31 Talent Management Strategy Examples

Talent management is the process of getting the right employees on board and helping them to maximize their talents in an organization. It is important for a company to approach this process strategically, as high-performing employees are often hunted by its competitors.

Looking for talent management strategy examples? Find them on this page! We’ve collected Microsoft and Starbucks talent management strategy examples, as well as many other A+ essays on the topic.

🔝 Top 5 Talent Management Strategy Examples

  1. The Apple Company: Organisation Theory and Design
  2. Strategic Planning: Traditional and Contemporary Approaches
  3. The Division of Labor in Organizations
  4. Learning and Talent Development in the UK Retail
  5. Talent and Succession Management Strategy

📍 What Is Talent Management Strategy?

A talent management strategy is a set of processes applied by companies to ensure the retention of high-performing employees. It aims to hire, attract, develop, and continuously motivate high-value employees of the company.

How to Build a Talent Management Strategy?

To build a good talent management strategy, a company needs to:

  • Define its goals,
  • Focus on being desirable employees,
  • Outperform other companies competing for the same pool of employees.

Other companies always scout high-performing employees, and a good talent management strategy is necessary.

How Does Talent Management Strategy Attract a Diverse Workforce?

A talent management strategy may attract a diverse workforce by applying different best practices. The proper onboarding process, succession planning, and performance management are just ways the employer may attract a diverse yet high-performing workforce.

When Is a Talent Management Strategy not Appropriate?

A talent management strategy is not appropriate in instances when the employee needs to go beyond what HR can provide. When the problem is on the level of the supervisors and the managers, the talent management strategy will not be able to retain employees or keep them engaged.

📊 Talent Management Framework & Its Components

There are different components of the Talent Management Framework (TMF) that every employer must get from the strategies of leading companies. Let us briefly discuss them here.

Talent acquisition One of the first talent management strategy framework components is talent acquisition. Are you getting the right talent? How could you tell? In this component, you should also include the component of assessing turnover or employee life cycle, encouraging employee engagement, and performance management.
Hiring strategy It is important that you also hire the right people for the right job and not just fill up positions. Recruiting talented individuals requires following effective ways to ensure that the person hired is right for the job.
Management communication Human Resources is not an island. It is an integral part of a big archipelago. HR should openly communicate with management and provide feedback on the hiring needs. HR must always align with the overall business strategy, which is also a component of TMF.
Succession planning Planning a change in leadership and who comes next in the organizational structure is necessary for a successful TMF.
Feedback and improvement The talent management strategy framework must always have continuous feedback and improvement.

🏅 Top 3 Talent Management Strategy Examples

There are some great examples of companies with the best talent management strategy examples and practices.

  • Microsoft is the first example with the best policy. They have been undergoing digital transformation in hiring and HR practices as well.
  • Starbucks has great employee retention with its savings and income protection plans for its partners. The Starbucks talent management strategy is envied by the workforce.
  • Google is also on top since it has an inclusive environment that allows employees to perform well.

Other examples of companies with great talent management strategies are:

There are a lot more companies that you should follow. Check more examples and see what you can mimic.

📝 Talent Management Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Talent Management Techniques and Organizational Performance
    Talent management is the term that refers to the mechanisms or skills used by the human capital to attract employees who exhibit very high skills.
  2. Talent Management and Organization Performance Relationship
    In the current global business arena of fierce and unyielding competition on a global scale, talent can represent the key leverage a company needs to best its competitors.
  3. Human Resource and Talent Management
    Talent management (TM) encompasses the range of activities used to attract, control, motivate, and retain talented people in a firm.
  4. Merlin Entertainment Company's Talent Management
    This paper provides an overview of one of the competitive companies involved in the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom, Merlin Entertainments Group.
  5. Resourcing and Talent Planning in the United Kingdom
    The paper discusses the wide variety of the latest trends in the labour market to gain an understanding of them to foster positive environments within companies.
  6. Managing Human Resources in the Organizational Context
    The job of a Human Resource (HR) manager might seem comparatively easy and lacking the connection to the rest of the organizational processes.
  7. How to Conduct Effective Training Workshop
    This paper mainly concentrates on developing different specific instructional objectives for a multi-session six-hour business training workshop.
  8. WL Gore and Google: Comparison of Vision and Culture
    For two years, Google came up in the Fortune magazine’s top 50 companies to work for. W.L. Gore’s vision is to ensure value and uniqueness in the products for their clients.
  9. Sherman Computer Repair New Direction
    Business change and transformation is inevitable in current highly competitive market. An example is the case of the American companies in which at least 84% of them underwent at least one major business transformation.
  10. The Australian Cladding Company: Strategic HRM
    A long term strategy has to be implemented for retention of the best employees, and the company should focus on moving forward and should stop moving backward.
  11. Susan: Strategic Human Resource
    Susan is currently facing challenges in its human resource function. There are challenges when it comes to the culture of control amongst various generations in the organization.
  12. The Developing Role of HR Within Modern Day Business
    HR departments have been compelled to transform from primarily operational roles to the assumption of duties, which serve the goals and needs of their institutions.
  13. Challenges in Implementing Talent Management in Culturally Diverse Organisations in Qatar
    This paper will contribute towards the understanding of companies regarding the type of talent management strategies that they should implement for a workforce.
  14. McDonald’s Corporation’s Talent Management Program
    A talent management program is the key factor in management. McDonald’s has rich experience in the development of the talent management program due to its long history.
  15. Starbucks: Human Resource and Talent Management
    At Starbucks, HR management has rarely been an issue since the organization has always understood the role that its employees play in the company’s success in the target market.
  16. Resourcing, Talent Management and Development
    This paper assesses the employee resourcing and talent management plan of a medium-sized company in the context of the contemporary employment market.
  17. The Effects of Talent Management on the United Kingdom SMEs’ Innovation Capacity
    Talent management is defined and conceptualised in the context of multicultural and global corporations, little attention is paid to its manifestations and effects in the SME.
  18. Talent Management, Diagnostics and Interventions
    The focus of this change project is on talent management as one of the central competencies associated with high performance and competitive advantage in the modern business world.
  19. Talent Management Plan Proposal
    The presented proposal includes advice on hiring sources, the use of recruitment and training methods for new hires, and an assessment of overall performance management systems
  20. Inside Uber’s Toxic Work Culture
    The present analytical paper explores the journey of Uber: a successful American startup that caused disruption in the transportation industry.
  21. Organizational Performance Through an HR Lens
    With the adoption of the strategies based on increased benefits, equity-based principles in managing the needs of employees, a company will witness a rise.
  22. Talent Management in ADNOC
    This study examines the business case of the ADNOC, one of the largest world oil exporters based in Abu-Dhabi, UAE.
  23. Emirates Airline Facility Department's Talent Management Strategies
    Emirates Airline Facility Department applies effective talent management strategies to optimize employee performance.
  24. Effective Coaching and Mentoring in Organisations
    Coaching and mentoring are used to improve the performance of leaders in an organization. These are two different areas of qualified executive support that differ significantly.
  25. Researching the Talent Management in Netflix
    This essay is based on the employee talent approaches exhibited by Netflix company and suggests how various organizations could employ these steps to enhance success.
  26. Talent Management: Attracting, Retaining, and Securing Employees
    When creating a model for attracting employees, it is paramount to conduct preliminary research on job-seeking trends among potential employees.

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