Colgate Palmolive Company: Colgate Toothpaste Products

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Colgate toothpaste products are made for oral hygiene they include mouthwashes, toothpaste, dental floss, and toothbrushes. The items are manufactured by a company called Colgate Palmolive located in the United States. Colgate commodities sell in both domestic and international markets having a market penetration of about 68 percent. The overall market share for the commodities is around 45 percent. The products are consumed by most households around the world. Toothpaste products are effective in removing bacteria in teeth and plaques that cause tooth decay and gingivitis.

Uses of Colgate Toothpaste Products

Toothpaste products attempt to make consumers of the commodities have a fresh breath to enhance comfortability every time. It also enables the users to prevent the occurrence of tooth plaque. Furthermore, most consumers usually want white teeth therefore the Colgate products give them the satisfaction of achieving this need. Another focus is to enable clients to reduce the prevalence of dental caries that tempers with their oral health. Toothpaste items guarantee customers and overall users’ proper dental care relieving them from oral dental care expenses.

Product Differentiation

In a market full of potential competitors’ product differentiation is the key marketing strategy that enables consumers to buy a particular brand. Colgate toothpaste uses different techniques to distinguish its commodities from other players. The products have a given flavor that is different from other kinds of toothpaste, therefore, attracting clients. The packaging mechanism is also unique for the product which distinguishes it from competitors (Cernic et al., 2018, p.922). Furthermore, the color and texture of the toothpaste are completely different from the ones most opponents are using. Product differentiation gives the firm added advantage since it makes loyal customers stick to the same commodity.

Customers Segmentation

In the market, different consumers have various needs to meet. This calls for the firms to produce products that specifically target their satisfaction. To achieve this, Colgate Palmolive has segmented its clients in terms of demographic, behavioral, and psychographic aspects. In relation to population, Colgate is more focused on the overall population with keen attention to the middle working class. Customer segmentation is facilitated by the need to meet and satisfy the demand of a given group of people or market population. The process allows the producer to easily understand the market trend and consumption

Colgate Positioning in the Market

Firms ensure that their products have a strong image in the mind of consumers. Positioning is influential in determining the consumers buying decisions. Colgate toothpaste has created a positive image by including calcium and mineral products in the products. This makes clients opt for the commodity as it offers good care for the tooth. Furthermore, Colgate items are well known by consumers as quality products associated with premium prices (Adlakha and Sharma, 2020, p.349). The statement “smile and go for it” makes most users relate the value they derive from using toothpaste like whitening the tooth.

Colgate’s positioning in Relation to Competitors

In the oral care market, Colgate toothpaste faces stiff completion from other well-established competitors like Uniliver, Pepsodent, and Dabur Red. These products are available in the market and consumers can choose from either of them. Despite the freedom customers have in selecting their brand, Colgate is still dominating the market because it has created a good image in the clients’ perception. The product provides all-around protection and improves smiles for individuals. Furthermore, most dentists recommend Colgate as the appropriate toothpaste suitable for preventing tooth issues. Based on its quality and protection, Colgate has high positioning in the market than its competitors.

Micro Environmental Factors

Every business is linked to some aspects that affect its operations. Microenvironment factors refer to elements that are in direct or close contact with the Colgate Palmolive that influence its daily activities. Some of the factors include the company, consumers, and competitors. The company has different categories like human resources, finance, and operations that should work towards a common goal. Furthermore, consumers are the key target of business operation and an organization must ensure to engage them. Similarly, competitors in the industry compete for clients therefore the business entity should provide quality products than rivals to attract more customers.

Macro Environmental Factors

In the market, an organization does not operate alone but it has other elements that affect how it performs. Macro environmental factors refer to business forces that play part in influencing decisions to be made in order to attain successful operations. These aspects may result in an opportunity or create a threat to the business enterprise (Wang, 2019). Some of the forces include political factors, demography, and technology. Political determines the laws and regulations in a country which in turn impacts the organization. Demography is the population structure based on age, sex that determines what product to be sold to them. Similarly, technology can bring an overall change in the industry leading to a shift in operation.

Marketing Mix

The market mix is the overall tool that an organization can use to explore the marketing goals in the industry. It determines the performance of the business in the market. They are centered on the product, place, price, and promotion (Lim, 2021, p. 462). They influence the decision a business makes concerning its marketing activities. A proper marketing mix would allow the business organization to obtain more customers, therefore, increasing the sales revenue. In an industry full of competitors, a good mix gives the business a competitive advantage over other firms.

Adjusting Marketing Mix to Sustain Environmental Changes

A business organization can use a marketing mix according to ensure it survives the environmental factors effectively. To eliminate competition, it can produce quality products more than goods from competitors. It can also decide to operate in a marketplace with limited political impacts. To attract consumers, the company can use a fair price strategy. Similarly, it can choose good communication language to promote the products. The business management team should ensure all the operations are tied together and focus on key areas to achieve the intended objective.

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