How to Conduct Effective Training Workshop

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This paper mainly concentrates on developing different specific instructional objectives for a multi-session six-hour business training workshop. This paper includes details of each and every objective, which is deployed in the workshop. The paper also includes training proposals consisting of a cover letter, workshop title, description of the workshop and the trainer who makes this workshop more lively and interactive. The main objective of this paper is to give a clear idea about the gamut of the training workshops and the things or instructions followed in workshops to make these more effective, and the benefits employees get by participating in workshops.

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Cover letter

  • Mr. John Brown,
  • Head, HRD, ABC Inc., California.The USA.

Dear Mr. Brown,

Sub: Report on how to conduct an interview.

I am attaching the said report regarding ABC Inc.  Professional Development Program.

This training session is very important for a person who is aiming to do better in life and career. The lesson plan included in the training session is made in such a way that it will help the employer in many ways and many aspects. After attending the training workshop, respondents and participants can feel the positive change. It is sure that the aftermath of the training will increase one’s output and performance. Trainers engaged in this field are very eminent and have been working in this field for many years. So, the quality provided will be excellent.

Thanking you,

Sincerely, David White.

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Training Manager. Workshop description.

It is a multi-session six-hour workshop, which is going to be conducted on October 23rd and 24th 2009. There will be two sessions, each session having six hours each of workshops on different objectives. The duration for each objective will be one and a half hours.

Eminent trainers who are experts in this field will handle the workshops. So, the quality of the workshop will be very high.

Table of Contents

Session I:

  1. Developing or increasing communication skills.
  2. Molding one to become an inspiring and successful leader.
  3. How to do specific tasks within the time limit or how to meet the deadlines successfully.
  4. To sharpen the ability for strategic thinking.

Session II:

  1. To increase the responsibility/how to carry the task while working in a team.
  2. Tips on how to lead a stress-free life.
  3. To maintain fitness in life.
  4. To bring one’s hidden talent outside.


The focus of this paper is on different types of instructional objectives. Saying about the training workshop, this is one of the important things which are must in any organization to reformat different skills of the employees. It will reflect in their job. If the person is an interviewer or a human resource manager of a company, by taking part in this kind of training workshop he/she can increase his/her performance while conducting the interview. The objective of the training workshop is to increase the skill of a person. The training workshop needs to be conducted in such a way that it should have the potential to make a transformation in the person who takes part in the training workshop. The effectiveness of the training workshop lies here. If a training workshop cannot make a change or transformation in the person who takes part in the workshop, then the whole efforts put for this will evaporate.

So, to make the training workshop more effective, proper planning is needed. One who is implementing the training workshop has to be very conscious about the inputs. The inputs can be different instructional objectives for the training workshop. As there are plenty of instructional objectives, a careful selection of objectives is needed to make the training workshop a grand success.

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The training workshop should be conducted only with the help of trainers experienced in the field of conducting workshops. It is because knowledgeable trainers will always be aware of what the situation demands. So, the trainer can weave the methods according to the demands or anticipated outcomes of such training workshops. The efficacy of the trainer has got an important role to play in the success of the workshop.

Description of Instructional Objectives

The instructional objectives are the various objectives that are included in the training workshop. The aim of these objectives is to increase the potential of the person. The instructional objectives will vary from workshop to workshop. The objectives included here are mainly focused on the person who is conducting the interview and also it will help the employees or candidates who come for the interview. Thus, they can increase their performance in the interview. Objectives like strategic thinking are very important for the interviewer and interviewee, as they will come across many situations at the time of the interview. Similarly, communication skill is another important thing for both interviewer and interviewee. Other objectives included in this workshop, such as time management, etc are also very essential for an interviewer. For example, if an interviewer continues interviewing one employee or candidate without managing the time, then the whole schedule for the interview will be upside down. So, by taking part in this kind of workshop one can increase his performance and if the person is interviewer then he/she can conduct the interview in a better way.

To sharpen the ability for strategic thinking (Seminar on Strategic business thinking)

Strategic thinking has got an important role or it has become an unavoidable element in everyone’s job. It is because pressure from the competitive world has put all business organizations in a high alert situation. The intention of this seminar is to increase the capacity for strategic thinking.

The presenter will discuss how the strategy fits in the management process. Strategic thinking is very important in sorting out day-to-day issues. As business moves forward, strategic thinking has got a major role in creating the vision. Good frameworks and tools are needed in order to outperform the competitors and stay in the business for the long term. A vision has got an important role in creating good strategic thinking. There may be long-term vision and short-term vision. Another important thing is the creation of time. Time has got an important role. Find time to analyze what’s happening in the business. One can choose any flexible time for this. Take a paper and write down the thinking. Always absorb and notice the things happening in your surroundings. Especially in business, more and more observation is needed; it can be internal and external which always helps one to give future direction and realize the opportunities. A great strategic thinker always does this. Another important thing needed for a good strategic thinker is to review things often. Another important thing the strategic thinker needs is he/she must be ready to learn from experience. This is one of the effective things one needs to consider to improve in any situation.

Tips on how to lead a stress-free life (seminar on stress management)

The intention of this seminar is to help the participants to know about their stress symptoms and provide different strategies to overcome these. The seminar will focus on the key aspects one needs to put in life to keep away the stress.

One of the problems with stress is that it has got the tendency to make life dry. The seminar will discuss the nature and causes of stress. The effects of stress may be physiological, mental and emotional. If one cannot manage the stress properly it will affect him/her in many ways.

The participants of this seminar can determine the causes of their stress. Tips and techniques will be provided for reducing stress. The implementation of different strategies is made to reduce stress. The reduction of stress in one’s life will increase productivity and it will provide job satisfaction.

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To understand the different tips to avoid stress and to lead a good life, one needs to increase awareness. This will help one to be conscious of the different things happening in his/her surroundings. One should always maintain a positive attitude. Keeping a positive attitude will help one to do the work neatly so that one can stay away from stress. One should always be perfect in the job or in any activity that one is doing. One should always be motivated and should always keep confidence in mind. These kinds of things always help one to manage stress successfully.

Developing or increasing communication skills (Communication skill)

Communication skill training helps in developing one’s own communication ability. Language is a key factor for developing communication skills. For attending an interview and for a training program, communication is very essential. Interpersonal skills can be built up with good communication skills. A person with good communication skills can talk to another person confidently, clearly and comfortably. “Communication skill is the set of skills that enables a person to convey information so that it is received and understood. Communication skills refer to the repertoire of behaviors that serve to convey information for the individual” (Definition of communication skills, n.d., para.5).

A person to become excellent in communication skills must also be a good listener. Eye-to-eye contact and body language are also vital. One of the barriers to communication is language. People are not able to convey their thoughts and ideas because of the language barrier. The messages must be conveyed correctly and instinctively. It can be developed by the work environment itself. Those who have good communication skills are always appreciated. The main objectives of communication skill training are increasing one’s awareness, understanding different types of dynamics, consideration about the body language, handling different types of assumptions, developing one’s individual strength and qualities, managing conflicts, etc.

The method adopted here is that every participant has to talk about the topic specified by the trainer. Topic written on the paper will be handed over to each participant. Each of them has to talk about it. After this, others can ask the questions. Time is limited for this activity. This will be conducted by dividing every participant into groups. Once this is over, another topic will be given for discussion purposes.

How to do specific tasks within the time limit or how to meet the deadlines successfully (Time management)

Time management is a major factor in an organization. Planning of the time is essential and one must have a plan on what to do when to do it, and how to do it. Time must not be wasted while doing some work. The goals must be aimed by using an accurate time schedule. By following correct time management, returns can be more. Concentrating on this helps save time, work smarter, and minimize stress.

By managing time properly, one can increase productivity. Effective time management helps balance one’s life. The ultimate objective of time management is to complete the work within time and well before the deadline. The method adopted here is to give a specific work and ask the participants to complete it within the time specified. Each group needs to perform the job within a limited time. This will make them aware of the time and importance of completion of the job. Once the limited time is over, members of each group have to come to the stage and explain how they achieved the goal within the specified time, and the tactics they used to accomplish the job. By this, two things can be achieved within the group. One is that the idea used by each of the groups can be shared so that others can also understand the different tactics one needs to use to do a job before the time limit.

Molding one to become an inspiring and successful (Leadership training (seminar))

Leadership quality is an essential quality that a person must possess. “The definition of leadership is influence. This is the definition that John Maxwell gives. He also states that everything rises and falls on leadership. So, if these statements are true, then the job of a leader is to get things done through influencing others” (Taylor, 2008, para.1).

A good leader is also a good motivator, must be skillful, loyal towards their employees. The objectives of leadership training are good behavior, reducing one’s own stress and also others’ stress, taking vital decisions, explaining strength and qualities, studying the dissimilarity among management and leadership and encouraging interpersonal skills. The key objective of this training is to mold one to become an inspiring and successful leader.

Different kinds of tactics to become a good leader will be explained here to the participants. What are all the things one needs to keep in mind? What are all the qualities one needs to possess to become a good leader? This session will provide answers for all these.

A good leader should be capable of handling different stress situations. A leader should be a person who has got the ability to coordinate the members very easily. This seminar will discuss all sorts of abilities that a leader should possess. A leader should be very confident while presenting something; also leader should adopt different types of plans to build a good team. The strategies and tactics required for becoming a good leader have been included in this seminar session.

To increase the responsibility/how to carry the task while working in a team (Team building)

Team building helps in developing a mutual relationship amongst working employees. An effective team will work hard; their ultimate aim will be to achieve the organizational goal. For a good team, it is essential to have a knowledgeable and smart leader. It is a business activity emphasizing team performance. Team improvement is essential by inspiring, communicating among the team members. Team working skills can be maintained by team building.

The objective of team building is to carry out the responsibility while working in a team. The method used is that each team will be given specific work to perform so that they will perform it at their best. The material preferred is a booklet mentioning the task they have to perform. The task should be completed within the specified time. Those who are completing the task successfully within the specified time can share the tactics they adopted to achieve success. How the task has been divided among the members? How each member actively took part in this activity? Participating skills and sharing skills can be developed through team building.

Each of the participants who are actively involved in this will certainly understand the importance of a team and what are the things to be kept in mind while in a team. A good team assessment is needed which will help to characterize the effectiveness of the team. This can be done through various exercises. This is what is aimed at in this workshop.

To maintain fitness in life (How to maintain fitness)

Fitness is one of the important things in life. The fitness of a person has got a great role to play in both work and personal front. Physical activities are done outside the building. This includes playing games, cycling, etc.

This session will start with providing meditation and healing techniques one should follow. This includes an explanation of techniques one has to follow in official work and also in personal life. Yoga will help one to handle pressure properly. Also, this will increase the thinking capability, mental strength, etc. This will reflect in one’s professional career.

After this, outdoor activity will start. The outdoor activity includes ball playing, cycling, walking, jogging, etc. First, it starts with walking. This will test each participant’s fitness by analyzing how many can walk the specified distance properly. This is the basic step to analyze the fitness of the participant. The next activity includes jogging some distance; the aim of this also is to analyze the fitness of the participant. Those participants who fail in this activity will be taken care of properly and the issues or problems faced by them will be analyzed. The next activity will be cycling some distance. After this, all the participants will be grouped into subgroups. Each group of participants will be made to stand in the round. What they need to do is they should throw the ball at each other. There will be logic for throwing balls to each other; that will be explained to each of the participants before starting the play. The main aim of this ball game is this will increase the physical and mental fitness of the participants.

To bring one hidden talent outside (Talent management)

This may be the last event of the training workshop before the closing the note. The aim of this session is to bring out the hidden talents of the participants. Here, each of the participants can come to the stage and act or perform anything on the stage. This can be performed singly or in a group. The aim of this is to explore the talents as well as to make the participants more active. This will be very helpful for each of the participants while facing others. This improves their courage, ability, etc. Taking part in this kind of activity or performing such things improves their confidence level and o this will reflect in their profession also.

This is the first part of the session. The next session will be the most interesting session and this might be the last. The peculiarity of this session is a variety of music will be played and everyone can start dancing according to the music. The aim of this is to explore the participants more and more. This will remove the shyness and will increase the ability of the participants in handling any kind of thing.

These are the main aims of conducting group dancing section. This will give them the power to do anything in their life as well as their professional career. This will help them take any kind of challenge in their career.

Lesson Plan

The lesson plan includes different objectives, which are needed for the training workshop. The different objectives are shown below in a multi-column format including training content, method, time, etc.

Session I:

  • Oct 23rd 2009
  • Time: 8.00am – 8.30am – Registration
  • 8.30 am – 9.25 am – morning refreshment and ice-breaking session
Training/workshop Time Objectives Method Materials
Communication skill 9.30am – 11.00am Developing or increasing communication skills. Each member has to talk about a given topic. Pen and paper with a topic written on the paper.
Coffee break 11.00 am – 11.15 am
Leadership training (seminar) 11.15am – 12.45pm Molding one to become an inspiring and successful leader. Different tactics and methods will be presented. A hard copy of the presentation report and CDs will be given
Lunch break 12.45pm – 13.30pm
Time management 13.30pm – 15.00pm How to do a specific task within the time limit or how to meet the deadlines successfully. The specific task will be given to each group to do within the specified time. The name of the task written in a notebook will be handed over to each group.
Coffee break 15.00pm – 15.15pm
Seminar on Strategic business thinking 15.15pm – 16.45pm To sharpen the ability for strategic thinking. Different examples and tips will be provided to increase the thinking capability. Books and CDs will be provided.

Session II:

  • Oct 24th 2009
  • Time: 9.00am – 9.25am – morning refreshment
Training/workshop Time Objectives Method Materials
Team building 9.30am – 11.00am To increase the responsibility/how to carry the task while working in a team. A specific task will be given to each team to perform. A small booklet mentioning the task to perform.
Coffee break 11.00 am – 11.15 am
Stress management (seminar) 11.15am – 12.45pm Tips on how to lead a stress-free life. Different tactics and methods will be presented. Presentation CDs and hard-bound copies will be provided.
Lunch break 12.45pm – 13.30pm
How to maintain fitness 13.30pm – 15.00pm To maintain fitness in life. Through playing some games Cycles, balls, sticks will be provided.
Coffee break 15.00pm – 15.15pm
Talent management 15.15pm – 16.45pm To bring one’s hidden talent outside. Singing song, dancing, etc A booklet describing talent management.
Closing note 16.45pm – 17.00pm

Training Proposal

Behavioral objectives

First of all, identification of the problem and assessments on general needs are done. The needs assessments are done by considering the needs of the employee. The needs are mainly in improving communication skills, handling stress, increasing the potential, how to carry the task, etc. After this, strategies are implemented. The main purpose of the strategy is to fulfill the needs of the interviewer and employees. And last is evaluation and feedback.

Qualifications of Trainer

Serving as the senior-most head in the human resource department in ABC Inc. Job includes administration of the company. Trainer has got 28 years of experience in this field. Trainer implemented many new HR strategies with a view to improving everything related to an organization. His service in ABC Inc. was very effective in the function of the company. He is a certified trainer.

Trainer has expertise in the field of manpower planning, recruitment, training and development including improving communication skills, performance management, handling stress, etc. He had written many books on skill developments, how to increase one’s performance in the company etc.

Participant’s workbook/guide

The front page of the workbook will look like this:

City/pin code

Details of modules interested in attending (please tick) [As per lesson plan or table of contents] –

Session I:

  • 1 o 2 o 3 o 4 o

Session II:

  • 1 o  2 o 3 o 4 o

From the next page onwards this booklet contains 20 sheets that are put blank intentionally for writing purposes.

Post-presentation assessment instrument

Post presentation instrument includes interviews with the workshop participants to know about the pros and cons of the workshop to make it much better while conducting next time by studying from the mistakes. Also, an evaluation sheet has been distributed among the participants to mark their reactions.


Preparation is the component, which helps the interview to be successful. The interviewer examines the qualification of the candidates, their communication skills, and personality, which are required for their firm. Training is a vital part and it is important for an employee to do his work efficiently. It is conducted by the organization’s experienced instructors and experts.

The objective of the training program is to bring out the skills of the participants and assigning them responsibilities according to their skills. The participants can be interviewers, interviewees or employees. Self-motivation and dedication are essential elements in an enterprise. The imperative objective of business is higher profit and a good return. This can be achieved through need assessment and by conducting a good training workshop.


Definition of communication skills. (n.d.). Communication Skills. 2009. Web.

Taylor, J T. (2008). Definition of leadership: “The definition of leadership is.” Team Building USA. Web.

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