30 Digital Strategy Examples

Today, every big company, such as Adidas and Amazon, uses digital technologies to achieve its goals. Smaller businesses also make sure to seize opportunities with the help of IT tools. To do it properly, a company needs a strong digital strategy.

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🔝 Top 5 Digital Strategy Example Essays

  1. Internet Influence on International Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing Strategy of Amazon
  3. La Roche-Posay Company: Digital Innovation Strategy
  4. Kodak Company Position in the Digital Revolution
  5. Digital Marketing Trends: Technological and Social Changes

💡 What Is a Digital Strategy?

A digital strategy, often known as a digital media strategy, maximizes the commercial benefits of technology such as machine learning, AI, and data analytics. Because it’s so complex, a cross-functional team of corporate leadership, marketing, and IT professionals are required for developing a successful digital strategy.

What Should a Digital Strategy Include?

The strategy should focus on aspects where the company’s value chain is prone to disruption and see how a digital transformation can make it stronger and more economically sustainable. Short-term actions and quantifiable business objectives are essential components of digital strategy. In other words, a digital strategy paves the way for effective operational digitalization.

What Are the 5 Rules of Digital Strategy?

  1. Evaluating the potential impact of digitization.
  2. Focusing on digital ambition.
  3. Determining how much value you can create with a digital strategy.
  4. Having a digital mindset and thinking on a virtual level to develop a roadmap.
  5. Putting the digital transformation strategy into action and managing it.

What Are the Types of Digital Strategy?

Different types of digital strategies focus on online marketing and promotion. Every kind of digital strategy aims to draw attention using a specific digital channel and template. For instance, social media marketing is also a digital strategy type. Other types include search engine optimization and online broadcasting.

🔥 Digital Strategy Framework for Evaluation

If you need to conduct a case study about a company’s digital strategy, here’s an evaluation framework you can use:

Revaluation of Profiles
  • Study each of the company’s separate consumer groups and review their profiles based on their desires.
  • See whether the company created personalized marketing messages that meet their customers’ needs and desires.
  • Check whether the company communicates with the clients on the relevant digital avenues.
  • Make sure that the company’s online presence consistently aligns with its strategy.
Evaluation and Measurement
  • Track what type of content and channel produces the most engagement.
  • Calculate the return on the company’s marketing investment.

🖥️ Digital Strategy Examples: Top 5 Companies

Below are some digital strategy examples you can use for inspiration.

Adidas Digital Strategy

Adidas spends most of its marketing budget on social media advertisement and digital campaigns. Adidas’s digital strategy aims to contribute to the sports culture and promote an active lifestyle.

Amazon Digital Strategy

Amazon’s digital strategy is very consumer-centric. It uses multiple digital frameworks to ensure customer satisfaction. The initial success of Amazon was thanks to a comprehensive plan for SEO and AdWords targeting millions of keywords.

Mint Digital Strategy

Mint committed to a digital strategy that included publishing large amounts of high-quality content, ranging from instructive blog articles to popular, attention-grabbing infographics.

Zappos Digital Strategy

Zappos continues to make significant investments in internet marketing and social media operations. They concentrate on the consumer’s wants and needs.

American Express (AMEX) Digital Strategy

American Express (AMEX) utilizes a content-rich mega-site that ranks highly on search engines. Their digital strategy is therefore based on quality informative content.

Other companies using great digital strategies include:

For more ideas and examples, check out the essay samples below.

📝 Digital Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Social Media in Digital Marketing
    The paper is devoted to exploring the role of social media in digital marketing. It has an aim to identify the most common and impactful social media marketing activities.
  2. Digital Marketing: Global Strategies
    The Internet and the development of WWW have changed communication patterns and greatly impacted marketing channels and techniques.
  3. Digital Marketing, Its Opportunities and Challenges
    The purpose of this report is to present findings on the opportunities and challenges offered by digital marketing to organizations.
  4. Report on E-Business Between China and USA
    From the analysis of e-business, USA provides better quality than China. China's technological and economical level is the obstacle of its insulate.
  5. ULMS Bikes Web Site. Web Site Design Documentation
    One of the websites which is detailed enough for comparing the requirements of ULMS Bikes is that of ‘Bonthrone Bikes’ – the website of an online UK cycle super store.
  6. Online Strategy for the Business
    Online marketing has been affected with the rise of the Internet websites replacing its main products and attracting its target audiences.
  7. E-Commerce Technologies Analysis
    E-commerce is the conducting of business electronically using a communication link. It provides an exchange of goods and services by use of electronic means.
  8. News Corp.: HRM Innovation and Change
    Learning organizations are those who do not accept change as a reaction to a condition or event rather as a ladder towards a new business proposition.
  9. We Simplify the Internet: Internet Accessability for SMEs
    The mission statement of WSI Internet Consulting is increasing the growth and profitability of SMEs businesses through an enhanced and efficient provision of internet solutions.
  10. Information Technology for Management in the Digital Economy
    This article examines the information technologies used for management, as well as the transformation of organizations in the digital economy.
  11. Improving Operations of FamilyEnergy
    By burning biomass, FamilyEnergy will be able to produce electricity, thus diversifying its income. Accomplishing it requires the installation of facilities where bioenergy can be generated
  12. Schneider Electric Company's Digital Transformation
    Schneider is a European-based company leading the digital transformation in process automation and energy management in industry, data centers, buildings, and infrastructure.
  13. Digital Integration in the Student Housing Company
    The Student Housing Company understands that it has to leverage emerging technologies to reap the additional gains, especially, in the contemporary business environment.
  14. Online & Mobile Payment Systems
    This dissertation is concerned with exploring the potential of online and mobile payment systems to become the main payment means in electronic commerce.
  15. Product Designing and Development
    The paper aims to analyze the competitive environment to develop a competitive edge for the new digital camera designed by the firm.
  16. Digital Integration of 3D (CAD) Virtual Environment
    Technology is fast changing today’s world. This is both at personal and career levels. Arguably, technology and innovation have made both home and work life.
  17. Report on an Amazon’s Future e-Business, Digital Strategy
    The paper summarize Amazon’s marketing strategy, the issues that arise as a result of it, and the potential ways of addressing.
  18. Spectacle Hut’s Traditional Marketing Transformation in a Digital World
    In this paper, the goal was to investigate traditional marketing transformation in a digital world at Spectacle Hut.
  19. Occupational Health and Safety in Trinidad and Tobago
    By introducing innovative techniques for safety management, the Trinidad and Tobago organizations will be able to increase the levels of security.
  20. Digitalization of Age United Kingdom Organization
    Age UK provides critical community support by enabling people to choose their own care and implementing best practices for overcoming loneliness in older people.
  21. Internode: Implementing Six Sigma
    The expected benefits of implementing Six Sigma in Internode’s operations include consistent improvement in customer service, customer satisfaction and sustainability.
  22. Michelin Firm's Adoption of Digital Service Platform
    The purpose of this paper is to develop appraise, evaluate, and analyze the situation at Michelin regarding its adoption of the Digital Service Platform.
  23. The Walt Disney Company Analysis
    Disney+ is the product of its digital age and will serve as the company’s forefront product to share the latest media content with millions of consumers.
  24. New Business Opportunities During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    The COVID-19 pandemic has opened doors for businesses and altered the way we all operate, new solutions that work anywhere will characterize future entrepreneurship.
  25. Ford Motor Company's Digital Strategy Development
    The paper proposes a digital strategy for Ford Motor Company using the suggestions of recent research and the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

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