36 Retail Strategy Examples

Have you ever wondered why, when so many brick-and-mortar stores are closing, some still manage to keep up with rapidly changing shopping habits? Because they fully mastered a retail strategy! Famous brands like Apple, McDonald’s, and others love to change how we shop.

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🔝 Top 5 Retail Strategy Examples

  1. Inventory Management in Supply Chain
  2. E-activity Effects on Customer's Decision Making
  3. Apple Inc.'s Retail Marketing Strategy
  4. Wal-Mart's Retail Strategy Plan in Canada
  5. Amazon Online Shopping and Market Opportunity

💸 What Is Retail Strategy?

A retail strategy is a marketing plan that details the method of developing products or services and selling them. The goal is to promote the products so that they reach the intended customers. The strategy may include elements such as store location, pricing, advertising, and product availability.

What Are the Components of Retail Strategy?

The fundamental components of a retail strategy are:

These elements aid in attracting new customers. After that, a company can make adjustments as needed.

Why Develop a Retail Strategy?

A retail strategy is a component of a bigger marketing plan that aims to attract or reach consumers directly. It is necessary for products that are meant to be distributed through retail outlets. Creating a retail strategy is vital to the success of a retail business, and its importance cannot be underestimated.

🛒 Types of Retail Strategy

There are similarities between all forms of retail marketing, but a company still needs to create a unique promotional strategy that fits it best. The most common types of retail strategy are:

🏬 Store-based Brick-and-mortar stores have a different potential compared to their counterparts. This strategy’s advantage is that it gives the business a physical presence where it can personally engage customers. If the engagement is good enough, it can turn them into repeat customers.
🛍️ Non-store The term “non-store retailing” refers to a specific type of retailing in which a company sells its products without maintaining a physical location. The company advertises and sells its products through various means, but not in a brick-and-mortar location.
📲 Digital Some aspects of digital retail marketing overlap those of non-store retailing, but the term “digital” is not limited to the Internet. Aside from email and social media, digital retail marketing also includes messaging campaigns.

✨ Retail Strategy Examples

The companies listed below provide great retail strategy examples that you can look into:

Apple Retail Strategy

In the name of convenience, Apple has changed the retail landscape with Apple Pay. You may use Apple Pay without taking your phone out, and it works even after the battery dies. Plus, it offers no hidden or additional charges.

Amazon Retail Strategy

Amazon is the biggest retail disruptor that uses various strategies to achieve its goals. A good example is Prime Wardrobe, a service that allows you to try outfits virtually before buying them.

McDonald’s Retail Strategy

McDonald’s survived all these years because of its willingness to adapt to consumers’ needs. For example, they’ve added coffee and salads to their menu after noticing a change in consumption habits.

Dollar Shave Club Retail Strategy

Instead of buying disposable razors, Dollar Shave Club offers a subscription that allows customers to receive razors by mail. This can be called one of the best retail strategy examples because of its simplicity and utility.

Peloton Retail Strategy

Peloton has sold over two million stationary bikes worth $1995 by hooking them up with a monitor that streams spin classes. So, the consumers can exercise without leaving home.

Other examples of companies with great retail strategies include:

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📝 Retail Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Internet Retail Marketing and Its Aspects
    Internet retail marketing can never be underestimated in the current businesses since it has a significant impact to the business.
  2. Online Shopping for Customers and Retailers in the US
    The paper investigates four major impacts of online shopping, namely, product promotion, consumer behavior, reduced product prices, and the modes of distribution/delivery.
  3. Wal-Mart's and Tesco's Monopolies in Retail Industry
    The examples of Wal-Mart and Tesco show that both companies occupy a real monopolistic position in the retail industry and prevent fair competition between small companies.
  4. Wal-Mart and Environmental Pressures
    Wal-Mart, as one of the world's biggest retailer, has to pay a lot of attention to its reputation as it often becomes a target for loads of environmentalist groups.
  5. Kudler Fine Foods Supermarket's Strategic Management
    From the case study of Kudler Fine Foods, it is evident that some functional areas require collaboration for the achievement of the organization’s overall goal.
  6. Price, Cross, and Income Elasticity of Demand
    Supply and demand concepts have applications in everyday life. They also directly impact the business person in everyday decisions.
  7. Discount and Variety Retailing Industry
    The discount and variety retailing industry is mainly comprised of department stores which are structured in the form of retail establishments.
  8. Retail Marketing Effects on Global Events
    Retail marketing has over the past few years increase significantly as firms fight for survival and growth within there respective industries.
  9. Examining the Operations of Wal-Mart
    The discussion of paper focus on the current industry in which names of different competitors or rivals of Wal-Mart are mentioned and company’s current status.
  10. Why do Retail Consumers Buy? Analysis of the sales strategy
    Realizing the increasing value of consumers’ patronage, retail outlets adopt several unique practices to entice them to buy. These efforts are concentrated in three directions.
  11. Abercrombie & Fitch Company's Retail Strategy
    The main products which are being sold by the Abercrombie & Fitch company in the world market include men’s cloth, women’s wear and kids’ wear.
  12. Loyalty Scheme in a Retail Environment
    The point is organization need to build a strong relationship with customers and all the targeted customers through loyalty scheme to maintain and increase the number of customers.
  13. HR Strategy Retail. The Principle of Building HR Strategy
    To begin with it is necessary to emphasize that the Retail co has experienced essential changes within the recent years in the sphere of HR strategy.
  14. Principles of Retail Logistics
    This report pinpoints the key factors that determine success in e-retailing and it is particularly focused on Hong Kong market.
  15. Starbucks Corporation: Marketing Research
    This research relates to all aspects of the marketing mix as compared to competitor's situations. It results in statements about the relative effectiveness of advertising.
  16. E-Tailing in Food and Non-Food Sector in Hong Kong
    This paper provides an introduction to online retailing and how food and non-food businesses can be successfully set up in the retail market in Hong Kong.
  17. Australian Retailing Market Trend
    The market structure today is such that there is cut- throat competition, so it is challenging to survive in the current market trend, which is personal and very individualistic.
  18. Success of Wal-Mart
    The success of this company can be explained through its visionary founder Sam Walton's passion for serving others as well as his business credo: Everyday Low Prices.
  19. Establishing a Retail Shop for Smartphones
    An appliance to be sold is smartphones and an airtime shop. This choice is based on a number of factors: demographics, location, type of customers who park their vehicles here.
  20. Retail Marketing Performance Improvement Strategies
    This paper will seek to analyze the Australian hardware market and performance improvement strategies that firms use to remain competitive.
  21. UK Market Pricing Strategy: Multiple Food Retailing
    This paper investigates the sources of the competitive edge in multiple foods retailing and highlights the forces resulting in the development of a competitive atmosphere.
  22. Apple Stores Retail Mix Analysis
    The paper keenly describes Apple’s retail mix, variety and assortment of merchandise, sustainable competitive advantage and Customer Relationship Management.
  23. Data Mining and Data Warehousing Importance to ASDA
    Explanation of further how ASDA uses its data warehousing and mining strength to strengthen its market power and to improve its general performance as a mega retail store.
  24. Online Retailing as a Developing Trend in Business
    Online retailing can be seen as a dynamically developing trend in business. One of the successful examples of such a trend can be seen through the case of Kogan Technologies.
  25. 99p Stores: Company Analysis
    The discussion of this paper entails an analysis of a fast growing company. The firm considered is 99p Store which is established within UK.
  26. External Analysis in the US Retail Industry
    The US retail market is full of political influence since it includes the people and the people are the building blocks of all politics.
  27. Wal-Mart in China and Options for Resolutions
    Wal-Mart began an active expansion in the emerging Chinese retail market with the aim to withstand the competition of local players and secure a leading position in the country.
  28. Costco Wholesale Corporation: Market Environments, Core Competencies
    This paper discusses Costco's external and market environments, its essential resources, and core competencies and proposes a set of solutions to its future challenges.
  29. Kmart Retailer's Challenges and Data Analysis
    This article tells about the challenges Kmart, a large brick-and-mortar retailer, faces in the economic situation in the retail industry, and the factors behind its problems.
  30. Primark Stores Limited's Retail Theory and Practices
    This report assesses the retail scenario, opportunities, and threats of Primark Stores Limited, as well as the company’s strategies to foster its growth and continuity.
  31. Retail and Distribution Entrepreneurial Venture
    This article proposes a plan to create a retail and distribution enterprise and analyzes the market, demand, and competitors in the market.

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