Boise Ltd’s Case Study: The Lost Order

The success of any organization greatly relies on the ethical conduct of its major stakeholders, including the managers and the employees of the organization. Proper ethical behaviours and practices within an organization help ensure proper relationships between the employees. Appropriate employee relationships enhance high levels of productivity within all the organization’s production processes. Appropriate ethical conduct also ensures proper relationships with their customers, which enables the organization to record high amounts of profitability because of the consistency of their customers utilizing their services. Professional codes are necessary because it enables employees to know what is required of them in all their operations which encourages accountability from the hired professionals.

The government should put up measure to ensure that all the sectors and industries in the country adopt proper ethical policies that govern their operations within the nation’s domestic markets (Code of Professional Ethics for Compliance and Ethics Professionals | COSMOS Compliance Universe, n.d.). The government has formulated various ethical code of conduct required by all the sectors in the nation. The set up ethical requirements by the government are compulsory for all the sectors in the country to ensure effective service delivery to the citizens of the country. Some of the major industries that require strict adherence to the professional ethic code of conduct include the law and justice sector, the health sector, and the political sectors because they greatly impact an individual’s wellbeing.

The legislative processes have a great effect in formulating the required professional codes of conducts required to operate within different sectors and industries. The members of the legislative house of a nation are responsible for formulating the laws that govern the country. The legislative house has overseen the formulation of different bodies and authorities that help in maintaining high levels of ethical conduct within the nation’s market setting. Some of the bodies that have helped ensure high ethical behaviours within different sectors and industries include the Labor Unions, which helps solve cases related to professional work ethics in a given domain.

Some of the major reasons for adopting high standards of ethical codes of conduct within our works stations is to enhance productivity from different professionals hired by the business entity by educating them on the importance of adhering to the professional code of ethics required for different departments in the firm. Proper ethical codes of conduct also help provide a mechanism for accountability, competency and integrity within the organization. Firms with defective ethical codes of conduct within their human resource management system are prone to failures due to unethical behaviours practised by their employees.

As an individual working in the health sector, I am responsible for upholding high standards of ethical behaviours within my workstation to avoid unnecessary conflicts with my co-workers. The healthcare domain is one of the most basic and critical sectors in a country because of the large number of clients they have to deliver their services to. Most hospitals receive patients suffering from different types of diseases and conditions requiring different approaches to deal with. As a medical practitioner, it is my responsibility to make sure that the patient is comfortable and satisfied by treating them well as per the requirements of the ethical code of conduct required for individuals working in the health sector, from the top management levels to the subordinate staff.

One of the major unethical practices in the healthcare sector is the rise in sexual assault cases being reported within healthcare facilities in our societies. In a case involving the University of Southern California where the University Dispensary Gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall was accused of sexually assaulting more than 16 female university students who visited the healthcare institution for medical intervention (Dyer, 2021). Former students from the university also confessed to being victims of sexual assaults from the same university Gynecologist. The gynaecologist was arrested and prosecuted in court and faced up to 55 years in prison if found guilty of the allegations. The University of Southern California also offered more than $900 million to compensate the individuals who were alleged to be sexually assaulted by the gynaecologist George Tyndall (Dyer, 2021). The university put up measure to help to hire ethical professionals.

In this case, we can attribute the actions of George Tyndall to a lack of professional ethics which enables all the medical practitioners to act accordingly within the sector. Sexual assault is one of the worst experiences a patient can get subjected to because of the bad and long-term psychological effects it has on the patients (Dyer, 2021). Some of the ethical codes of conduct required of a professional medical healthcare giver to ensure effective service delivery include respect for the clients who visit their institutions for medical intervention for various conditions.

In another case in the same institution where an ophthalmologist is charged with sexual harassment and retaliation to a lady leads to the institution giving out a settlement fee of $135,000 as compensation to the lady (Facebook et al., 2017). In 2019 a lady, Jane Doe, filed a lawsuit against Dr Hugh McDonald and the Institution Wentworth-Douglass Hospital for rape and lack of protection from the institution. The doctor and the hospital owner were sentenced to 10 years in prison. The healthcare facility’s license was also revoked and did not operate in the American health sector (Writer, n.d.).

Adhering to the rules of diversity from the patients visiting the healthcare facility is also a professional, ethical code requirement for individuals working in the healthcare institutions. Some of the ethical codes required from the professional healthcare givers to the community are adhering to the laws of the society while ensuring effective public health initiatives within the communities and societies. Unethical practices from professional healthcare givers hired by the managers of a healthcare institution bring about unnecessary losses to the organization and conflicts with the members of the society. They will feel unsafe if they visit the healthcare institution.

The legislations and laws made regarding professional standards of behaviour in a given sector should ensure that the clients and the societal environment are given higher priorities because their operations and activities are greatly dependable on the two aspects. The clients make up the major percentage of contributors to the organization’s profitability. The environment includes all the natural surroundings of the organization that should not be subjected to any form of pollution. The laws should also put in place mechanisms for compulsory regular employee training on matters pertaining to ethics and professionalism. Laws and legislations on ethics that promote high standards of professionalism enhance increased productivity and profitability within various domains.


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