28 Transportation Strategy Examples

Have you ever wondered how fresh coffee beans get to Starbucks and into your coffee cup? For that to happen, a cleverly employed transportation strategy is necessary. It’s an essential part of many businesses, and it’s crucial to make it as cost-efficient as possible.

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🔝 Top 5 Transportation Strategy Example Essays

  1. Starbucks Company Analysis: More Than a Cup of Coffee
  2. Etihad Airways Company’ Supply Chains and Logistics
  3. Carlsen and Agsten Companies: Production and Supply Chain
  4. Supply Chain Management: Main Steps
  5. Logistics Management in the Modern International Trade Environment

🚛 What is Transportation Strategy?

Transportation strategy is a vital function of a business. It is a method of delivery of products from the manufacturer to the distributors and then to customers. A good transportation strategy increases a company’s profitability and boosts customer experience.

What Are the 4 Modes of Transportation?

The four transportation modes used in the logistics industry are air, land, sea, and rail. It’s vital to assess the most efficient transportation method for a business based on its type of products and services since each mode has its benefits and drawbacks.

🌐 What Is the Importance of Transportation?

Transportation is crucial for any organization because it makes it possible for products to become available for customers (either directly or through distributors.) The choice of a transportation strategy also has a huge impact on the supply chain because it directly influences the cost and the quality of services or goods offered to the customers.

✈️ How to Develop a Transportation Strategy

There are four important things a company needs to consider when developing a good transportation strategy. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Determine the priorities and objectives

The company needs to assess the types of products they handle and the most efficient way to get them to the customers. This will help the managers determine if they should manage the company’s transportation themselves or hire a fleet instead.

Step 2: Limit freight cost

When choosing from different types of transportation, it’s necessary to focus on the most cost-efficient method and how the company can optimize freight costs.

Step 3: Strive for balance

Problems often arise when businesses opt for the cheapest freight costs that are lacking in terms of service quality. Therefore, it’s best to focus on achieving a high-profit margin without compromising customer service quality.

Step 4: Find the best transportation partners

Companies need to research the most reliable transportation partners with excellent track records and reputations.

✨ Transportation Strategy Example Companies

Check out these transportation strategy example companies to understand the topic better:

Starbucks Transportation Strategy

Starbucks excelled at its transportation strategy by doing the following:

  1. reorganizing the supply chain department,
  2. switching to cost-effective methods,
  3. improving on the current supply chain capabilities,

Zara Transportation Strategy

The transportation strategy of Zara relies heavily on using cutting-edge technology to facilitate prompt transportation of materials and working with supply centers near their headquarters.

Amazon Transportation Strategy

Due to a large number of orders, Amazon has deployed its own transportation services for up to 72% of its shipments. They also optimize the supply chain by using chartered ships and long-haul planes, ensuring on-time deliveries.

Other examples of companies with great transportation strategies include:

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📝 Transportation Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Logistics Management and Popularity
    Goods need to be transported from one point to the other in a timely and cost effective manner, and it is only high calibre logistics management that can deliver this.
  2. Effect of Bad Weather on FMGC Logistics
    Supplying goods in schedule in difficult conditions like bad weather conditions can be one of the most challenging tasks for FMGC companies.
  3. Buckley’s Cough Syrup’s Export to Saudi Market
    In order to accomplish the business of exporting Buckley’s cough syrup from Canada to Saudi Arabia, it is necessary to examine the market for the product in the export country.
  4. Internal and External Matrix Analysis: The Vine Marketplace
    This paper is an executive summary in memo format about internal and external matrix analysis for tracking down the history and success of on the vine marketplace.
  5. Supply Chain Management for We Are the Best Company
    The paper discusses 3D printing, which is a digital technology used in most modern businesses. It would help the company cut certain manufacturing costs.
  6. DHL: Operations and Supply Chain Management
    The report examines DHL’s SCM and the related strategies that the company uses, thus commenting on the efficacy of DHL’s performance and recommending options for further improvements.
  7. Disney Company's Strategic Actions Since 2019 in China
    The changing consumer needs associated with the increased demand for online entertainment will affect the operations of Disney both in global and domestic markets.
  8. The Amazon Appraisal: Methodology and Amazon’s Approaches
    This paper discusses the methodology of Amazon appraisal, Amazon’s approach to materials management, and the role of new technologies in Amazon’s supply chain.
  9. Marketing Plan for Food Truck Service
    A marketing plan is a document that serves the purposes of planning the commercial activities of a company during the transportation of goods and monitoring the efficiency.
  10. The Feasibility for Building a New Chemical Distribution Facility
    This paper aims to evaluate the feasibility of and economic justification for building a new liquid chemicals distribution facility near New York City.
  11. Transportation and Logistics Management: Key Challenges
    This paper aims to identify the challenges in transportation and logistics management and suggest viable solutions to these challenges.
  12. Supply Chain Management, Models, and Stages
    The paper presents the concept and main purpose of the supply chain. Next, the paper presents the main models of supply chain management.
  13. Impact of Information Technology on the Logistics and Transportation Industry
    Information Technology (IT) promotes effective communication and ensures value-enhancing relationships in logistics and transportation
  14. Tesla: Company Analysis
    Most recently, in 2020, Tesla was able to break the one million car sales mark. It was able to achieve such figures in just 17 years.
  15. Walmart: Transportation Strategy
    Walmart takes its own business niche and contains the key components of success, including price, operating activity, culture, key item promotion, expense, talents, and services.
  16. Uber: Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness Assignment
    The paper aims at analyzing the aspects of strategic management of Uber as a major transportation shared economy enterprise on a global scale.
  17. BlueStar Supply Chain Company's Cost Reduction
    This paper examines the challenges facing the transportation sector at BlueStar supply chain company and finds solutions to reduce the cost of supplying their products to clients.
  18. Receiving Process in Distribution Centers
    This paper critically analyzes the procedural stage of product acceptance of a situational FMCG distribution center in the context of product realization.
  19. Transportation Companies' Challenges and Solutions
    The research paper discusses the challenges and solutions thereof in detail in the transport and logistics sector.
  20. Skyline Airways Start-Up's Revenue Focus
    In the case of a successful start, there is a plan for further development, including entering the international passenger transportation market.
  21. Electric Vehicles: Socio-Economic and Legal Environment
    The electric vehicles (EVs) market has captured the global perception of the consumers through its low carbon emission and fuel efficiency.
  22. A Business Proposal for Kohl's: Improving Product Delivery
    Package delivery services are highly popular in the modern age, prompting the companies involved in this business to consistently develop their efficiency.
  23. Amazon.com: Transportation and Warehousing Strategy
    Amazon’s focus is to reduce its use of third-party logistics providers as it gains more control over how it moves cargo through its own distribution networks.

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