An Automotive Supplier’s Change Management Plan

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Very few organizations are created with sustainability as one of their major driving forces. Consequently, to develop one, companies need to invest in proper leadership and employee involvement as the key components of execution. ACME has taken the right step towards building a sustainable company in the automotive industry. However, adequate environmental and business research have to be conducted and proper strategies implemented to ensure ACME achieves its goal.

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Analysis of External and Internal Challenges and Opportunities

A sustainable company is one that strives to achieve its business goals while minimizing the negative effects of its business activities on the environment, local community, and society in general. Customer satisfaction is the first component that presents opportunities and challenges for ACME to achieve a sustainable business (Shatilo, 2020). Consumers are steadily shifting their focus to brands that prioritize corporate social responsibility (CSR), and though this might pose a challenge to ACME, it has an opportunity to realign its operations to meet customer expectations. Moreover, since ACME is a technological company, it has to be deliberate in choosing production processes that are environmentally friendly, even though they might not correspond to technological trends and advancements.

Aside from external components, there are internal aspects that are equally crucial to achieving a sustainable business at ACME. For instance, the organizational structure and leadership system used can either encourage the expected change or act as hindrances. The company should be able to align its vision, objectives, and operations with sustainable goals (Shatilo, 2020). Moreover, efforts to promote green business should begin within the organization, and the leaders lead in activities that support related activities. Finally, policies should be restructured so that they support the sustainable process introduced.

Models of Internal Diagnosis

The 7-S Framework

Strategy is the first component of the model that considers the existing company plans and whether they are capable of supporting the changes. The structure is the second component of this approach which outlines how the company’s divisions and departments are organized in fulfilling the business goals (Demir & Kocaoglu, 2019). The system is the third element that represents corporate policies and procedures, and in the same manner, the company has to restructure these aspects to ensure they are in line with the planned change. The fourth component is skills which are the employee abilities important to the organization’s success. Fifth, the staff members have to be trained and motivated using incentives to participate in relevant programs. Sixth, the management and leadership styles used by ACME should encourage its employees to be creative in supporting sustainability. Finally, it is important that share company values to enhance the unity among staff members crucial in achieving the transformation goals.

The Star Model

This approach to organizational diagnosis considers five distinct components crucial in change management. ACME’s strategy is the first element that plays a dominant role in the model because it represents the company’s plans. The correct vision and governance need to be implemented for successful transformation into a sustainable business. Secondly, the company’s organizational structure is also important in defining the roles of various employees in enforcing the introduced changes (Todnem, 2020). Third, it is necessary that ACME understands the people involved in implementing the change, including employees, stakeholders, and clients. Fourth, different company processes also need to be involved to ensure all activities and operations are geared towards sustainability (J. Cusick, 2018). Finally, ACME’s reward system will be crucial in motivating its employees to actively embrace changes meant to transform the company into a sustainable business.

Cross-Functional Taskforce

Since incorporating sustainable components into ACME’s operations is a major change, the company will need a cross-functional task force to ensure resources are used successfully, and related goals are achieved. First, an environmental specialist will be required to analyze the company’s processes, policies, and operations to determine what elements need to be improved to attain a sustainable business state. Secondly, a member of the research and development unit should be involved to help identify innovative ways the company can use to promote sustainability. This individual will work together with the chief operations officer to ensure all departments and divisions embrace the suggested approaches. Finally, the CEO of the company will be involved in authenticating investment in different resources and business models meant to support sustainability.

Communication Strategy

An effective communication strategy is crucial in ensuring everybody related to the company goals is involved in ACME’s transformation into a more sustainable company. ACME’s communication strategy is subdivided into four distinct components, which include communication goals, target audience, communication plan, and communication channels. One of ACME’s communication goals is to generate awareness of the importance of a sustainable business among its employees and the public. Secondly, the company will aim to inform its target markets of products that are sustainable. The strategy’s target audience is the media, stakeholders, employees, and loyal customers, all involved in the transformational plans. The schedule of the communication plan is four months and will utilize different channels, such as the internet, television, print media, and direct mail, depending on the target.

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Change Manager Profile

According to the six images of the managing change model, an individual spearheading change in an organization can assume one of the following roles, director, navigator, caretaker, coach, interpreter, and nurturer. The most effective partner that I would prefer in leading the dynamic changes would be one that has an interpreter profile (Hussain et al., 2018). I specialize in formulating ideas and giving instructions on how they are to be implemented. However, this limits me when working with a team because I expect everybody to understand and embrace the changes at the same speed. Consequently, an interpreter will take a sense-making approach to ensuring that the team members comprehend the situation in simple terms.

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