294 Financial Analysis Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 Financial Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. The Chocolala Company New Product Development
    This paper examines the need for the creation of a new product and how a new product development team of the Chocolala Company defines its strategy for the project.
  2. Jet Company’s Supply Chain Strategy
    Jet has increased chances of penetrating into the highly competitive mobile phone market. The company should perfect on making sleek fashionable mobile phone.
  3. Westfarmers Company Financial Performance
    This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the financial performance and standing of Westfarmers Company for the 2010 and 2011 financial years using Financial Ratios.
  4. Mobily Company: Marketing Strategy Plan
    Mobily is a Saudi Arabian internet and a telecom service provider that is operating as a private company. Its main internet products rely on mobile broadband and fixed broadband technologies.
  5. Walmart Marketing Strategy – a Case Study & Examples
    How to describe Walmart marketing strategy? 🏪 The new Walmart marketing plan will promote efficiency in the firm and improve customer satisfaction. 💸 Read this Walmart marketing case study to answer all the questions. 📰
  6. Sharjah Islamic Bank Financial Performance
    The objective of this report is to evaluate the financial performance of the Sharjah Islamic Bank by considering the values of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from 2009 to 2015.
  7. The Coach Company's Strategic Management Analysis
    This report reflects on strategic issues affecting the Coach Company, including elements of the industry and the company’s financial health, performance and challenges.
  8. Nintendo Company Strategy
    The video gaming industry is dominated by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. The three companies have battled for market supremacy since the late 1990s.
  9. Blue Nile Company Strategic Management
    Blue Nile is among the many organizations that are prided with carrying out of online businesses. Its growth can be attributed to strategic management.
  10. Pepsi and Coca-Cola Company Analysis
    This is an analysis of the global market share that PepsiCo and Coca-Cola Company hold to determine the level of their performance and future financial health.
  11. Under Armour Company's Market Expansion Strategy
    The main goal of Under Armour is to provide athletes with alternative all-season high-quality gears in the form of footwear, all-season gears, accessories, and apparel.
  12. Apple Incorporation's Sustainable Profitability
    The Apple company’s mission behind the strategy is to enhance social experiences through innovation and improvement in technological.
  13. Elsewedy Cables Company Strategies
    This paper analyzes the Elsewedy Cables strategies in the market to help in determining the vision and mission statements that the firm uses.
  14. Zara Company Strategic Management
    Zara, an international fashion retailer, is Inditex’s key flagship brand. It sells apparel for all genders and key demographic groups.
  15. Wal-Mart's Retail Strategy Plan in Canada
    This analysis shows clearly that Wal-Mart Canada has evolved steadily to become the leading retailer in the country.
  16. Nike Incorporation Strategy Analysis
    The paper presents Nike's vision and mission, environment analysis, competitive advantage, internal and financial analyses, strategy implementation and evaluation.
  17. Drug Manufacturing Company's Business Development
    Drugs Manufacturing Company (herein referred to as DMC) is a business organization operating in the pharmaceutical industry.
  18. Pepsi Company Problems and Solutions
    In this paper, we discuss Pepsi company problems and solutions. 📉 Inside, you will find a critical analysis of PepsiCo challenges and objectives. 🎯 Besides, learn how to address challenges faced by PepsiCo effectively. ✨
  19. AT&T Company Analysis
    This report looks at the strategic analysis of AT&T, which is an international corporation in the telecommunication industry. The report focuses on both the company’s internal and external analysis.
  20. Zara Company's Strategic Issues in 2013
    Zara has been in operation for a number of years in the apparel industry and has managed to attain an optimal market position.
  21. Casper & Gambini’s Company’s Strategic Analysis
    The Casper & Gambini’s firm targets to enter new markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, North Africa, and in the GCC region.
  22. Apple Inc.'s Performance Challenges Since 2011
    The essay provides insight into the Apple Company’s strategic issue in an attempt to recommend various resolutions that can be adopted to unravel its present-day challenges.
  23. Under Armour Inc.’s Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    The essay focuses on Under Armour Inc., defines its mission statement, strategic profile, and prospects, provides Porter’s five forces analysis and recommendations.
  24. Macroeconomic and Financial Analysis: Norway and USA
    This paper presents a macroeconomic comparison between Norway and the United States of America and analyzes the financial system of these two countries.
  25. Apple Inc.'s Use in the US and Global Markets
    The Apple company’s objective is to enhance and revolutionize technology through innovation and inspiration to offer high-quality products and improve human experiences.
  26. Julphar Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries: Financial Analysis
    Julphar Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries is a leading pharmaceutical company based in the U.A.E. that carries research, development, and distribution of medicines.
  27. Green Life Company's Business Financial Plan
    Green Life Company will be a new start-up wholesale and distribution of Mosquito killer lamps imported from Taiwan to the United States markets.
  28. Apple Company’s Market Share Decrease in 2015
    This essay delves into the Apple Inc.’s strategic issue with a view of deriving various recommendations that can help it fix its current challenges.
  29. Lowe’s Companies Inc.’s Consolidated Balance Sheets
    This paper analyzes the Lowe’s consolidated balance sheets to perform the trend analysis, including horizontal and vertical analysis and also the financial ratio analysis.
  30. Coca-Cola Company's Management Decisions
    Coca-Cola Company is an American multinational business that deals with the production and distribution of non-alcoholic beverages.
  31. Dubai Cable Company Financial Performance
    This paper examines the Dubai Cable Company, its financial performance and health to give clear information about the company’s series of decision-making.
  32. McDonald's and Wendy's International Inc.: Financial Performance
    The financial ratio analysis used in this study involves two types of comparisons. In the first part of the study, an analysis of financial performance is made for McDonald's, U.S., and Wendy's International Inc.
  33. Disney: Company Analysis
    This paper will provide an analysis of the Walt Disney Company, focusing on its financial performance, management, marketing, and corporate social responsibility.
  34. Sunoco, Inc. Financial Analysis Report.
    Sunoco refines and markets petroleum. Sunoco also manufactures petrochemicals that are used in making fibers, plastics, film and resins.
  35. Sun Microsystems: Financial Analysis
    The management ought to improve the profitability, performance, activity, debt paying ability and liquidity through a cost reduction mechanism, adoption of a favourable credit policy.
  36. Dell Company's Financial Analysis
    Improvements and innovations are sought on the technological side for the Dell company in order to catch up with the competitors.
  37. Dollar General Corporation's Strategic Management
    Dollar General would have to make strategies that must take advantage of industry opportunities and protect the company from industry threats.
  38. Walt Disney World Financial Analysis
    There was a significant increase in the values of return on equity for the Walt Disney company. The values were higher than the industry average.
  39. Tesco. Supermarket Industry in England
    Extensive research should be carried out within an organization and its environment so as to overcome these challenges so that growth and development can take place effectively.
  40. Market Entry Strategies for MNCs in the Automobile Industry of China
    The study researches factors that have influenced the choice of market entry modes for Multinational corporations in China's automobile industry.

💡 Essay Ideas on Financial Analysis

  1. Info Call Center’s Services and Customer Perceptions
    This report investigates the profitability of diversifying the operations of Info Call Centre for meeting the changing perceptions of customers.
  2. The Coca-Cola Company's Business Plan for 5 Years
    The beverage industry in which the Coca-Cola Company operates is the carbonated beverages market or the carbonated drinks market.
  3. Notes Restore: Business Plan Proposal
    The purpose of the proposed business venture is to create a stationery product that will succeed in the current market.
  4. Examining the Operations of Wal-Mart
    The discussion of paper focus on the current industry in which names of different competitors or rivals of Wal-Mart are mentioned and company’s current status.
  5. Fairfax Media Limited: Company Analysis
    The report has been prepared in three sections by performing the SWOT analysis, financial analysis using various ratios and stake holder analysis to observe if Fairfax Media Limited is successful or not.
  6. DHL & FedEx: Comparison and Analysis
    This paper would compare and analyze the two large companies DHL and FedEx to recommend the prospect of these organizations, evaluate the TOWS Matrix of DHL and FedEx.
  7. Strategic Plan for Dubai World Trade Centre
    In order to develop a reasonable strategic plan for Dubai World Trade Centre, housing keeping department, the company’s mission and dream must be integrated with its objectives
  8. The Software X: Power of Predictive Business Intelligence
    Software X will compete within the business intelligence (BI) category, generally accepted to mean the combination of data warehousing and market information tools.
  9. Company Analysis of FedEx
    FedEx Corporation, also renamed FDX Corporation, is well recognized as a global logistic service company, which is the provider of transportation, e-commerce all over the world.
  10. Diageo Ltd.: Strategic Financial Management
    Diageo Ltd it's a holding that specializes in the following areas: production and distribution of alcoholic beverages; sale of bitters and liquors; hospitality industry.
  11. AutoMakers, Inc.: Business Plan
    The presented business plan is the comprehensive account on the newly launched car making company titled the AutoMakers, Inc.
  12. XYZ: Marketing Business Plan
    The business environment of XYZ Company for their new product Easy Oven and Easy Cooker comprises of the demographic, economic, and other related issues in the market of Australia.
  13. Essentials of Strategic Management. Nucor Corporation
    In order for Nucor Corporation to attain its low cost leadership strategy, the firm’s management team should improve on its strategic management process.
  14. Ryanair: Financial Analysis
    I have chosen to analyze the financial performance of Ryanair holdings, which is listed in New York stock exchange and London stock exchange.
  15. UK Public Finance Analysis
    Public finance as a field of economics has the duty of paying for government activities in UK, design and administration of those activities.
  16. IKEA: Essentials of Strategic Management
    One of the issues with which IKEA is dealing is diversity, as the company expands and develops itself, the management of the company is trying to keep its core values alive.
  17. Sprague Warner-Kenny Corporation: Company Information
    Due to its uniqueness and diversification of the food industry, its share price raised three times above in 1946; later on, it had named Consolidated Foods Corporation.
  18. Financial Resource Management
    FRM is considered one of the most crucial aspects of financial strategy. Numerous financial analysis techniques, nevertheless. Ratio Analysis.
  19. IMAX: Company Analysis
    This paper is a company analysis of IMAX. Here we aim to understand the out-of-home entertainment industry, its current situation, and the where IMAX fits into the industry.
  20. Venture Screening Guide of Phoenix Solar Energy Systems
    Propose to produce and market solar energy systems for household purposes in the Indian market. A SES capable of powering the house without external power forms our chief product.
  21. Company Analysis of Easyjet
    The report is prepared for depicting the company analysis of Easyjet, Europe’s largest airline in terms of passengers.
  22. Charles Schwab Company, Apple, Walt Disney Analysis
    This paper will keenly highlight the major economic contributions of Charles Schwab Company as a brokerage company.
  23. Dena’s Salon: Marketing Plan
    Dena’s salon is a professional beauty salon committed to providing every time highly customer’s satisfaction through its rendering outstanding service.
  24. Jet Airways' Strategic Financial Management
    The purpose of this report is to evaluate the strategic position of Jet airways. Jet Airways is one of the leading private airlines in India.
  25. Krispy Kreme Hospitality Company's Strategic Analysis
    The KK Company has been struggling hard to survive in the marketplace; and by so doing, they gained the capabilities to capture an excellent market share.
  26. JetBlue’s Airline Story Revision
    At the time of JetBlue's airline launch, there were already 87 cases of failures that the U.S. airline industry had witnessed in the duration of 20 years.
  27. Strategic Financial Management for Jet Airways 15
    Jet airways is one of the major airlines based in Mumbai India. On the other hand the company prides itself as a market leader in the domestic sector.
  28. Riverside Electronics Plc: Financial Report
    By utilizing the revenues that it currently has, it will be able to adequately budget for the expansion project so that it carries it out with well-set achievable targets.
  29. Marketing Plan for the FlaBlaster Product
    This is a document about FlaBlaster, a product that is able to reduce the weight of a person without using other weight loss procedures such as surgery.
  30. Coca-Cola: Financial Research Report
    The paper shows that Coca-cola's assets are well managed in terms of rate of return and the shareholder's income is in a good position, and its shares perform well in the market.
  31. The METCO Company: Case Study
    This paper aims to analyze the case of METCO Company linked with maintenance, operation, overhaul, and benefits of the Nile SS.
  32. Business Management: Analysis of "Proctor & Gamble"
    This paper analyzes Proctor & Gamble company, its mission, vision, strategic plans, proposes SWOT analysis, internal and external factor evaluation, Porter’s Five Forces analysis.
  33. Business Analysis of Almarai and Savola Group
    Almarai Company is a business in Saudi Arabia with the biggest integrated business in the Middle East. The business was based on a venture agreement between two family.
  34. Goodstart: Business Plan and Pitch
    Expanding the Goodstart Early Learning Centre Model in Australia to offer a premium service at some centers in higher social-economic areas.
  35. Sears Holdings Corporation: Synopsis of the Company’s Performance
    Sears Holdings is a result of a merger between two companies, the merger efforts have foreseen huge losses in market share and sales.
  36. Beautiful Legs by Post Company's Financial Analysis
    “Beautiful Legs BY POST” is a London-based company specializing in women’s tights sales. The paper analyzes the current financial situation of the company.
  37. Ford Motor Company and Subsidiaries Analysis
    The purpose of this article is to provide an analysis of the financial statements of Ford Motor Company and its subsidiaries using 2019 data and compare them with 2012 data.
  38. Amazon: Financial Analysis
    Amazon should focus on its competencies to stay ahead of the competition and leverage its immense skills and experiences to improve the quality of services and goods.
  39. Analyzing Disney Internal Variable
    Disney should take aggressive online marketing to tap effectively into new market segments. This policy will enable Walt Disney to leverage incredibly its brand recognition globally.
  40. Starbucks Corporation: Financial Strategy and Performance
    Starbucks Corporation has grown from a small, regional business to an undisputed global leader in the coffee industry in a relatively short amount of time.

👍 Good Financial Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Walt Disney World: Financial Analysis
    The financial analysis of the Walt Disney World organization demonstrates that – being a part of an extremely big company – possesses every possible instrument to perform flawlessly.
  2. The Financial Analysis of Coca-Cola
    The financial analysis of Coca-Cola is performed in this section, which focuses on the company’s financial performance and its stock price movements in the last five years.
  3. Ryanair & Next Step: Primary Issues and Prospects for the Company
    Ryanair airline was the first among European low-cost airlines to apply the horizontal diversification strategy, which means that it began to acquire other European low-cost airlines.
  4. Premier Investment Limited's Financial Analysis
    The document conducts a financial analysis of Premier Investment Limited in order to determine the company's profitability.
  5. Du and Etisalat Telecom Companies: Market and Financial Positions
    This report analyses the market and financial positions of Du and Etisalat telecom companies by comparing the main financial and market strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  6. Financial Overview of an Australian Company David Jones Ltd.
    The purpose of the paper is to analyze the financial stability of David Jones. After considering all the ratios, an investor would find it valuable to invest in this company.
  7. Financial Analysis of Procter and Gamble Company
    This paper analyzes the income statement, balance sheet, financial ratios, and cash flow of Procter and Gamble Company for the last three years with a focus on examining its economic progress.
  8. Borders Group Inc.'s Financial Analysis
    The profitability of Borders has been declining gradually since 2005. This has been attributed to over-expansion programs witnessed during the years 2006 and 2007.
  9. The Coca-Cola Company: Financial Analysis
    Over the past quarters, Coca-Cola has lost its positions in the world markets due to the too-strong dollar and competition from the main competitor - PepsiCo.
  10. Man Group Plc's Financial Analysis
    According to the financial analysis the Man Group plc is considered to be a high-risk portfolio company from an investor's point of view.
  11. Performance Evaluation of Saudi Industrial Investment Group
    The paper analysis a general financial evaluation and should not be construed as an investigation of forensic nature.
  12. Analysis of The Candy Company, Inc
    The Candy Company Inc can establish their business in a nation like India to expand their global market as India boasts to have the second-highest population after China.
  13. Analysis of Sipchem Company the Represent of SABIC Company
    Sipchem Company represents Saudi Basic Industries Company and trades in the Saudi stock market directing its investments in chemical and petrochemical industries.
  14. AstraZeneca Plc. – Financial Analysis
    AstraZeneca is one of the global pharmaceutical companies with its products being marketed in more than 100 countries.
  15. Urban Outfitters Inc. and Tiffany & Co.'s Comparative Analysis
    This paper seeks to compare Urban Outfitters Inc. with Tiffany & Co. under the retail business industry using their annual reports and other appropriate source materials.
  16. Country Road Limited: Accounting, Financial, & Prospective Analysis
    The purpose of this article is to conduct an accounting, financial and prospective analysis of Country Road Limited.
  17. The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Almarai Company
    There are some positive effects of the financial crisis to Almarai Company despite the financial crisis in the whole world.
  18. Accounting and Decision-Making Techniques
    This paper seeks to study and follow the progress of the stock price of Marks & Spencer Group plc at the London Stock Exchange over a short period.
  19. The Rio Tinto: Financial Analysis
    This paper presents a financial ratio analysis focusing on the business risks and financial risks of the Rio Tinto.
  20. Balfour Beauty and Granite
    This paper compares the performance of two construction companies Balfour Beatty Inc. and Granite. It analyzes the performance in reference to the respective financial statements.
  21. "International Financial Statement Analysis" by Choi and Meek
    The researchers investigate the difficulties in evaluating business strategy analysis as well as main approaches to data collection.
  22. Super Cheap Auto Group Limited: Financial Analysis for a Company
    Super Cheap Auto Group Limited operates in Australia and New Zealand, in the retailing industry, where it has more than 300 stores.
  23. Westfield Company: Financial Analysis
    The Westfield Group has more than 110 shopping centers with more than 4,000 employees around the world, and is the largest retail property group in the world.
  24. BP and Shell Companies' Financial Analysis
    The assignment focuses on the financial analysis of both BP and Shell companies. The focus of this research is to evaluate the financial performance of both Shell and BP Company.
  25. Financial Analysis: Considering Current Financial Projections for Rolls Royce
    Due to the increasing propensity toward financial decline, Rolls Royce’s leaders must face the necessity to sell the company’s shares.
  26. Financial Analysis of the World Health Organization
    This paper aims to investigate the key financial ratios to understand the monetary functioning of the corporation and compare it to the situation in the industry in general.
  27. Tweedie Plc.: Analysis and Discussion
    Tweedie was found to be more profitable, efficient, and more liquid but has higher financial leverage than its competitor Bilton.
  28. Caterpillar Inc - Analysis of the Company
    Caterpillar Inc is engaged in the manufacture and sale of construction and mining equipment and machinery, engines, diesel and natural gas engines, forestry machinery.
  29. Sell-Side Equity of a Smallcap Company: Flow International
    Flow International Company currently boasts of its global market position due to its adoption of proper corporate and strategic management strategies.
  30. Healthcare Organization Financial Analysis
    This report will investigate the financial situation of the healthcare organization to determine whether it is performing satisfactorily.
  31. Company Analysis: The Coca-Cola Company
    Analysis of the external environment makes it possible for the company to understand changing trends in the market, including threats and opportunities in a given country.
  32. Caterpillar Inc.'s Financial Analysis
    Caterpillar Inc. is the leading maker of earthmoving moving machinery like tractors, graders, excavators, and other heavy machinery used by road contractors, miners, etc.
  33. Financial Analysis and Company Performance
    The article argues the importance of drawing and increasing share value versus spending to better support the company by investors.
  34. Walmart Ltd Financial Analysis
    The article presents financial statements with full compliance with GAAP and other accounting principles and gives the true picture of the company Walmart.
  35. Financial and Non-financial Analysis PATCO
    PATCO is a synonym Company that stands for Port Arthur Timber Company started its life in 1830 as a small timber firm (PATCO, 2010).
  36. Financial Analysis Based on Benchmarking Technique
    The analysis tendency based on benchmarking technique is closely linked with the values of quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  37. Simulation in Financial Analysis
    This report tries to analyze how simulation can be used in financial analysis, the use of financial models in financial management, and their significance to financial analysts.
  38. Research Paper on Goldcorp Inc.
    This paper will try and look at the factors that have prospered the company abreast and also look into the unexploited channels.
  39. Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s Comparative Financial Analysis
    MRW is a United Kingdom-based company engaged in the operation of retail supermarket stores. Its business is mainly related to food and grocery.
  40. Du Company: Review
    Du telecommunication UAE is an organization that operates in the UAE by providing telecommunication products and services to the entire UAE population.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Financial Analysis

  1. Financial analysis of Toyota Motor Corporation
  2. Financial Services in Saudi Arabia: Al Bilad, Al Jazira and Al Rajhi Financial Ratios Analysis
  3. Cadbury Public Limited Company: Financial Management
  4. Financial Analysis of Procter and Gamble
  5. Mambourin Enterprises Incorporated: Financial Analysis
  6. Analysis of Telstra Company
  7. Financial Analysis: Aveng Limited Group
  8. Stock Analysis Project for Cat Company
  9. The Economic and Financial Effects of Dubai World Company
  10. Billabong International Company: Financial Analysis
  11. Financial Analysis Report For ANZ Banking Group, Virgin Blue Holdings and Wesfarmers Ltd
  12. Target Corporation Financial Analysis
  13. Walmart Company Financial Analysis
  14. Financial Analysis of PFIN and SWF
  15. Stock Price Methods Analysis
  16. Custom Snowboards: Financial Analysis and Strategies for Entering the New Market
  17. Custom Snowboards European Expansion
  18. Exxon Mobil: Analysis Financial Performance
  19. Deltic Timber Corporation Financial Analysis
  20. Herfy Company: Financial Analysis
  21. Sainsbury PLC and Tesco PLC Financial Analysis
  22. Greencore Group PLC: Financial Analysis
  23. Advanced Petrochemical Company
  24. Stock Market Analysis: PepsiCo vs. Coca-Cola Company
  25. Financial Analysis of Suleiman A. G
  26. Abu Dhabi Ship Building Financial Report
  27. Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC
  28. Financial Analysis: A Case for Coca-Cola and Pepsi
  29. Coach Inc.: Strategic Analysis
  30. Debenhams Versus Marks & Spencer’s Companies
  31. Coach Incorporation: Individual Case Analysis
  32. Financial Analysis for Burberry and Louis Vuitton Companies
  33. Financial Ratio Analysis of Family Dollar 2010-2013 Financial Statements
  34. The LEGO Group Corporate Financial Analysis
  35. Yamama Cement Ltd: Equity Report
  36. Unilens Vision Incorporation's Company Analysis
  37. Royal Dutch Shell Plc's and BP Plc's Financial Analysis
  38. Financial Analysis and Control System of Ocado Group
  39. The Industry Financial Analysis of Four Companies
  40. Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC: Financial Analysis

✍️ Financial Analysis Essay Examples for College

  1. Imperial Tobacco Company Analysis
  2. Ford Motor Company and Tesla: Financial Statement Analysis
  3. Apple Financial Analysis Project
  4. Financial Analysis – John Lewis Partnership Plc.
  5. Kingsgate Consolidated Company's Financial Analysis
  6. Netflix Inc.: Financial Analysis
  7. Royal Dutch Shell PLC and BP PLC: Financial Analysis
  8. Financial Analysis: Cinema Theme Park
  9. Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia Financial Analysis
  10. Hyatt Inc.: Financial Management
  11. Republic Airways Inc.'s Financial Analysis
  12. Financial Analysis of Intercontinental Hotel
  13. Financial Analysis of Tesco
  14. Financial Analysis Report: Hyatt, Shangri-La, Starwood
  15. Financial Analysis: The Forms of Financial Ratios
  16. Financial Analysis Project Walmart
  17. Competition Bikes, Inc.: Financial Analysis
  18. Ford Motor Company: Financial Reporting Problem
  19. Exxon vs. Chevron: Financial Analysis
  20. Halliburton Company's Financial Accounting of 2015
  21. BHP Billiton, Glencore and Anglo American Firms' Financial Analysis
  22. Macy’s Inc. and Kohl’s Corporation: Financial Analysis
  23. Aberdeen Asset Management's Strategic Evaluation Models
  24. Kellogg Company's Financial Analysis in 2013-2015
  25. Financial Management: Crisis Impact on UAE Banks
  26. The Hyatt Hotels Corporation: Financial Analysis
  27. Etisalat Company: Financial Analysis
  28. EMC Corporation's Financial Analysis
  29. Financial Analysis of Qantas Airline
  30. Analysis of AstraZeneca Financial Report
  31. Financial Analysis of Nokia Corporation
  32. Financial Analysis of Roll Royce and BAE Systems
  33. The Role of Financial Statement Analysis in Business
  34. Financial Analysis Vodafone Group Plc and BT Group Plc
  35. HAYLO Hair Products Company Analysis
  36. EMAAR Company Valuation
  37. Hotel Sim: Financial Analysis
  38. BP Plc.: Company Analysis
  39. Samsung Electronics Company: A Financial Analysis
  40. Baric Footwear Limited: New Footwear Product
  41. Tesla Motors Inc & Ford Co: Financial Analysis
  42. Financial Analysis for Greggs Company
  43. Comparison of Financial Performance of Premier Investment Limited and David Jones Limited
  44. PepsiCo Inc. and The Coca Cola Company's Financial Analysis
  45. Nike Basic Ratio Financial Analysis
  46. Financial Statement Analysis - Toyota Company Case Study
  47. Financial Analysis of Toshiba Corporation
  48. Analysis on the Nike’s Financial Positions
  49. Just for Feet Inc. Financial Analysis
  50. The Coop Program in Samba Bank: A Financial Analysis
  51. Financial Analysis of KOSS Corporation
  52. Financial Analysis of Koss Corporation
  53. Financial Analysis of Cavco Industries INC.
  54. Financial Analysis for Graphic Packaging Holding Co
  55. A Merger Between Hospital Corporation of America Holding INC. And Tenet Healthcare
  56. Croda International Company: Financial Analysis
  57. Apple Company: Audit Risk Analysis Project
  58. Century Company: Financial Analysis
  59. Mythical High Technology Corporation
  60. Blackberry Company. Accounting and Financial Management
  61. Financial Analysis for Currency Transaction
  62. Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited: Financial Analysis
  63. Sony Corporation: Company Valuation Report
  64. Hanesbrands Inc. (HBI) Analysis
  65. Al Futtaim and Galadari Business Groups Analysis
  66. Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc. and J Sainsbury Plc.: Financial Analysis
  67. Gazprom: Actual Capitalization, Profitability, Threats

🏆 Best Financial Analysis Research Titles

  1. Westfarmers Limited: Company Analysis
  2. Goofy’s All Star and Pluto’s Sporting Equipment: Financial Performance
  3. Emirates Airways: Financial Analysis
  4. Dell's Company Financial Analysis
  5. Financial Analysis: Simulation Analysis
  6. Financial Analysis of Ebay Inc. Company
  7. McDonalds: Financial Analysis
  8. Financial Analysis of ENGlobal Company
  9. Gap INC Company: Financial Statements
  10. Financial Analysis of Lululemon Athletics
  11. Financial Analysis of a Company
  12. Financial Analysis of Coca-Cola Company
  13. Telecity Group Plc.: Financial, Strategic and Risk Analysis
  14. Comparison Between Sifchain Finance and Republic Note
  15. Analysis of Union National Bank
  16. Financial Analysis of Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL)
  17. Cummins Inc.: Financial Analysis
  18. An External and Internal Analysis of McDonald’s Corporation
  19. ESSA Bancorp, Inc.: The Financial Analysis
  20. Financial Analysis for Sturm Ruger & Company
  21. Microsoft Corporation's Financial Management
  22. Walmart and Amazon Companies' Financial Analysis
  23. Financial Analysis of Astra Industrial Group
  24. United Kaipara Dairies Company: Financial Analysis
  25. Company Analysis Alianz Saudi Cooperative Insurance Company
  26. Billabong International Limited Financial Analysis
  27. Ratio Analysis and Accounting Decision Making: The Case of Premier Investment Ltd and David Jones Ltd.
  28. GM and Ford Financial Analysis
  29. International Marketing Consultancy Company
  30. Marketing Plan for Business X
  31. Alphabet Inc. (GOOGLE) Strategic Analysis
  32. Costco Wholesale Company's Financial Analysis
  33. The Walt Disney Company: Financial Condition Analysis
  34. Tempur Sealy International Perfomance
  35. Tag-It Corporation Financial Analysis
  36. Johnson & Johnson Company Analysis
  37. Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton Firms' Financial Analysis
  38. Apple vs. HP: Comparative Financial Analysis
  39. ARAMCO Company's Financial Analysis
  40. PepsiCo Incorporated Financial Analysis
  41. Analysis of Walt Disney’s Diversification in 2012
  42. Hyatt Hotel Corporation's Analysis and Environment Evaluation
  43. Boeing and Airbus Companies' Balance Score Cards
  44. Manchester United Club's Financial Performance
  45. Automatic Data Processing Firm's Financial Analysis
  46. Apple Inc.'s Financial Management and Shares
  47. Carnival Corporation's Organizational Analysis
  48. American Express: Financial Analysis
  49. Effective Corporate Governance: Worley Limited
  50. Tesla Inc.: The Research of the Firm, Industry, and the Environment
  51. Individual Report on Running a Company
  52. Origin Energy Company's Financial Analysis and Investment Decision
  53. Kroger Company: Ratio Analysis
  54. Finance: Running a XYZ Company
  55. Financial Analysis of Decision Concerning Party
  56. Company Financial Analysis and Credit Risk Assessment
  57. Strategic Management: A Case Study of Netflix
  58. Apple Inc. Company Analysis. Background Information
  59. Starbucks Company Analysis: Financial Analysis and Rating
  60. Financial Ratios and Financial Analysis
  61. The Walmart Company's Analysis and Strategies
  62. Truist Bank vs. Bank of America Comparison
  63. Financial Analysis and Recommendation for American Express Co.
  64. Costco Common Stock Analysis
  65. Management: Moyon Tea Business Plan
  66. Sustainability Analysis of name.R Corporation
  67. Southwest Airlines' Mission, Uniqueness, Finance

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BusinessEssay. "294 Financial Analysis Research Papers & Essay Examples." December 21, 2022. https://business-essay.com/analyses/financial-analysis-research-paper-examples/.