Customer Focus Management: Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

An Employee-Customer Encounter Handled by the Supervisor

While I was at a local coffee house, one of the customers had an encounter with an employee at the counter. The argument was that an employee served a customer with a wrong order. When the manager was called to intervene, he handled the conflict quite well and understood that customers could give their opinion and feedback for the service. The manager adjusted his communication style to avoid triggering the furious customer and calmed him down. Unlike some managers who go straight to warning the employee of misconduct, the manager showed willingness in engaging the employee and understanding the cause of conflict. The manager did not complain about the employee’s behavior, but instead, he professionally established the cause of the problem and settled it amicably.

Customer Education on Products and Services

Customer education equips them with the knowledge and skills needed before purchasing any product. Smart consumers turn to digital platforms such as blogs and web posts to get insights on products and services. Also, customers are using tutorials to get detailed information on how to use a product. These platforms offer vital facts, including how to use certain products.

Impact of The Production of a Wider Variety of Services by Organizations on My Life

The trend has changed my life for the better by making shopping more convenient. I can now easily shop with ecommerce stores such as Amazon and eBay because the organizations offer a wide variety of products. Also, I can have all my needs met when shopping with one company that provides a wide variety of services and products, thus saving me time and money.

Have You Witnessed an Impact of Increased Ethnic, Racial, And Gender Diversity in The Workforce?

Businesses that recognize the benefits of ethnic and racial diversity in the workforce have driven robust performances and success in their companies. These diversities have united ethical management and high performance (Anil & Satish, 2019). An organization with gender and ethnic diversity stirs innovation and drives growth. However, I have witnessed diversity having adverse effects such as language barriers, miscommunication, and poor adaptation behavior.

Benefits from Services Resulting from Technological Improvements

With technological improvements, I have noticed self-service is on the rise while customer service is on the decline. For me, technology has increased convenience and provided self-service options that are less time-consuming. Technology gives me more control when doing transactions remotely at a much faster pace. Many organizations have automated their services, which has revolutionized aspects such as increasing the speed of services.

Services That Regularly Save Time for Other Activities

Grocery delivery services have helped save my time on weekends. Signing up for the service has given me additional time to plan and schedule other activities, such as spending time with my family and doing my hobbies.

In What Industries Have You Seen Service Personnel Added During the Past Five Years? What Roles Are These Employees Playing?

The ecommerce industry has increased its workforce in the past years. Since retail activities are exclusively online, the sector needs real-time chatting with their customers to help with follow-up questions that buyers may have before making purchases (Anil & Satish, 2019). The employees have roles such as managing inventory and balancing financial records.

Examples of Breakdowns In-Service in own Geographic Area That Has Led to The Development or Expansion of New Industries or Companies

Although I have not heard of any in my neighborhood, service breakdown occurs daily in all kinds of companies. It can happen when the product or service does not meet the expectations and needs of the customer. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of a successful business. Employees should be trained on responding quickly to such situations to recover from a service breakdown. The customer care service should have good communication skills to be able to deal with customer complaints.

How Many Major Purchases Have You or Your Family Made in The Past Five Years of Goods Manufactured in The United States? Goods Manufactured Overseas?

My family tries as much as possible to purchase goods produced domestically. I would say the major overseas purchases are automobiles, with many being manufactured in Japan.

As A Customer, How Would You Describe the Service Culture of That Establishment?

When I visited a local bookstore, the service culture had a customer-centric approach in their workplace. A customer-centric culture focuses on providing a positive experience to a customer. The service culture helps build trust and loyalty in customers.

What Are Some Indicators Leading to Your Perception? What Did You Experience That Made You See Their Culture That Way?

The first interaction with the counter employees was impressive, and they were eager to understand my needs. The bookstore clerk professionally greeted me and assisted in looking for the book. The employee at the counter engaged me on the books I might like, which increased my readiness to consider making future purchases. I got a chance to experience their excellent customer care services.

If You Were in Charge of The Organization, What Would You Do to Improve Service or Change the Culture for The Better If It Needs It?

One way to improve customer-centric culture is to promote active listening and prioritize customer satisfaction. I would also collect customer feedback as it is an excellent benchmark to measure the company’s ability to meet customer needs.

What Were Some of The Strategies and Systems Used for Delivery of Products and Customer Service?

Amazon uses three key strategies when delivering its products. They keep their customers informed, ensure they have a positive experience, and make self-help information available by providing a support center. It uses fulfillment centers, radiofrequency technology, and postal services to ensure customers receive their orders on time.

Were the Strategies and Systems Effective or Ineffective? Why Do You Believe This?

The delivery system is effective and is now partnering with United Parcel Service to ship products to customers. Its strategy is flourishing more than ever since its goal is to be a customer-centric organization. I believe so because Amazon leverages a combination of excellent transportation systems and newer technologies to run deliveries.

What Are Some Things That Organizations Could Do to Improve Their Delivery Systems?

Organizations can set priorities and stick to their commitments, thus minimize the wasting of resources. The company can also set clear rules for proper service management and optimize the use of new technologies to leverage its benefits.


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