151 Performance Analysis Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 Performance Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. UAE Economic Performance in 1991-2012
    This paper entails economic analysis of UAE by evaluating performance indicators. The country has established “new economic sectors” to stimulate economic growth.
  2. Profit Maximization in Company Performance Assessment
    Maximizing the bottom line has become the most dominant yardstick that profit-oriented entities use in assessing their performance.
  3. Managers' Performance: Conceiving and Measuring
    The paper finds out the best way to determine the performance of managers, for example, by evaluating their strategies as far as market inefficiencies are concerned.
  4. Advertising Practices for Business Performance
    Advertising is an evidence-based practice guided by changing consumer expectations, competitive rivalries, and emerging technologies.
  5. Improving Organisational Performance
    The paper gives a detailed analysis of the HPW concept and how it can be adopted to design a superior organizational culture.
  6. Banking Risk Management and Performance
    The banking sector is one of the industries faced with numerous risks that could undermine the performance of the financial institutions considerably.
  7. Management Philosophies and Corporate Performance
    Leaders often formulate management philosophies to chart the way forward for their organisations or institutions.
  8. Corporate Financing in Long and Short Terms
    Corporate finance is an area of management that focuses on how corporations get access to funds they need and how they are budgeted to address both long-term and short-term goals.
  9. Budgeting and Performance Information in Business
    Performance information is seen as any information that deals with the efficiency and effectiveness of a business.
  10. Improving Employee Performance: Effective Training
    Improved organization's performance depends on the employees training. Organizations need to train employees concerning the competencies required in order to increase their performances.
  11. Diversity's Effects on the Organization Performance
    Many organizations pay incredible attention to ensuring harmony between workforce differences, objectives, and strategic plans of an organization.
  12. Foodshare Company Performance Analysis
    This paper evaluates Foodshare Company in terms of performance and expectations. It provides expert opinion on the changes that this organization should adopt.
  13. Emaar Properties Company Performance and Management
    This essay looks at the Emaar Properties company, its market contribution, competitors, performance measurement and quality management strategies.
  14. Amazon.com’s Performance in E-Business
    Amazon.com Inc. is a significant Fortune 500 company that enjoys the distinction of being one of the largest companies dealing in the sale of commodities over the internet.
  15. Human Resource Policies for Staff Performance
    This paper discusses how effective are the bank's performance management policies specifically appraisal/promotion, compensation and disciplinary policies.
  16. Talent Management Techniques and Organizational Performance
    Talent management is the term that refers to the mechanisms or skills used by the human capital to attract employees who exhibit very high skills.
  17. Employee Management and Organizational Performance
    This paper has shown that HRM plays a critical role in improving different tenets of organizational performance.
  18. The HR Department Performance in Asharqia Chamber
    The main objective of the study is to establish if the ERP System will perform best in Asharqia, how effective it is and what should be done to enhance its improvements when put in place.
  19. Leadership Styles and Performace in Multinationals
    The paper examines different leadership styles in the context of their application to multinational companies and analyzes the relevant theoretical background.
  20. Industrial Psychology: Leadership and Work Performance
    Regardless of the type of organization, good leadership is one of the primary determinants of the success of such organization.
  21. Starbucks Coffee Shop's Operations and Service Excellence
    Starbucks is a leading coffee shop in the UK with an active operations management strategy backed by exemplary performance in terms of quality, speed, and cost reduction.
  22. Apple Company's Administration and Performance
    The study investigates the adequacy of a powerful administration in the execution of the Apple Company. It utilizes the deductive methodology of exploration method.
  23. Transformational Leadership's Impact on Employee Performance
    The researcher contributes to the analysis of transformational leadership by studying the connection between the activity of transformational managers and the increase of productivity.
  24. Transformational Leadership and Employees Performance
    The study hoped to examine the influence of transformational leadership on the organizational commitment of Saudi Arabian employees.
  25. Performance Feedback Skills
    The paper discusses relevant workplace scenarios and shows how to demonstrate enhanced feedback skills by following Kolb's model.
  26. Talent Management and Organization Performance Relationship
    In the current global business arena of fierce and unyielding competition on a global scale, talent can represent the key leverage a company needs to best its competitors.
  27. Macroeconomic Performance Evaluation: Australia and the US
    The macroeconomic performance of Australia and the US has been analyzed in this report. The analysis shows that an increase in GDP reduces unemployment rate in both countries.
  28. Performance of Sustainable Hotel Supply Chain
    This paper will focus on the issues surrounding hotel supply chains, the uptake of lean or green supply chains in the industry, as well as the impact on the sustainability of the supply chains.
  29. How Motivation Leads to Higher Performance
    The main aim of this research study is to analyse the effect of the motivation of the workforce and its impact on the performance of the employees.
  30. National Culture, Performance and Leadership Style
    The paper explores the relationship between leadership and organization performance and proves that evidence these concepts are influenced by national culture.
  31. Impact of Training on Employee Performance
    The paper focuses on the importance of training on employee performance. It will evaluate this relationship through appropriate research.
  32. How Recruitment and Selection Affect Organisational Performance
    The aim of this study is to establish how well organizations manage their talents, especially during the recruitment and selection process, and the implication of their practices.
  33. Transformational Leadership for Employee Performance
    This study examines the influence of transformational leadership on the organizational commitment of Saudi Arabian employees.
  34. Quality Management, Lean Operations and Performance
    Total quality management enhances an organization’s performance by minimising the costs associated with poor quality products and services.
  35. Marketing Information Systems and Sales Performance in Saudi Arabia
    The research focuses on the effect of marketing information systems on sales performance in Saudi Arabia and investigates their different aspects.
  36. Performance Management: Culture and Communications
    Organizations capable of setting clear processes and cultural values have higher chances of outperforming their immediate competitors.
  37. Leaders and Organisational Performance
    Leadership appeals to the emotional part of employees in an organisation. It is the dialectical process that incorporates a proactive aspect.
  38. Airline Companies: Remuneration and Effective Performance
    This research explores how remuneration and performance management are approached in Hainan Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. All airlines use recognition and reward programmes.

💡 Essay Ideas on Performance Analysis

  1. The Impact of Training on Employee Performance
    The work examines the impact of training on employee performance differs depending on the company approaches to evaluate the positive and negative impact of this training.
  2. Starbucks’ Performance and Management Practices
    The total success of the corporation is stipulated not only by the exceptional quality of the products but by the relaxed atmosphere and an excellent customer treatment approach.
  3. Apple Inc.'s Performance Challenges Since 2011
    The essay provides insight into the Apple Company’s strategic issue in an attempt to recommend various resolutions that can be adopted to unravel its present-day challenges.
  4. Job Satisfaction and UAE Employee Performance
    This paper investigates a relationship between job satisfaction and employee performance in the organizations in the United Arab Emirates.
  5. The Evolving Role of HR in the Contemporary Business World
    In the minds of many individuals and even some business owners, the term Human Resources (HR) is associated with the hiring and firing process.
  6. Job Performance and Business Communication
    Job performance is the ability of employees to use their skills and competence to accomplish various activities within a particular organization.
  7. Google Inc.'s Product Innovation and Performance
    As discussed by Edenlman and Eisenmann, the Google Inc. case study analyzes the process of growth of the company in terms of product innovation and policy frameworks.
  8. BP Company: Social Performance of Organizations
    BP has been facing substantial issues in its organizational performance. The failure of the company to address CSR effectively has been detrimental to its financial performance.
  9. Human Resources Supporting Business Performance
    The performance of an HR manager and the efficacy of the strategy developed by the HR Department are largely affected by the environment in which an organization functions.
  10. Organizational Culture, Employee Performance and Customer Retention
    Understanding the correlation between corporate culture, employee performance, and customer satisfaction is paramount because it helps to boost a competitive edge of an enterprise.
  11. Quality Management and Performance Model
    Understanding the importance of quality is essential as QM is a long-haul expense and exertion concentrated activity.
  12. The British Petroleum Company's Social Performance
    This essay presents BP’s social performance, the company’s CSR role and mitigation measures that it can deploy to ensure social and environmental conservation.
  13. Edimax Sportswear: Marketing Plan
    Edimax Sportswear is a private limited company that specializes in designing and developing sportswear products such as footwear and apparels.
  14. Cultural Impact on Organizational Performance
    The lack of concrete research on the culture-performance relationship can be attributed to the lack of utilization of quantitative surveys and statistical analysis.
  15. The Organizational Culture Effect on Employee Performance
    Organizational culture refers to a collection of essential norms, understandings, assumptions, and values, which employees share.
  16. Google Inc.'s Organizational Performance and Social Media
    This exploration seeks to understand the effect of social media on how the tech giant Google has adapted its promotion policies to include social networking.
  17. Operations Strategy and Management in Organizations
    Operations management are management processes that generate good and/or provide repair, it implements the policies and everyday jobs needed to get together an organization.
  18. Marketing Strategy of Coca-Cola
    Business can attain profit through the ultimate turn over and adequate investments. Coca Cola’s marketing strategy is to satisfy their everlasting customers and creating new customers.
  19. Procter and Gamble Company: Strategic Business Analysis
    This paper provides information about Procter and Gamble Company, engaged in the production of various consumer goods; provides company's SWOT-analysis and management features.
  20. Etihad Airways' Staffing Issues and Underperformance
    Staffing is an essential part of a firm’s value orientation. Value in a firm emanates from the employees’ satisfaction level since they develop loyalty.
  21. The Black Box Links Between the Human Resource Management and Organizational Performance
    A black box is a system or management step that is utilized to produce an output. The black box between HRM and Organizational Performance is employees’ management.
  22. FedEx Company's Human Motivation Strategies
    FedEx Human Resources develop policies, programs, and procedures that not only create a center of attention but also retain the most competent, talented, and diverse employees.
  23. Workload and Employee Performance Relationship
    Most organizations are starting to slowly understand the impact of workload and to give thoughtful managers a practical and effective technique for increasing people's efforts.
  24. Managers' Responsibility for Organizational Performance
    It is expected that in the future, to enhance the performance of a company, the role of the manager will involve personnel management and managers' competencies.
  25. Adidas Company's Position and Performance
    Short term liquidity position of Adidas Company has been analyzed below. A number of ratios were calculated during the last 5 years for analysis purposes.
  26. How Marketing Improves Business Performance
    Marketing is a concept through which companies get to anticipate, identify and then satisfy customer requirements in a profitable manner.
  27. Paper Works Company's Project Financing
    Paper Works is a company engaged in the production and distribution of paper products used in offices, schools, and households.
  28. Managing Employee Performance. Employee Participation
    Employee participation resulted in greater effectiveness, performance and output. Employers usually believe in possible profits that can be achieved as a result of a motivated worker
  29. Adam Aircrafts: Factors of Performance of the Company
    Adam aircraft has seen both good and bad times in its history but with the help of excellent planning skills and management with high consideration for integrity
  30. Southwest Airlines: Strategic Analysis
    The study is a strategic analysis of “Southwest Airlines Co.” as the biggest passenger airways in the U.S.A as well as one of the prominent global players in the aviation industry.
  31. Key Performance Indicators: Implementation and Characteristics
    Key Performance Indicators, abbreviated as KPI, are indicators that are used in an organization to define and measure Company’s progress.
  32. Improving Organization Performance Through Simulation
    Simulation is a process of imitating business process and state of affairs. This process entails representing core behaviors of an abstract system.
  33. Sony Ericsson Company's Marketing Plan
    This marketing plan depicts the importance of situation analysis for setting the objectives and strategies, so Sony Ericsson will be able to target all segments in the UK.
  34. Currys: Marketing Performance
    The economic situation of Currys shows that many retail companies fail to meet increased economic pressure and new social changes, which lead to profits decline.
  35. Management Techniques Analysis
    The marketing executive must be integrated well with the firm’s marketing strategies and visions to ensure that the desired results are achieved.
  36. The Apple Company: Company Strategic Management Analysis
    Despite its strong brand in the U.S. market, the Company has not penetrated the international market as compared to its competitors.
  37. Influence of Reward Practices on Employees’ Performance
    On a global scale, the effectiveness of corporations can be critically determined by the kind of human resources development systems that they put in place.
  38. Performance and Rewards Impact on Employees’ Loyalty
    Assessment of the performance of companies in Saudi Arabia has been largely neglected, which has led to low achievement of these organizations.

👍 Good Performance Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Work-Life Conflict on Employee Performance Critical Investigation
    In order to get a deeper understanding of the subject under discussion, it will be imperative that we make an attempt at defining what work-life conflict entails or is all about.
  2. Retail Marketing Performance Improvement Strategies
    This paper will seek to analyze the Australian hardware market and performance improvement strategies that firms use to remain competitive.
  3. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Performance Analysis
    The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is an autonomous, interstate, corporation that controls and sustains bridges, tunnels for both road and rail transport.
  4. Laura Ashely Business Performance Assessment and Analysis
    In this paper, the LA strategic imperative, sustainability, and background are critically evaluated to determine if its current strategy is suited for long-term development.
  5. The Importance of Human Capital in Organizational Performance
    The article asserts that human capital, being broader than human resources, addresses a wider knowledge than human resources.
  6. Work Motivation & Employee Performance
    Motivation is a psychological feature that uplifts a person’s extent of commitment. It takes account of the aspects like reason, conduit, and sustainable performance in a fastidious committed direction.
  7. Training and Development in the Human Resources Management
    Human resources management is relatively a current idea and it mainly includes a large range of plans and practices to manage the staff in the organization.
  8. Corporate Strategic Audit of Turkcell Company
    The company is the largest in Turkey in the field of mobile and optical infrastructure. It is listed on both the Turkey Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange.
  9. Performance and Reward Management for Employees
    The field of Human Resource management presents an important dilemma for employers. The purpose of reward management revolve around the objectives, such as attract, and motivate.
  10. Employee Motivation and Its Role in Organizational Performance
    Employee motivation is considered one of the main factors that influence the performance of the whole team, department, and organization.
  11. The Role of Corporate Portals on the Performance of Organizations
    The purpose of the report is to investigate the role of corporate portals as an information technology tool on the performance of organizations, and in an international context.
  12. Leadership Styles Impact on Organizational Performance in UAE
    In this paper, the researcher seeks to analyze the impact of leadership styles on the performance of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).
  13. Supplier Performance Evaluation: Industrial Products Corporation and Branco
    This report explains the effects of Branco’s performance on its relationship with IPC. The goal is to find actionable solutions that will salvage the long relationship.
  14. Change Plan Report: Papa John’s Pizza Inc. Analysis
    Papa John’s Pizza Inc. is an international pizza restaurant franchise based in Jeffersontown. It is a publicly-traded company on NASDAQ.
  15. Supplier Performance Evaluation: IPC and Branco Case Study
    The purchasing function is one of the most important aspects of business performance because most strategic resources are contingent on supplier performance.
  16. Nike Company Case Analysis
    Nike is among the brands that can be called world recognized. Not many companies can be proud of such an accomplishment.
  17. The Impact of Recruitment and Selection on Organizational Performance
    Recruitment involves finding qualified individuals for various jobs while selection involves the screening of the candidates to determine their suitability for responsibilities.
  18. The Analyses of the Performance of Company T in Terms of Marketing
    Company T is a local company whose main business involves the making of t-shirts. The company supplies and delivers the t-shirts to its clients in various locations in the country.
  19. Performance and Compensation in Emerging Markets
    Two articles covered in this paper analyze the connection between the executive compensation and performance in non-financial firms in India and Pakistan.
  20. Influence of Strategic Leaders on Firm Performance
    The paper covers the roles of leaders in a company’s success, the reasons for the differences in their decisions by discussing some major theoretical frameworks, models, concepts.
  21. Operations Management Overview
    Nissan's management needed to address operational efficiency as the most important factor to increase the profitability of the company as a whole.
  22. QANTAS and the Middle Eastern Success Mode
    This essay aims to answer the question” what approach should be employed by Qantas in regaining strategic competitiveness in light of competition from airlines from the Persian Gulf?”.
  23. Netflix: Strategy Analysis
    Based on the exploration of internal strategic factors, it is recommended for Netflix to consider becoming a multi-sided platform (MSP).
  24. Strategic Leadership and Firm Performance
    The focus of the present report is on the differences in the effects of strategic leaders on firm performance and to explain these variations based on individual and other factors.
  25. Chinese Banking System: Profitability, Assets, Equity and Performance Ratios
    This analytical treatise attempts to explicitly report on the Chinese banking system in relation to profitability, assets, equity and performance ratios.
  26. High Sources Ltd.'s Business Performance Programs
    Clear internal communication on the rotation process will save High Sources from many existing problems, including increasing staff turnover and dissatisfaction with salary.
  27. Supplier Evaluation: IPC and Branco
    This report shows that Branco and IPC have an opportunity to mend this relationship by adopting their key supply chain functions to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) model.
  28. Employee Relations and Organizational Performance
    Employee relations integrate pay-work bargain, practices in the workplace, terms and conditions of service, conflict resolution, and empowerment of workers.
  29. Apple's Performance & Customer Satisfaction With iPhones
    The study investigates how Apple Inc. performs in customer satisfaction as the level of customer satisfaction defines their ability to continue purchasing the company’s products.
  30. Strategic Leadership and Performance Development
    The paper will introduce the background of strategic leadership and highlight the potential effects of strategic leaders on firm performance based on theory.
  31. General Motors Company: Performance Issues
    This paper underscores performance issues at GM, which may be improved by an employee development program that GM could exploit to surpass its objectives.
  32. Assessing Past Performance of Security or Assets
    In terms of assessing the valuation of assets/security, it is necessary that past can be used as indicative of future, when the business climate remains, more or less, the same.
  33. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
    ERP systems have proven to be worth investing in as the benefits accrue to the organization for the long term.
  34. Performance of Saudi Arabian Stock Markets
    The paper will look at the performance of the Saudi Arabian stock market concerning its trend and factors that affects the stock market.
  35. Singapore Airlines Performance Analysis
    Singapore Airlines is one of the most successful and leading airlines in the world in service quality, profits, innovation, and growth.
  36. Intermediate Financial Accounting Report
    The entrepreneur expects to venture into the green fashion industry successfully and attain profit maximization. This goal will be achieved by pursuing the issues.
  37. Asset Utilization of Electronic Equipment Venture
    This analysis shows how a firm efficiently employs its assets in the production process. These ratios are called efficiency or asset utilization ratios.
  38. An Analytical Presentation for the Custom Snowboards Strategic Expansion
    This report identifies some key features of the financial nature that may affect the Custom Snowboards, Inc. company’s ability to access the proposed loan from the bank.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Performance Analysis

  1. Financial Analysis of Roll Royce and BAE Systems
  2. The Operational Performance of Lena Sewing Enterprises
  3. Comparison Between Sifchain Finance and Republic Note
  4. The Influence of Sustainable Business on Firm Performance
  5. Performance Appraisals: Definition and Analysis
  6. Business Analysis Cycle and Organizational Performance
  7. Business Issues in Context of Human Resources
  8. Organizational Performance Through an HR Lens
  9. Employee Performance of Abu Dhabi Police
  10. Impact of Employee Motivation on Employees’ Performance
  11. Employee Performance in the Ship-Repair Industry
  12. Apple Inc.'s Performance and Challenges Analysis
  13. Choi Fung Hong Case Study Analysis
  14. United States Postal Service's Performance
  15. Developing Organizational Behavior for Public Organizational Performance
  16. The Dubai Metro Upgrade Project
  17. Amazon's Organizational Performance & Systems Thinking
  18. Tesco's Performance in the Retailing Market
  19. Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Performance
  20. Amazon Inc.'s Performance and Development Framework
  21. Improving Employee Performance Through Feedback
  22. Managers' Mental Model and Company Performance
  23. Strategic Leadership Driving Organisational Performance
  24. Effectiveness of Green HR Management Practices on the Performance of Manufacturers
  25. Organizational Performance and Leadership
  26. Titanic Brewery's Performance Analysis
  27. The Oneworld Airline Alliance's Performance
  28. Marriott International Inc. Applying Baldridge Excellence Performance
  29. Human Resource Management: Strategic Staffing
  30. Employee Training and Development in Information Technology
  31. Employee Performance: The Influence of Innovation
  32. Slam Company's Performance Analysis
  33. Lloyds Banking Group Plc's Corporate Performance
  34. Principles Improving Organizational Performance
  35. “New Jersey Devils” Case Study
  36. Improving Organizational Performance and Management
  37. Employee Performance in Qatari Construction Sector

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