Info Call Center’s Services and Customer Perceptions

Research Proposal

How can Info Call change customer’s perceptions and their satisfaction towards the services it offers in order to expand its market share?

The main aim of conducting the research is to understand the customer perceptions towards the services offered by Info Call and how their perceptions can be changed in order to expand the market share of Info Call.

While analyzing the perception of the customer towards the products of the info centre, mainly three concepts such as their sacrifice, reward and expectations must be taken into consideration.

This research will require an extensive knowledge of the different marketing strategies such as the SWOT and PEST analysis. After collecting all necessary data, I will conduct internal as well as external analysis of the data so that a comprehensive picture can emerge. Primary Research will be effective and necessary for finding the current financial and managerial position of the company in the industry. Information relating to the operations and strategies of the enterprise together with the degree of customer acceptance is included in the primary research. For collecting primary data relating to the operations of the company in the industry and its effectiveness in profitability and market acceptance, a managerial questionnaire will be prepared.

This questionnaire is focused on operational and managerial data relating to the company. An investigation is conducted among the staff in order to collect internal operations of the company. From this, relevant information about financial position and internal marketing process techniques can be collected.

Secondary data collected for this research are mainly related to the existing business conditions in the industry. Internet sources are mainly used to collect secondary data. The major sources of data would include the company’s website, newspapers, business journals as well as other sources.

Anticipated difficulties

Time is one of the major constraints since the project has to be completed with in a short span of time. The major clients of the Info call are Banks, Airlines, Insurance and other major IT companies. So it will become difficult to approach them during their working hours. By interrupting them during their busy schedules, sometimes their responses might get corrupted.

The cost effectiveness of the expansion project will be appraised by using the Pay Back Period, ARR and DCF methods. This will help to get a clear overview of the financial viability of the project in terms of cost and profit. Motivational theories are also analyzed for getting better performance from the employees.

Executive Summary

This report investigates the profitability of diversifying the operations of Info Call Centre for meeting the changing perceptions of customers.

As the business firms in the call centre industry is faced with increasing competition, and have been struggling to survive, diversification in customer service seemed appealing to the perceptions of customers. Within the growing industry of call centre business, customer perceptions are much more important. As the majority of the customers are business firms, diversification should improve the business growth.

Having consulted the manager, the required diversification projects, the equipment, and the financial and human resources were chosen accordingly. The costs of operating the project for the first four years were calculated from the estimated cost figures obtained from managerial survey.

The financial appraisal of the investment with the methods of Pay Back Period, Average rate of return per annum, and net present value after four years exposed that the project should be financially viable and profitable for the business growth. The initial cost investment for the project is expected to be recouped within the first year of the commencement of the project. The rate of return on initial investment has been calculated to be 75.71% per annum. The net present value of the cash in flow on the project after four years has been calculated to be $38755.

Profits as well as cash flow from the investment on diversification project can therefore be predicted to be steady and consistently higher even though there will be factors of potential risks affecting the project like competition, economy inflation, and unpredictable customer behavior. Based on the financial appraisal of the project with three important and extremely reliable forecasting tools of PBP, ARR and DCF, it can hence be recommended that the Info Call can diversify their business operations.


Info Call centre is a leading contact centre outsourcing provider in Bahrain whose major operations include customer care, customer acquisitions, technical support, debt collection services and they are also increasingly concentrating on creating customer loyalty and value creation for the client firms. In the call centre industry customer perception and customer satisfaction play important role in determining the success of the business and also attract new customers towards it. Call centers are customer oriented business and they usually spend millions of dollars for training and maintaining high quality representatives. The outcome of call centre business is entirely based on the perception of the customers towards its product and services.

Perception means matching the purchase and consumption of the customers with their current request for service. In case of call centers, the customer perception can be viewed by satisfying the customer through processing the orders in time, by billing the inquiries in time, dealing with new applications and also by solving issues and queries of the customer more efficiently. Whenever the customer approaches a company they expect some reward of goods and services in return of their sacrifices of money. So the customer expectation has to be clearly identified so as to improve the services and also to expand the business share in order to match the expectations of the customers.

The research is aimed to assist the managers of Info call centre through achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Investigation on the business operations of Info call in the ground of current business conditions in Bahrain call centre industry will provide an overview of the opportunities in the market. Information regarding the ways to improve the services for achieving maximum customer satisfaction can be supplied through this research.

Well Done

Objectives of the study

This research is mainly focused on identifying the options for making the customers of Info Call centre to be satisfied with the call centre services provided by them. Following are other major objectives of this study.

  • Identify the motivational theory of Maslow in the business concept of Info call centre.
  • Identifying the environmental opportunities and threats by using the PEST analysis.
  • Identify the strength and weakness of Info call by using SWOT analysis.
  • Analyze the cash flow using the investment appraisal techniques such as PBP, ARR and DCF
  • Draw a conclusion from the opinion of customers and the mangers views collected through questionnaires.
  • Submitting a detailed report to the company’s manager with recommendations.


  • A questionnaire for the managers to answer will provide an insight of the current business operations of Info call and its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Financial costs and revenue for the expansion and diversification will be calculated on an estimate basis through primary research.
  • Pay Back, ARR and DCF methods will be used to analyze the cost effectiveness of the investment.
  • Other factors in the external environment affecting the business growth of Info Call will be assessed through PEST analysis.


Research Methodology

For identifying the potential opportunities in the business environment, data relating to the external as well as internal business conditions are collected and analyzed. For collecting primary data, interviews with the managerial personnel are planned with well prepared questionnaire. Secondary data from internet sources such as websites of Info Call Centre are also used. PEST analysis is applied to analyze the external environmental. The internal strengths and weaknesses of the company are analyzed through SWOT analysis technique. Direct information about the Info Call centre is collected from managers and customers of Info Call Centre. Separate questionnaires are prepared for each category.

Managers’ Questionnaire:

  1. What are the Obstacles you are facing with your clients?
  2. Who is your target customer?
  3. What differentiate Info call from its competitors?

Collection of data

Primary data relating to the operations of the company is collected from interview with managers through a managerial questionnaire. This questionnaire is focused on operational and managerial data relating to the firm. Customer satisfaction with the services of Info Call centre is collected from customers through collection of customer opinion through a questionnaire.

Secondary data collected for this research is mainly related to the existing business conditions in the industry. Internet sources are mainly used for this purpose. The major sources of data would include the company’s website, newspapers, business journals as well as other sources.


Motivational theory of Maslow is used for the research to identify the employee maintenance in the call centre industry. To get best performance from employees’ theoretical approach should be necessary. According to Maslow’ theory human behavior and needs are continuously changing. After completing the existing needs, the human beings will be looking for higher achievement. To reach the higher level needs, completion of lower level needs is necessary.

In the call centre industry employee participation is a major factor for business performance and growth. Adequate motivational force must be provided to the employees for getting the maximum result from them. In these research motivational forces adopted by Info Call for getting maximum result from the employees is deeply analyzed. The different types of motivational forces used in the company are also identified through this research. Call centre industry is a service based industry. Thus for ensuring perfect service to the customers, participation from the employees is necessary.

Attracting and sustaining of customers towards the business should require better servicing from the human resource personnel. The human resource talent is main success factor in the call centre industry. Employees are required to work with the requirements in the business firm. They may be work for overtime and night time. This will restrict their family life. They have to get more benefit from their service for getting satisfaction in their job. Without better satisfaction of employees’ personal needs no better result can be expected from them for a long term. Info call centre is applying this theory in their policy towards the employees.

To get the best performance from their employees, adequate motivational forces are applied such as incentives and higher wages for overtime and night time work. Better security is ensured in the business premises and this provides greater inspiration to the employees for supplying better service to the customers even in irregular time period. While taking major decisions relating to the employment, the opinion and suggestions of employees are well considered by the management. The time schedule for the employees are prepared by the group decision of employees and thus suitable time schedule can be selected by the employees themselves. No managerial pressure is imposed on employees in selecting the time schedule.

The theory of Herzberg on employment motivation should be based on environmental needs. The efficiency in working of employees is based on environment. A comfort able working environment is provided by Info call in its premises for its employees and it ensure better performance of their employees. Hygiene factors and good salaries are also ensured by the firm to the employees. Social cafes are arranged in the premises for getting relaxation in job. Better career opportunity is provided by the firm through development and promotional plans. In the call centre industry, the personal caring of employee by management through supply of food, snacks and coffee will motivate them. They will respond positively to this approach.

By recognizing this fact Info Call arranged all these in their premises freely to the workers. Exploitation of employees in call centre industry is a well recognized concept. Monotonous work nature and lack of job security are other problems in the call centre industry. While analyzing the case study of Info call centre we revealed that this is really fact. Inefficient workers should be dismissed from their job without any compensation. This will result in social security problems. The personal goals can be sacrificed for staying in the job. Hertzberg has the opinion that call centers are not providing any motivation to the employees even though the hygiene factors are well considered. The case study of Info call reveals that it is not true.

In the motivation theory of Mayo, we can see that productivity of workers can be improved through participation in the decision making process. In case of Info call for which the employee participation in decision making process is ensured supporting this concept. The performance of employees is well improved in the Info Call by considering their ideas and suggestions in the business operations.



Existing business environment of the industry is analyzed through PEST analysis. By identifying the political, economic, social and technological factors existing in the external business environment, it will be helpful for modifying a conclusion regarding the general trend in the industry. For supplying better consultancy services, the changing requirements of customers in the new business environment have to be identified properly. PEST analysis is adopted for this study in order to find out the current status of the external environment of the enterprise. SWOT analysis is used to analyze the current status of the company in the industry and its challenges and opportunities.

PEST Analysis

Political factors

Threats: The attitude of the government towards the call centre industry is favorable for new firms to enter in the market. This results in strengthening of competitiveness in the industry. Due to this Info Call centre wants to share their service market with other firms.

Opportunities: Support of government to firms in the call centre industry in Bahrain is advantage able for Info call also. They can expand and diversify their market with the financial and technical support from the government.

Economic Environment

Threats: Inflation in the Bahrain economy will affect the call centre industry also. This may lead to financial problems in operation of Info call centre. The inflation forces in the environment will result in increasing the business costs. Increasing the service cost with the increase in the business cost is not suitable for the call centre industry.

Opportunities: Strict government regulations for controlling the economy provide opportunity for firms in the call centre industry to maintain their business growth on a constant basis. International financial corporations have operations in the country. This will be helpful for business growth of the Info Call centre in the financial and telecommunication service sector, which in turn, will promote the growth of the call centre business in the country.

Social conditions

Threats: Existing social conditions in Bahrain is not ensuring adequate human resource personnel in the call centre industry. Employees in call centre industry need standardized educational qualifications with proper communication skills. In the present social conditions, the communication skills of local people are not sufficient for working in the call centre industry. Thus most of the firms in the industry adopt foreigners for their business. This leads to increased labor cost requirements.

Opportunities: Government has taken steps to provide adequate education and training to the employment candidates in the country. Developments of necessary skills of students are ensured by government for exploiting the job opportunities in the call centre industry.

This provides an opportunity for the Info Call to attain local labor force at reduced cost.

Technological conditions

Threats: Innovation of new technologies in the communication field helps business firms to carry out their communication process with speed and accuracy. Thus for small scale firms the need for outsourcing of customer services to call centre firms is reduced. This will affect the growth of call centre industry.

Opportunities: Adoption of innovative technology in business transaction provides better improvement in the services of call centre firms. Investment in information technology is highly increased in the country. It ensures development of the technological environment of the country and this will promote the call centre business also.

The PEST analysis reveals that the existing business condition in the call centre industry in Bahrain held with opportunity for development of the firms in terms of profitability and market growth. The changing attitude of the government is sufficient for overcoming the threats existing in the industry. Thus Info call can ensure a profitable market growth in the Bahrain call centre industry through expansion and diversification.

SWOT Analysis


From the primary data, the following strengths of the company are identified. Info Call is the first call centre in Bahrain and it has long experience in contact center industry. These factors act as competitive advantage of the company in the industry. Agents of Info Call are able to provide call center services in four languages of Arabic, English, Tagalo and Hindi. This is also a competing strength of the company. Rendering of flexible, adaptable and effective service oriented solution to the clients ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Info Call starts their business relation with their clients through personal, email or phone get together. By collecting all the information relating to the clients, proper research will be carried out by them. Through this research a correct message will be developed intimating the features of the client.


As a newly established company, the management of the company is not well acquainted with the correct business strategies and operations. Their call center/contact center is a new business in the market. Thus customers are not well informed of the possibilities of services of the Info Call for their business operations. It will be challenging to Info Call to inform the client firms about the benefits of using their outsourcing services. The publicity budgets of the company are not enough for meeting these huge financial requirements. Development of efficient staff personnel adequate training should be provided and this will increase the financial expenses.

In this industry, customer service is not important and most of the clients are offending or conservative in nature and they are reluctant to expose the details of their firms to the call centre service firms. Most of the clients of the enterprise are locally centered and the scope for expanding the business is restricted. Financial sources of the company are mainly derived from debts and liabilities and thus financial liability of the company is more than industry standard. It will restrict the chances of company to enter in risky projects. Lack of proper premises is another weakness that affects the operations of the business badly.


The targeted customer groups of Info Call include Banks, Airlines, Insurance, Support services, Restaurants, IT and Telecom industries. Importance of customer care services in these industries is increasing at a higher level and it provides greater opportunity to the business growth of Info Call centre. They have opportunity for expanding the business operations in more sectors of the industry. The utility of call center services are now getting more publicity among different industries. The present business environment is highly related to the customer perception and for this better customer satisfaction is necessary. More and more industries are identifying this and trying to make their customer service more standardized through adopting the services of call centre business firms.


Lack of reliability among the industry: For ensuring effective message services, all the information relating to the client firm is necessary for the Info Call. This creates problems relating to exploring the business strategies of client firms to the outsiders. Thus for getting customer acceptance, Info Call wants to create a goodwill in the industry in terms of reliability and effectiveness. Clients feel that giving their information/data to a third party is sensitive and confidential, and must always remain inside the company. Thus they want to get the call centre services within the client’s premises itself. It will be restrictive to the normal business operations of the company. Competitors, staff turnover and system stability are other threats for the business operations.


Analysis of financial findings

Major financial sources of the Info Call centre are outside liabilities and debts. The external financial sourcing affects negatively to the profitable business operation of the company. By employing more outside debt, the company ensures maximum cost of capital on its funds. Thus the internal investors of the company are relaxing from financial risk. The reliability on external funds restricts investment in profitable risky operations. Hence for operating freely, the ratio of internal funds in the total finance of the company should be raised. For ensuring standardized services in the field of customer care and technical support to the clients, adequate investment in human resource development and technological improvement is necessary.

Thus the investment of the company in these sectors has to be increased by using funds from internal sources. For creating customer loyalty among the competitors, adequate promotional measures have to be adopted by the company. In the competitive industry of Call centre service, clients always prefer valuable services at the normal cost. So Info Call wants to ensure cost effectiveness in its service operations to the client firms. The work force employed in Info Call is not efficient and effective in controlling the cost of business operations. Thus appropriate cost control measures such as Six Sigma; total quality management etc should be adopted by the company for ensuring cost effectiveness in operations.

The real financial conditions of the business can be identified from evaluation of financial data is essential. For expanding the business operations with improved quality investment on personnel and infrastructure resources is required by Info Call. The required cost and revenue for the new project has to be analyzed through investment appraisal techniques such as Pay back period, ARR, and DCF. This will be helpful for deriving a conclusion about the profitability and rate of return on the investment.

Estimated revenue

Analysis of Pay-Back period

In this project pay back occurs within the first year, after 8 months and 14days.


From this PBP analysis, it is derived that the pay back on investment in this project is occurring in the first year itself. Better return on investment is also expected on this project. Even though there is a higher initial cost for the business, it can be retaliated from the excess cash inflow. Early cash inflow from the project ensures proper financial soundness in the business operations.

ARR Analysis

By finding out the Average rate of return on investment, the net profit on the project per year can be identified on a percentage basis.

ARR = Average annual cash flow/ initial outlay * 100 = 6057 / 8000 * 100 = 75.71 %.

The average rate of return on investment per year would be 75.71%.


The ARR of 75.71% on investment is ensuring higher turnover on investment on a regular basis. Thus the investment project can be adopted.

DCF analysis

Discounted cash flow statement is appropriate for evaluating the present value of future returns.

Here the discount factors for the first four years are 1, 1.0375, 1.0764, 1.1168 and 1.1587 respectively.

Year Net cash flow Discount factor Present value

0 (1570) 1 (1570)

1 4200 1.0375 4048

2 8500 1.0764 7897

3 13100 1.1168 11723

4 19300 1.1587 16657

Total net present value 38755


The total net present value of the project is $ 38755. The initial cost of $8000 will produce total inflow of $ 38755. The present value of total rate of return on the project is adequate for ensuring financial growth of the Info Call centre business.

Conclusion on financial analysis

Calculated pay back period for the project is approximately one year only and when considering the industrial rate, it is very earlier. Thus the financial soundness of the project is clear and reliable for the business. From the ARR analysis it is derived that an average return of 75.71% can be ensured on this project. When comparing the existing rate of return on the investment, this is greater. The present value analysis is also supportive for the new project as it ensures total net present value of $ 38755 on initial investment of $ 8000. Thus it can be concluded that the investment for expansion and diversification of the business should be effective for providing adequate business growth and financial strength for the Info Call Centre.


The research on customer perceptions on Info call centre business reveals that there are opportunity for expansion and diversification of the business in the call centre industry. Customers are expecting to get accurate and reliable services with appropriate quality.

Innovative technology in the call centre industry will be supportive for developing and modifying the business operations of Info call centre. Analysis of internal strength and weaknesses of the company reveals that as the first one in the industry, Info Call is occupying competitive strength in operations and customer acceptance. But lack of long term experience in the industry, and the fact that its managerial personnel are not well acquainted with innovative ideas in the business restrict adoption of diversification in the operations of the company. The call centre industry is in the introductory stage of its lifecycle. It provides both opportunity and threats to the firms in the industry. Most of the targeted customers of Info Call are ignorant about the applicability of services of Info Call for strengthening their customer care service.

Thus financial investment is required in higher level to inform the customer about the utility of the services through adequate promotional measures. Due to the importance of customer care services in the present business scenario, Info Call centre has bright opportunity in expanding the business in diversified fields. Due to the employment of more external debts and liabilities in the funding, financial condition of Info Call Centre is not in a satisfactory level. Thus modified financial strategy has to be adopted for ensuring efficient fund management.

The managerial questionnaire was highly useful for this research as it provide necessary details about the internal strength and weakness of the Info Call in the industry. The motivational strategy of Info call is well identified from this questionnaire.

Well done ☺


Customer perception in the services of Info Call Centre can be ensured with improvement in the services through modified technology and better trained staff personnel. The company required to modify its service plans in a cost effective manner. Promotional measures have to be adopted for informing the clients about the need of outsourcing of customer care services in the present business conditions. Adequate finance must be ensured for modification of business while preparing the budget. The services can be improved through supply of sufficient training and talent development opportunity to the employees.

Motivation must be given to the staff personnel, through self development opportunity, incentives and additional financial benefits. Adoption of innovative technology for carrying out the operations will enhance the speed and accuracy in customer care services. The motivational forces must be capable of achieving self satisfaction to the employees. Target can be fixed for providing incentives to the employees and this will motivate them to attain the target for their personal benefit.

Through rendering standardized, reliable services on a regular manner, trustworthiness should be developed by Info Call among the customers in the call centre industry. This will help to attract and sustain the customers for a long term. Competitiveness can be achieved in the industry through economy in operations. The services must be rendered in a cost effective manner. Financial expenditure has to be performed under the scrutiny of an efficient financial management team. Proper financial plan should be prepared by taking into account the financial needs and objectives of the company. Quarterly financial checking has to be carried out in the organization for identifying the status of the company in financial terms.

Well Done☺


The customer survey and interview with managers is considered as an accurate way of data collection by researchers. Thus the method of data collection is a well accepted and the information from analysis of the data can be considered as accurate and reliable. Lack of adequate and reliable data relating to the business operations of Info call badly influenced the research process negatively. There is no external relevant data source available for the research such as website on the Info call business operations and thus I have to take the data from managerial survey as a major source of information for the identification of internal strength and weakness of Info call. It suffers certain limitations. The staff personnel may provide fraud information relating to the business operations due to their prestige issue. The data collection on different areas of the research required much time and cost resource.

In this research I have only limited time and finance. Thus I have to complete the research within the minimum time and this would affect the research process. Within the available time and finance available, an elaborate research is not possible. For getting a general conclusion on call centre industry other major firms in the industry also have to be analyzed deeply. I think, through the analysis of operations of other firms in the industry a comparative study can be conducted. This will provide more accurate data on the operations and employees motivation of Info Call comparative to other firms.

Well Done ☺


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Analysis of answers from the manger

There are many methods by which a study can be conducted to gather primary data. If the population that has to be studied is quite small it can be included in its entirety. For example, if the study is about the eating habits in one particular school or college, it is possible to ask each of the students about their habits by using a questionnaire. Even if the population is large, a complete survey about the entire population is possible if enough time and finance is available. An example would be the survey conducted by governments to gather demographic data about the population. Such surveys are referred to as census. But in most cases, only a sample of the population is taken for study. “Usually, the population is too large for the researcher to attempt to survey all of its members. A small, but carefully chosen sample can be used to represent the population. The sample reflects the characteristics of the population from which it is drawn.” (Sampling Methods). There are many types of sampling which can be used in a study namely random sampling, systematic sampling, stratified (and random) sampling, convenience sampling, judgment sampling and quota sampling. The method used in this study with regard to survey of customers is stratified random sampling. This is a “method of sampling, which involves the division of a population into smaller groups, known as strata. In stratified random sampling, the strata are formed based on their members sharing a specific attribute or characteristic.” (Stratified Random Sampling). In the case of managers, a simple interview was resorted to since enough relevant information can be obtained.


11.1 Figure 1 Excerpt from the survey conducted on the customers perceptions in October 17, 2008.

A questionnaire was constructed by me to find out extend and the nature of customer perceptions in the call centre industry.

Using a stratified random sample, only customers in the call centre industry of Bahrain is taken into consideration in this research. Out of the total customers, 20 numbers of customers were selected on random sampling basis.

Only questions important for this project design are shown in this excerpt.

Pro Forma Questionnaire

  • The age group of individual customers
    • 21 – 30
    • 31 – 40
    • 41- 50
    • 51 – 60
    • >60
  • Main profession:
    • Banking
    • Private sector
    • Public sector
    • Others
  • Do you well informed about the services of Info Call Centre?
    • Yes
    • I am not informed about all their operations
    • No, I don’t know anything about the services of Info Call centre
  • Would you be interested in call centre services of Info Call
    • Yes
    • No
    • If No, Why not?
  • Higher cost for services
    • Risks of exposure of business strategies
    • No need for external services
    • Other (Please specify)———————————-


Profession Age Well-informed Interested Reasons for Disinterest
Banking 31 – 40 Partially Yes
Banking 41- 50 Yes Yes
Public sector 51- 60 Partially No Higher cost for service
Private sector 21 – 30 Partially No Risks of exposure
Banking 31- 40 No Yes
Others 21- 30 No Yes
Banking 51 – 60 Partially No Others
Private sector > 60 No Yes
Private sector 31- 40 Yes Yes
Public sector 21- 30 Yes No Risks of exposure
Others >60 No Yes
Others 51 – 60 Yes Yes
Private sector 41 – 50 Partially No No need for external service
Banking 21- 30 No Yes
Banking 51- 60 Yes No Risks of exposure
Others 21- 30 Partially Yes
Private sector 41 – 50 Yes Yes
Public sector 31- 40 Yes Yes
Banking 51 – 60 Partially No Risks of exposure
Others > 60 No Yes
Others 31 – 40 No Yes
Banking 31 – 40 Yes Yes
Public sector 51- 60 Yes No Higher cost
Private sector 41- 50 No Yes
Banking 41- 50 Yes Yes
Others 31-40 Partially No No need for external service
Banking 21- 30 No Yes
Private sector 51-60 No Yes
Private sector 41-50 Yes No Higher cost
Public sector 41-50 Partially Yes
Others 21-30 No No Others
Others >60 No Yes
Private sector 41-50 No Yes
Banking 31-40 Partially Yes
Banking 51-60 No Yes
Others 31-40 Yes No Risks of exposure
Private sector 21-30 No Yes
Public sector 51-60 No Yes
Banking 31-40 partially Yes

Results (Graphical)

Interests in services of Info Call centre

  • Interested (14) 70 %.
  • Not Interested (6) 30 %.
Interests in services of Info Call centre
Figure 1. Interests in services of Info Call centre.

Reasons for no interest

  • Risks of exposure (8) 45 %.
  • Higher costs (4) 20 %.
  • No need for external service (5) 25 %.
  • Others (3) 15 %.
Reasons for no interest
Figure 2. Reasons for no interest.

Customers interested


  • Banking 77 %.
  • Private sector 66 %.
  • Public sector 50%.
  • Others, 70%.
Level of interest
Figure 3. Level of interest.

Information about the Info call centre

  • Well Informed (6) 30%.
  • Only partial information (5) 25%.
  • Not at all (9) 45%.
Information about the Info call centre
Figure 4. Information about the Info call centre.

Customers not interested


  • Banking 23%.
  • Public sector 50%.
  • Private sector 33%.
  • Others 30%.
Level of disinterest
Figure 5. Level of disinterest.

Company Nationality:

Company Nationality
Company Nationality Frequency Percentage
Local 8 40
Asia 2 10
Europe 3 15
USA 4 20
Gulf (Other regions) 3 15
Total 20 100
Company Nationality
Figure 6. Company Nationality.

Age Group:

The Age group to which they belong
Age group Frequency Percentage
<21 0 0
21-30 6 30
31-40 10 50
41-50 2 20
51-60 2 20
>60 0 0
Total 20 100
Age Group
Figure 7. Age Group.

Profession-wise classification

Main Profession
Profession Frequency Percentage
Banking 8 40
Private sector 4 20
Public sector 6 30
Other 2 10
Total 20 100
Main Profession
Figure 8. Main Profession.

Income classification

Average Annual Income
Annual Income Frequency Percentage
50,000 – 200,000 2 10
200,000 – 400,000 6 30
400,000 – 600,000 4 20
600,000 – 800,000 5 25
8000,000 – 1,000,000 2 10
More than 1,000,000 1 5
Total 20 100
Average Annual Income
Figure 9. Average Annual Income.

Period of using Info Call services

Period of using the services of Info Call
Period Frequency Percentage
one week 0 0
1 month 5 25
6 months 5 25
1 year 10 50
2 years 0 0
Total 20 100
Period of using the services of Info Call
Figure 10. Period of using the services of Info Call.

Services provided by Info Call

Services provided by Info Call
Services Frequency Percentage
Inbound 2 10
Outbound 4 20
Inbound and outbound 14 70
Total 20 100
Services provided by Info Call
Figure 11. Services provided by Info Call.

Service rating by customers

Rate the price of the service rended
Rating Frequency Percentage
Low priced 1 5
Reasonably priced 6 30
Expensive 8 40
Very expensive 5 25
Total 20 100
Rate the price of the service rended
Figure 12. Rate the price of the service rended.

Classification of charges

Charge Frequency Percentage
Per call 8 40
Per agent 6 30
Per hour 6 30
Other 0 0
Total 20 100
Charge of infocall
Figure 13. Charge of infocall.


Response Frequency Percentage
Yes 8 40
No 12 60
Total 20 100
Figure 14. Response.
How did you find out about Info Call?
Response Frequency Percentage
Television 3 15
Internet 0 0
Recommendation/ friends 2 10
Billboards 0 0
Direct Mailing 0 0
Personal selling 15 75
Other 0 0
Total 20 100
Response abou Infocall
Figure 15. Response abou Infocall.

Frequency of services used

Response Frequency Percentage
Daily 2 10
Weekly 5 25
Monthly 10 50
Annually 3 15
Total 20 100
Frequency of use Infocall services
Figure 16. Frequency of use Infocall services.

Type of Call

Type of call Frequency Percentage
Within the country 5 25
Abroad 10 50
Both 5 25
Total 20 100
Type of Calls
Figure 17. Type of Calls.

Time taken to answer calls

Time taken Frequency Percentage
2-3 sec 2 10
5-10 sec 5 25
15-30 sec 8 40
30-60 sec 4 20
more than 1 min 1 5
Total 20 100
Time taken to answer calls
Figure 18. Time taken to answer calls.

Wait hold time

Wait hold time Frequency Percentage
10 – 20 seconds 5 25
21 – 40 seconds 10 50
41 – 60 seconds 3 15
more than 1 minute 2 10
Total 20 100
Wait hold time
Figure 19. Wait hold time.

Time taken to correct errors and faults

Response Frequency Percentage
The same day 5 25
Within a week 12 60
A month 2 10
Longer 1 5
Total 20 100
Time taken to correct errors and faults
Figure 20. Time taken to correct errors and faults.

Amount spent (monthly) at Info Call

Response Frequency Percentage
500 – 5,000 dinars 4 20
5,000 – 10,000 dinars 10 50
10,000 – 15,000 dinars 4 20
More than 15,000 dinars 2 10
Total 20 100
Amount spent (monthly) at Info Call
Figure 21. Amount spent (monthly) at Info Call.

As statistics from the customer survey of a total 20 customers, it revealed the following results:

From both the analysis it can be concluded that the company is on the right path to profitability and growth. The main factors that have to be corrected are high internal costs which cannot be matched by its current cash flows and the staff turnover. The number of customers will have to be increased since the present ones feel that charges are on the high side. Revenue increase is only possible with addition of new customers. On the whole, Info Call is a well managed company that can look at a long time growth if the above mentioned problems can be rectified.

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