project and Change Management Compared
  36. Betterhomes LLC: Change Management
  37. Change Management of National Health Service
  38. Kitchenware Company Managing and Leading Change
  39. The Amazon Company's Strategic Case Analysis
  40. The Kitchenware Company's Change Management
  41. Positive Organizational Change at Ericsson Telecommunication Company
  42. Researching of Team Development
  43. Google: The Organizational Restructure
  44. Organizations That Have Successfully Implemented Large-Scale Change Initiatives
  45. Analysis of Project Management
  46. Management Assessment and Recommendations for La Pomme
  47. The Coca-Cola Company's Employee Management Strategy
  48. The Coca-Cola Company's Change Management
  49. An Automotive Supplier's Change Management Plan
  50. The Coca-Cola Company Managing Organizational Change
  51. Cost-Benefit Analysis of United Healthcare
  52. Starbucks Change Management Analysis

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