158 Firm Analysis Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Firm Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Starbucks' Brand and Marketing Strategy
    The firm’s brand is quality coffee served in a wonderful environment. Description of Starbucks brand, sources of its equity and outcomes of equity
  2. Casual Togs Company's Management Problem
    Casual Togs weaknesses are found in its organizational structure, its leadership, adopting change, and the use of technology. The firm has a weak organizational culture.
  3. Altenaiji Group Logistics Operations Management
    Altenaiji Group Logistics is a freight-forwarding firm that provides various services related to operations and logistics management with all kinds of products.
  4. Apple Company's Performance
    Apple’s vision statement clearly demonstrates the ambitions of the firm in the competitive electronics market.
  5. Emirates Airlines' Operations and Improvement
    This paper reviews the operations of Emirates Airlines to identify its strengths and weaknesses and suggest ways through which it can improve its operations.
  6. Elsewedy Cables Company Strategies
    This paper analyzes the Elsewedy Cables strategies in the market to help in determining the vision and mission statements that the firm uses.
  7. Emirates Airlines Company' Operations Management Practices
    Emirates Airlines was founded in 1985 in the UAE. The firm is entirely owned by the Dubai government and it ranks as the largest airline company in the Middle East.
  8. Hootsuite Company's Sales Strategy and Marketing
    The report analyses the sales strategy of Hootsuite, an international firm that offers a range of social media management services and markets primarily to other businesses.
  9. Casper & Gambini’s Company’s Strategic Analysis
    The Casper & Gambini’s firm targets to enter new markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, North Africa, and in the GCC region.
  10. Walmart Company's Global Strategy and International Business
    This paper presents the analysis of the global strategy and international business with respect to Wal-Mart. The paper provides a detailed analysis of Wal-Mart and looks at some approaches.
  11. The Coca-Cola Company's Purpose and Strategy
    The discussion shows conclusively that the Coca-Cola Company is a leading player in the beverage industry. The firm has more strengths than weaknesses.
  12. Fly Dubai Airline's Market Analysis and Strategies
    The marketing audit report presents a comprehensive situational analysis of different strategies that the low-cost Fly Dubai Airline.
  13. Watsons and H&M Organization Management and Behavior
    This paper focuses on the organization management and behavior of Watsons Engines Components and H&M Consulting. Both these firms are involved in manufacture and engineering of machinery.
  14. Microsoft Corporation's Market Competitiveness
    This research paper evaluates Microsoft's growth consistency by examining the company's background and analyzing internal factors, and external factors, business
  15. Gandys Flip Flops Company Marketing Analysis
    This paper will discuss the targeting strategy used by the Gandys Flip Flops firm for various products it sells in the market and will also review the firm’s current marketing mix.
  16. Zara Customer Analysis and Strategy
    Researching Zara’s customer service? Zara 👕 has attained an optimal market position in the international market. The firm’s performance 📈 can be attributed to the adoption of the product-oriented strategy.
  17. Strategic Management and Its Processes
    Strategic management gives general direction to the project and it has a close relation with the field of organization studies.
  18. Walmart Business-Level Strategy & Corporate-Level Strategy
    What is Walmart’s corporate-level strategy? 📈 This paper presents an analysis of Walmart business-level and corporate-level strategy. 📌 It also discusses the Walmart business strategy effectiveness and competitive advantages. 🔑
  19. British Petroleum Firm's Risk Management Plan
    The purpose of this paper is to propose a risk management project aimed to improve the British Petroleum company’s safety and its public perception.
  20. We Guess You’re Wrong Company: Financial Plan
    A financial plan identifies the current financial condition of a We Guess You’re Wrong business and what the entity wants to achieve in the future.
  21. Competitive Analysis Frameworks for Firms and Industries
    There are many business models often employed by business practitioners to undertake the competitive analysis of either a firm or the industry as a whole.
  22. Global Gadgets Import Firm's Direct Marketing and Privacy Issues
    Global Gadgets Imports is a firm with strong elaborate mechanisms for business. Boosting sales is however critical as the firm has experienced a decline over the past year.
  23. Small Firm Size Impact Upon Psychological Contracts in the Workplace
    The aim of this study is to review the literature concerning psychological contracts, with the intention of evaluating its significance to the small firm environment.
  24. Sugar Producing Firm's Market Trends
    The sugar-producing firm described in this paper is free from market imperfection and the invisible hand of demand and supply is left free to determine the trends in the market.
  25. Global Gadgets Imports Firm's Marketing Strategy
    Product diversification will be achieved through the introduction of housewares goods as part in addition to the existing product line of Global Gadgets Imports.
  26. Triumph Spares Limited Company Analysis
    Since its inception the firm has been committed to maintaining good relationship with the customers that had been established by the Standards Triumph Limited.
  27. Canterra Bros Firm's Vittoria Coffee Marketing Plan
    The management of Canterra Bros incorporation can increase the firms’ level of revenue through effective repositioning of its Vittoria coffee brand in the market.
  28. XYZ: Marketing Business Plan
    The business environment of XYZ Company for their new product Easy Oven and Easy Cooker comprises of the demographic, economic, and other related issues in the market of Australia.
  29. Southwest Airlines: Company Research
    Southwest Airlines, initially known as Air Southwest, is an American headquartered airline that was instituted by Rollin king and Herb Kelleher on the 15th day of March 1967.
  30. JM Smuckers Company: An Analysis of Strategic Management Processes
    This paper is a report on JM Smuckers strategic management framework. A background study is conducted to illustrate the importance of a firm adopting strategic framework.

💡 Essay Ideas on Firm Analysis

  1. Epua Sugar Millers Firm's Stakeholders Conflict
    This paper focuses on the social responsibilities of a sugar company its management and its stakeholders. It concludes by giving an insight on how to carry out proper management.
  2. Strategic Analysis of Coach Inc
    The report of Coach Inc begins with a strategic analysis of the company with a detailed SWOT analysis of the organization based on its current position.
  3. Hexaware Technologies Firm's Human Resource Management
    This paper will discuss the human resource management style in Hexaware Technologies and focus on the developments of human resource management.
  4. Smart Group Consulting Firm: Human Resource Functioning
    This research aims at gathering information from Smart Group Consulting firm's HRM functions with the view of analyzing its HR practices.
  5. Managing a Global Firm
    The management of an organization is based on decisions arrived at by the management. The decisions are the evaluation of various options open to the company.
  6. Firm's Resource-Based View & Competitive Advantage
    This paper will provide a critique of the resource-based view, review three scholarly journals, and make a scholarly critique and assessment of the resource-based view.
  7. Smart Marketers Firm’s Financial Reward System
    One of the most challenging tasks in human resource management is to implement an effective reward and recognition system.
  8. E-Business Technologies Analysis: ULMS Bike Shop
    ULMS Bike is a manufacturing firm which deals with assembling various bikes. One of the strategies that the firm consider is the incorporation of electronic business.
  9. My Home Solution: Company Analysis
    My Home Solutions is a middle-sized fashion firm that is headquartered in Johannesburg South Africa and is an independent subsidiary of Malcolm designs.
  10. Saudi Airlines: Firm Overview and Assessment
    Saudi Arabia airlines purchased a total of thirty-eight new airplanes to add to their fleet. As more destinations keep opening up for the company, there will be more acquisitions.
  11. Terror Tubes Firm's Issues and Financial Structure
    Terror Tubes has moved to produce standard systems that have affected the company’s financial structure. The company has undergone major growth which has affected its operations.
  12. Coca-Cola Company's Strategic Choice and Analysis
    Firms such as Coca-Cola are increasingly faced with many challenges as a result of changing business environments. This paper will analyze issues of the Coca-Cola company.
  13. Theory and Practice of Business ASOS
    ASOS.com is selected for proper analytical measurements in practical and theoretical applications for different methods and tools in the business applications.
  14. Transportation Security Administration Tech Overview
    Colwall Property Investment Limited is a New Zealand-based firm whose headquarters are in Auckland. The company was established in 1991, and it specialized in tax liens.
  15. Strategic Plan for BAE Systems
    The analysis of BAE Systems provides the basis for their future strategic decisions and allows creating plans on increasing the efficiency of the company's operations.
  16. Tobacco Industry: Products and Firms
    Since the date of its formation, the tobacco industry appears to be one of the most successful and profitable industries.
  17. Leighton Contractors Firm's Workforce Diversity
    The report establishes strategies for managing workforce diversity in Leighton Contractors. The main issue is enabling people to perform up to their maximum potential.
  18. Productivity & Costs of Small vs. Large Firms in Short & Long Run
    Productivity is the ability of a company to maximize its profits while reducing costs during a production process.
  19. Amazon and eBay Firms' Customer Perceived Value
    The paper discusses the customer perceived value of Amazon and eBay, and further explains a new proposed value for the markets.
  20. Omantel Firm's Management in the Telecommunication Industry
    There has been a rapid increase in the number of operators in the mobile sector, owing to liberalization across the region.
  21. GoPro Firm's Functioning and External Environment
    GoPro remains critically dependent on its suppliers as at the moment the company does not produce the core technology needed for the functioning of its action cameras.
  22. Tech Components International Firm's Strategic Plan
    As a medium-sized electronics component business, Tech Components International aims to increase sales through engagement with the global supply chain through local channels.
  23. American Superconductor Firm's Equity and Debt
    AMSC is a fast-growing company on US public markets in the energy sector. This company has foregone its decision for debt financing of $50 million.
  24. The Big 4 Accounting Firms vs the Smaller Firms in Terms of Auditing and Consulting
    The purpose of the present paper is to determine the differences between the Big 4 accounting firms versus smaller firms in the industry in terms of auditing and consulting.
  25. CBI Constructors Firm's Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
    This paper deals with the issues of occupational health and safety management systems of CBI Constructors Pty Limited, located in West Perth, Australia.
  26. Frito Lay Firm's Information Technology & Business Strategy
    The overlap between the IT strategy and Frito Lay business strategy is on their scope. A business strategy covers the needs of an IT strategy.
  27. BHP Billiton Firm's Environmental Management System
    With regard to the environmental management system of BHP Billiton, there are various requirements prescribed by the federal and state laws for practising EMS.
  28. Fosters Australia Firm's Security Valuation Report
    The paper includes dynamics of internal, operating performance, risks analysis, and growth analysis for Foster Company in Australia.
  29. Huffman Trucking Firm's Infrastructure Assessment
    This study will generally highlight some of the findings in the areas of hardware, network, and systems typical to Huffman Trucking.
  30. Black and Decker Firm Case
    This report is a critical analysis of a firm’s strategic plan and its effectiveness in dealing with international market requirements.

👍 Good Firm Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Financial and Non-financial Analysis PATCO
    PATCO is a synonym Company that stands for Port Arthur Timber Company started its life in 1830 as a small timber firm (PATCO, 2010).
  2. Delta Airlines Incorporation in the Aviation Industry
    Delta Airlines Incorporation was established in 1924 as an aerial crop dusting company. The firm offers air transport to passengers and cargo in the United States and other countries.
  3. Principles of Managerial Finance
    The theory behind management is to run the company in the interest of the owners, and this is what the management should concentrate on.
  4. Mambourin Enterprises Incorporated: Financial Analysis
    This report reviews the financial performance of Mambourin Café and Sensory Gardens on the firm’s financial statements for the period from 2007 to 2009.
  5. Printcomm Firm's Acquisition Proposal for Digitech
    Printcomm is a communication firm that provides back-to-back printing service by merging production capabilities to generate finished copies and dispense the printed materials.
  6. Target Corporation Financial Analysis
    The profitability ratios of any firm typically begin with the profit margins, the profit margins generally indicate the profit quantity on sales that the firm generates.
  7. Exxon Mobil: Analysis Financial Performance
    Paper is an analysis of Exxon Mobil financial performance. The paper evaluates the firm’s financial performance by assessing its financial statements.
  8. Financial Analysis of Suleiman A. G
    Suleiman A.G is a German-based firm that specializes in manufacturing and distributing machine tools and robots.
  9. The Cosmético de Venezuela Firm’s Financial Statement
    The IAS 21 depicts the rules and regulations of how to incorporate foreign currency transactions and operations in the joint financial statement.
  10. The Coca-Cola Company's Firm Valuation
    The paper uses the Coca-Cola company’s past performances in terms of financial health to predict and make projections of future growth in terms of sales and profitability.
  11. Accounting Firm Experience and Operations
    The paper explores the accounting firm experience and investigates how operations run. The paper focuses on Joly Heinzlmeir Professional Accountants.
  12. Starbucks Corporation's Accounting Analysis
    Starbucks offers an opportunity to shareholders to increase the value of their investment. The firm has high returns on equity and assets, which is a good indication for investors.
  13. Financial Analysis and Control System of Ocado Group
    The discussion hows a worsening trend of profitability of the Group. It is of greater concern since the firm's objectives are to maximize profitability and shareholders’ wealth.
  14. Takaful Organization Analysis
    The term ‘Takaful’ refers to a form of Islamic compliant insurance and entails a way of sharing risk amongst customers based on cooperative principles.
  15. An Automated Accounting System for Maidas
    Maidas is a small sized accounting firm. The intention of the organization to expand has prompted the management to engage in new business in terms of automated accounting.
  16. Financial Projections, the Firm’s Growth Strategy
    The firm’s growth strategy will also entail the incorporation of the concept of internationalization. This will be possible since the firm will be dealing with digital products.
  17. Google: Company Analysis
    Google Inc is one of the largest firms in the world in terms of brand value and revenues generated out of its operations.
  18. Selecting a Firm for Sourcing Exercise
    In this paper, the researcher will provide a justified recommendation as to whether this organization would be considered for a sourcing exercise.
  19. Financial Analysis Project Walmart
    The firm’s customer-centric model of conducting business was initiated by the founder of the business Walmart, Roger Watson.
  20. Competition Bikes, Inc.: Financial Analysis
    Competition Bikes has an opportunity to expand its operations in Canada and it is better to evaluate the firm financial position.
  21. BHP Billiton, Glencore and Anglo American Firms' Financial Analysis
    Ratio analysis will be carried out for three mining companies over a period of 4 years. The three companies are Glencore PLC, Anglo American PLC, and BHP Billiton Ltd.
  22. Saudi Telecom: Company Analysis
    Saudi Telecom Group (STC) is a telecommunications firm based in Saudi Arabia that provides Internet, mobile, and landline services.
  23. The Analysis of Apple Company
    The initial name of Apple, Inc. was Apple Computer, which was created on April 1, 1976. Today it's of the largest technology firms in the world, with annual revenues of more than $60B
  24. Billabong Limited Firm's Financial Accounting Analysis
    This paper provides a financial accounting analysis for Billabong Limited. The company is evading being faced with financial turmoil that could influence its future operations.
  25. EMAAR Company Valuation
    This paper seeks to present the valuation of EMAAR, a premier business entity in the United Emirates located in Dubai.
  26. Samsung Electronics Company: A Financial Analysis
    In the paper, the author will provide a financial analysis of Samsung Electronics Company. The firm’s investments will be reviewed to determine its profitability.
  27. Wi Yu Motors Firm's Internationalization Strategy
    This report summarises the internationalization strategy for Wi Yu Motors (an automotive company based in China).
  28. Investment Analysis: Dillard’s, Inc.
    Dillard’s, Inc is one of the largest home furnishing and apparel retailers in the country; the firm was formed by William T. Dillard in 1938 and incorporated in 1964 in Delaware.
  29. Analysis of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Firm
    The Consensus Forecast among some 18 companies indicated that Harley-Davidson's performance would outperform the market.
  30. Arthur Andersen Firm's Strategic Management Accounting
    Arthur Andersen, an auditing firm established in 1914 came to a dramatic fall in the 20th century following the implementation of organizational architecture changes.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Firm Analysis

  1. Netflix Firm's Change Management and Organizational Structure
    This paper will examine the change initiatives of Netflix as well as the company’s structure and leadership enabling the innovations.
  2. Payout Polices of Banks and Technological Firms
    Publicly traded companies have to pay out dividends to their shareholders as a form of compensation for their investments.
  3. H&M, Zara, Ikea, and Walmart Firms' Inventory Management Practices
    The target companies chosen as a case study include H&M, Zara, Ikea, and Walmart, which use different approaches for inventory management control.
  4. Toyota Firm's Production and Operations Management
    This essay covers the ten decision framework of the Toyota company, which demonstrates the diverse areas of its business that calls for strategic engagements.
  5. Eurostar Firm's Strategies for Leading and Managing Change
    This report focuses on the role of leadership in organizational change in Eurostar and the measures leaders should take to ensure change is effectively managed.
  6. The Influence of Sustainable Business on Firm Performance
    This paper aims to present the literature review to clarify how sustainable business can impact firm performance and corporate behavior.
  7. Domino’s Pizza Firm’s Operational Management
    This report presents an analysis of the operational management of Domino’s Pizza enterprise. It elaborates on the key strategies and functional issues that affect the business.
  8. Knowledge Economy: Impact on Firms' Performance
    The emergence of the knowledge economy decreased reliance on physical inputs and natural resources to produce goods and services.
  9. Amazon.com Firm's Supply Chain Management
    Amazon's integrative approach and continuous adherence to advance strategies within the supply chain have enabled its leading position among its competitors.
  10. Jaguar Firm's Systems Thinking Theory and Practice
    Jaguar is one of the organisations operating in modern society. The activities of this firm can be viewed from the perspective of organisational theory and practice.
  11. NextDC Limited Firm's Corporate Governance and Capital Market
    NEXTDC Limited (ASX: NXT) is an Australian data center operator that provides innovative connectivity services and data center outsourcing solutions.
  12. Beefsteak Firm's Training and Development Evaluation
    Beefsteak is an example of an organization with little history but well-established values that could benefit from an elaborated training program.
  13. Walmart Firm's Traits of Leadership and Management
    This paper presents an in-depth managerial analysis of Walmart Inc. It describes the enterprise and its environment, administrative functions, and recommendations for Walmart.
  14. JUMBO Seafood: Environment Analysis and Business Level Strategy
    This report will address JUMBO Seafood’s competitors, customers, and collaborators, SWOT, VRIN, and value chain analysis, and establish a new takeout and delivery service.
  15. Auto Safety Products Firm's Teamwork Problems
    Auto Safety Products is a firm that manufactures automobile seat belts. The company also specializes in infant and toddler safety seats.
  16. Strategic Innovations in Enhancing a Firm’s Advantage
    This analysis intends to determine optimal innovative approaches which result in significant progress regarding profit realizations in a firm.
  17. Emirates Airline Firm's Total Quality Management
    This paper will discuss how Emirates develops its quality standards through operations analysis, use of technologies in product and process design, and people engagement.
  18. Boston Accounting Firm: Restructuring and Downsizing Plan
    In the case of Boston Accounting Firm, the layoffs will be performed by individuals from various departments, namely, Auditing, Tax, Corporate Governance, and Legal and Insurance.
  19. Firm Analysis for Economics for United Airlines
    The airline industry relates to the transportation of people and cargo via aircraft. Airlines are divided into international, national, and regional levels.
  20. Nissan Firm's Organizational Behavior & Turnaround
    A sense of urgency was required at Nissan to address the company's financial troubles; yet, the main issue at Nissan was a lack of imperativeness.
  21. Johnson & Johnson Firm's Economic Analysis
    The future projection and forecast of Johnson & Johnson are positive, particularly due to the firm’s position in innovation and inventions.
  22. Beyond Meat Firm and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    In the current research paper, the structure of Beyond Meat is analyzed according to Porter's model of five forces.
  23. Five Star Development Firm's Compensation Program
    The compensation plan is an important component of modern organizational management that has the capacity to substantially influence the overall performance of the firm.
  24. GlaxoSmithKline Firm's Business Growth Opportunity
    The report assesses a growth opportunity for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to take advantage of the situation with AstraZeneca's vaccine being called off in several European countries.
  25. Nokia: Entrepreneurial Firm's Growth Mismanagement
    The history of Nokia, a more than century-old company, comprises a variety of spheres in which the company conducted its activities.
  26. Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton Firms' Financial Analysis
    The paper includes financial report analysis and business decision-making. There are two companies, which are analyzed: Rio Tinto Limited and BHP Billiton.
  27. Walmart Firm's Situation Before and During Covid-19
    This paper aims to discuss Walmart's business performance before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, it mainly focuses on the eCommerce business model of the company.
  28. Tea and More Firm Resolving Complex Supply Chain Issues
    Tea and More (TAM) is a company that has been expanding rapidly since its purchase from the three sisters that started the enterprise.
  29. General Motors Firm's Internal Factor Evaluation
    The Internal Factor Evaluation matrix is a business management tool applied when evaluating a company's internal environment. The paper discusses the IFE matrix for General Motors.
  30. Wells Fargo Firm's Financial Performance and Success
    Wells Fargo is one of the oldest American multinational financial companies. The company offers a variety of financial products that include banking, investment, and mortgage.

✍️ Firm Analysis Essay Examples for College

  1. Whittard of Chelsea Firm's Market Entry Strategy for the US
    The report comprises PESTEL-based macro-environmental analysis, market entry modes with the selection of the most appropriate one, STP strategy, and generic entry strategies.
  2. Unilever UK Firm's Innovativeness and Creativity
    The importance of innovation has increased to a level that needs intensive investment, making the Unilever organisation note the need for a different way to initiate creativity.
  3. Whole Foods Market Firm's Strategic Improvement
    Whole Foods has become a dynamic leader in the business of high-quality food and is a mission-driven company that aims to set high standards for food retailers and manufacturers.
  4. Uber Firm's External and Internal Environments
    This paper aims to apply strategic analysis to determine Uber's threats, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses by analyzing its internal and external environment.
  5. Apple and Samsung Firms' Confronting Strategies
    Apple and Samsung are the world's front smartphone companies, they are corporations with entirely different strategies, capitalization, and market behavior.
  6. Ryanair Firm's Competitive Position in the UK
    Ryanair is a massive low-cost service coverage across Europe. This report will focus on how Ryanair may retain its customer base and improve its competitive positioning.
  7. Automatic Data Processing Firm's Financial Analysis
    Automatic Data Processing (ADP) is an American-based company that provides software and services for human resource management.
  8. ABC Firm's Management of Wicked Business Problems
    While most business entities pursue profits as their cardinal objective, the presence of certain wicked problems presents significant challenges.
  9. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Firm's Strategic Profile
    Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia does not have a significant online presence. It remains in an uncertain business state and requires strategic alternatives.
  10. Uber’s Business- and Corporate-Level Strategies
    The given assessment will primarily focus on the analysis of Uber’s business-level strategies, corporate-level strategies, competitive environment, and market cycles.
  11. Michelin Firm's Adoption of Digital Service Platform
    The purpose of this paper is to develop appraise, evaluate, and analyze the situation at Michelin regarding its adoption of the Digital Service Platform.
  12. PetSmart Firm's Health & Safety Procedures Analysis
    An overview of the health and safety procedures of PetSmart in relation to its workers will be presented here; then, some improvement recommendations will be made.
  13. The Tesla Firm's Business Model Within the Industry
    This paper examines and discusses Tesla’s business model within the context of its industry to understand the company's unique appeal to customers today.
  14. The Medical Equipment Manufacturing Firm: Business Plan
    A detailed business plan in starting medical sports equipment which will be used by our target market to keep physically fit as well as rehabilitate injuries.
  15. Tesla Inc.: The Research of the Firm, Industry, and the Environment
    The central objective of the proposed paper is the in-depth analysis of Tesla Inc: the research of the firm, industry, and the environment.
  16. Techfite Firm's Problem and Emerging Technology Solution
    The paper discusses strategies that could enhance the security performance of TechFite's firewall and provide the corporation with extra storage space.
  17. PricewaterhouseCoopers Firm's Employee Loyalty Initiative
    To improve employee loyalty, PwC has organized a top-down initiative in which managers were encouraged to work with employees to develop a work schedule that was suitable for them.
  18. WeWork Singapore Firm's Strategies for Dealing with COVID-19
    WeWork is a global company that engages in the purchase and lease of office properties across the country and lets them to businesses seeking office spaces.
  19. IKEA Firm's Operations and Supply Chain Management
    Throughout the decades, IKEA has been operating under the idea of providing a selection of products for home furnishing that are affordable and accessible.
  20. General Motors Firm's Advertising Approaches
    The paper states that General Motors should acquire new advertising approaches which aim at attracting new clients and retaining the existing ones.
  21. Heineken Firm's Corporate-Level and International Strategy
    Heineken is a brewery company founded by Gerard Heineken in Amsterdam. In 1873, it began producing beer and was active in the brewing industry in over 178 countries globally.
  22. Guysborough Digital Vegan Firm's Business Plan
    Guysborough Digital Vegan is a startup business that specializes in packaging and selling vegetable-based drinks to people around Guysborough County in Nova Scotia.
  23. Current Marketing Activities of UK-Based Firms
    The United Kingdom (UK) consumers are known to be loyal to their favorite firms and brands, which guarantee to ship their products for free and offer product returns.
  24. Nike Firm's American Advertisement Analysis
    Nike is attempting to sell its various sporting equipment to all communities through the use of motivational strategies.
  25. Goodwill Industries International Firm's Competitive Differentiation Advantages
    Goodwill Industries International is a pioneer of social enterprise that is intended to build a culture of respect by establishing and implementing diversity programs.
  26. Samsung and Apple Firms' Financial Management
    Over the past decade, Samsung and Apple have repeatedly stood at the top of the global rankings of mobile device manufacturers.
  27. Walt Disney Company: The Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy
    The Walt Disney Company is among those firms that actively integrate corporate social responsibility strategy into their overall development plan since 2008.
  28. Home Depot Inc.'s Strategic Audit
    Home Depot Inc. is the biggest home improvement firm in the United States that supplies tools, products for construction, and services.
  29. The Nordstrom Firm Developing a Quality Management System
    This report has been prepared for the purposes of developing a quality management system for a large USA-based department store chain Nordstrom.
  30. The John Deere Firm's Strategic Analysis
    The report provides the reader with valuable and relevant information to consider John Deere from a strategic positioning perspective.
  31. General Motors Firm's Marketing Analysis
    The paper entails an analysis of the new product, competition, the target market, competition, and a communication plan that will help the marketing team implement the new product.
  32. Furniture Shoppe Firm's Operational Dimensions
    This paper discusses the operational dimensions of Furniture Shoppe, what is wrong with the current process, how the efficiency and effectiveness of the business could be improved.
  33. The Walmart Firm's Position in the Retail Industry
    An analysis of Walmart's marketing strategy is conducted through Porter's five forces model, from which recommendations are drawn for increased competitiveness.
  34. Business Ethics: Lockheed Martin Firm's Critique
    According to Terris, despite the notion that Lockheed Martin has many strong sides to its ethics, there are still significant limitations and gaps.
  35. Cultural and Institutional Factors That Greenway Firms Face
    This paper analyses the restrictions associated with cultural and institutional factors that Greenway firms face when opening operations in France.
  36. Techfite Firm's Emerging Technology Proposal
    Techfite is a Texas-based company that specializes in medical technology. The company desires to explore additional partnerships overseas.
  37. Unilever Firm's Effective Human Resource Management
    Unilever’s case shows that even global leaders have serious risks influencing their work and planning activities. For multinationals, such threats become more significant.
  38. Havells Firm's Data Visualization in Business Decision
    The data from the case study reveals some challenges that the Havells company may face when implementing visualization for decision-making.

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