Increasing Managerial Effectiveness at Amazon

Leading a team can be aspiring, rewarding, but somewhat tedious. A busy work environment, the one as at Amazon, cannot provide workers with constant supervision. In turn, managers are customarily overwhelmed with multiple activities; hence, they cannot ensure each employee works efficiently and is satisfied with working conditions. These factors are the primary contributors to a company’s effectiveness, especially if it strives to supply products or services on the global level. Therefore, it is essential to implement managerial strategies to ensure practical teamwork, which will further contribute to increased organizational performance.

As an Amazon senior manager, there is a need to develop managers from six regions into one brigade by applying several executive guidelines. Initially, for launching a successful project, it is necessary to establish transparent communication with all managers taking into account their cultural background. This may sound like a giant claim, but such an environment helps develop a sense of reciprocal respect between team members and team leaders. By means of open and consistent communication, the workplaces help employees become more confident in their positions (Brent & Dent, 2017). In turn, team members are open to contributing their ideas, improvements, and boosting creativity. When each team member feels valued, they may increase the company’s performance by contributing prolific ideas and designs.

Additionally, to effectively carry out their work, teams need to be motivated in decision-making and, therefore, should create inner authority. Without the upper administration, the employees would have to wait for their ideas to be approved or rejected (Brent & Dent, 2017). Thus, to innovate, teams need to be allowed to experiment. Nevertheless, to avoid costly mistakes, it is advisable to grant the teams these powers within certain limits. There may also be a need for gradual devolution of authority so that team members are not overwhelmed by newly acquired control.

When teams are empowered with authoritative rights, they must learn to be accountable and responsible for their actions. It means they have to monitor the suggested improvements, indicate the expected impact on customer experience, and analyze their general productivity (Brent & Dent, 2017). Besides, a senior manager must ensure that team members can collaborate on the same project while suggesting their improvements and being aware of their impact. Yet, to receive positive changes, a leader must provide timely feedback to urge other managers to work harder and set higher objectives. Continuous communication ensures a stable process since it presupposes the exchange of valuable thoughts, which inevitably lead to proper decision making.

Nonetheless, even if all these strategies will be realized, there is still a threat of a conflict emergence since all six managers may suggest entirely different ideas. However, healthy and constructive conflict is an integral part of high-performance teams. When people with different views, experiences, skills, and opinions are asked to do a project, the combined effort can far surpass what any similar group could achieve. Team members should be open to these disagreements and not allow them to engage in full-blown disputes. Even if the conflict is inevitable, any manager must be determinate to solve it.

A manager must primarily prepare for a resolution by acknowledging the situation, realizing its impact on teamwork, and compromising on respect-based cooperation. It is vital that everyone was understood and heard to ensure the solution would include each side. Moreover, a proper opinion analysis is indispensable since any member can impact the final result. Once all parties expressed their opinion, considered strengths, and weaknesses, they must reach an agreement. When there are some inconsistencies related to the final result, the procedure should be carried out one more time.

When the conflict is handled, a manager necessitates empowering their team to continue working on the project, striving to reach the set objectives. Several KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) may be used to measure product launch success. The first thing to use is revenue, the primary metric that demonstrates how well a product has been delivered to customers. Secondly, testing may well determine how attractive it is, or vice versa. This step also affects the decision on the long-term introduction to the market. In addition, it is necessary to check the indicators of advertising channels, which would help to evaluate the positioning.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the adoption and development of a strategy for bringing together a team to collaborate on a project are complex, especially in terms of the global market. Yet, the possibility of creating a strong connection between all the members may boost the organization’s effectiveness. Hence, precise goal setting, transparent communication, authoritative opinion, Despite the fact that all these methods are effective, it is impossible to exclude the possibility of a conflict. When it arises, a leader should take action to prevent any failure. Therefore, accepting, understanding, and discussing each existing point of view is vital to a problem resolution. Having considered these aspects, a manager may improve their company’s performance and guarantee a successful product launch.


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