42 Corporate Communication Strategy Examples

Are you trying to write a paper about corporate communication strategy? Then this page is for you! Here, we will explain everything you need to know about corporate communication. We also provided some examples for you to consider.

💡 Top-5 Corporate Communication Strategy Examples

  1. Apple Communication Strategy Analysis
  2. Communication in Change Implementation
  3. The Coca-Cola Company's Communication Aspect
  4. Communication Problems Between Customers and Employees
  5. Stakeholder-Driven Change Management Strategy

🗣 Corporate Communication Definition

Are you looking to understand corporate communication strategy’s definitions and inner workings and role in the workplace? In that case, this section has all the information you need!

What Is Corporate Communication?

Organizations must contain a proper strategy framework to effectively communicate with their audiences, both internal and external, and these are the objectives of corporate communications.

They are methods that provide an organization with various strategies to interact with their internal and external audiences, promoting customer and employee engagement.

What Does Corporate Communication Do?

We understand the meaning behind it, but what does corporate communication do?

Internal communications departments manage the general public and employees’ perceptions.

Their organizational responsibilities include reporting to the company chief and taking the role of advisors who assist in managing the company’s reputation.

Why Is Corporate Communication Important?

The importance of an effective communication strategy is that it determines whether the company rises to the top or plummets to the bottom.

It directly impacts a company’s internal and external aspects, including employee productivity and brand awareness.

✉ Strategic Corporate Communications Guide

Considering the corporate communications definition, it can be safe to assume that a thorough business communication plan is vital to any organization. This begs the question: how will the company develop an effective communication strategy?

We have provided an answer to this query in the form of a step-by-step guide:

  1. Identify and Set Priorities for Executive Key Goals.
    Understand the vision each of the business executives has for the organization’s future and the areas where they are invested. A great method to collect this type of information is to conduct interviews with the company’s top brass.
  2. Conduct Detailed Employee Surveys.
    You should always be aware of how employees perceive the company. An effective way to do this is to conduct employee interviews to better understand them.
  3. Research the Stakeholders’ Input.
    Stakeholder engagement is critical to the company, which makes it very important to understand what they are trying to communicate. Therefore, it is necessary for a business communication plan to keep the stakeholders in mind.
  4. Review the Customers’ Comments.
    Customer insight is vital in understanding where an organization lies regarding reputation and brand image. The best way to grasp the general public’s perception is to utilize certain digital tools and communication channels, such as social media, to review the customers’ comments.
  5. Include the Suppliers in Your Research.
    Suppliers and partners involved in an organization are important resources for public relations as well. Due to this, when researching, their perception should also be considered.

☎ Corporate Communications Management: Examples

Corporate communication consists of many types, but their main classifications include internal and external.

Internal Communication ExamplesExternal Communication Examples
The main aspect of internal communication is that it involves communication between internal audiences, and there are many examples that can be used to explain this.

When talking about internal communication, it is not necessary for them to be formal. They can informally address internal audiences as well. A memo sent from the management addressed to the employees, or something as simple as a team chat on Slack; all of these are examples of internal communication.
When discussing external communication, it is important to understand that corporate communications management is much more important because it determines how the general public perceives the organization. A negative image can lead to several different issues.

External communication is not limited to formal announcements or press releases. Still, it may also include social media content as well, which is a popular way of communication in recent times and allows more relaxed communication between organizations and their audience.

The value of internal and external communications cannot be understated. We hope that this article helped illustrate that. Check out the corporate communication strategy essay samples below to learn more about this process.

📝 Corporate Communication Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Communication, Knowledge and Information Management
    Business essay sample: This work reviews types of communication tools and their problems and describes approaches and strategies to improve access to systems of information and knowledge at UAE Airlines.
  2. Effective Communication for Change Management
    Business essay sample: This report examines effective communication. Effective communication has been modeled to integrate verbal and nonverbal actions when interacting with others.
  3. Management Successful Communication
    Business essay sample: Business communication is vital in business success. For communication to be effective it should embrace good relationships with major stakeholders of a business.
  4. Successful Business Transactions: Cultural Communication
    Business essay sample: The importance of communication in any business that is deemed to proper cannot be underestimated in the presence of diverse workforce and the need for ensuring cultural inclusivity in modern organisations.
  5. Business Ethical Models Analysis
    Business essay sample: Business ethics is the art and discipline of applying ethical principles to examine and solve complex moral dilemmas.
  6. Assessment of Nokia Group as a Corporate Global Company
    Business essay sample: The main objective of this paper is to evaluate Nokia Group as a corporate global company, which determines its success as a single case study.
  7. Managing Stress Strategies Within an Organization
    Business essay sample: The disadvantageous environment can be rectified by developing a more reorganized and employee-friendly system involving shifting of power.
  8. Conflict to Make Positive Change in the Workplace
    Business essay sample: This paper examines various theories of conflict and analyses a few case studies where conflict has been used to bring in positive change in the workplace.
  9. Group Development and Conflict Management in Business
    Business essay sample: The report looks at the group development, conflict management, and group leadership of a team of five band members whose main function is to perform concerts.
  10. Company Problem Solution: Global Communications
    Business essay sample: This paper looks at the various problems facing the company and the initiatives the company can take to ensure its survival in the global market.
  11. Netflix Communication Strategy in the UAE
    Business essay sample: Analyzing Netflix communication strategy? 📺 In this paper, we seek to investigate how Netflix achieves success in the United Arab Emirates. ☀️ Read the text to learn what is Netflix communication strategy in the UAE. ✅
  12. Microsoft vs. Red Hat Corporate Strategy
    Business essay sample: Corporate strategy refers to the policies, schemes, and devices a firm or an organization applies and the development of all its departments at large.
  13. Analysis of CRH Plc. International Group
    Business essay sample: CRH Plc is an international building material group located in Ireland. CRH Plc’s departmental line organization structure seems to be effective for attaining business objectives.
  14. Resolving Conflict Through Effective Communication Techniques
    Business essay sample: This study represents a survey on the problem of conflict and communication, as the source for its solutions. This provides a scope of materials with several examples of best practices.
  15. Alpha Planning: Organization Analysis
    Business essay sample: Alpha Planning is a successful company that has of late experienced an increase in their operations. This is attributed to the amalgamation of several small companies to form it.
  16. The Carbon Trust Standard Company
    Business essay sample: Carbon Trust is a society-friendly organization. Emission of carbon leads to changes in the climate and problems to human health.
  17. Emirates Airways: Organization Theories and Design
    Business essay sample: The company selected for analysis is Emirates Airways. This company is the largest carrier in the Middle East founded in 1985.
  18. Pentil: Communication in Business, Negotiating Styles
    Business essay sample: The paper is a case study of a UK-based drilling company called Pencil that seeks to carry out business with a Russian firm.
  19. Organizational Structure and Communication Relations
    Business essay sample: In a study carried on the impact of organizational structure on communication effectiveness, seven independent variables of the organizational structure were investigated.
  20. Guthy-Renker Enterprise's Communication Audit
    Business essay sample: The communication process between workers themselves and the management is very vital in any organization and Guthy-Renker is not exceptional.

✅ Essay Ideas on Corporate Communication Strategy

  1. Innocent Smoothies Limited Company's Analysis
    Business essay sample: Building a brand is a difficult task but sustaining that brand at a certain standard is even a more tedious and difficult task.
  2. Kool Kutz: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Kool Kutz is a hairdressing company with branches across the country. The company’s major difficulty of operation deals with the sharing of information in all departments.
  3. Business Objects Firm's Cross-Cultural Management Policies
    Business essay sample: This paper outlines nuggets that Business Objects would have to focus on to accomplish a stress-free time in managing the different cultures it is involved with.
  4. Importance of Effective Business Communication
    Business essay sample: The use of employees' internal communication tools such as emails, telephone calls, or even a visit in their working area can ensure constant contact with staff and communication.
  5. Leadership Communication Is the Key to Effective Management
    Business essay sample: The article discusses various aspects of management communication, discusses the benefits of an effective communication strategy and possible problems in its absence.
  6. Business Ethics and Its Application in Various Areas of Business
    Business essay sample: The paper defines business ethics and explains its application in different areas of business, explains the importance of ethics awareness and management.
  7. Quality Culture in TNT Express UAE
    Business essay sample: This paper elaborates on the concept of quality culture and its impact on organizational performance. As a case study, this paper examines the quality culture in TNT Express Dubai, UAE.
  8. Communication as the Essence of Managerial Work
    Business essay sample: The book 'Communicating for Managerial Effectiveness' provides a sufficient coverage of the communicational pillars contributing to management advancement (Clampitt).
  9. Sam Adams Beer Company
    Business essay sample: Sam Adams Company has great many opportunities for the distribution and product promotion. The company uses two types of distribution, direct and indirect.
  10. Customer Service in the Western Cruise Liners Company
    Business essay sample: The Western Cruise Liners Company is a recently founded hospitality business organization, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  11. Communications Strategy: The Coca-Cola Company Case Study
    Business essay sample: In the corporate world, companies function as the settings where communication occurs between multiple stakeholders, including management, employees, suppliers, distributors, customers, and media.
  12. The Most Efficient Managerial Communications
    Business essay sample: Managing Communication is an integral part of company processes as interaction is in charge of team forming, informing, guiding, and promotion.
  13. United Parcel Service's Human Resource Practices and Organizational Change
    Business essay sample: The paper considers how Human Resource practices and company initiatives are used at United Parcel Service enabling it to create a unique work environment and culture.
  14. Martin Marietta: Corporate Ethics Management
    Business essay sample: Martin Marietta is a leading supplier of building materials and a producer of technology. This paper aims to address the Martin Marietta case of corporate ethics management.
  15. Closed vs. Open System Management Model
    Business essay sample: Management is the process of achieving organizational goals through controlling the organization's human, physical, and financial resources.
  16. Report on Starbucks Website Review
    Business essay sample: The paper reviews the Starbuck website. It provides recommendations to ensure effective and efficient communication to achieve the company's success.
  17. An Automotive Supplier's Change Management Plan
    Business essay sample: An effective communication strategy is crucial in ensuring everybody related to the company goals is involved in ACME’s transformation into a more sustainable company.

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