Brand Communication Strategy Examples

What is strategic brand communication? If you’re wondering how core brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Apple structure their brand communication, let’s take a look!

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🏷️ Brand Communication – What Is It?

Before discussing brand communication strategy, it’s first essential to understand the concept of brand communication. Brand communication is the means by which a brand communicates or delivers messages around its core concepts to consumers and other stakeholders. It plays a critical role in any company’s success since it helps to build momentum and traction through effective communication.

What Is a Brand Communication Strategy?

A brand communication strategy is a process that helps a company accomplish its goals and reach the target audience through communication. It includes three main elements:

  • the message (or what needs to be said),
  • the target (or the audience),
  • the medium (or the channels through which an organization conveys its message).

If a company implements the right brand communication strategy, it can build brand loyalty, showcase its values effectively, and stand out among the competitors. The appropriate regularly, transparently, and repeatedly used approach can also help an organization reach a wider audience and gain self-respect.

Advantages of a Communication Strategy for a Brand

Excellent brand communication will build a strong connection between consumers and the brand. Here are some benefits of having an effective brand communication strategy:

  • Establishing yourself as an authority
    A well-positioned brand carries authenticity, and its name becomes associated with reliability, superior engineering, and quality. However, it isn’t all about product design; brand communication is essential when communicating the company’s values and positioning itself in people’s minds.
  • Making you stand out from the crowd
    Almost every brand niche today is saturated. When you can be differentiated from the group, you have a competitive advantage that is hard to beat. For instance, there are plenty of smartphones on the market. Still, people keep going for Samsung and Apple, as those brands have differentiated themselves through their communication and market offerings.
  • Encouraging loyalty
    Happy customers surrounded by strong brand messaging will popularize the brand. Suppose a customer has a positive experience with the brand; other advertisements and promotions keep highlighting its fundamental values. In that case, the customer may become a brand advocate and attract even more new customers. Dedication contributes to the organic growth of the audience.

📃 Brand Communication Strategy Template

Now that we’ve defined brand communication strategy and discussed why it’s important let’s look at how to create one of your own. Not sure where to start? Here is a brand communication strategy template to help:

Establish objectives.Think about where you are now and where you want to be. The more concrete the goals are, the easier it is to create the brand’s communication framework.
Determine target audience.Try to identify and understand the target audience. This way, you can establish what problems the brand solves for the customers and what communication styles resonate with them the most.
Start where you are.Analyze the current situation—see what existing communication strategies you have in place, which of them work and which don’t; understand what’s happening in the broader world that you need to respond to.
Unique selling proposition.Decide on what makes the brand unique and desirable compared to others.
Research competitors.Analyze the market, research the major competitors’ PR and marketing techniques, and see if it’s working and why. Now, do better.
Brand consistency.It’s best to consider the elements of marketing at all touchpoints. Think about the logo, typeface, and color palette. A successful brand should be immediately recognizable by the customers.
Choose channels.Identify the communication channels the company will use to reach its target audience. For instance, there’s no point in creating Instagram or TikTok if customers are older people. However, it might be a great idea if the target audience is the Gen Z generation.
Always measure.Now that the brand communication strategy is laid out, don’t rest—make sure you have metrics to evaluate the success and be ready to change or optimize your strategy, depending on the situation.

✒️ Brand Communication Strategies Examples

Now, to better understand how a good brand communication strategy works, let’s turn to some examples!

Apple’s Brand Communication Strategy

Apple is well-known for its compelling marketing message. The company started by making IT simple for its customers with plug-and-play devices. Its advertising is aimed at the elitism of the product. When concerns about the environmentally friendly nature of apple’s products arose, the company proactively managed it with aggressive new programs. It used direct email marketing and social marketing to shine.

Coca-Cola’s Communication Strategy

Red and ribbon font all the way! With a large budget and cultural traction, Coke leverages big media: TV, newspapers, print, radio, billboards, and more. The company consistently evolves to ‘reinvent’ itself for the new generations with targeted slogan campaigns. The company encourages community while positioning its product as elite, thirst-quenching, and stylish. Coke isn’t a drink—it’s a lifestyle. While these are all perceived benefits rather than real-world ones, it’s a template that sells.

Samsung’s Brand Communication Strategy

Samsung had to fight to change customers’ perception of it as a ‘cheap brand.’ Today the company has positioned itself as a quality innovator and top-of-the-line manufacturer. Samsung leverages R&D to focus on innovation, pay careful attention to product design, and focus on brand-building campaigns to position itself as trendy and cutting-edge.

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