195 Supply Chain Management Analysis Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 Supply Chain Management Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Inventory Management in Supply Chain
    The paper examines inventory management as a backbone of supply chain management. It discusses components of decision-making, system development and management.
  2. Total Quality Management in Supply Chain
    Total quality management emphasizes on the need to manage quality in the entire supply chain system: quality of raw materials and standardization of logistics and production.
  3. International Management in Business Globalisation
    Globalisation of industries has become one of the fundamental issues that have marked significant business transformations in the current days.
  4. Etihad Airways Company’ Supply Chains and Logistics
    Etihad Airways commands the UAE market. Organizations of different kinds supply products and services that seek to satisfy customer demands.
  5. Pepsi Company's Supply Chain Strategies
    PepsiCo Inc. is one of the leading food and beverage companies in the world. This research will focus on the supply chain strategies used by PepsiCo in its beverage segment.
  6. Carlsen and Agsten Companies: Production and Supply Chain
    This paper analyzes a case study involving Agsten and Carlsen companies that formed a partnership and experienced communication and skills transfer problems.
  7. Power Relations in the Coffee Global Supply Chain
    This paper examines the global supply chain of coffee by discussing how power relations influence the supply chain.
  8. E-Procurement in Supply Management and Strategy
    This paper analyzes how does the use of e-procurement changes the nature of the skills to supply management personnel and increases the strategic contribution to an organization.
  9. Economic Risk Management in Supply Chain
    Walkers Shortbread has not optimized its supply chain because focusing on its trade relationships with traditional partners does not provide adequate opportunity to do business.
  10. Career Paths in Supply Chain Management
    To understand the career tracks in supply chain management, it is necessary to establish the primary purpose of this profession.
  11. Apple Inc.’s Supply Chain, Ethics, and Governance
    Apple Company is one of the most successful manufacturers of the latest technology gadgets and electronic equipment. This work examines a case study of Apple’s supply chain woes.
  12. Altenaiji Group Logistics Operations Management
    Altenaiji Group Logistics is a freight-forwarding firm that provides various services related to operations and logistics management with all kinds of products.
  13. IPhone 5: Operation Management and Supply Chain
    Apple has to re-strategize to retain its market share. It has to come up with a unique supply chain plan that will enable it to deliver its iPhones to the market in the best way.
  14. Design of Catering Supply Chain
    Technology-based strategic sourcing is one of the emerging concepts in catering supply chain management. Emirates Flight Catering is one of the firms that embraced this practice.
  15. Service Industry Operations Management: Southwest Airlines
    This research paper illustrates how service industry can achieve sustainable service excellence by improving their operational efficiency. The research paper analysis the case of Southwest Airlines.
  16. Starbucks Coffee Shop's Operations and Service Excellence
    Starbucks is a leading coffee shop in the UK with an active operations management strategy backed by exemplary performance in terms of quality, speed, and cost reduction.
  17. Nestlé Group's Quality in Operations Management
    This paper reviews the quantitative examination of value and supportability perspectives of Nestle Company as a leader in providing food products across the globe.
  18. Operations Management Priorities and Concerns
    For any organisation to succeed in improving productivity, the management needs to employ well structured and defined quality management techniques for continuous improvement.
  19. Toyota Supply Chain: Supplier Relationships, Information Technologies, Logistics, Problems and Solutions.
    Researching 2020 🚗 Toyota supply chain? Toyota is a world-famous 🌏 Japanese car manufacturer. Toyota supply chain management involves the supply of goods to the end-user as well as following up to ensure that such customer is satisfied.
  20. Toyota Company: Supply Chain Management
    The transfer of manufacturing to factories in India, Bangladesh, and Philippines by Toyota is fundamental in understanding the dynamic needs of the target market in UAE.
  21. Emirates Post: Strategic Supply Chain Management
    Emirates Post has already achieved success in the identification of its core competencies and values. Besides, it is good at outsourcing practices and fulfilling customers’ needs.
  22. Supply Chain Management Software
    This paper delves into the concept of supply chain management and the use of software in the sector. It explores the various forms of the supply chain, its significance, and the associated problems.
  23. Walmart Supply Chain Management & Technologies Use
    Researching Walmart supply chain management? ⛓️ Technologies play a significant role in improving Walmart supply chain system. 🤖 Read this analysis to learn more about different application platforms Walmart uses to link suppliers with customers. ✅
  24. Supply Chain Management Role in Enterprise Planning
    Effective supply chain management of an organisation ensures that the systems for supply chain management reduce various costs that are associated with supplies.
  25. Toyota and Ford Companies Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    This paper analyzes the effectiveness of the strategies used by Toyota and Ford Corporation. The risks and how such risks can be avoided will be illuminated.
  26. Inventory Management and Its Role in Supply Chain
    Inventory management is one of the crucial elements of an organisation. This essay will discuss the inventory management as the backbone of supply chain management.
  27. Essence of Supply Chain in UAE
    The supply chain embodies most of the activities that are poised to bridge the essence of the gap between the producer and the customer.
  28. Performance of Sustainable Hotel Supply Chain
    This paper will focus on the issues surrounding hotel supply chains, the uptake of lean or green supply chains in the industry, as well as the impact on the sustainability of the supply chains.
  29. New Technologies in Retail Supply Chains
    The retail arena continues to suffer the influence of modern technological solutions as well as the onset of e-commerce.
  30. Toyota Production System Operation Management
    Lean approach system is derived from the Toyota production system (TPS). TPS is mainly built on two pillars namely Jidoka and Just-in-time (JIT).
  31. Toyota Operations Management & Demand Forecasting
    Researching Toyota operations management? ⚙️ We recommend reading this overview of Toyota operations strategy, supply chain, and business forecasting methods. 🚗 You will also find how to apply the house of quality technique. 😉
  32. Supply Chain Management Tools and Techniques
    The supply chain management aids in streamlining every aspect of the business from the everyday product flows to unexpected disastrous situations.
  33. Operations and Supply Chain Management in Business Process
    This paper is an analysis of how operations and supply chain management improves the business’ processes as well as their application in decision making.
  34. Why Operations Management Is Important for Companies?
    The area of operations management involves designing, planning, and supervising organizational production, manufacturing, or the offering of services.
  35. Subaru Company: Global Sourcing and Supply Chain
    This paper presents analysis of the Subaru Company, inefficiencies and risk management, SWOT analysis of the outsourcing alternatives.
  36. Aramex Company's Operations Management
    The purpose of this report is to provide an analysis of the operations management system of Aramex in relation to the company’s business goals and objectives.
  37. Samsung Group's Global Supply Chain Management
    This report documents my team’s project on global supply chain management and value network analysis for the Samsung group of companies.
  38. Staples Incorporated's Strategy
    Staples Inc. has been in the office supply business for decades. It sells a range of office products and offers technology solutions.
  39. Samba Financial Group Strategic Operations Management
    This paper discusses the ways in which Samba Financial Group apply the ten principles of strategic operations management and evaluate its success.
  40. Coca Cola Company: Sustainable Supply Chain Management
    In order to remain profitable in the ever-changing global environment, Coca Cola’s business strategy is guided by a powerful mission.

💡 Essay Ideas on Supply Chain Management Analysis

  1. Pete's Peanut Snacks Company' Supply Chain Management
    The paper studies the case of Pete’s Peanut Snacks firm with its idea of launching the product while targeting a large market and a high risk of making huge losses.
  2. The Coca-Cola Supply Chain & Operations Management
    The Coca-Cola drink has a rich history and is currently considered the most popular and top-selling soft drink in the world because of its taste and recognizable brand affiliation.
  3. Operations Management: Theoretical Perspectives
    Operations management refers to an administrative field that focuses on the planning and running of processes that aid in the manufacture and distribution of goods and services.
  4. McDonald’s Supply Chain Management & Sourcing
    How to describe McDonald’s’ supply chain management strategy? 🍟 This case study discusses McDonald’s sourcing and examines its supply chain and other issues. 💵 In the end, you’ll find recommendations for facilitating the company's future growth. 📈
  5. Coca-Cola Operations Management & Information Flow
    Are you researching Coca-Cola's operations management? ⚙️ This paper contains a review of the operational management of Coca-Cola company. 🖥️It describes the company's supply chain management system and other issues. ✅
  6. Ginger Hotels: Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    Ginger hotels are subsidiaries of The Indian Hotels Company Limited. It has a well-planned establishment chain of hotels that target the middle-class in the Indian market.
  7. Effective Supply Chain Practices for Computer and Phone Repair Shop
    The purpose of the given study is to identify effective supply chain practices, which can be integrated in phone and computer repair shop business
  8. Strategic Supply Chain Management
    This paper seeks to discuss strategic supply chain management. The paper will carry out a review of supply chain management strategies with respect to globally operating organizations.
  9. Supply Chain Management: Collaboration and Logistics
    The significance of creating strong cooperation with partners to build a well-developed and productive supply chain is doubtless.
  10. Wal-Mart Company's Operations Management
    This paper focuses on the issue of empty shelves that has recently faced the operations management function at Wal-Mart, its underlying causes, and possible solutions.
  11. Lean and Agile Supply Chain Operations Management
    Supply chain can be tailored to the needs of the business, thus making the production more efficient and assisting in addressing specific issues.
  12. How Can Apple Improve Its Supply Chain?
    Researching how can Apple improve its supply chain? 🍎 This essay provides an excellent Apple supply chain analysis. ⚙️ Read it attentively to learn how Apple moves its products and services from the suppliers to the consumers. 📱
  13. Strategic Supply Chain Management: Evaluation and Performance
    This paper analyses a number of strategic supply chain management strategies available to globally operating organizations and the role of information technology.
  14. Supply Chain Management as a Business Controversy
    Efficient supply chain management promotes positive alterations in companies’ functioning by suggesting methods to build a competitive infrastructure and attain sustainability.
  15. Supply Chain and Operations Management
    Ecosystems represent a paradigm shift in business. It's a new form of organization in which organizational networks combine to deliver services and products in new innovative ways.
  16. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Operations
    Logistics tends to occupy the demand side of any business. With the prominence placed upon the speed of response and advantages that accrue in keeping pace with demand.
  17. Forecasting Role in a Supply Chain
    Supply chain management has become the need of many organizations looking for a way to meet the hostile challenges of today’s business environment.
  18. Information Management Software in Business Areas
    Several motivations would prompt an organization to operate through an excellent supply chain management (SCM) system.
  19. Outsourcing Benefits in Supply Chain Management
    Strategic supply chain outsourcing is the process of hiring the services of an external agent to properly manage and control the supply chain of a company.
  20. Walmart Company's Transportation and Supply Chain Management
    The Wal-Mart company’s great success is highly attributed to its efficient supply chain management system and continuous innovation and adoption of technology.
  21. Wal-Mart Company’s Supply Chain Management
    Wal-Mart's competent organization of the supply chain management system is a useful measure to increase the profit of the company and make the whole business process as perfect as possible.
  22. GlaxoSmithKline Company's Supply Chain Processes
    Pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) are involved in managing sophisticated supply chains that pose a huge challenge in their effective management.
  23. Supply Chain Management Process Definition
    Supply chain management can be defined as the systematic, tactical coordination of the traditional business purposes and the way around this business functions within a particular company.
  24. Solve Problem of Logistic and Supply Chain Management
    The significance of the study is the re-evaluation of approaches to effective supply chain management, including devices and system platforms for information transmission.
  25. Dong-In Entech Company's Supply Chain in Philippines
    This paper is a case study analysis of Dong-In Company, which manufactures outdoor gears and equipment. This paper evaluates possible strategic options for the company's dominance.
  26. Supply Chain Strategy of Manufacturers
    Supply chain strategy is the one responsible for business success as without it, there cannot be a supply chain or supply chain management.
  27. Global Supply Chain Management and Frameworks
    Supply chain management was developed with the aim of demonstrating the importance of integrating key firm processes.
  28. Wal-Mart's Supply Chain and Merchandise Turn Issue
    This document talks about the history of the company and its competitive priorities, which are mainly based on the implementation of data analysis of IT advertising.
  29. Wal-Mart Stores' Transportation and Supply Chain Management
    Transportation management plays a significant role in Wal-Mart. The chain store is unique and has remained focused on the retail industry despite its massive growth over the years.
  30. Operations Strategy and Management in Organizations
    Operations management are management processes that generate good and/or provide repair, it implements the policies and everyday jobs needed to get together an organization.
  31. Retail Marketing Effects on Global Events
    Retail marketing has over the past few years increase significantly as firms fight for survival and growth within there respective industries.
  32. Nortel Networks Corporation's Operational Issues
    The case study is about the Nortel Networks Corporation regarding its operational issues overseas and how the company has utilised its various marketing strategies.
  33. Wal-Mart’s Global Success
    The success of the company is based on its business practices and approaches that favor the customers and promote efficiency and cooperation.
  34. Six Sigma Quality in Operations and Supply Chain
    Six Sigma is one of the approaches that aim to develop organizational processes through defining and eliminating defects and errors and reducing cycle times.
  35. Sustainability in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    The link between production and distribution systems is important in terms of the possibility to improve the supply chain and ensure sustainability for a particular enterprise.
  36. Systems, Applications, Products (SAP) Warehouse Management
    The most proficient company in the provision of warehouse management systems is SAP. The report gives a detailed warehouse management solution.
  37. Supply Chain Management in Technical Aspects
    This paper discusses the role of technology in logistics, the meaning of the terms "data" and "information" in the field, global standards in connection with the production.
  38. Enterprise Resource Planning for Supply Chain Resource Management
    The functionality of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system largely determines the performance of the organization.
  39. Global Supply Chains and Analytical Frameworks
    Analytical frameworks to supply chains are vital, and if they are well utilised, business establishments would reap more benefits than when they are not used.
  40. Supply Chain Management Changes and Leadership
    The paper tracks the changes that the supply chain has undergone over the past decade in order to demonstrate how the issue of change management has been addressed.

👍 Good Supply Chain Management Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Strategic Supply Chain Management Role in company
    To compete with rival companies or for value adding or altering its features and design,strategy of Supply Chain Management play very important role.
  2. Kellogg Company's Supply Chain Management
    This document attempts to discuss various elements required to assist in the effective management of Kellogg’s supply chain.
  3. Kellogg's Supply Chain Case Study
    This document attempts to discuss various elements required to assist in the effective management of Kellogg’s supply chain.
  4. Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Business
    Global logistics are dominated by seaborne trade because of the economies of scale involved. However, for certain products, Airfreight can become the medium of choice for transportation.
  5. Global Supply Chain Management Definition
    Global supply chain management is the advanced and globalize picture of the old traditional supply chain management.
  6. Risk Management in Construction Industry in the UK
    This paper studies risk management in the construction industry, as well as the benefits and limitations of risk management in the construction industry in the UK.
  7. Supply Chain Management and Business Success
    This report discusses Supply Chain Management paying particular interest in the role it can play in increasing the strategic position of a firm.
  8. Supply Chain Management to Streamline Operations
    Businesses have to keep on coming up with strategies that streamline their business operations and give them a competitive advantage over rival’s/competitors.
  9. Dell’s Supply Chain Structure
    Dell’s competitive advantage is its supply chain and it cannot afford to lose it. Dell also needs to invest in R&D towards products and improving productivity of supply chain.
  10. Supply Chain Management: Selecting Partners
    Supply chain management means managing a network of businesses connected to each other and engaged in producing and distributing the goods to the ultimate consumers.
  11. Toyota Motor Company's Supply Chain Management
    This paper considers the fundamentals of supply chain management and logistics and presents examples of Toyota Motor Company's supply chain management practices.
  12. Supply Chain Management: Main Steps
    There are five steps that can be followed while designing a supply chain network. These are: planning, sourcing, making, delivering and returning.
  13. Veeco Services Inc.: Supply Chain Management
    The problems and weaknesses of the market strategy has been explained and further recommendation put forward on how capacity can be increased in the supply chain.
  14. Primark Stores Limited’s Supply Chain Management
    The discussion involves an analysis of the role of supply chain management in the fashion retail sector. The analysis entails Primark Stores Limited as an example.
  15. Order Management in the Current Circumstances
    The more the companies produce goods and services, the more importance is gained by the order processing so that such aspect as order planning and scheduling are crucial.
  16. Logistics Management as an Indispensible Element of Any Economy
    Logistics and supply chain management are vital components of any economic or business process observed on the global scale.
  17. Cadbury and Coca-Cola Supply Chain Management
    Cadbury and Coca Cola were at odds with supply chain management and supply chain strategy, which did not prevent them from integrating their supply chain management strategies.
  18. Toyota and Ford: Supply Chain Management
    The contrasting approaches taken by each of Ford and Toyota in managing the supply chain indicates different areas of focus in business processes for both companies.
  19. Saudi Basic Industries: Low Software Quality
    The core problem of the research is to identify which software SABIC should use as it has low quality software globally.
  20. Unilever PLC.: Strategic Supply Chain Management
    Supply chain management defines the management of a network of businesses which are involved in the provision of products and services to end users.
  21. HP Company: DeskJet Printer Supply Chain
    The supply chain for the DeskJet is composed of the manufacturing site, network suppliers, the center of distribution or the D.C.S., the dealers as well as the customers.
  22. Tesco: Supply Chain Management Strategies
    Supply chain management allows all the Tesco in a supply chain to look beyond their own objectives to the objective of maximizing the final customer's satisfaction.
  23. Supply Chain Management and Technology Impact
    An efficient supply chain management does not merely confine to technology, but it relies on the course of action.
  24. Strategic Management. Casino Industry
    This paper seeks to analyze the possibility of improving the hospitality side of gaming sphere from the perspective of several aspects, such as political / legal, economic and others.
  25. Supply Chain Management: Key Factors
    The contemporary business environment has become so competitive that business enterprises have been forced to device new strategies in a bid to ensure their success in the market.
  26. Global Supply Chain and Business Issues
    This paper will discuss the issues that face organizations or firms that have extended their operations beyond the national level.
  27. Supply Chain Management and Logistics Metrics
    Business logistics depends upon effective controls and measurements. For control purposes, too, there is an overwhelming difference in usefulness between the two types of data.
  28. Purchasing and Strategic Supply Chain Management
    Supply chain management consists of all the activities involved in planning and management in regard to procurement and sourcing and logistics activities.
  29. Heavy Machinery: Supply Chain Management
    Heavy duty industries as well as the small businesses rely on supply of raw materials, machinery, spare parts and maintenance to successfully achieve their objectives.
  30. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management of the Coca-Cola Company
    The Coca-Cola Company, a multinational corporation, supply links have to be maintained in its operational countries to ensure that it accomplishes its production and supply targets.
  31. Procter and Gamble Company's Strategic Supply Chain Management
    The report analyzes how Procter and Gamble Company can integrate Gillette Company's strategic management issues into its supply chain strategy after taking over the firm.
  32. Strategic Supply Chain Management in Business
    The paper will be focused on the key challenges of the SCM, and analysis of the environmental and internal factors by the means of SWOT, PESTLE and KRALJIC analysis matrixes.
  33. History of Supply Chain Management
    The process in which good moves to become a usable product to the final consumers is referred to as a supply chain. This chain is dynamic in nature, it involves a constant flow of products.
  34. Supply Chain: Maximize, Manufacture, and Market
    To avoid additional and unnecessary costs and with the help of emerging technologies, firms strive harder towards quality assurance, control, and management.
  35. How Power Relations Affect Different Actors in Oil Supply Chain
    The oil supply chain has three main actors; the state, the firms, and the civil society. Each actor endeavors to maximize benefits through the use of the competitive advantage.
  36. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    The supply chain deals with the shipment of the products making transportation decisions essential. The managers define the process of allocating the product to different markets.
  37. Domino’s Case Study: Supply Chain and Competitive Advantage
    Domino’s supplies its stores with 240 products that range from the essential ingredients to the specific equipment.
  38. FMCG: Supply Chain Management Practices
    This research project is going to examine the key dimensions of supply chain management that can contribute to the development of FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) beverages.
  39. Walmart Supply Chain Management
    This Walmart research aims to examine a global retailer Walmart and evaluate the SCM practices it applies to deliver products to its stores.
  40. General Motors: Supply Chain Management
    Supply chain management has an immense influence on a company's performance in the market. GM case analysis speaks that supply chains must be managed with the professionalism.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Supply Chain Management Analysis

  1. Supply Chain Performance Management: Role and Importance
  2. Review on Reverse Logistics and Closed-Loop Supply Chain
  3. Social Media in Supply Chain Management
  4. Relationships in the Business Supply Chain
  5. Systems and Operations Management
  6. Microsoft Corporation: The Rise of a Major Company
  7. Dell Corporation Supply Chain Management
  8. The Coca-Cola Company: Operation Management
  9. IKEA: Company Analysis
  10. Walmart Supply Chain Case Study
  11. Multi-Agent Systems for Supply Chain Management
  12. Operations Management Process: TK Maxx
  13. Supply Chain and Procurement Management
  14. Vendor Selection in Supply Chain Management
  15. Supply Chain Management for We Are the Best Company
  16. Supply Chain Management: Zara and H&M
  17. Responsiveness Versus Efficiency in Supply Chain Management in Amazon
  18. Analysis of Supply Chain Management in Business
  19. Toyota Firm's Production and Operations Management
  20. Cost Cutting in Supply Chain Management
  21. An Analysis of H&M’s Operations Management
  22. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.: Management & Supply Chain
  23. Wal-Mart: Supply Chain Management
  24. Wal-Mart: Location Decisions & Supply Chain
  25. Integrated Supply Chain in Business
  26. Supply Chain Quality Management Course Reflection
  27. Quality and Supply Chain Management
  28. Zara Supply Chain Management
  29. Amazon.com Firm's Supply Chain Management
  30. DHL: Operations and Supply Chain Management
  31. The Coca-Cola Company's Supply Chain Management
  32. Wild Dog Coffee Company: Business Plan
  33. Jacobs Industries: Supply Chain Management
  34. Company Analysis: Walmart Inc.
  35. Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Management
  36. Big Data in Green Supply Chain Management: Future Opportunities and Recommendations
  37. McDonald’s Supply Chain Management
  38. Walmart Organization's Innovation Strategy and Practices

✍️ Supply Chain Management Analysis Essay Examples for College

  1. Burger King Company's Operations Management
  2. Tesla’s Supply Chain Management
  3. Apple Inc. Group: The Supply Chain and Investments in Vietnam
  4. Cost Reduction Strategy in Supply Chain Management
  5. Trends Impacting Today's Supply Chain Network and Management
  6. Tea and More Firm Resolving Complex Supply Chain Issues
  7. The Amazon Appraisal: Methodology and Amazon’s Approaches
  8. American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities' Infrastructure
  9. Amazon’s Effectiveness & Supply Chain Management
  10. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company's Operations Management
  11. The Coca-Cola Company's Enterprise Resource Planning System
  12. Chevron Corporation's Operations Management Analysis
  13. Hewlett Packard: Supply Chain Management
  14. Walmart Company's Supply Chain and Digital Transformation
  15. Supply Chain Management, Models, and Stages
  16. Supply Chain Evaluation Walmart China
  17. Impact of Information Technology on the Logistics and Transportation Industry
  18. Marketing, HR, and Financial Services in Supply Chain Management
  19. Operations Management in Business Organizations
  20. Apple's iPhone Supply Chain Mapping and Risk Assessment
  21. Apple Inc.'s Supply Chain Sustainability
  22. Contextual Application of IT in Walmart Business Operations
  23. Walmart: Transportation Strategy
  24. Intelligent Information System in E-Supply Chain Management Performance
  25. Operations Management for KFC. Case Study
  26. Big Data in Green Supply Chain Management
  27. Supply Chain Operation: Nike
  28. Nokia’s Supply Chain Management
  29. Strategic Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
  30. Supply Chain Risk Management Report
  31. IKEA Firm's Operations and Supply Chain Management
  32. Blossoms Boutique Retail Store's Operation Management Plan
  33. The Negative Impact of Corruption in Supply Chain Management
  34. Analysis of Supply Chain Risk Management
  35. Leopard Tools Company's Supply Chain Methods
  36. Best Practices in Risk Management for Global Supply Chains
  37. McDonald’s Corporation’s International Analysis

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