Comparison Between Sifchain Finance and Republic Note

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Cryptocurrency is the most popular global financial investment in the world. Therefore, more than sixty upcoming ICOs in the crypto world today. Some of them have been rated, while some have not been rated in terms of price and value. The price fluctuations and movements in the market are considered significant factors during investment in these platforms. This report mainly aims to compare the two ICOs that use the Sifchain and Republic note and give the significant reasons each of them can be invested in based on the quantitative data that will be found. The quantitative analysis results show that Sifchain has a higher likelihood of future performance compared to the Republic note in the global stock market. Thus, it is concluded that despite the predicted performance of the Sifchain finance, the Republic note has a forecasted better rating than the Sifchain. Therefore, it is recommended that when investing online, both the rating, price, and future performance should be applied as crypto ICOs fluctuate.

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Business Analysis

The business analysis was mainly done based on the key features of the ICOs in the market. More significantly, the current market price, the risk rate, and the stock market (Brown & Whittle, 2020). These three factors are the critical determinant of the future performance of any crypto ICO in the market. The essential aspect among the three is the risk as opposed to the price (Zhdanov and Zhdanov, 2020). For example, when investing in the stock market, the primary factor that investors look at most is the risk associated with the currency. They tend to overlook the price because if the risk is slightly lower, it implies that the future price will be better.

Risk Rate

Risk rate is the potential o likelihood of an investor losing their initial investment in the stock market. The significant risk associated with the cryptocurrency world is market risk, affecting almost all businesses (Hamurcu, 2020). The risk rate of a Sifchain Finance is normal while that of the Republic Note is low. This implies that the Sifchain is more exposed to more market uncertainties than the Republic note, whose likelihood of the investor losing their portfolio investment is lower. Therefore, the risk rate is essential in choosing an investment (Veltri, 2020). Thus, Republic Note is the best in terms of risk; however, the higher the risk, the higher the returns.

Current Market Price

The market price is the estimated cost of the crypto ICO at a future date in the stock sector. Many factors have been considered in the determination of the future prices of the two ICOs. A significant percentage of the stock market’s investments are dependent on the current and future price of the cryptocurrency in stocks (Gan, Park and Suh, 2020). The token price of one Sifchain Finance is 0.03 USD while that of the Republic Note is 0.12 USD. The two’s price has set a considerable difference in the future prices of the ICOs as per their target fundraising amount. Thus, the growth aspect of the two currencies is different as the future depends on the strategies that have been applied. Therefore, the Republic Note is expected to boom in the market in the future.

Main Mission of the ICO

The mission is the target that the ICOs will always want to reach in the future. For instance, their primary goal and objective define the achievement of the plans of the currency. The major goal of a Sifchain Finance is to be an Omni-chain DEX that targets at supporting 20-25 transactions of the top blockchains in the world (Alam, Alam and Alam, 2020). This support is one of the major goals of the Sifchain, and they will achieve it based on the currently implemented strategies. The Republic Note has a key target to the profit-sharing token in business. The ICO believes in the aspect of “our business” in the market. As such, the success of the future of businesses is their goal in the market.

Financial Analysis

The data that was discussed in the business analysis, the table below was formed created to create a proper comparison between the ICOs. Thus, by considering the three aspects, the Republic Note has a higher likelihood of performing in the future despite its time. On the contrary, the Sifchain will perform well in the current future market. However, it will not last long because of the normal risk rate that the currency has started with in the market (Jain, Mannan and Pasman, 2020). Therefore, targeting a vast market segment is the best way of increasing financial growth in the stock market.

Sifchain Finance Normal 0.03 $ 2,100,000
Republic Note Low 0.12 $ 11,000,000

Performance Analysis

Regression Statistics
Multiple R 0.753802
R Square 0.568217
Adjusted R Square 0.352326
Standard Error 2.73E+08
Observations 4
df SS MS F Significance F
Regression 1 1.96E+17 1.96E+17 2.631959 0.246198
Residual 2 1.49E+17 7.45E+16
Total 3 3.45E+17
Coefficients Standard Error t Stat P-value Lower 95% Upper 95% Lower 95.0% Upper 95.0%
Intercept -5.3E+08 5.74E+08 -0.92278 0.453537 -3E+09 1.94E+09 -3E+09 1.94E+09
X Variable 1 9.04E+09 5.57E+09 1.622331 0.246198 -1.5E+10 3.3E+10 -1.5E+10 3.3E+10
Observation Predicted Y Residuals Percentile Y
1 12999984 1.11E+08 12.5 40258890
2 3.75E+08 -3.3E+08 37.5 1.24E+08
3 5.55E+08 1.11E+08 62.5 6.67E+08
4 5.55E+08 1.11E+08 87.5 6.67E+08

The regression for Republic note was slightly lower as compared to that of the Sifchain. As such, the Sifchain is likely to perform better as compared to the republic note. Sifchain current took the normal rate that favored its performance as opposed to the republic note that had a low-risk rate with an estimated low return.

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Risk Analysis

Risk analysis is the essential performance index in business. More significantly, it outlines the major factors that increase or decrease the exposure to risk (Robertson, 2020). The two ICOs have applied different management strategies to ensure that the currencies are not exposed to high risk. However, Republic note has applied a lower risk ratio to ensure their value does not go down as they start in the market (Saad, 2020). On the other hand, the Sifchain has applied a moderate, which is the average risk returns. Thus, there is an expected high return despite the low mission value in terms of their customer target.

Analyst Recommendation

The analysis that has been so far has exposed the significant strategies that the ICOs have applied. The essential aspects are the amount of risk that the organizations can take (Rosa, 2020). Sifchain has taken a normal risk allowance that will give high returns despite the slight increment in the risk exposure. On the contrary, the Republic note has reduced their risk to lower when starting in the market to ensure a better foundation. Thus, based on the data that has been given, it essential for the upcoming ICOs to maintain a lower risk for better performance in the future.

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