105 Resources and Capabilities Analysis Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Resources and Capabilities Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Role of the Total Quality Management in Business
    Total quality management is a business philosophy that promises to provide improvement gains in internal organization operations. The philosophy is linked to leadership and management improvements.
  2. The Emirate Airlines Total Quality Management
    Total Quality Management provides a guideline on areas to be focused to achieve management objectives. The paper addresses the Emirate Airlines quality management strategy.
  3. Emirates Airline Performance Measurement and Quality Management
    The Emirates Airlines company is recognized for its rapid advancements.But it has to carry out performance measurement to ensure that it remains relevant in the market.
  4. Performance Measurement and Quality Management at Emirates Airline
    This paper looks at the key resources that have made Emirates Airline competitive in the industry, at the performance measurement and quality management strategy.
  5. External and Internal Analysis Tools in Strategic Management
    The essay promotes an internal analysis in strategic management of a business 💼 and explains how the tools of strategic management 📋 (SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, etc.) may add value to organizations.
  6. Toyota Motor Corporation Analysis
    This report provides an analysis of Toyota Motor Corporation, which specializes in the design, manufacturing and assembling of vehicles.
  7. Facebook Company's External and Internal Environments
    This paper gives a detailed analysis of Facebook’s external and internal environments and strategies that can sustain its performance.
  8. New Zealand' Energy Drinks Industry Marketing
    This study includes market measurement, competition analysis, resources and capabilities, primary demand and marketing mix strategies for New Zealand beverage industry.
  9. Qantas Airline Company Multi-Brand Approach
    Qantas belongs to the airline industry. It provides international travel services from Australia, to major cities, and destinations all over the world.
  10. Louis Vuitton: Managing Corporate and Business Strategy
    Louis Vuitton (LV) has benefited from restructuring of LVMH business units and the establishment of an ultra-modern manufacturing facility in France.
  11. Nike Incorporation Strategy Analysis
    The paper presents Nike's vision and mission, environment analysis, competitive advantage, internal and financial analyses, strategy implementation and evaluation.
  12. Reebok Company's Market Environment
    This paper is intended to analyze the market environment, strategy, and strategic position of Reebok in order to recommend on the best strategic move that can position the company better.
  13. Cobra Beer Company's Marketing Issues
    In this paper, the analysis focuses on the market forces that Cobra Beer faces in the market and how it has developed strategies to deal with these forces.
  14. Seconal Foods Company's Analysis and Marketing Plan
    This paper is to outline a marketing plan for Seconal Foods while focusing on the most important elements of the marketing process.
  15. Casper & Gambini’s Company’s Strategic Analysis
    The Casper & Gambini’s firm targets to enter new markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, North Africa, and in the GCC region.
  16. Volvo and Tesla: Strategic Management Project
    Surviving in a dynamic car manufacturing industry requires Volvo and Tesla to deploy their resources and capabilities in building a competitive advantage.
  17. Toyota Operations Management & Demand Forecasting
    Researching Toyota operations management? ⚙️ We recommend reading this overview of Toyota operations strategy, supply chain, and business forecasting methods. 🚗 You will also find how to apply the house of quality technique. 😉
  18. Zara Company's Operations Management
    Zara business model have proved to be successful in context of the company’s business. This is due to their objectivity to outsourcing, which serves as a cost reduction strategy.
  19. Zappos Company's Internal and External Analysis
    Zappos is an online business that specializes in the sale of clothes and shoes. The company’s mission is to provide the best customer service possible.
  20. Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre
    The researcher seeks to discuss principles, theories, and practices that the Ritz-Carlton Hotel should embrace to achieve success in the Dubai market.
  21. Southwest Airlines Company Strategic Management
    By the end of 2014, Southwest Airlines was one of the best companies in the airline industry. Its success founded on the provision of exceptional travel services at lower prices.
  22. Tesla Internal Environment & Tesla External Strategy Analysis
    Analyzing Tesla’s strategy in the global environment 🌎 ? Tesla operates in an automotive industry 🚗 that is exposed to political instabilities in major markets, although government incentives have helped in the development of EVs.
  23. Apple Company's Business Strategy: China Market
    There are many discussions about the reasons for and explanations of Apple’s success in China. The success of Apple was hard to predict, and no guarantees were given.
  24. Netflix Company's Analysis
    Over several years of its existence, Netflix has cemented its image as one of the best-recognized and most popular companies providing its customers with an opportunity to view original shows online.
  25. Ginger Hotels: Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    Ginger hotels are subsidiaries of The Indian Hotels Company Limited. It has a well-planned establishment chain of hotels that target the middle-class in the Indian market.
  26. Amazon.com Strategies Case
    When Amazon.com was established as the global online bookstore, there were no competitors within the industry in relation to online sales.
  27. Tata Motors Strategy: Business Management & Growth Rates
    Researching Tata Motors strategy? 🚙 Read this article to find out Tata Motors business success through its strategic management. 📈 Explore Tata Motors growth strategy and major innovations. 👉

💡 Essay Ideas on Resources and Capabilities Analysis

  1. FedEx Company's Strategic Management
    FedEx will need to redefine its marketing strategies both locally and internationally as competition is expected to stiffen.
  2. Bank of America: Internal and External Factors
    This paper provides internal and external analysis of Bank of America using the Resource-Based View and value chain analyses.
  3. Amazon Company: Individual Business Case
    The Amazon will need to come up with a strategy that will give it an edge over its rivals. The focus will be to determine the strategies that this firm can use in the market.
  4. Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage in Business
    Core competencies are considered a source of competitive advantage due to the dynamic nature of the contemporary business environment.
  5. The Resource-Based View: Internal Analysis
    RBV argues that any company that seeks a competitive advantage must first consider exploiting internal factors before considering the external factors/environment.
  6. Netflix Company's Features
    Founded in 1997, the Netflix Company has grown and is currently well placed in the movie rental industry of America and the rest of the world.
  7. Built Environment Sector's Strategic Management
    The built environment sector represents a unique market segment within the construction industry. It requires unique strategic goals and strategic thinking tools.
  8. Internalization Theory and Eclectic Paradigm
    Before internalization theory, it was assumed that FDI was the natural form of the local production strategy. Internalization theory pointed out that licensing was an option.
  9. Sharp Corporation: Global Strategy
    The success of Sharp Corporation is a result of its focus on strategies. The discussion will focus on the global strategy of the company: both internal and external elements.
  10. IBM’s Market Management Strategy’s Evolution
    In the past two decades, International Business Machines (IBM) recorded a remarkable growth driven by broad-based software and hardware services.
  11. Samsung Mobile Phones in the United States
    The management report of Samsung USA begins with a strategic analysis of the company with a detailed SWOT analysis of the organization based on its current position.
  12. Structure of Competitive Analysis of Businesses
    The resource based approach is becoming recognized, as a very sound method of strategic management, it is viewed as good management science.
  13. Case Analysis of Google Inc
    Within a single decade, Google has jumped from an Internet based start-up to the prevailing contestant in the Internet advertising pedestal on search engine technology by the use of Information Technology.
  14. ExxonMobil Singapore's Strategic Analysis
    ExxonMobil's market position is strategically important in light of the growing demand for oil from regional countries such as China and India.
  15. Arsenal Football Club Analysis
    Arsenal’s political environment comprises of the laws and regulations provided by The Barclays Premier League authority.
  16. Innovative Management in the Engineering Industry
    This paper introduces the reader into understanding the boundary between innovation management and success in an engineering organization by critically incorporating.
  17. Integrated Strategy Project: Thermo King
    The integrated strategy attempts to take an internal and external analysis of Thermo King and attempts to draw up a conclusion on the strengths, weaknesses,opportunities and threats
  18. Company Analysis of FedEx
    FedEx Corporation, also renamed FDX Corporation, is well recognized as a global logistic service company, which is the provider of transportation, e-commerce all over the world.
  19. Report on George at ASDA
    This paper is a report on the business operations of George at ASDA in the value clothing market in the UK and the challenges it faced in the market.
  20. General Civil Aviation Authority's Customer Satisfaction
    The paper analyzes the GCAA that regulates the aviation-related operations and activities that take place in the UAE and neighboring countries.
  21. Personal Finance Tesco Company
    Tesco Plc is known as major grocery retail store worldwide. But now Tesco is going to offer Consumer Banking n the financial market to gather potential customers.
  22. XYZ: Marketing Business Plan
    The business environment of XYZ Company for their new product Easy Oven and Easy Cooker comprises of the demographic, economic, and other related issues in the market of Australia.
  23. Getinsa Saudi Arabia – A Case Study
    This paper presents a case study on the organizational structure and operations of the Spanish company Getinsa within Saudi Arabian railways.
  24. Benihana of Tokyo: Case Study
    This report identifies the present strategy of Benihana, key elements of the overall strategy, resources, types of financing that are being employed, and growth plans.
  25. Emirates Airways: Organization Theories and Design
    The company selected for analysis is Emirates Airways. This company is the largest carrier in the Middle East founded in 1985.
  26. Strategic Analysis of Coach Inc
    The report of Coach Inc begins with a strategic analysis of the company with a detailed SWOT analysis of the organization based on its current position.

👍 Good Resources and Capabilities Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. The Apple Company: Company Strategic Management Analysis
    Despite its strong brand in the U.S. market, the Company has not penetrated the international market as compared to its competitors.
  2. Financial Resource Management
    FRM is considered one of the most crucial aspects of financial strategy. Numerous financial analysis techniques, nevertheless. Ratio Analysis.
  3. Firm's Resource-Based View & Competitive Advantage
    This paper will provide a critique of the resource-based view, review three scholarly journals, and make a scholarly critique and assessment of the resource-based view.
  4. Kamuga Motors Company's Human Resource Planning
    Despite Kamuga Motors Company emphasizing recruiting qualified personnel, it uses a dynamic learning approach to equip its employees with the necessary skills.
  5. Ryanair: The Low-Fares Airline
    From 1990 until today, Ryanair established itself as a low fare and no-frills airline in Europe followed by the business model of South West Airline of the USA.
  6. Gulf Falcon Air-Conditioning Systems Fixing Company: Managing the Market
    G.F.A.S.F. undertakes the manufacturing of chilled water from a centralized place to all customers, it has professionals who address different needs of the clients.
  7. Tukster Hotel: Business Strategy
    The context of the business strategy of the Tukster Hotel will involve the in-depth analysis of the resources, capability, competitive advantage, and strategic formulation.
  8. Wait Watchers International: Strategic Analysis and Future Directions
    This analysis will help Weight Watcher company to align its performance positively against the forces of change that affect the business environment.
  9. Advantages of Whole Food Markets with VRIN Analysis
    Having been in this market for a long time, Whole Foods Markets have numerous competitive advantages that are derived from its unique resources and capabilities.
  10. Strategic Planning: Resource-Based Perspective
    It has been proved that internal organizational resources, core competencies of the organization, and distinctive capabilities are all important assets.
  11. Strategic Planning from Resource-Based View
    The conceptual approach to resource-based view is in line with the theory of a firm’s resource-based competency or capability of the system in line with strategic planning.
  12. Service Delivery Excellence: Engineering, Construction
    The international business manager should then study and understand the complexities pertaining to engineering and construction services delivery.
  13. Dunn Brothers Franchise Inc.'s Strategic Plan
    The purpose of the paper is to prepare a strategic plan for Dunn Brothers Franchise Inc to introduce a new food menu, which is popular with the customer.
  14. Corporate Strategic Audit of Turkcell Company
    The company is the largest in Turkey in the field of mobile and optical infrastructure. It is listed on both the Turkey Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange.
  15. Scandinavian Airlines Systems: Company Analysis
    Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS) is the largest airline in Scandinavia with bases in Denmark, Stockholm, and Oslo. The airline serves more than 23 million passengers every year.
  16. Tesla Inc. as a New Car Company on the Market
    Tesla Inc. is a relatively new car company on the market for electric vehicles. The company started selling solar energy solutions for businesses and families.
  17. Abu Dhabi Department of Transport Analysis About Business
    Primary vision of transport department was to contribute in economic growth which was driven by a great mission of effective planning and development having core values of commitment.
  18. Air Asia Company's Strategic Management and Analysis
    Political factors state the aviation regulations and acts that are needed by aviation companies such as Air Asia in order to do business.
  19. Blue Apron and Amazon: Why Strategy Matters?
    The case of Blue Apron and Amazon is an illustration of how a business can lose its cost leadership due to new entrants with a strong infrastructure basis.
  20. Strategic Management Plan for BACHI Barcelona
    BACHI Barcelona is an up-and-coming business that has great opportunities for succeeding in case if an appropriate strategy is put in place. This article provides such a strategy.
  21. Tesla Inc.: Strategic Management
    The report examines internal environment from which Tesla’s issues stem and identifies the strategic measures that were undertaken to begin addressing the company’s challenges.
  22. Searchie.ai Company's Strategic Analysis
    The Searchie company’s business depends on the increase in the number of recruiters and companies using its services in their recruitment process.
  23. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Saudi Arabia
    SMEs play a major role in economic development and ensuring sustainability as they have been the central source of employment generation and output growth.
  24. Entrepreneurial Practices of Small and Medium Enterprises
    Entrepreneurial practices of SMEs and new ventures are actively discussed as they contribute towards the economic growth in both developed and developing countries.
  25. General Authority of Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia
    This report addresses General Authority of Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia strategy management about all relevant aspects.
  26. Management Report: Tesco Personal Finance
    This management report has discussed Tesco’s strategy, the current position in recession, and justification of their strategy.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Resources and Capabilities Analysis

  1. Role of Corporate Governance in Strategic Decision-Making
    This paper will focus on leadership management in the power tools department of the corporation, analyze techniques and strategies used while marketing its products.
  2. Alphabet Inc. (GOOGLE) Strategic Analysis
    The history of Google can be traced to the initial idea of developing a search engine dependent on links to determine the importance of various pages within the World Wide Web.
  3. Tempur Sealy International Perfomance
    The strategic analysis will discuss the performance of Tempur Sealy International relative to its technology industry.
  4. The Australian Airline Qantas: VRIO Analysis
    This paper aims to analyze the resources and capabilities (built, cultural, financial, human, and natural domains) of the Australian airline Qantas using the VRIO framework.
  5. British Airways Plc.'s Fundamental Analysis
    The paper provides an analysis of macro-factors affecting the airline industry and British Airways and an analysis of the company's competitive position in the industry.
  6. Facebook: External and Internal Environments
    This paper gives a detailed analysis of Facebook’s external and internal environments and strategies that can sustain its performance.
  7. Apple Company's Business Evaluation
    This report recommends a re-evaluation of Apple’s priorities and potential realignment to bring it in line with market needs while still retaining its strengths.
  8. Uber Firm's External and Internal Environments
    This paper aims to apply strategic analysis to determine Uber's threats, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses by analyzing its internal and external environment.
  9. Starbucks Corporation's Market and Strategic Analysis
    The focus of this report will be on the market environment, resource capability, and strategic fit os Starbucks.
  10. Facebook Company's Business Policy and Strategy
    Business managers ought to comprehend the relevant aspects impacting their organizations to ensure that their business operations run smoothly.
  11. Manchester United Club's Financial Performance
    This paper has explored the strategic environment of Manchester United and has offered some recommendations for improving its financial performance.
  12. Strategic Investment Analysis of McLaren Group
    As a diversified investment fund, XYZ invests in a variety of different organizations; however, it aims to adopt a sustainable investing approach in the decision-making.
  13. Apple Inc.'s Company and Product Analysis
    Apple leads the development categories through effective combinations of marketing, product specifications, and competitive pricing.
  14. Mercedes Benz Corporation's Policy and Strategic Management
    This paper analyzes the following parts of the Mercedes Benz company's operation: market environment, resource and capability, and strategic fit.
  15. Unilever's Management of Foods & Refreshment Division
    Unilever should continue focusing on sustainability as a unique strategic value to create brand relevance and penetration, increasing switching costs.
  16. Ryanair: The Business Strategy
    According to the research paper, Ryanair's strategy focused primarily on ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and consumer loyalty.
  17. Hainan Airlines Business Strategy
    This report aims to identify the specifics of the internal and external environments of Hainan Airlines with an emphasis on its competitive advantage.
  18. Kono Company's Strategic Analysis in 2021
    The report's purpose is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the Kono company's strategic issues. The total volume sales are growing by 1% annually with a stable upward trend.
  19. BYD Company's Internal Environment Analysis
    The BYD company's commitment to transforming the global automotive market has been enhanced through attractive and supportive company culture.
  20. Strategic Management: A Case Study of Netflix
    Netflix is an American-based production company operating in the media and entertainment industry. The company was established by two businessmen Reed Hasting and Marc Randolph.
  21. Netflix Company's Digital and Social Media Marketing
    This paper analyzes the strategic environment in which Netflix operates and develops a blue ocean idea to help it increase its market share.
  22. Wil’s Grill Street Food Company’s Analysis
    The street food segment is a competitive market having different players that provide consumers with products and services.
  23. Strategic Analysis of David Jones Brand
    This report will explore the David Jones Brand internal and external environment to help develop a new strategic direction.
  24. Amazon Company’s External and Internal Environments
    This essay is going to analyze the Amazon e-commerce company's external and internal factors influencing the operation.
  25. Analysis of Apple Inc.'s External and Internal Environments
    This paper analyzes Apple Inc.'s environmental factors, forces that drive its competitive advantage, and strategies to address its future ability to remain active in the industry.
  26. Home Depot Inc.'s Strategic Audit
    Home Depot Inc. is the biggest home improvement firm in the United States that supplies tools, products for construction, and services.

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