12 Brand Extension Strategy Examples

Have you ever wondered how some businesses successfully expand their product offerings while maintaining their brand identity and customer loyalty? Well, the secret lies in their brand extension strategy. In recent decades, it has become a popular tactic for businesses looking to broaden their reach and revenue streams.

Read this article to learn more about this strategy and explore some successful examples of brand extension.

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πŸ›οΈ Brand Extension Strategy: Definition

A brand extension strategy refers to using an established company’s name or brand to enter a new product class or industry. For example, a beverage brand can venture into the clothing industry or vice versa. A successful brand strategy requires having a recognizable brand that people love.

Why Is Brand Extension a Popular Marketing Strategy?

Brand extension is a popular marketing strategy because it enables companies to reach markets beyond the ones that their core products have already reached. By extending to new product categories, companies can reduce the risk and cost of launching a new brand, as well as benefit from the established reputation and recognition of their core brand.

When Is It Appropriate to Use Brand Extension as a Strategy?

Using a brand extension strategy is appropriate when marketing a product for a specific niche is no longer working. Rebranding another product with another well-known brand helps it reach an audience (this is called the complementary product extension.) In luxury brands, this can be seen when one product is bundled with another to complement the weaknesses of the other brand.

βœ… Brand Extension Strategy Advantages and Disadvantages

Brand extension strategy’s pros and cons are not the same with all products, but here are the main ones:

βœ… Advantages
  • Brand extension allows companies to leverage their established brand image and reputation to introduce new products or services.
  • It can also make it easier to penetrate a new market or target a niche market by leveraging the existing brand image and customer base.
  • Consumers may perceive a lower risk when trying a new product that is associated with an established brand.
  • Brand extension can also increase the likelihood of consumers trying a new product from a trusted brand.
❌ Disadvantages
  • Companies can damage their reputation if the new product doesn’t align with the core values and image of the brand.
  • If a company extends its brand into an unrelated market, it may risk losing the reliability and trust it has established in its core market.
  • Failure to extend a brand can be difficult to recover from and may require significant resources to rebuild customer trust.

Remember that there is no guarantee that a brand extension strategy will work. Some attempts are unsuccessful because of many factors that have nothing to do with the strategy itself.

πŸ”₯ Brand Extension Strategy: Examples of Companies

Nike and Starbucks are prime examples of successful brand extension:

  • While Nike’s core product is sports shoes, it has successfully extended its brand name to include sports equipment, clothing, and sunglasses. All these items align with Nike’s focus on athleticism.
  • Similarly, Starbucks has expanded its brand to include an ice cream line based on its popular Frappuccino flavors. Both brands’ extensions complement their core values and contribute to their overall success by embodying their respective brand aspirations.

But that’s not all of it! Here are some more examples of successful and unsuccessful brand extensions.

Amazon Brand Extension Strategy

Amazon’s inventiveness and lack of constraints have enabled it to push technology boundaries, particularly in consumer devices and services. While other big tech firms are also innovative, they tend to have a narrower focus. Amazon’s product offerings range from iterative products to more experimental ones. The only real peer to Amazon in terms of spinning out unique hardware and global initiatives is Google.

Coca-Cola Brand Extension Strategy

Coca-Cola’s decision to launch a clothing line is an unusual example of brand extension that failed the first time around. However, it didn’t stop the company from unveiling another collection recently during fashion week in Rio de Janeiro. The clothing line features extensive and colorful prints, but interestingly, the Coca-Cola brand is not immediately visible.

Other companies using great brand extension strategies are:

We hope you enjoyed reading about brand extension strategies that have been successful with famous companies! We wish you good luck with your studies.

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