Marriott International Inc. Applying Baldridge Excellence Performance

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Any business organization’s performance excellence depends on the organization profile, which embodies leadership, strategy, customers, knowledge measurement, workers, operations, and analysis of results. Firms require their members to have specific directions, which lead to the achievement of the companies’ goals. This is possible by having management teams, which ensure that workers, managers, customers, and all the raw materials operate at the optimal levels. Marriott International Inc. is one of the largest businesses in America, focuses on its operations, putting directors, managers, and supervisors as the motivators of the outcomes needed. According to John Willard Marriott, one of the top executives and founder of Marriott International Inc., taking care of a company’s associates motivates them to cater to their needs (Dhir, 2019). Leadership also integrates closely with the measuring and use of knowledge about a firm. The management of Marriott International Inc. can utilize the collected data about a business operation and such information to bring change for the firm.

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Leadership is one of the most critical factors that drive change in an organization. Focused leaders ensure that the company’s mission and vision are direct and understandable to all the employees, thus ensuring ease of following and attaining the goals. Marriot International Inc. uses its leadership to set its visions and values, promote legal and ethical behavior, enhance communication with other managers and employees, create an environment for the firm’s success, and focus on action. Each of these factors is discussed below, showing how Marriott succeeds in its operations.

Vision and Values

Setting vision and values. John Willard Marriott is one of the persistent advisors who motivate and guide Marriott’s management personnel, thus directing them to leads various teams, which are critical in the firm’s success. Being an international company, Marriott International Inc. has many workers hailing from different backgrounds and races, thus having a diverse set of behaviors (Dhir, 2019). One of the ways the organization deals with this reality is by valuing employees’ diversities by empowering the organization’s associates to develop multicultural frameworks and resources, which help the leaders understand diverse teams. Consequently, this helps to foster an inclusive environment in the business.

Mr. Marriott often motivates workers to focus on team building. He follows the autocratic leadership style, one of the straightforward approaches to managing and handling a workforce, which is culturally diverse in all the various hotel locations. His core value is to put people first, starting from the employees to customers and their associates. Marriott also believes that workers’ welfare is crucial in achieving the goals a company aims to reach (Dhir, 2019). Thus, the organization has developed different programs geared towards employee wellness, for example, those which ensure their physical health is maintained. Furthermore, the company has a cohesive focus, which transcends physical wellbeing, thus helps motivate the company’s associates, thereby fostering partners’ relationships (Dhir, 2019). Moreover, this aids in advancing working personnel’s sense of belonging to the organization.

Legal and ethical behavior. Marriott also believes that the company’s associates should be treated with respect and dignity. For instance, he believes that customers and workers should feel good about their individuality, working environment, and the company setting (Dhir, 2019). He has thus set several innovative programs that help support various teams and bolster their culture. For instance, one of the most recent developments in workplaces involves empowering women by integrating them in higher management positions, thus ensuring gender equality in all operations levels. Marriott International started including women in every level of the organization during its initial years of operation in the 1990s (Dhir, 2019). This gave women exclusive roles, including crucial decision-making, thus giving them complete control of their areas of influence and participating actively in the running of the firm, this achieving the company’s vision.


Every organization must focus on ensuring that its operational outcomes align with its goals and objectives. This is possible by having an integrated communication framework, which provides information between the top management and the juniors within any department. With good communication, the company should have a way to ensure that the messages passed between different parties are verified and acted upon by the relevant personnel. Marriott International Inc. has a code of conduct and defines its operational norms, including service policies, practices, and approaches to track its expected performance (Dhir, 2019). All the stakeholders are expected to strictly adhere to their terms of operation and service, thus ensuring a consistent information flow along the chain of command. Moreover, the firm has a feedback system, which enables employees and customers to give feedback regarding the company or service delivered. This allows the company to remain relevant in its service provision, thus maintaining its client base, as it enables to the company to appropriately motivate the employees to address the needs of the clients.

Mission and Organizational Performance

Creating an environment for success. Marriott International has a working organizational structure, which ensures effective organizational performance. For instance, the structure enables different grouping teams, assigns them specific roles, and defines each employee’s responsibility or manager (Dhir, 2019). This ensures that every individual can focus on particular areas, thus achieving their goals at the departmental level and eventually meeting the business’s purposes efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, the structure enables each stakeholder to account for their work and subsequent succession from one financial to the other, thus ensuring continuous development in the particular organization.

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Creating a focus action. Marriott operates approximately 30 different brands, which include casinos, resorts, and hotels. These businesses are distributed in about 130 other nations around the world. Therefore, with its over 500,000 workforces, the company focuses on developing teams to ensure the provision of quality services for all the targeted clients (Dhir, 2019). More importantly, Mr. Marriott created a culture in which he compelled his associates to take responsibility for the slightest problem to the most complex ones (Dhir, 2019). This norm ensures that a problem can be traced from its origin, thus solving it with minimal resources, thereby keeping the integrity of the firm.

Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management

Businesses rely heavily on the information collected as a result of the company’s operations. Some of the primary importance of using the data collected from such operations include measurement of performance, analysis, and review, and improvement.

Performance Measurement

John Willard Marriott is critical about the role of treating associates and clients with the respect they deserved. He thus provides a framework for providing feedback regarding the business or the quality of service received. The company uses a quantified system to select and collect data, which is then analyzed and interpreted (Dhir, 2019). For instance, the company selects data from verified customers, ensuring that the feedback is obtained from clients with real experience from the company’s services. Since the responses are analyzed within specific m, it enables the firm to track how different measurement areas are advancing (Dhir, 2019). Thus, this helps the organization take action on those areas with minimal changes or those that do not show positive progress. Consequently, the company can have a continuous developmental avenue, which ensures improved innovation.

Comparative data

Marriott systematically uses its data so that it tracks the progress of each factor. For instance, when measuring the customer service ratings, the organization compares the outcomes of the responses from previous results, thus building on the capacities to address the underlying issues affecting the measurement outcomes (Dhir, 2019). This approach enables the firm to continuously improve its performance in the industry, which depends highly on several factors from internal and external to the organization.

Measurement agility

Marriott International Inc. uses its data from the responses to design better operational procedures and service provisions. This is possible because the organizational culture has been built around client and employee wellbeing; thus, each of the analysis findings is used to design a better framework, which addresses all the weaknesses and further strengthens the good-performing areas. Eventually, this approach results in an organization, which is both innovative and continuously improving.

Performance Analysis and Review

Performance analysis and review enable a company to track its workers’ abilities, knowledge, and skills. Workforce performance reviews are critical for Marriott as is essential in other business. The effectiveness of the performance may depend on several factors. Marriott International Inc. empowers its workers to achieve new performance levels or drive them away from other firms. Marriott reviews its employee performance to help the workers identify their growth opportunities and the best areas of interest to improve without damaging the relationship between the manager and the juniors (Dhir, 2019). The company also assesses its success, competitive performance, state of finance, and how it achieves its objectives and action plans. Moreover, the firm ensures that where possible, it does not wait for long to settle issues that need immediate attention.

Performance Improvement

Marriot builds its workforce capacity to ensure it remains active in every location. In particular, the company has robust planning, which it considers a unique operation for achieving its goals, thus reducing uncertainty in the industry. In its planning strategy, the company holds on to its “We Put People First” slogan, which shows that it focuses more on developing its workforce (Dhir, 2019). By prioritizing employee wellbeing, training, and capacity building, the organization prepares itself for future operations. Moreover, the performance of the organization mainly relies highly on the workforce. The company also depends on the “We Pursue Excellence”, another critical motivation factor for the business (Dhir, 2019). In particular, excellence is defined by both personnel and service provision. With excellence, the organization continues to build its functional-level operations and rely on different teams to provide the best quality service in the other business branches. Furthermore, the organization uses its “we embrace change”, which shows that it relies highly on transformation in its various activities (Dhir, 2019). John Willard Marriott is also concerned about the company’s collaborators, suppliers, and partners, and how working with these different teams can be aligned with the organizational goals, thus meeting the firm’s specific objectives and its continued success in the industry.

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