52 Marketing Communication Strategy Examples

A marketing communication strategy is a way an organization conveys its key messages to the target groups. If you want to know more about the topic, you’re in the right place. Get inspired by the list of sample essays we’ve prepared. Here you’ll find Nike and Apple marketing communication strategy case studies, as well as other company analysis papers.

🔝 Top 5 Marketing Communication Strategy Examples

  1. Marketing Communications Models Comparison
  2. FlyDubai Company's Communications Mix
  3. Apple Company’s Marketing Plan
  4. Reflektive, Inc.'s Company and Product Analysis
  5. Canterbury Company: Consumer Behaviour and Marketing

📍What is Marketing Communication Strategy?

A marketing communication strategy is employed by an organization to convey a purposeful message to the targeted market using the right medium. Too often, marketing and communication in business are viewed as separate entities. However, their roles are closely linked to ensure that you achieve consistency and maximum impact with your message. The best marketing communication strategy examples provide a guideline as to how to deliver a consistent voice and message across various platforms.

Three elements must be present to ensure that you have winning communication strategy marketing principles:

It is an interdisciplinary activity that requires multiple skill sets across various departments to achieve its goal.

How to Develop an Effective Marketing Communication Strategy?

The first step to developing an integrated marketing communication strategy is to assess your current situation. You must know your brand identity, reputation, and competition to plan the steps to reach your marketing communication goals.

Once you identify your goals, you must know your target audience and define your message. The importance of identifying your communication channels should be reinforced in your strategic planning.

How to Write a Marketing Communication Strategy Essay?

A marketing communication strategy essay allows your public relations team to clearly define the strategies you have in place for your corporate messaging. Whether or not you are an international brand, every member of the organization needs to stay abreast of your marketing communication strategy. An essay on the topic must succinctly detail the how, what, and where of your marketing communication efforts.

📊 6 Best Marketing Communication Strategies

The following are the 6 types of marketing communication strategy that you can employ in your organization.

Brand Name The brand name is the core of every organization’s marketing communication strategy. When customers hear your brand name, they associate it with their perceptions of your brand, such as quality, safety, and reliability. This strategy enables your product to stand out in a saturated market.
Logo A logo is a crucial part of a marketing communication strategy because it represents the visual brand. This visual image is an embodiment of the brand and its corporate message. The right logo can set your organization apart from its competitors and say more than any words can (if done effectively).
Product Positioning Product positioning is a crucial element of a marketing communication strategy because it defines where a company (and its products) stands in terms of the competition. It demonstrates the quality and benefits of the product, as well as the motivation for consumers to choose it over other similar products in the market.
Advertising Creative advertising is another strategy to forward your marketing communication. In this digital age, there are plenty of ways to advertise your products: Google Ads, Facebook and social media ads, etc. Craft your advertising message in a way that is consistent with your corporate message and branding to resonate with your target audience.
Blog Blogging is another method of marketing communication to reinforce your branding and voice. Use your blog as a platform to showcase your expertise in the industry, highlight your products, discuss company events and developments, and upcoming trends. The blog is the best platform to convey corporate communication to your target audience.
Corporate Social Responsibility A corporate event is a great platform to showcase your social responsibility. This type of marketing communication strategy enables you to boost the company image and bring you closer to the community that you want to serve.

🥇 Top 4 Marketing Communication Strategy Examples

Follow the sample created by the top brands and organizations for building an effective marketing communication strategy.

  1. Nike Marketing Communication Strategy. Nike’s strategy is the best example of how to utilize the four Ps – product, promotion, price, and place. With this marketing approach, they can attract existing and new customers. They also use multiple channels to reach a global consumer base.
  2. Apple Marketing Communication Strategy. Apple‘s strategy employs a variety of channels including advertisements, social media, public relations, and direct marketing. It has achieved massive brand success because of its ability to position its product at the top of its class. It has successfully leveraged its level of technology to outdo its competitors.
  3. Starbucks Marketing Communication Strategy. Starbucks is another brand that has excelled in its marketing communication through the use of sales promotions, advertising, seasonal offerings, direct marketing, and public relations. They are experts in target customer segmentation and can tailor their marketing messages accordingly. In addition, Starbucks’ social media presence enables them to foster direct relations with their followers while using it as a platform to take into account customer opinions and preferences.
  4. McDonald’s Marketing Communication Strategy. The marketing communications approach employed by McDonald’s contributes to its global brand success. They use a vast mix of marketing communication, such as print and media advertising, social media, corporate events, and sales promotions. They also have a strong focus on customer experience and cater their menu offerings to match the preferences in nutrition and taste of their customers.

Other examples of companies with great marketing communication strategies are:

If you are looking for more inspiration when building a marketing communication strategy, you can check out the marketing communication strategy examples on this page.

📝 Marketing Communication Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Whole Foods Market Company in China
    Whole Foods Market has branches in the United Kingdom and Canada. The company has spotted a void amid high-end consumers who prefer quality organic products in China.
  2. AA Tours and Travel Company's Marketing Project
    The project aims to develop a marketing communication strategy to increase sales and place the AA Tours and Travel company's brand competitively in the tourism industry.
  3. Zimmer Motor Company Global Strategy
    The following essay is a strategic plan of the Zimmer Motor Company an Automobile company based in the United States of America.
  4. Cloud Creative Solutions Company Marketing Communication
    The aims of this report are: to identify, analyze and recommend marketing communication tools that Cloud Creative Solutions can adopt in its bid to increase its client base.
  5. Cambridge Building Society: Integrated Marketing Communication
    The integrated marketing communication strategies aim at creating awareness, purchase and acquisition of new clients by the Cambridge building Society.
  6. Airbnb Company: Marketing Communications
    Airbnb is one of the rapidly growing online retailers in in the global market. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California.
  7. Apple Inc.'s Marketing Communication Scenarios
    In this paper, a case study of Apple Inc. will be discussed to link theories related to marketing communication with practical scenarios.
  8. The New Brain Company: Marketing
    The New Brain Company's offering is currently unique in the market, and competitors cannot offer a similar service.
  9. Marketing Events Role in Consumer Behavior
    This essay is comprised of seven segments that discuss marketing events of different companies in relation to the concepts of consumer behavior.
  10. Services Marketing Concept
    This paper looks at the characteristics of services that distinguish them from products, the definition of service marketing and gives an overview of this concept in service industries.
  11. Relationship Marketing as a Strategic Approach
    Relationship marketing does not mean having a relationship with a customer. It simply means treating marketing as a concept that continues with time.
  12. Nikon D800E Digital SLR Camera: Product Marketing
    There is a need for Nikon to frequently upgrade and manage their knowledge system for the sake of surviving within the international market.
  13. Marketing Promotional Strategies
    Marketing and other effective promotional strategies play a very important role in creating a good impact for prospective consumers.
  14. The Role of Integrated Marketing Communication in Business
    IMC’s most fundamental and perhaps most challenging task is trying to reach people who can conceivably purchase a client's product.
  15. Bierbrier Brewery Company's SWOT Analysis
    Bierbrier Brewery is a medium-sized company located within the Griffin town, south of a city center called Montreal district.
  16. Marketing Communications in Building Strong Brand Names
    The paper investigates the views of different authors in assessing the role played by marketing communication in creating/building and sustaining a strong brand name.
  17. Elements of Marketing Communications Plan
    Marketing is synonymous with sales. A good marketing plan is given a passing grade if its implementation would result to an increase in net profits. An increase in net profits would involve the four Ps of marketing
  18. Daihatsu Motors Company: Marketing Communication Plan
    This paper attempts to create an integrated marketing communication mix for the world famous Daihatsu Motors in the Kuwait market place.
  19. Promotion Opportunity Analysis for Coke-Cola Product
    This is one of the major processes when carrying out the promotional opportunity analysis; for coke-cola communication is a key factor in carrying out promotional objectives.
  20. J. D. Wetherspoon Marketing Communication
    This report seeks to explain the marketing communications process, the different elements of the communications mix available to J D Wetherspoon.
  21. International Marketing in the Parker Pen
    This paper undertakes to study the international marketing strategy used by parker pen. Parker pen is a company that has gone global which sells products over 154 countries worldwide.
  22. American Automobile Industry
    This paper is based on the American automobile industry’s recent integrated marketing communication strategies.
  23. Golden Circle Company's International Marketing Plan
    The Golden Circle Company is one of the Australian fine fruits and vegetable manufacturers, which produces more than 15 varieties and is one of the largest pineapple processors.

💡 Essay Ideas on Marketing Communication Strategy

  1. Context and Regulatory Framework of Business
    Article “Responsibility and brand advertising in the alcoholic beverage market’” by D. J. Ringold describes the problems and controversies faced by companies and alcohol producers.
  2. “A Cut Above” Hairdressing Business: Marketing Advice
    ‘A cut above’ will try to maximize the opportunities for consumer complaining so that management can get a more complete picture of customer reactions to their services.
  3. Frito-Lay and Cracker Jack: Case Analysis
    This paper has centered to represent an analysis and examination of the merger between Frito-Lay and Cracker Jack, and an investigation of whether it would be successful or not.
  4. Marketing Plan for Agent Provocateur New Products
    The marketing initiative will help in changing the public perception of Agent Provocateurs as an expensive luxury brand to brand for any woman with a desire for fashion.
  5. Hot Nodle: A New Product's Marketing Plan
    A new product enters the market as the result of the innovative steps in the new product development process. The new product is a brand of noodle called the Hot Nodle.
  6. Toyota Prius – Marketing Plan
    The paper will attempt to present a marketing plan for the Toyota Prius. The Toyota Prius has launched a few years ago and has seen a significant degree of success.
  7. Marketing Communication for Heinz’s Desktop Beanzawavel
    The report analizes integrated marketing communication that will involve print, electronic and internet ads will be applied in order to reach target market in Heinz Company.
  8. Ford Sales Dealer and Services
    Ford Company is a major player in the automotive industry. With the advent of globalization the market environment has changed. The paper took an analytical look at Ford Company.
  9. Marketing Communication Used By Apple
    Analysis of the external audience the company communicates with, the tools and media it uses. The company’s ethical and social responsibility policy.
  10. Classic Airlines Marketing Solution
    The CA had previously performed very well in its operations, which was a boost to the US-based airline. But it seems like the organization requires thorough scrutiny
  11. Marketing Communications Plan: Audi
    Sales promotion and marketing are at the core of the company's success. Promotion is an important element of the marketing mix.
  12. Marketing Communication: A Chocolate New Brand: Testty
    Testty is a new brand of chocolate. The aim of coming up with the product was to satisfy the current health needs as well as leisure activities of the users.
  13. Autonomy Corporation's Marketing Communication Plan
    The objective of this paper is to draw up a market communication plan for the Autonomy Corporation company for one year or 12 months.
  14. Communication Strategies and Marketing Mix
    This paper analyzes the marketing communication strategies and mix applied by Skoda and BMW in the UK. It reports on the analysis by focusing on the major differences.
  15. Safaricom: Services Marketing
    Identification of the entire operation services offered by the Safaricom company identifies the company’s blueprint and highlights the potential areas of service failure.
  16. International Advertising Campaigns and Consumer Behavior
    The main objectives of the research paper are to evaluate the role of country of origin effects on sales and identify the main success factors related to consumer behavior.
  17. Nike Inc.'s Marketing and Communications Plan Nike
    Nike's strategies as a brand must be improved, updated, and revitalized to the best option if the company is to be successful in maintaining its profit and market position.
  18. How Does Corporate Advertising Affect the Consumer Behavior Telecommunication Segment? MTN Syria
    This paper will center on the advertising concept, which is a very crucial concept to any modern business that desires to attain its marketing objectives.
  19. Monsoon PLC Analytical Report
    The review consists of a marketing communications audit, strategy and plan, and other relevant advertising and marketing strategies.
  20. Rebalance Business Case Study
    The target market of the Rebalance business project was students from generation Z and working-class members from the UK.
  21. EZ-Schedule Application's Ad Budget Strategy
    This paper aims to identify an advertising budget strategy for the EZ-schedule application. The use of integrated marketing communications is also discussed.
  22. Furbo Dog Nanny's Marketing Communication Strategy
    The Furbo Dog Nanny intelligence-supported system has the potential of capturing a significant percentage of the market if a proper and viable marketing strategy is implemented.
  23. Tesla: Innovation With Information Technology
    The main objective of the proposed marketing communication plan was to establish a powerful background for future Tesla activities.
  24. The Cambridge Analytica and Facebook Scandal
    This report will consider examples of unethical activities of companies that harmed not only their work but also had consequences for several states.

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