15 Internationalization Strategy Example Essays

Internationalization strategy is crucial for any company looking to expand its business operations beyond its home market. How a brand internationalizes its business can seriously impact its success in foreign markets.

On this page, you will find info on different types of internationalization strategies with plenty of real-life examples.

🔝 Top 5 Internationalization Strategy Example Essays

  1. Bank of China: Internationalization Strategy
  2. Feathers UAE Company: Internationalization Strategy
  3. Etihad Airways and Business Internationalization
  4. Philips Company's Strategic Marketing Plan
  5. Internalization Theory and Eclectic Paradigm

🗺️ Internationalization Strategy: Definition

Internationalization strategy determines how organizations operate in multiple countries. This strategy requires managers to conduct multidimensional and complex decision-making and understand country selection and entry modes. Internationalization strategies have primary connections with cultural diversity, which aligns with adapting a business for foreign markets.

What Internationalization Strategy Did McDonald’s Employ?

McDonald’s relies heavily on globalization and localization in their internationalization strategy. They set up units in each local area they are franchising to ensure that their venture is aligned with the norms and cultures of the local community. They also employ local managers in their franchising units to help them satisfy customer needs.

What Are the 4 Factors of Internationalization?

Here are the four primary internationalization factors:

  1. Implications are distinct features in a foreign country’s culture and institutions.
  2. Discussion refers to strategizing the implementation plan.
  3. Limitations require you to identify the hurdles.
  4. Research directions provide a good framework for tackling the project.

Each of these factors determines the success of how a business implements an internationalization strategy.

✨ Types of Internationalization Strategy

Internationalization strategies can be categorized into Multi-domestic, Global, and Transnational.

🏢 Multi-domestic strategyIn this strategy, the business sells products or services by becoming a local player rather than an international entity. It requires a thorough understanding of the local market.
🌍 Global strategyThis strategy prioritizes selling products or services using economies of scale in foreign markets without needing local adjustments. It allows the company to offer competitive pricing to consumers.
✈️ Transnational strategyThis strategy combines the best features of multi-domestic and global strategies by accommodating local market needs and maximizing economies of scale.

🚀 Internationalization Strategy Example List

Check out the following examples of internationalization strategies that the world’s top companies use!

Starbucks Internationalization Strategy

Starbucks employs a multi-domestic international strategy and aligns its deals and operations with local culture. This strategy has worked great for the world-famous coffee shop.

Zara Internationalization Strategy

Zara has implemented a global internationalization strategy, selling its products at competitive prices by capitalizing on economies of scale in foreign markets. Despite its high-end brand image, Zara has successfully leveraged this approach to expand internationally.

Netflix Internationalization Strategy

This streaming company domesticates shows by utilizing multi-lingual subtitles. By doing so, Netflix makes it easier to dabble in foreign markets. They have used their international libraries to create a truly global experience.

Red Bull Internationalization Strategy

Red Bull uses lifestyle marketing and sells the “adrenaline junkie” culture to different countries. The multi-domestic strategy has worked wonders for them.

Victoria Secret’s Internationalization Strategy

This company doesn’t adjust to the local culture. Their internationalization strategy relies mainly on exporting, with stores opened at smaller locations.

Other companies that use great international strategies include:

Check out more examples on the webpage below!

📝 Internationalization Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Zara Company’s Business Model, Competition, Values
    Zara’s business model relies on its strategies and approaches to market trends. This relates to its corporate, business, and functional strategies.
  2. Wal-Mart: Analysis of Company’s Success in the International Market
    This paper seeks to answer questions: How Wal-Mart continued its extraordinary growth. Did Asia and Europe offer Wal-Mart real opportunities for international market dominance?
  3. Management and Leadership for General Electric
    The firm’s success in a very challenging environment is associated with the integration of good leadership and management concepts.
  4. IKEA. Kampard’s Legacy and IKEA Management
    The IKEA management must keep in mind and follow what Kamparad once advised that ideology is not the work of one man but the sum of many impulses from all the IKEA leadership.
  5. IBM: History, Innovations and Future Strategy
    IBM is currently working to construct a computing system that can not just comprehend questions asked but also answer those questions as quickly and precisely as possible.
  6. Internationalization Process of Polish Bank Pekao
    Internationalization has been considered as being very beneficial to a company especially the small and medium enterprises, such as Polish Bank Pekao.
  7. BAE: Strategic Option
    Based on the information presented in the case study, BAE does not see a lot of sustainability in terms of its operations, which is an important idea to mention.
  8. IKEA’s Internationalization Strategy: Review and Analysis
    The present paper overviews IKEA’s internationalization path that started in the 1980s - about forty years after its establishment, and its further expansion into foreign markets.
  9. Wi Yu Motors Firm's Internationalization Strategy
    This report summarises the internationalization strategy for Wi Yu Motors (an automotive company based in China).
  10. Ola Cabs Company's International Operations
    The paper focuses on ANI Technologies Private Limited operating under the trademark of Ola Cabs Company. The focus of its business activities is online transportation networking.

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