Discount Pricing Strategy Examples for Students

Did you know that offering quantity discounts can increase sales by up to 73%? This awesome pricing strategy has been used by savvy businesses for decades, yet many entrepreneurs still overlook its potential. Read this article to learn more about discounts with plenty of examples!

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🤑 What Is Discount Pricing Strategy?

Discount pricing is a model in marketing where merchants offer their products at a lower rate compared to the regular price for a limited period. By lowering the product’s rate, businesses target to increase sales. The strategy helps influence customer perceptions, allowing them to develop interest and improve loyalty to the brand.

Why Is Discount Pricing Important?

Discount pricing is used in retail stores because it is an excellent model for increasing sales. Most retailers can reach or surpass the targeted sales by offering products or services at a lower cost. When it comes to seasonal products, discount pricing helps to maximize sales. Although the profit from each product might be low because of the discount, it is compensated through increased sales volume.

What Are Five Common Discount Pricing Techniques?

There are several different types of discount pricing methods that are used in business. The most common ones are:

  • Quantity discount pricing model.
  • Cash discount pricing.
  • Location pricing discount.
  • Loyalty discounts pricing model.
  • Trade discount pricing technique.

It’s important to carefully check their advantages and disadvantages to select the ideal option.

💸 Trade, Quantity, & Cash Discount Pricing Strategies

The following discount pricing strategies are the most popular options because they are practical and easy to execute. Check them out:

🤝🏽 Trade Discount StrategyThis strategy involves deducting some amount from the prices of select products. This strategy is preferred during clearance sales, New Year’s offers, and other festivities. In most cases, trade discounts are used to attract bulk buyers. The seller does not account for the trade discount on the invoice.
📈 Quantity Discount StrategyThe method of discount pricing known as “quantity discount” is tied to a specific condition. Usually, the seller provides a discounted price when the buyer reaches a minimum sales target. Unlike trade discounts, the reduction in price for quantity discounts is reflected directly on the invoice.
💵 Cash Discount StrategyThe cash discount strategy is a pricing technique where a seller offers a reduction in the amount owed by a buyer as an incentive for timely payment. This reduction can be in the form of a fixed amount or a percentage of the total bill, and the goal is to improve cash flow for the seller.

🔥 Discount Pricing Examples: Top Companies

Below are five discount pricing examples that demonstrate the method’s effectiveness in growing sales, building loyal customers, and strengthening brands.

Hygge Gear Discount Pricing Strategy

Hygge Gear, a company that sells multi-use headbands, uses Buy One, Get One (BOGO) pricing strategy. The method is very successful because it makes customers feel they are getting more value for their money.

INTO THE AM Discount Pricing Strategy

This festival apparel brand offers unexpected gifts to its clients with every purchase. The strategy works because it makes the discount more intuitive by asking buyers to select preferred gifts.

Evy’s Tree Discount Pricing Strategy

This company offers its first-time customers a special discount. The strategy successfully attracts new clients and gives them a unique experience that turns them into repeat customers.

Boll & Branch Discount Pricing Strategy

This luxury bedding brand uses tiered discounts based on customer spending. The method works well because it adds every client a lifetime value.

Spongellé Discount Pricing Strategy

The Los Angeles-based care product company has built a customer database and offers discounts depending on their behavior. The method is successful in offering a personal touch that helps clients relate to the brand.

Other examples of companies with excellent discount pricing strategies include:

As you can see, the right discount pricing strategy can profoundly impact a business’s success. Before choosing an approach, it’s essential to do research and carefully consider the needs of customers and the company.

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