55 Sustainability Strategy Example Essays

Today, more and more companies are taking action against climate change and pollution. Corporate giants such as Coca-Cola and Tesla are using sustainable strategies to minimize waste and improve their response to potential risks. Keep reading to learn about sustainability strategy in business with examples.

🔝 Top 10 Sustainability Strategy Example Essays

  1. Starbucks Company Analysis: More Than a Cup of Coffee
  2. Energy Industry in the United States
  3. Electricity Industry in the United Kingdom
  4. Pepsi Company's Supply Chain Strategies
  5. Southwest Airlines Strategies
  6. Coca Cola Company: Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  7. Amazon.com Inc.'s Business Management
  8. Business Strategies and Interpersonal Roles
  9. Lenovo Strategy Evaluation [SWOT & PEST Analysis]
  10. The Coca-Cola Company’s Strategic Suitability

🌱 What Is a Sustainability Strategy?

A sustainability strategy is a framework or template for how a company will reduce its environmental impact and improve social and economic conditions, often through reducing resource use, promoting renewable energy, and implementing corporate social responsibility programs. According to McKinsey, an effective sustainability strategy improves the impact the company will have on the people and the environment in the present without compromising the needs of generations to come.

What Are the Different Sustainability Strategies?

Energy efficiency and renewable energyThis approach involves reducing a company’s overall energy consumption and transitioning to renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power.
Sustainable supply chain managementThis strategy is all about assessing and reducing the environmental and social impact of a company’s suppliers and partners. It includes practices like fair labor standards, reduced waste, and reduced carbon emissions.
Sustainable product design and developmentThis strategy involves designing products with sustainability in mind, such as using recycled or biodegradable materials, reducing packaging, and planning for repair and reuse.
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programsCSR programs include implementing initiatives to give back to communities and address social and environmental issues, such as volunteering, philanthropy, and community engagement programs.

Why Is Sustainability Strategy Important?

A sustainability strategy is vital in business because it helps companies operate in an environmentally and socially responsible way, meet regulatory requirements, reduce costs and risks, improve reputation, and tap into new market opportunities.

🤔 How Do You Create a Sustainability Strategy?

Wondering how to develop an effective sustainability strategy? Well, there are no universal guidelines, as every company is unique. Still, the process usually involves these seven essential steps:

⚖️ Assessing current sustainability performanceThe first step is to collect data on the company’s environmental and social impact, including energy and water usage, waste generation, and supplier practices.
🎯 Setting sustainability goalsThis step involves identifying areas where the company wants to improve its sustainability performance and setting specific, measurable, and achievable goals.
📌 Developing an action planAt this stage, managers create a plan of action to reach the goals and objectives set up previously. This may include implementing new technologies, changing operational practices, and engaging with suppliers and partners.
♻️ Implementing the plan and monitoring progressThe next step is putting the action plan into place and establishing monitoring and reporting systems to track progress and identify areas for improvement.
💬 Communicating and engaging others in the strategyAnother essential step is communicating the company’s sustainability efforts and progress to internal and external stakeholders and engaging them in the sustainability strategy.
🚀 Continuously improvingIt’s necessary to regularly review and update the sustainability strategy based on the progress made, the feedback received, and new opportunities or challenges that arise.

🌎 Sustainability Strategy Example Companies: Top 5

Coca-Cola Sustainability Strategy

The Coca-Cola sustainability strategy has several systematic focus points. One of them is a zero-waste policy. With waste and recycling being a serious concern, Coca-Cola’s move to recycle bottles significantly improved its reputation.

Nike Sustainability Strategy

Nike has an innovative sustainability strategy. They made an app that shows how various materials can affect the environment. This encourages suppliers and employees to take a more active role in their jobs when sourcing materials sustainably.

New Belgium Brewing Sustainability Strategy

New Belgium Brewing is a prominent example of reducing landfill waste. The top-down guidelines encourage more sustainable ways for their employees to work.

Panasonic Sustainability Strategy

The sustainability goals of Panasonic focus on creating products that rate high on energy efficiency. This effort paves the way to creating more sustainable products in similar companies.

Telsa Sustainability Strategy

The Telsa sustainability strategy focuses on removing fossil fuels and aiming for zero emissions. Many consumers, investors, and stakeholders agree with their goal to accelerate the move to renewable energy.

Other examples of companies with great sustainability strategies include:

For more ideas, check out the sustainability essay examples below.

📝 Sustainability Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Business Responsibility & Sustainability Standards
    The success of CSR initiatives depends a lot on an organization’s corporate values and the ability to incorporate them in the projects a business chooses to support.
  2. Chinese Business Responsibility and Sustainability
    The focus is made to understand the important role of the Chinese government, as an agent of the state, in promoting CSR practices in the country.
  3. Establishing a Business in Baking Market
    Establishing a business in Baking Market may be a challenging task as it requires the consideration of future trends of the market, the management of customer service, and branding.
  4. Toyota Motor Corporation's Sustainable Growth
    Despite its global dominance in the automobile manufacturing market and successful performance, Toyota Motor Corporation needs to ensure sustainable growth.
  5. Sustainable Gas Production in the UAE
    This paper seeks to analyze the energy challenges that the UAE is facing with reference to GASCO as an Abu Dhabi gas company.
  6. Business Responsibility and Sustainability: Bottom of the Pyramid Markets
    Although the bottom-of-the-pyramid markets are currently poorly exploited, marketing in them is a win-win strategy for companies and consumers.
  7. Sustainable Growth and Security in the Gulf Cooperation Council: Recommendations for UAE
    In this paper, the case study of sustainable development and security in the GCC states will be researched: the history of oil and natural gas discovery, the challenges obstructing the sustainability in the GCC region.
  8. Sustainability in the Dutch Sneakers Industry: Adidas and Nike
    This study will identify consumer perception barriers of green purchasing behavior and examines the effect of these barriers towards corporate social responsibility practices.
  9. Ajax Minerals and Perrier Companies' Change Resistance
    This paper identifies sources of resistance to change in Ajax Minerals and Perrier, to compare and contrast the approaches to dealing with the resistance.
  10. Infinity Contracting Company's Process Improvement
    Infinity Contracting Company Ltd. is a small civil contracting organization that has been operating since 1972 in the UAE.
  11. Starbucks Corporation's Sustainable Business Practices
    Sustainability is one of Starbucks’ main goals that reflect its organizational values and a commitment to environmental protection.
  12. Will Oil Peak During the Next 20 Years?
    The International Energy Agency (IEA) describes non-conventional oil as chemical additives, coal-to-liquids, gas-to-liquids, extra-heavy oil, and oil sands.
  13. Relationship Between TQM, Benchmarking, and Business Process Redesign
    Business Process Redesign is defined as the study and design of workflows and developments within and between organizations.
  14. Zara Fashion House's Business Model Sustainability
    Technology is a dynamic phenomenon, shifting from one period to the other. Technological changes impact variously on the fashion industry.
  15. Sustainable Development in Economy
    This essay paper will look at the concept of sustainable development; it will also give some highlights of the steps which are internationally being put in place to this effect.
  16. Ryanair – The Low-Fares Airline
    The purpose of this paper is to study the case of O' Higgins “Ryanair – the low-fares airline’’. The paper considers the environmental issues of the European airline industry.
  17. Success of Wal-Mart
    The success of this company can be explained through its visionary founder Sam Walton's passion for serving others as well as his business credo: Everyday Low Prices.
  18. Ritz-Carlton's Corporate Marketing Strategy in China
    The paper addresses the marketing strategies of Ritz-Carlton, which reflects the uses of CSR in marketing. The Chinese market is used for the research.
  19. Nestle Green Credentials
    Nestle is one of the leading companies in the field of health, nutrition, and wellness. Its advances will be marked by this report showing where the company has gone right/wrong.
  20. Sustainability of the Organisation
    Business sustainability is a concept that largely determines organizations’ market success and development opportunities both in the short and long term.
  21. The Impact of Sustainability Practices on Corporate Financial Performance
    The present paper aims at presenting a review of relevant studies conducted on the topic of sustainable business and its influence on corporate behavior and firm performance.
  22. Etisalat Company's Priority Areas of Development
    Etisalat is an Emirates Telecommunication Group Company with a headquarters situated in Abu Dhabi. It is a multinational corporation operating in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
  23. City Developments Limited's Sustainability and Social Responsibility
    Over the years, City Developments Limited has become a champion of sustainability practices in Singapore and received numerous environmental awards.

💡 Essay Ideas on Sustainability Strategy

  1. Patagonia Brand and Its Sustainability
    The Patagonia company works to ensure that the current climate action is supported and emphasized in all aspects of its work.
  2. Evaluating a Corporate-Societal Relationship Preparation in the Nike Company
    The paper discusses the aspect of corporate social responsibility in the context of Nike, one of the world's leading sportswear manufacturers.
  3. John Deere Reman Company Remanufacturing Issues
    Despite the benefits of remanufacturing, John Deere Reman faces various operational challenges that need to be taken into account to remain in business.
  4. Ethical Conduct in Footwear Industry: Nike’s Case
    The organization declares its commitment to major ethical standards accepted in the industry and its corporate ethical principles and codes.
  5. Jack Ma's Strategic Leadership at Alibaba
    This paper discusses the theoretical perspectives of strategic leadership based on the example of Jack Ma and his contribution to the success of Alibaba.
  6. Reputation and Responsible Management: BP Plc.
    The BP company must prepare and manage global warming (sustainability) and human and natural rights (ethics) trends, as they are likely to impact its future business.
  7. To Be or Not to Be? Sustainability Challenges for 21st Century
    The paper considers sustainability and knowledge management and how to develop and implement them in business effectively.
  8. Consumer Reaction to “Green” Brand Claims
    The paper discusses that people are increasingly strict about "green" brands; hence, it is essential to consider some good and bad strategies.
  9. Boeing Company's Sustainable Practices and Disclosures
    This paper analyses the corporate sustainability disclosure and practices of Boeing as a large and successful company that retains its leading position in the aerospace sector.
  10. Nestlé USA: Assessment of the Company’s SCR Activities
    The paper critically argues the validity, effectiveness, responses, and results of initiatives with the support of credible academic evidence and provides recommendations.
  11. Stella McCartney Fashion Brand's Sustainability
    The company chosen for this assessment is Stella McCartney, which focuses on the production of luxury contemporary clothing and accessories for a wide range of customers.
  12. Leadership and Sustainable Performance by Jim Collins
    The essay demonstrates the feasibility of the approach for meeting the objective of suitability to business goals developed by Jim Collins.
  13. Coffee Production in Brazil From 2004 to 2016
    The purpose of the paper is to examine Brazilian coffee production from 2004 to 2016 to determine the structural changes that led to the optimization and improvement of the sector.
  14. AT&T Company's PESTEL and SWOT Strategic Analyses
    The current business report analyzes AT&T Inc. from the perspective of PESTEL and SWOT and addresses the internal and external environment of the firm.
  15. Unilever's Management of Foods & Refreshment Division
    Unilever should continue focusing on sustainability as a unique strategic value to create brand relevance and penetration, increasing switching costs.
  16. AT&T TOWS Analysis: The Network of the Future
    Based on PESTEL and SWOT analyses, it is possible to conclude that the most significant issues of AT&T are emphasis on the US and its highly competitive environment.
  17. Ethics and Social Responsibility: Case Study
    The present case study focuses on the example of a relevant ethical dilemma for businesses driven by the desire to obtain both sustainable and cost-efficient suppliers.
  18. Corporate Operational Response in Japan and Singapore
    The paper illustrates a critical analysis of all aspects of corporate operational response and a comparison between Singtel in Singapore and NTT Docomo in Japan.
  19. Environmental Sustainability and Management History
    The prospect of management is sustainable management, sustainability needs to be integrated into what companies do, arguing that it is a global concern.
  20. IKEA Group’s "People and Planet Positive" Sustainability Plan
    IKEA has established a "People & Planet Positive" strategy that aims to provide a company with a sustainable supply chain to better foresee and manage sustainability challenges.
  21. Marks & Spencer: Sustainability Development Strategies
    This paper examines the current Marks & Spencer’s strategies directed towards sustainability and where they stand within theoretical concepts.
  22. Sustainability and Ethical Consumerism: Patagonia Brand
    This paper presents an application of US clothing brand Patagonia's sustainability by supporting the need for ethical consumption that ensures sustainability is achieved.

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