Marketing Research of Famous Business Companies

Interesting about the research conducted in the articles

As evident in the article, “Science Tries to Blow a Bigger Bubble”, researchers inflate findings for their benefit. However, the “American Chiche Company” is planning to keep its findings private to avoid scrutiny. The issue incorporates natural phenomena like chewing, which is complicated since it involves various scientific studies yet the resultant facts are disproportionate. The research highlights its objectives and shuns factors that may influence the marketplace.

The article, “its Goo, Goo, Goo, Goo Vibrations at the Gerber Lab”, is interesting since the study is conducted amongst children who are the consumers yet the guardians and parents purchase the company’s products for them. The decision illustrating the product choice is dependent on parents just like the case of pet owners.

In the “Rivals Take the Gloves Off as Taste-Test Wars Heat up”, two businesses are confronting each other based on “Papa John’s pizza” advert. Competition has magnified concepts; however, consumers should determine what is best. Indeed, the advertisers make declarations thus assuming a higher ground. The company relies on “taste-testing” to determine its supremacy in the market. Thus, it is interesting that companies are using test methods that fail to dispute their performance standards to claim supremacy.

The research, “Is their junk in your trunk right now”, shows that people lie instead of exuding genuineness about the research questions. The company is conducting market scrutiny yet they doubt research since it may fail to obtain information from consumers.

The marketing research the most enjoyable to read

The most enjoyable article is “Is there junk in your trunk right now?” The article focuses on definite objectives yet this is not tenable. Indeed, the researcher has to write a book about what she discovers when researching on junks in purses and vehicles. Indeed, the parameters whilst conducting the research were subjective, upon comparison to the unexpected outcomes from consumers. It was pleasing to read since complex findings were unraveled from a related study’s conclusion thus complicating the research. Consequently, definite hypotheses are to be developed when conducting market research to minimize confusion.

Data collection and adjusting the products based on the marketing research

The data collected in “Science Tries to Blow a Bigger Bubble” aid companies in understanding their customers’ preferences. This research informed companies that geographic preferences influence the chewing gum markets. From the research, Europeans preferred strawberry flavor while the Mexicans choose chili taste for chewing gums. Using the information gathered, chewing gum companies will formulate decisions basing on data obtained from previous research.

The company can monitor its relevancy in the market when observing the exact happenings in their target areas using information from research. Bubble Gum Company will use different samples in the future when researching to avoid relying on the available information, which might be misleading. The company can identify what is expected of them when developing products in the market. Entities adjust their products based on this type of research to make their strategies function as planned.

They may also use data from previous research to guide their present analysis. Indeed, the entity can notice a consistency in the markets for chewing gum products from the research data obtained. The data collected can be related to already known facts when analyzing and forecasting the market.

In “it’s Goo, Goo, Goo, Goo Vibrations at the Gerber Lab”, companies benefited from understanding their customers, their needs, and approaches that can meet their interests. The findings made it simpler for companies to identify their competitors within a given market. Researchers identified that challenges affecting food production companies are similar in all the manufacturing industries. Using research information, Gerber could make alterations in correcting their initial mistakes in the production of baby foods. The data collectors acknowledged the exact needs of the children; however, they could not influence the market without involving their parents. One variable is dependent on the other meaning the research cannot be conducted separately.

Using “Rivals Take the Gloves Off as Taste-Test Wars Heat Up”, the management learns that consumers place worth on all the components and elements before choosing the best. Competitors can use strategies to divert attention from the perennial leaders in an industry. This is evident in the Pizza Hut instance through advertisement. The research concludes that value is a subjective component among individuals; thus, companies should strive to meet people’s needs thus attain growth. The data collected guides in preventing future sampling errors.

The company can identify the critical needs of consumers neglected when designing products using the report, “Is There Junk in Your Trunk Right Now?” The company will employ various approaches to address the requirements of the market as opposed to initially concentrating on a sole perception like using a product’s size. Research data-guided McDonald’s in setting up strategies that minimize losses within markets.

From this research, it is asserted that consumers use their products for purposes other than what the manufacturer intended for use. Companies adjusted their products based on this research by emphasizing the market’s needs. The data gathered from previous researches lead to experimentation on aspects the entity thinks to correlate with market demands. However, data from previous research can mislead a company in making decisions when not carefully analyzed.

Potential problems with the collected data

The potential problem in “Science Tries to Blow a Bigger Bubble” is that the samples used can be selective when they are based on the expected outcomes for the research. Findings obtained can misguide companies whilst initiating decisions. The chewing gum test overlooked real-life situations inside the laboratory. Furthermore, the distortion of facts in research is evident since respondents are dishonest when issuing information. Restricting the time of data gathering hinders the collection of realistic data on the ground. The research should be conducted in different environments to establish the factors that may influence customer preference for chewing gum.

The problem associated with” It’s Goo, Goo, Goo, Goo Vibrations at the Gerber Lab”, is the expensive nature of research due to the shifting demands for the entity’s products. This research encounters a problem when measuring the satisfaction level of kids since their taste is largely dependent on their parent’s decisions. A wide scope analysis is needed when examining the responses.

“Is There Junk in Your Trunk Right Now?” may cause challenges, since the data obtained, is representing specific individual interests. There is a likelihood of distorting information since respondents are conservative especially with information on their private lifestyle. The information collected may become obsolete when companies implement change based on the dynamics of human needs and want. A potential predicament arises when these researchers focus on their ideas and shun competitors. As such, companies adjust their products based on their research.

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