64 Operation Strategy Examples: Walmart, McDonald's, & More

Wondering what is an operations strategy and how companies use it to their advantage? Check out this page to get insight. We have some excellent cases and examples here: Walmart, McDonald’s, and more!

🔝 Top-10 Operation Strategy Examples

  1. The Coca-Cola Company's Operations Framework
  2. Toyota Global Operations Strategy
  3. Service Industry Operations Management: Southwest Airlines
  4. Starbucks Coffee Shop's Operations and Service Excellence
  5. Operations Management Priorities and Concerns
  6. Systems and Operations Management Practices at Airbus
  7. Toyota Production System Operation Management
  8. Airbus Company Operations Management
  9. Toyota Motor Corporation's Lean Manufacturing
  10. Operation Management: Productivity and Efficiency

📊 Operation Strategy Definition

An operations strategy is a guide for planning, analyzing, and implementing a company’s operations. Usually, the operation strategy complements the general business strategy to maximize profit and stay ahead of the competition. Organizations adopt operations strategies to make cost-effective decisions regarding the manufacturing and distribution of goods and services.

Operation Strategy: Key Elements

Understanding the critical elements of an operation strategy is a crucial step while implementing it. Here are five essential aspects of an operation strategy:

Services or productsOrganizations must predict market trends and make decisions that will optimize the quality of products and maximize profit.
ResourcesIn terms of operations strategy, companies must consider the available resources: financial, human, mechanical, and locational.
Facilities planningOperation strategy includes facility management. It helps identify which facility performs well and which requires upgrade or replacement.
Production systemEach company has a unique production system that influences the operations planning. It often includes supply chain management and related workflows.
TechnologyAn operation strategy is affected by new technology like market forecasting tools, machine learning, etc.

☝️ Why Is Operation Strategy Important?

Operation strategy is essential for business for these reasons:

  1. It ensures effective management of resources. Operations strategy helps organizations to manage all their resources effectively. Sometimes, resources are not surplus, but proper management allows optimal productivity.
  2. It improves employee efficiency. The different departments in a company work together to achieve the organization’s goal. The operation strategy helps to harness employee skills to improve efficiency.
  3. It fosters cooperation in an organization. The operations strategy outlines how departments in an organization work together. Therefore, the members of each department can appreciate how their departmental goals play a significant part in achieving the organizational goals.

📜 Operation Strategy: Types

Here are some core operations system strategies:

Core competencies strategyIt involves understanding an organization’s strengths so they can be harnessed for effective productivity.
Competitive strategyIt involves market analysis and internal research to give the company competitive advantages.
Customer-driven strategyThis operation strategy focuses on meeting the target market’s needs through research.
Corporate strategyIn this strategy, an organization adheres to its mission while using KPIs to make short-term or long-term decisions.
Product or service strategyRelies on research to revamp or develop a new line.

🛍️ Operation Strategy Example

Some companies have thrived thanks to well-thought operations strategies. Here are some examples.


Walmart is multi-national retail cooperation that uses operations strategies effectively. These are the main principles of Walmart’s operations strategy:

  1. Strategic planning development and retail service expansion for goods and services.
  2. Quality management through three tiers of quality standards.
  3. Process and capacity design to satisfy customer needs.
  4. Supply chain management allows the company to balance business and suppliers’ needs.


McDonald’s is a leading fast-food restaurant chain. Mcdonald’s operation strategy includes:

  1. Design of affordable products for consumers.
  2. Process and capacity design focused on fulfilling market demand.
  3. Location strategy aimed at reaching customers through online and traditional ways.


Toyota is a typical example of effective operations management on a global platform. Toyota’s operation strategy is as follows:

  1. Maintenance. Toyota has developed a network of facilities to support the business globally.
  2. Inventory management. This operation strategy aims to reduce inventory size.
  3. Layout design and strategy. Toyota’s layout design and strategy optimize the efficiency of the workflow.

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📝 Operation Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Nucor Corporation Strategic Management
    Nucor's success can be attributed to several strategic options that the company adopted following the financial difficulties it faced in the 1960s.
  2. Sage Costuming Business's Operation Strategy
    My operations strategy for Sage Costuming will mainly focus on its entry in to the market, how to raise its capital, establishing useful contacts within the industry.
  3. Managing Project in IT Analysis
    Australia has shown a shift in the centre of gravity of collective bargaining, away from a national and industry basis towards the company level.
  4. Operations Strategy and Management in Organizations
    Operations management are management processes that generate good and/or provide repair, it implements the policies and everyday jobs needed to get together an organization.
  5. Nortel Networks Corporation's Operational Issues
    The case study is about the Nortel Networks Corporation regarding its operational issues overseas and how the company has utilised its various marketing strategies.
  6. Etihad Airways and Its Business Excellence Model
    Etihad Airways is the United Arab Emirates’ national airways and it is one of the biggest airline companies around the world.
  7. How Should LE Enter Indian Markets?
    Lincoln Electric would be necessary to enter into strategic alliances with strong, established and influential welding partners in order to initiate and sustain a good marketing foothold in India.
  8. Analysis of a New Business or Purchase of an Existing One
    Starting a business can lead to an increase in the entrepreneur's income level. The business must be within the legal structures: sole proprietorship, partnership, or company.
  9. International Business Machines
    International Business Machines is a multinational public limited company which deals with technology within the diversified computer system industry.
  10. Zara Operations Management & Strategy Case Study
    What is Zara operations management style? 👚 Zara business model has proved to be successful due to their objectivity to outsourcing, which serves as a cost reduction strategy. 💸
  11. IBM: Creating Competitive Advantage
    By managing its supply chain efficiently, IBM may create a competitive advantage of its products in terms of quality and delivery efficiency.
  12. IKEA’s Path of Internationalization
    The current report focuses on exploring IKEA's approach toward internationalization and international expansion as a component of its strategy.
  13. “How Do Companies Lose Orders?”: View by Szász and Demeter
    The purpose of the paper is to identify the advantages and disadvantages the article by Szász and Demeter and to determine the main arguments about competition in business.
  14. Nike: Strategic Operations Management
    Through well-organised planning and control of business operations, Nike achieves ease of monitoring demand through the supply chain, thereby enhancing efficacy in marketing.
  15. H&M Achieving Business Excellence
    H&M has used its CSR to improve on the racial and ethnic inclusivity in the company, but the resultant repercussions of this implementation are unclear.
  16. Time-Based Competition in the Grocery Retail Industry
    Grocery retail companies should focus on logistics and supply chain management as well as the implementation of business to enjoy advantages associated with time-based competitiveness.
  17. How and Why the Express Mail Industry Has Evolved
    The general customer service environment improved tremendously as competitive and effective cargo handling services were embraced in the industry.
  18. The General Trends for Cellular Telephones
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss a description of the general trends for cellular telephones in Europe in 1995.
  19. Improving Operations of FamilyEnergy
    By burning biomass, FamilyEnergy will be able to produce electricity, thus diversifying its income. Accomplishing it requires the installation of facilities where bioenergy can be generated
  20. Operations Management in Gruppo Guido Company
    Gruppo Guido is a construction firm based in Italy that specializes not only in actual construction but also in project management.
  21. Costco Wholesale Corporation's Operations Management Evaluation
    Evaluation of the operations management of Costco Wholesale Corporation demonstrated the adequacy of currently applied solutions to the identified challenges by the company.
  22. Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton Firms' Financial Analysis
    The paper includes financial report analysis and business decision-making. There are two companies, which are analyzed: Rio Tinto Limited and BHP Billiton.
  23. Yorktown System Group's Structure and Customers
    The evaluation of Yorktown Systems Group permits defining vital features of the company, its corporate structure, and aspects of consumer satisfaction.
  24. Apple vs. HP: Comparative Financial Analysis
    This comparative financial analysis report focuses on Apple Inc. and HP Inc. to determine the best investment opportunity for a boutique investment firm.
  25. Role of Operations Manager
    Employees communicate and network with one another and external stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, competitors, and governmental agencies.
  26. Applying Military Leadership Skills to the Business Environment
    As the objective of this study, the issue of applying military leadership skills to the business environment is considered.
  27. John Deere Reman Company Remanufacturing Issues
    Despite the benefits of remanufacturing, John Deere Reman faces various operational challenges that need to be taken into account to remain in business.

💡 Essay Ideas on Operation Strategy

  1. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company's Operations Management
    Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is an American international tire manufacturing organization that was initiated around 1900.
  2. Operations Management in Starbucks
    This research aims to examine the success of Starbucks as a company through exploration of its main operations management tactics and identify the guidelines.
  3. Case Study on Google Strategy
    The paper describes key aspects of the Google company that make it successful: its customer-oriented approach and brand marketing.
  4. Boise Ltd's Case Study: The Lost Order
    The case study provides an account of Boise Automation Canada Ltd.’s account manager’s sales process and the purchase process that resulted into the loss of a $1.2 million.
  5. Chevron Corporation's Operations Management Analysis
    This review explores how Chevron can leverage OEMS and advanced technology to resolve environmental problems, ensure workers' safety and reduce costs.
  6. Personal Action Plan to Deliver Sustainable Development Goals in the Aviation Sector
    The action plan suggests possible strategies that airlines could implement to promote the realization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), based on personal experiences.
  7. Marriott International Inc. Applying Baldridge Excellence Performance
    Marriott International Inc. is one of the largest businesses in America and focuses on its operations, managers, and supervisors as the motivators of the outcomes needed.
  8. Marketing Essentials: Definition of Marketing
    Marketing is one of the functions that is why it is significant for firms to pay much attention to their relationships with the environment.
  9. MANUP Operation Department and Organizational Development Intervention
    The MANUP Operations Department's situations are conflicts between leaders and employees, increased competition in the mentorship industry, and technological needs.
  10. Walmart Leadership: Demographic and Economic Data
    From an economic point of view, the Czech Republic is one of the most successful members of the European Union, owing to its continued prosperity and stable decision-making.
  11. Boeing Company and Its Purchase Power
    As the dollar weakens between their manufacturing and purchasing in Canada and China, Boeing is likely to notice very gradual increases in value.
  12. Internode: Implementing Six Sigma
    The expected benefits of implementing Six Sigma in Internode’s operations include consistent improvement in customer service, customer satisfaction and sustainability.
  13. Michelin Firm's Adoption of Digital Service Platform
    The purpose of this paper is to develop appraise, evaluate, and analyze the situation at Michelin regarding its adoption of the Digital Service Platform.
  14. Afterpay Company: Financial Report
    This paper provides the background of the company Afterpay, share price statistics, current and recent development, and gives investment recommendations.
  15. Organizational and Personal Profiles (Momentum Support)
    This paper provides an organizational profile for a company Momentum Support and a personal profile of an employee within the organization.
  16. Contextual Application of IT in Walmart Business Operations
    This project aims to examine the contextual application of IT within Walmart's business operations, provide a comparison with some of the firm's competitors and discuss efficiency.
  17. Lebanese Flower Restaurant: Case Study
    Lebanese Flower Restaurant has started operations in a very competitive hospitality industry at Dorchester Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia, in Canada.
  18. Southwest Airlines' Strategic (SWOT) Analysis
    This essay will conduct the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis of Southwest Airlines' low-cost carriers and discuss company value.
  19. Operations Management: Chartreuse Apple Pie Case Study
    The top most level shows the end product and in our case this is Chartreuse Apple Pie referred to as the single level.
  20. Boeing Company's Strategy Redevelopment
    The paper will include an overview of the strategic problem that results in the considerable redevelopment of the Boeing company's strategy in terms of anti-crisis management.
  21. Facebook’s Business Operation and Lock-In Strategy
    Dominant e-businesses such as Facebook employ lock-in strategies to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage over their competitors.
  22. Financial Analysis of Decision Concerning Party
    This paper provides a financial analysis of the decision concerning the party considering ticket sales price, estimation of major expenses, and potential revenue for the party.
  23. Marks & Spencer: Sustainability Development Strategies
    This paper examines the current Marks & Spencer’s strategies directed towards sustainability and where they stand within theoretical concepts.
  24. Emirates Airlines: Strategy Formulation, Execution, and Governance
    This paper discusses how Emirates formulated its corporate strategy and how often they re-evaluate, Emirates’ mission, vision, and core values.
  25. IKEA Firm's Operations and Supply Chain Management
    Throughout the decades, IKEA has been operating under the idea of providing a selection of products for home furnishing that are affordable and accessible.
  26. New Car Dealership: Developing a Business Plan
    The business plan is focused on a new car dealership with a service department. The industry is highly lucrative and can become more profitable due to the expected economic growth.
  27. The John Deere Firm's Strategic Analysis
    The report provides the reader with valuable and relevant information to consider John Deere from a strategic positioning perspective.

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