73 Customer Perception Analysis : Key Metrics & Essay Examples

Nowadays, many companies are consumer-centric, and they know how vital it is to consider customer perception. No matter how a company thinks of itself, the public has the final word. As a result, firms that create a positive image in their audience’s minds have an advantage. Let’s dig into customer perception analysis metrics and discover some excellent examples!

🔝 Top-10 Examples of Customer Perception Analysis

  1. Car Mechanical Services Industry Customer Satisfaction
  2. Islamic Banks in UAE: Service Quality and Customers Satisfaction
  3. Customer Expectations and Service Quality Model
  4. Spotify Brand Reputation: Consumer Perception & Online Branding
  5. Emirates Marketing Strategy and Success Factors
  6. Leadership in the Hotel Industry
  7. How Does Social Media Influence Sports Brands Marketing?
  8. Customer Satisfaction on Airline Services
  9. CYC Company's Marketing Mix Management
  10. Apple Inc.'s iPhone 4 Product and Customer Values

👀 What Is Customer Perception?

The definition of customer perception is as follows: it is the clients’ beliefs and feelings about the product or service based on their experience and expectations. Most of the time, we create an idea about a brand before interacting with it. It happens because various factors, including social media advertisements, customer reviews, and personal values, influence our opinion.

Customer perception is subjective since each client has a unique experience. Yet, it significantly affects sales and the company’s success. Also, this concept is crucial for increasing buyer retention, loyalty, brand recognition, and reputation.

Why Is Customer Perception Important?

Customer perception’s importance lies in its influence on company growth, reputation, and success. Buyers’ positive opinions of the company can increase customer loyalty and business profitability. At the same time, poor customer attitudes can hurt the brand’s reputation and turn off existing and potential clients. Consequently, companies should monitor how they are represented in all communications to promote positive customer opinions of the brand.

📊 Customer Perception Analysis & Metrics

Companies apply customer perception analysis to understand the expectations and preferences of their consumers. The approach also aids in building trust between the business and its clients and driving key metrics such as conversions and sales. As a result, the firm will gain a good reputation and positive word of mouth.

The customer perception analysis framework includes several steps:

  1. Monitor customers. You should research customers’ perceptions to know how to influence them. This information also will be beneficial to neutralize negative opinions about your brand and amplify positive ones.
  2. Analyze interactions. It is crucial to examine every point of interaction between your brand and your customers, from phone conversations to experiences at the website. Analyzing touchpoints will help identify gaps in communication and reveal opportunities for conveying the brand value to customers.
  3. Create a strategy. Consider how to improve messaging to become better in the customers’ eyes. Developing an actionable plan is vital for achieving the desired customer perception.
  4. Find connection. Customers appreciate businesses willing to interact with them, for example, on social media. So, the desired level of openness will increase the company’s chances for success.

Customer Perception Metrics

Although customer perception is an abstract idea, companies can evaluate it using specific indicators. There are several methods to measure customer perception:

  • Customer reviews. Consumer feedback is crucial in learning how people see the company.
  • Social media. Comments on Facebook or Instagram might reveal what to change or improve.
  • Sentiment research. Knowing clients’ feelings will help determine how customers perceive the company and understand better how to fulfill their needs.
  • Personal information. As every customer is unique, personalized communication can help meet different consumer needs more effectively. Gather information on the desires and interests of the individuals and use it to provide them with better service.
  • Marketing data. Marketing information, such as click rates, can help shape a favorable customer perception and understand the issues that discourage clients from buying.

🖥️ Customer Perception Example

We have prepared a customer perception example of a coffee shop. This business can make a positive impression on its clients by focusing on the following factors:

  1. Service speed. Providing services as quickly as possible is essential to save customers’ time and serve many visitors.
  2. Seat availability. The availability of seats, clean space, and a pleasant atmosphere will positively affect how customers perceive the company.
  3. Staff size and attitudes. A coffee shop should have enough staff to serve customers quickly and avoid long queues. Furthermore, employees should be kind and courteous, give clients warm reception, and make them feel at home.
  4. Prices. The prices should correspond to the quality of services and products the shop provides.
  5. Product availability. If a coffee shop has consistent product availability, customers can visit it, knowing that their buying needs will always be fulfilled. On the other hand, if the business often lacks particular products, it may lead to decreased sales and lower customer loyalty.

📝 Customer Perception Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Total Quality Management: Employee Responsibilities
    The case discusses quality management department, management responsibilities, human resource management, the sales and marketing department, and the financial department.
  2. Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre
    The researcher seeks to discuss principles, theories, and practices that the Ritz-Carlton Hotel should embrace to achieve success in the Dubai market.
  3. Total Quality Management in Aviation Operations
    The following paper aims at determining the applicability of TQM to aviation operation management field. This is done in the form of secondary research of available literature on the subject.
  4. Tesla's Total Quality Management Principles
    Total Quality Management has often been described as a management approach that targets customer satisfaction as the primary way to attaining long-term success.
  5. Customer Satisfaction in the Hospitality Industry
    In the article key issues were discussed with regards to how managers are dealing with employment problems. One of the major concerns is how to recruit the right personnel.
  6. Ashley’s Home Supply IT Strategic Plan
    The paper overviews the Ashley’s Home Supply Company, current situation in terms of technology and security and presents SWOT analysis for the business venture.
  7. Determining Customer Satisfaction: Delivery Services
    Latest empirical researches in service industry have conclusively established that there is direct link between customer satisfaction and quality of service being offered.
  8. Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction
    Consumers' objective is to purchase high-quality and long-lasting products and services. The change in consumption behaviour challenged firms in different economic sectors.
  9. Sustainability in the Dutch Sneakers Industry: Adidas and Nike
    This study will identify consumer perception barriers of green purchasing behavior and examines the effect of these barriers towards corporate social responsibility practices.
  10. The Case of the Adidas and Nike Sneakers Market
    This study will identify consumer perception barriers of green purchasing behavior and examines the effect of these barriers towards CSR practices.
  11. Customer Management in Car Mechanical Services Industry
    This review investigates the impact of customer satisfaction and customer relationship management on the decisions of customers in the car mechanical service industry.
  12. Apple Customer Behavior Analysis
    Looking for an Apple consumer behavior case study? 📲 Read this paper to figure out why everyone loves Apple so much. 🍏 We offer to analyze Apple consumer behavior which is a complex process that goes beyond simply buying products. 🎁
  13. Adult Soft Drinks Market in the UK
    The soft drinks market in the UK has been growing fast over the past years. Beverage companies are moving away from alcoholic drinks to curve niche in soft drinks markets.
  14. Business Intelligence in Decision Making
    It is important to understand the main stages of decision-making process for customers when planning to purchase an item.
  15. Wendy’s Fast Food Restaurant: Marketing Research
    Wendy’s is an international chain of fast-food restaurants which operated in the US and in the international markets under the brand name of Wendy’s.
  16. Apple Inc.'s Products and Customer Dissatisfaction
    Apple exists under constant pressure. It has to meet extremely high expectations people have and regularly do something to be better than its competitors.
  17. Customer Value, Satisfaction, and Loyalty
    The fact of customer value’s effect on loyalty through customer satisfaction provides opportunities for companies to improve their product or service quality.
  18. Verbal Communication Skills in Customer Service
    How important is verbal communication in customer service? 🗣️ Customer care skills fall under customer relationship management policy. 🎧 It includes the collection, analysis, and translation of essential customer information. ✅
  19. Info Call Center’s Services and Customer Perceptions
    This report investigates the profitability of diversifying the operations of Info Call Centre for meeting the changing perceptions of customers.
  20. Starbucks Case Study: Strategic Management
    Researching Starbucks strategic management? This paper sample can answer your questions ✅. The Giant coffee retailer, roaster and specialty of coffee ☕️, has not been spared of the slackening of businesses as witnessed by the company’s financial report
  21. Google: Strategic Management Case
    Google offered advertising solutions, international internet search solutions, through its portal that means the computing domicile site for a web browser on the internet.

💡 Essay Ideas on Customer Perception Analysis

  1. Chain Attributes and Customer Experience Impact on Coffee Shop Patronage
    There is a difference with respect to the products and services that are offered by independent coffee retail shops, and their retail chain coffee shops.
  2. General Civil Aviation Authority's Customer Satisfaction
    The paper analyzes the GCAA that regulates the aviation-related operations and activities that take place in the UAE and neighboring countries.
  3. Quality Management: Customer Satisfaction
    Business practitioners have come up with various models that seek to guarantee optimal clientele satisfaction from the products that they offer.
  4. A Research Proposal on Banks and Customer Satisfaction
    Customer satisfaction is not just aimed at merely getting profit or sales, rather it focuses on gaining the loyalty of the customer.
  5. Jampa Textile: “Think Global Act Local”
    “Think global act local” is an important topic as it helps organization come up with strategies to standardize its operations across all foreign markets where it has established.
  6. Coca-Cola: Product Development Analysis
    This paper aims at analyzing some of the reasons that have made some products successful while others fail to gain market.
  7. The Role and All Aspects of Branding in Companies
    Branding is an important aspect that has to be considered by organizations. The brand determines the position and value for the company among its competitors.
  8. Customer Satisfaction in Banking Business
    The focus on the customer has forced the banks to have a customer center that works as a call center. In most cases, they are toll-free stations.
  9. Methods for Organizing and Measuring Customer Satisfaction
    This report explores the importance of front-line staff and the ways that management can support them; it reviews ways to assess the manner of satisfaction in service delivery.
  10. Al Rawabi Dairy: Company Overview
    The paper aims to organise a strategic plan for Al Rawabi Dairy farm through getting an overview of this company. It considers the history, mission, and its core business value.
  11. Respect, Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction
    Consumer satisfaction raises loyalty as well as shows respect to the customers. Thus if the company was rated highly, then this indicates that it is placed in a favorable position.
  12. Walmart Inc: Marketing Research for Consumer Perception
    Marketing research is a vital study to understand a firm’s marketing procedures and strategies and it should be done essentially to understand the marketing research process.
  13. Avlon Relaunch in the U.K. Market Proposal
    Prior to re-launch in the U.K. market, the company has decided that a thorough evaluation of the Bolox product needs to be undertaken and consumer acceptance needs to be evaluated
  14. Problem Solution: McBride Financial Services
    The paper assesses the situation at McBride Financial by assessing the problems between the two interest groups, the stakeholders and the solutions to the problem.
  15. Business Plan For the Mobile Vegetarian Restaurant
    This mobile restaurant business plan illustrates how the vegetarian restaurant will provide its services competitively to its target market.
  16. Carrefour Kuwait: Training and Development of Employees
    The essay discusses training and development of employees policies and practices at Carrefour Kuwait. Methods, benefits of training and development.
  17. Bank Aljazera's Electronic Marketing
    The model used in this analysis is a singular focus on the uniqueness of the Bank Aljazera in cutting a niche as far as internet marketing is concerned.
  18. Customer Sevice Improvement in The Hilton Hotel in Sydney
    The report expects to reveal important information on the positive qualities of hotel staff using the example of Hilton Sydney.
  19. Factors That Influence a Person’s Buying Decisions
    The consumers in question made their decisions regarding the purchases differently. In the case of the young woman, the environment of the supermarket did not matter.
  20. Entrepreneurship and Marketing: Finding a Connection
    A constant connection between the stakeholders is established via marketing strategies and activities that facilitate the communication process.
  21. Etisalat’s Call Centre: Customer Satisfaction and Service Level
    A survey was conducted to understand what the current level of performance of Etisalat's contact centre in UAE is and how it affects customer satisfaction.

👍 Good Customer Perception Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Apple's Performance & Customer Satisfaction With iPhones
    The study investigates how Apple Inc. performs in customer satisfaction as the level of customer satisfaction defines their ability to continue purchasing the company’s products.
  2. Amazon and eBay Firms' Customer Perceived Value
    The paper discusses the customer perceived value of Amazon and eBay, and further explains a new proposed value for the markets.
  3. Disneyland and Its Marketing in France
    Disneyland Paris is now a successful theme park in Europe, but it had diverse issues in the first years of its work.
  4. The Broadway Café Analysis
    Broadway Café has been in existence for over fifty years now, over the years, the café’s competitive advantage has been its established menu and a loyal customer base.
  5. Customer Satisfaction and Its Antecedents
    Consumer satisfaction is heavily dependent on consumer expectations as well as their perceived value of the product.
  6. Marketing of Islamic Banking Products
    Islamic banking products assuming that the use of credit cards and more aggressive marketing policy would be beneficial for the Islamic banking system.
  7. Issue Analysis Paper of Wal-Mart
    The three common IT issues, the failure to conduct proper market research emerges as the most critical issue facing Wal-Mart.
  8. The General Trends for Cellular Telephones
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss a description of the general trends for cellular telephones in Europe in 1995.
  9. JetBlue Airways' Hybrid Business Model
    In this paper, the researcher seeks to investigate the airline’s hybrid business model and how it has enabled the company to achieve sustainable growth in this market.
  10. Jarir Bookstore Analysis Project
    Jarir Bookstore is the leading distributor of stationery and electronics in the Middle East region. This paper gives Jarir's analysis project.
  11. Balanced Scorecard: The Effective Management Approach
    The balanced scorecard has been singled out by many business leaders as one of the best methods of improving performance.
  12. Movie Rental Business: Blockbuster Video
    In the year 1985, Blockbuster developed into a business, it was the only movie leasing firm in the region. Blockbuster used to be the most successful movie rental agency.
  13. Customer Focus Management: Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
    This paper discusses the situation when one of the customers had an encounter with an employee at the counter and customer focus management in the case.
  14. Netflix Company Adopting Six Sigma
    Six Sigma achieves its objectives of improving the business process by employing DMAIC, which is an abbreviation for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.
  15. High Street Brands (Zara and H&M): Customer Loyalty of Clothing Brands
    The study in question is going to present research based on the collection of customers’ ideas regarding the factors which contribute to customer loyalty.
  16. Big Data in Green Supply Chain Management: Future Opportunities and Recommendations
    The research project shows the accuracy of decision-making could be significantly improved with the help of Big Data and its proper connection to the given green supply chain.
  17. Good Mark Company Limited: Evaluation Management Project
    Good Mark Industrial Limited has faced various problems and challenges in the past period it has been in operation.
  18. Customer Satisfaction and Pricing in UAE Shopping Centers
    This research paper aims at identifying the role prices have on the satisfaction of customers in shopping centers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  19. Whole Foods Market Firm's Strategic Improvement
    Whole Foods has become a dynamic leader in the business of high-quality food and is a mission-driven company that aims to set high standards for food retailers and manufacturers.
  20. Nike Inc.'s Marketing and Corporate & Business Strategies
    Nike Inc. company has been able to achieve overwhelming success due to effective marketing, strategic acquisitions, and pertinent branding.
  21. E-Services and Customers Satisfaction in Dubai Emirate’s Community
    One of the most notable and evident ways to make services both more accessible and productive is adopting the systems of electronic services or, shortly put, e-services.

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