Compensation Analysis – Strategies & Market Compensation Essay Samples

If you want to learn more about compensation analysis, our article will help you with that. We’ll give you a detailed description of this tool and explain how to perform the analysis step by step. The best part is you’ll get some examples in the end!

🔝 Top-10 Compensation Analysis Examples

  1. The CEO-to-Worker Pay-Ratio Concept
  2. International Financial Reporting Standards Convergence
  3. Drapers Company and Trade Union's Negotiations
  4. Motivation Role in Management
  5. McDonald’s Company Performance Measurement
  6. Factors Leading to Job Satisfaction
  7. Compensation for Employees
  8. International Business Benefits of the USA
  9. Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  10. McDonald’s Company Reward Management

💰 Compensation Analysis & What to Know About It

Compensation is the salary or reward employees receive for their contributions to the company. Workers contribute their knowledge, time, skills, commitment, and abilities to drive the organization’s development.

Compensation is one of the leading costs of any business. It is crucial because, with appropriate resource allocation, a company can grow, prosper, and get top talent. Moreover, a sound compensation cost plan enables organizations to compete successfully.

So, what exactly can a business get with the right compensation package?

  • First and foremost, it’s a high-quality and experienced workforce that is loyal and motivated.
  • In addition, fair compensation encourages staff to work for results and increases their productivity.

Salaries and wages are vital for employees and employers. Thus, internal and market compensation analysis has to be conducted in every company. Here are some definitions related to this process.

What Is Compensation Analysis?

Compensation analysis is a method companies use to compare how much different employees earn within their business and across other organizations in the industry. This comparison allows firms to establish fair and equitable pay.

Since the human resource market is apt to change, companies should respond to varying conditions and adjust wages quickly. After all, a company risks losing talented workers, and a competitor can lure them away by offering more favorable terms. To avoid this situation, companies conduct compensation analysis, which results in a formal pay structure they apply to hire employees and adjust pay.

What Are Compensation Strategies?

A compensation strategy is a method for describing a company’s approach to compensation and benefits. It considers the labor market situation, profit levels, bonus principles, salary formation, etc. The total compensation should fit within the budget. Moreover, it should align with corporate and HR policies and reflect top management’s expectations of employees.

What Does Desired Compensation Mean?

Desired compensation is the compensation employees expect to receive for their contributions. Based on a position, desired compensation can be salaried or hourly. Moreover, it can vary depending on an employee’s location, years of work experience, relevant skills, certifications, and economic conditions. Workers can also have expectations regarding benefits. Companies may offer such benefits as health insurance, paid holidays, sick pay, gym membership, etc.

🫰 How to Do a Compensation Analysis: 6 Steps

To conduct a compensation analysis, an analyst should follow 6 steps.

1️⃣ Determine the GoalsCompanies set goals to select suitable methodologies for the analysis. For example, suppose a company wants to improve its compensation offerings for sustainability and competitiveness in the labor market. Since the firm’s goal is growth, it should reconsider its salary range and bonus schemes.
2️⃣ Evaluate the Existing Pay PracticesThe next step is to evaluate the principles and patterns that shape compensation. It’s essential to ensure that the organization’s pay practices comply with market trends. For example, employees’ wages should be independent of race and gender. Also, employers may consider rewarding the most productive employees based on annual performance reviews.
3️⃣ Collect the InformationOrganizations should research competitive offerings regularly for adequate and competent determination of compensation trends. They should use reliable data sources: government surveys, free online statistics, custom surveys, internal company data, and employee-submitted online surveys. Organizations should use a combination of sources that will give them the most comprehensive picture of the situation.
4️⃣ Analyze & Set Pay RangesCompanies should analyze data from different surveys to establish their pay rates. As a rule, surveys provide data on the median salary. The median salary means that 50% of employees in the market earn less than this sum, and the other half earn more than that. An organization can choose to “match the market,” meaning that it will pay the median salary to its employees. Or it can choose to pay above or below that number, depending on its goals and available resources.
5️⃣ Implement ChangesThe firm should compare its current pay ranges with those identified during the analysis to determine who earns more or less than the target range. When deviations are detected, analysts should decide how to address them in the compensation system. It’s vital to match the new strategy to the company’s budget and, at the same time, to the needs of the staff.
6️⃣ Decide on Your Pay CommunicationFinally, the company should inform managers of the results and train them to communicate compensation changes to employees. Even if a company doesn’t want to be completely transparent about wages, its employees should understand that their compensation is established based on fair procedures. The firm should choose convenient tools to communicate salary ranges, individual employee salaries, and pay structures.

🪙 3 Useful Compensation Strategies Examples

There are different types of compensation strategies and philosophies. Consider some examples to understand them better:

  • Performance-based compensation. This compensation scheme ensures the employees perform according to the company’s objectives. Workers receive their performance plan, and the organization motivates them to be productive. For example, store managers receive a sales plan for the month. The closer their stores approach the expected results, the higher pay the managers will receive.
  • Employee incentives. One effective way to motivate personnel is through selective rewards. The company can base them on various factors: productivity, sales, work initiative, etc. It means an employee who has exceeded expectations receives additional payment for personal efforts. To avoid payment misunderstandings, the organization should define the incentive eligibility criteria for each worker.
  • Annual performance review. Annually reviewing the company’s compensation strategy is valuable because it helps ensure the relevance of the company’s current compensation to the job market. This practice enables organizations to pay competitive wages, which keeps workers engaged and motivated. As for pay rises, companies can base them on increases in the cost of living to ensure that compensation is appropriate at the federal level. Moreover, payment should be equitable, meaning that it should consider the minimum wage and include overtime pay.

This article explained why a systematic compensation analysis is valuable for companies, their employees, and further business development. We also suggest you check out the essay samples below.

📝 Compensation Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Human Resource Management' and Marketing' Relations
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to analyze the existing linkage and the relations between human resource and marketing in an organization. Such linkage results in achieving customer loyalty.
  2. Etisalat and Its Human Resource Legal Functions
    Business essay sample: Etisalat Corporation is the leading technology company within the GCC countries, whose development history dates back in the year 1976.
  3. Emirati Companies' International HRM Strategies
    Business essay sample: This paper dwells upon the use of international HRM strategies at Emirati companies. Practices focused at Al-Futtaim Group and Friends Provident International.
  4. The Glades and Sons Company's Operations Internationalization
    Business essay sample: With reference to the Glades and sons, this paper is intended to analyze critically the human resource issues of an organization intending to internationalize its operations.
  5. Human Resource Policies for Staff Performance
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses how effective are the bank's performance management policies specifically appraisal/promotion, compensation and disciplinary policies.
  6. Al Hilal Bank Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: The paper explores how the Al Hilal bank applies its HRM and human capital to increase its performance, and discusses its human resource planning process.
  7. Management and Employee Motivation
    Business essay sample: Motivation is the act of influencing someone to take an action to achieve a certain goal. Here are various theories that explain employee motivation and subsequent behavior.
  8. Digifile Recordings Company's Total Reward Strategy
    Business essay sample: Total rewards strategy, if well developed and implemented, can address most of the organizational shortcomings associated with employees.
  9. Employee Incentives and Reward Systems
    Business essay sample: According to equity theory, the level of compensation compared with the amount of effort that employees put into their jobs determines the relationships in employment.
  10. Starbucks Company' Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: This essay presents theoretical and practical information on human resource management and uses one of the Starbucks’ franchises as the subject of the research study.
  11. KND Corporation's Human Resource Plan
    Business essay sample: KND Corporation produces medium-priced clothing for girls and women under the brand name Bliss, and its products are currently sold online, as well as in four physical stores.
  12. Employee Selection, Retention, Motivation Practices
    Business essay sample: The role of HRM in the organization shall focus on improving recruitment, selection, retention, motivation, and promotion among other roles.
  13. Qatar National Bank's Employees in Change Processes
    Business essay sample: The dissertation focuses on investigating the impact of human resource bundles on change management processes in Qatar National Bank (QNB).
  14. Employee Training, Motivation and Performance
    Business essay sample: This essay seeks to offer explanations as to why motivation in itself, acts as an imperative factor in creating employee motivation.
  15. Lincoln Electric Company’s Reward System
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to find out why Lincoln Electric’s reward system is not working as well as expected and what management needs to undertake to position the company’s incentive system.
  16. Emirates Airline and Employee Motivation Theories
    Business essay sample: Employees are inspired by a set of factors that can exist extrinsically or intrinsically in themselves or their organizations.
  17. Human Resource Processes in Qatar National Bank
    Business essay sample: This paper investigates how the configuration of human resource management practices in bundles is applied within the context of Qatar National Bank to improve change management processes.
  18. Human Resources Management: Compensation Concept
    Business essay sample: The paper will examine how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory can be used to present a new definition of compensation and benefits to empower employees using leadership practices.
  19. The Banking Industry in the US: Human Resource Role
    Business essay sample: This research paper will discuss how human resource activities in the banking sector of the United States could work to ensure success of organisations despite the existence of diversity.
  20. Wal-Mart's Recruitment and Retention Program
    Business essay sample: The Wal-Mart organization has faced a myriad of challenges in its human resource management approaches that have put it in a negative light.
  21. Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Sector: Strategic HRM
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this report is to explore the influence of strategic human resource management practices at the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA).
  22. Singapore Airline's Employee Retention Approaches
    Business essay sample: The paper considers the employee retention approaches that can support Singapore Airline to retain its leadership position in the air transport industry.
  23. Talent Management and Organization Performance Relationship
    Business essay sample: In the current global business arena of fierce and unyielding competition on a global scale, talent can represent the key leverage a company needs to best its competitors.
  24. UAE Aviation Human Resource Optimization During Recession
    Business essay sample: The recession has had far-reaching financial and human resource management implications that have compelled the readjustments of HR policies in the UAE aviation industry.
  25. AFDCO Incorporation: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: AFDCO Incorporation is a private limited company, which was established in 2000 in the UAE. The firm operates in the UAE’s beverage industry, and it is headquartered at Al Quoz, Dubai.
  26. Employee Turnover and Its Long-Term Impact
    Business essay sample: The learning process has resulted in a greater appreciation of the importance of effective leadership in the success of the organisation.
  27. Performance Appraisal System in SGS Company
    Business essay sample: This proposal entails an illustration of the fundamental issues that the consultancy firm will take into account in offering consultancy services to SGS (HK) Limited.
  28. Performance and Reward Management System Guidance
    Business essay sample: Performance management is a continuous process established by organisations to help them in achieving their objectives through maximisation of an individual employee.
  29. James River Air Conditioning Company's Human Resources
    Business essay sample: The human resource department seeks to ensure that employees strive to achieve the overall objectives of the company. The company has customer based objectives.
  30. Employee Empowerment and Cultural Factors
    Business essay sample: The researchers examine the influence of various organizational and cultural factors on the degree of employee empowerment.
  31. Benefits and Risks of Performance-based Compensation System
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses performance-based pay system as an important strategy for basing employee compensation scheme. It first identifies the benefits and risks of performance compensation system.
  32. Human Resource Managers' Role in Organizational Change
    Business essay sample: Organizational change is a revolutionary process of altering the way an organization operates in an attempt to meet some defined goals and objectives.
  33. KGW Corporation's Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: KGW Health organization is poised to remain profitable throughout the current period of operation up to the year 2017, with a marginal increase in profitability in successive years.
  34. Walmart Company's Human Resource Management Practices
    Business essay sample: This study explores Wal-Mart’s human resource department. It identifies physical, human, and financial resources and human resources planning approaches.
  35. Minimum Wage and Unemployment Rate Correlation
    Business essay sample: The paper establishes the relationship between the unemployment rate and minimum wage and provides possible reasons for this relationship.
  36. Google Incorporation's Human Resource Practices
    Business essay sample: Google Inc. needs to manage its international branches and offices more efficiently to ensure that all benefits provided by the company are also available in the foreign offices.
  37. Minimum Wage Increase Effect on Unemployment Rate
    Business essay sample: The research paper will also provide possible reasons for the positive or negative relationship which will be established.
  38. Pay-for-Performance Plans as Employee Compensation
    Business essay sample: Pay-for-performance (P4P) plans refer to a philosophy of companies rewarding their workers for valuable contributions that they make.
  39. Countrywide Financial Corporation Analysis
    Business essay sample: Countrywide Financial Corporation offered financial services in mortgage lending and other real estate businesses. CFC was managed through its five business segments.
  40. British Airways' Logistics and Operations Management
    Business essay sample: This essay provides a critical analysis of how British Airways has used technology in different areas of its operation towards achieving its goals.

💡 Essay Ideas on Compensation Analysis

  1. Human Resource Management: Efficiency and Equity
    Business essay sample: The employers should uniformly offer promotion opportunities to all employees, which should be treated in an equal and just manner irrespective of their cultural or racial background.
  2. Expatriation and Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: This paper uses a case study of an American worker sent for an assignment in Qatar to argue that there are four main aspects that the HRM must consider to support the expatriate.
  3. Google's Human Resource and Global Labor Movement
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses the impact of the global movement of labor on the HR management strategy of Google and the influence of inter-country differences in the workplace.
  4. Best Practices in Human Resources
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses what is the definition of human resource management, and what are the seven best practices in human resource management.
  5. Human Resource Management for Goals Achievement
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses the major functions of HRM which boost the efficacy and contribution of employees in the accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives.
  6. The Impacts of Employee Benefits
    Business essay sample: Personnel motivation is one of the main issues for all companies that value their reputation and the trust of employees.
  7. HR Practices in Infosys – Best Strategies
    Business essay sample: What are the best Infosys HR practices? 💾 This work presents the HRM system of Infosys, its challenges, and the ways of overcoming these difficulties. 🤝 Read the article to learn what are innovative HR practices in Infosys. ✔️
  8. Coca Cola Company: Staff Performance Effective Management
    Business essay sample: This report responds to an earlier request to come up with a write-up on how your company can manage staff performance effectively.
  9. Stress at Workplace and Management
    Business essay sample: The paper describes stress at the workplace, ways to manage it, and an overview of Lewis and DeCarlo's research articles on this topic.
  10. Organizational Workplace and Human Resource Trends
    Business essay sample: This essay examines various functions of HRM in enhancing an organization’s business flexibility, explores equal employment opportunity laws and trends in the business environment.
  11. How Motivation Influences Job Satisfaction
    Business essay sample: Motivation denotes the psychological aspect that provokes people to action regarding the desired goal and educes controls while upholding objective-directed behavior.
  12. Reward Management Case: Green Fingers Garden Centres
    Business essay sample: This paper provides a proposal for a reward management system for a new company called Green Fingers Garden Centres.
  13. PharmaCARE Company: Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
    Business essay sample: Over the years, the global society has developed standards that must be followed by companies operating in different parts of the world regarding ethical conduct.
  14. Compensation, Benefits and Information Systems
    Business essay sample: Good compensation policies should balance different inputs separately during work analysis procedures to produce the best inputs.
  15. Marketing Promotional Strategies
    Business essay sample: Marketing and other effective promotional strategies play a very important role in creating a good impact for prospective consumers.
  16. Attrition in Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: Effective HR management is essential for the efficiency and productivity of a company. Attrition is an HR area of high importance, as staff stability is critical for the company.
  17. Performance Management Processes Analysis
    Business essay sample: This research looks at performance management in a theoretical and practical perspective taking account relevant business analysis.
  18. McDonald's Strategic Management of Human Resources & Innovation
    Business essay sample: This report aims center on the idea of human resource management strategies and human resource behavior of McDonalds eating place ltd.
  19. Human Resource Management: A Critical Analysis and HIV/Aids-Related Policy
    Business essay sample: In many workplaces, management has developed a policy on HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses. Such policies should be circulated widely and all workers should understand them.
  20. Quality of Work Life Improvement Techniques
    Business essay sample: Managing human resources is a highly complex and competitive task in modern organizations. Human resource management demands mastery over many areas.
  21. Compensation System Design and Job Analysis
    Business essay sample: Compensation programs are based on a combination of evaluations of the internal relationship of jobs at the workplace.
  22. BBC Company's Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: The study compares the models of human resource management and analyses the present issues that occurred in the BBC due to relocation and the introduction of new technologies.
  23. FedEx Company's Human Motivation Strategies
    Business essay sample: FedEx Human Resources develop policies, programs, and procedures that not only create a center of attention but also retain the most competent, talented, and diverse employees.
  24. Managers' Responsibility for Organizational Performance
    Business essay sample: It is expected that in the future, to enhance the performance of a company, the role of the manager will involve personnel management and managers' competencies.
  25. Human Resource Management in Companies
    Business essay sample: Strategic Human Resource Management is an organized and responsibility structured approach towards the direction and administration of the any institution’s most valued asset.
  26. Organizational Behaviour Concept and Problems
    Business essay sample: The concept of organizational behaviour began to be recognized as a discipline only during the early years of the 20th century.
  27. Employee and Industrial Relation Issues Associated With HRM
    Business essay sample: Accordingly, employee engagement can be described as a composition of obligations “organizational citizenship”.(CIPD)
  28. New Employee Orientation Program Development
    Business essay sample: Employee Orientation is an avenue where both employers and employees can freely discuss the organizational goals and the worker’s job conditions and description.
  29. Leadership and Motivation Help in the Workplace
    Business essay sample: Motivation and leadership are synonymous particularly in helping people in an organization. Different meanings and instances are available describing these two.
  30. Human Resource, Information System in General Motors
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes different human resource management issues of General Motors, and then these issues are diagnosed using the theories of human resource management.
  31. Google’s Business Strategy and Will Show a Thorough Analysis of It
    Business essay sample: This paper examines Google as a company including its history or origin, its growth, products and services, and the business model it has adopted over the years.
  32. Strategic Recruitment and Turnover‏ Relationship
    Business essay sample: The research is based on two companies McDonald and Microsoft, and the focus will be on how the organizations recruit and what other measures do they take to reduce turnover.
  33. Human Resource Management Issues in Contemporary Organizations
    Business essay sample: The importance of the HR model is to enable the company to manage the human resource issues effectively in order to gain a competitive advantage in the market.
  34. Computer Associates: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Computer Associates is the third largest IT Company in the world which succeeded in its business. Its main business is software development and marketing.
  35. Southwest Airlines: Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: The study is a strategic analysis of “Southwest Airlines Co.” as the biggest passenger airways in the U.S.A as well as one of the prominent global players in the aviation industry.
  36. Ford Motor Company: Management of Change
    Business essay sample: In Ford Motor Company there is a critical need to address radical change, personal inconvenience, and new accountability.
  37. Toyota’s Expatriate Management Policy
    Business essay sample: The article describes aspects of Toyota's policy regarding expatriates: training, cash benefits, career growth, the ability to keep in touch with families.
  38. Role of Stakeholders in HRD
    Business essay sample: This article describes about stakeholders, their role in HRD. It also explains the role and nature of learning and development in HRD.
  39. Short-Term Bonuses Culture and Instability in Management of Banks
    Business essay sample: The main aim of this dissertation is to understand the manner in which short-term bonuses culture has led to instability in management of banks.
  40. Public Relations in Organization
    Business essay sample: Public relation refers to the manner in which an organization associates itself with the outside world. An organization can never achieve its goals alone.

👍 Good Compensation Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. The Concept of International Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: Common concept of human resource management illustrates how to adopt the right man for the right place. Both individual and organizational goals entail this process.
  2. Usefulness on Total Reward in an Organization
    Business essay sample: The rewards scheme runs through the culture of an organization and is developed to maintain the best levels of pay, benefits, compensation, and other forms of rewards.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
    Business essay sample: This study would address the corporate social responsibility, business ethics, and corporate governance of the two companies given in the case.
  4. Responsibilities of Audit, Human Resources and Governance Committees in Promoting Effective Board Governance
    Business essay sample: The organizational board of directors is charged with the responsibility of governing the organization, taking leadership and directing the formation and administration.
  5. H2O Company : Human Resource Functions Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper is aimed at looking at some of the various issues affecting H2O’s human resource department and give recommendations on what the company ought to do.
  6. Organizational Strategy and Planning for Bradford & Bingley Plc
    Business essay sample: The report of Bradford & Bingley Plc begins with a strategic analysis of the company with an exhaustive SWOT and PEST analysis of the organization based on its current position.
  7. Nalco Company: Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: The essay seeks to explore the human resource management practices of Nalco Company, their practicality and their influences on the United Arab Emirates economy and society.
  8. Strategic Analysis of Coach Inc
    Business essay sample: The report of Coach Inc begins with a strategic analysis of the company with a detailed SWOT analysis of the organization based on its current position.
  9. Accounting Fraud: The Bank of America
    Business essay sample: The bank of America has been the people’s bank for a long time and is preferred due to its quality services. There are a lot of allegations that have been out across and thus costing the bank a lot.
  10. Diversity Management. Equal Employment Policy
    Business essay sample: A wide array of issues and themes flows from considering the actual institutional means by which equal employment policy is implemented.
  11. IMedia Integrated Media Solutions L.L.C Company: Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: The company should strive hard to ensure that there is a fair payment procedure for workers. This will encourage them to work harder, and hence the company will remain competitive.
  12. KSA Financial Market in Saudi Arabia
    Business essay sample: The report talks about the financial market in Saudi Arabia, the banking system and banks in Saudi, the Saudi insurance system and companies, and the stock market in Saudi.
  13. Wal-Mart: Marketing Services Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper will discuss the phenomenon of Wal-Mart that has managed to develop a strong and vibrant physical environment, proper service provision process supported by technology.
  14. Challenges of Hiring Underage Employees in the US
    Business essay sample: There are jobs which accept underage workers or employees who are below 18 years, or which are suited for the young to man the counters, the stores and restaurants.
  15. Human Resources Management
    Business essay sample: This paper is the report of the research findings aimed at gathering the information on the Human Resources Management issues at Ford Motor Company.
  16. Noncompliance Risks in Corporate Governance
    Business essay sample: Corporate governance refers to a set of policies, laws, customs, and processes which dictate the manner in which a corporation is managed.
  17. Jet Blue Airline's Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: The essay discusses methods that the organization institute in selecting suitable personnel to meet the organization's staffing needs, and the importance of performance appraisal.
  18. Work Motivation & Employee Performance
    Business essay sample: Motivation is a psychological feature that uplifts a person’s extent of commitment. It takes account of the aspects like reason, conduit, and sustainable performance in a fastidious committed direction.
  19. Can Culture in the Organization Be Managed?
    Business essay sample: This report presents a discussion on changing the behavior of both managers and employees to support the innovative culture and how culture in an organization be managed.
  20. Employee Motivation. Reward Systems and Strategy
    Business essay sample: This motivation directly influences the organization’s elements of production such as productivity levels, profits, morale and product & service delivery.
  21. Smart Marketers Firm’s Financial Reward System
    Business essay sample: One of the most challenging tasks in human resource management is to implement an effective reward and recognition system.
  22. Managing Human Resources: Through Strategic Partnership
    Business essay sample: Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the overall organizational method of screening the function and purpose of HRM in a well-built organization.
  23. Monetary Safety Awards
    Business essay sample: Resources are limited in supply and have a monetary value which makes it mandatory for any organization that values quality and business success to place it amongst top priorities.
  24. Managing People, Finance and Marketing
    Business essay sample: In managerial grid approach, there are five types of leadership practiced by different manager in different organisational arrangement.
  25. International Human Resource Management Analysis
    Business essay sample: The Human Resource Management (HRM) functions in an international organization, encompassing a variety of actions or activities.
  26. Reduction of Payroll Costs: Rewards
    Business essay sample: Each reward systems should cater for the needs of the entire employee’s. The manner and approach to implementation of such systems may.
  27. Management Practices After Global Financial Crisis
    Business essay sample: This study analyzes management practices prior to the 2008-2009 global economic crisis and the actions that managers have taken since the crisis.
  28. Corporate Restructuring and Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: This paper is based on the thesis that the strategic management concept is a vital breakthrough that has revolutionized management.
  29. Sick Leave and Sick Leave Abuse at Enterprise N in 2017-2020
    Business essay sample: The work of the HR department implies responsibility for the well-being of employees, which has physical, social, cultural, and emotional sides.
  30. Attrition Impact on HR Management: Literature Study
    Business essay sample: This report aims to investigate three articles on attrition and implications of this process for the HR managers and discuss different research methods.
  31. The Issues of Ethics in Business
    Business essay sample: The analyzed case study is closely linked with an opportunity of losing consumers' trust. The aim of this paper is to analyze the situation from an ethical point of view.
  32. Human Resource Management at Amazon
    Business essay sample: The HR policies of Amazon are reflected in its systems intended to improve cooperation between managers and employees.
  33. CIPD Candidate Assessment: Briefing Paper
    Business essay sample: Intellectual, affective, social employee engagement constitute one of the reliable predictors of workers’ productivity, commitment, and retention.
  34. An Application for Smart Toys: Exploring the Toy Industry Opportunities
    Business essay sample: This paper will address the process of developing, marketing, and selling the latest application for Smart Toys.
  35. Compensation Decision-Making in the Company
    Business essay sample: Compensation must take into consideration the contributions of each individual with respect to the position they hold and the service they provide to the organization.
  36. Comparator Group: Cigna and Anthem
    Business essay sample: Cigna and Anthem companies possess comparable revenues and operate in a similar market, but there are key distinctions between the comparator group and the UnitedHealth Group.
  37. Starbucks’ Management and Operations: Starbucks Delivery
    Business essay sample: Starbucks delivery service is an excellent idea. The wide selection of drinks and outstanding delivery service will promote more sales and demand for the product.
  38. General Overview of Human Resources Management: The Impact of the Technology Industry
    Business essay sample: There is a need for HR teams in any industry. They are crucial for technology enterprises because the technological world is rapidly evolving and transforming.
  39. Future Competencies for HR Professionals
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this study is to investigate contemporary competencies required for HR professionals and the impact of globalization on compensation and benefits.
  40. People Management of Singhania and Partners Company
    Business essay sample: The strategy of Singhania and Partners was to get skilled lawyers and retain them in the firm to help the organization provide their clients with high-quality legal services.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Compensation Analysis

  1. HR Function's Roles and Objectives in Canadian Educational Organizations
  2. Billy Beane: Changing the Game
  3. Human Resource Management - Canadian Retail Sector
  4. On the Problem of Staff Turnover
  5. Amazon HR Practices and Processes
  6. Human Resource Management: Important or Not
  7. Company T Case: Strategic Planning
  8. The Unitedhealth Group’s Human Resources Position
  9. Best HRM Practices: Apple and Amazon
  10. Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Transformation
  11. The Employee Engagement: Crucial Aspects
  12. The UnitedHealth Group’s Compensation Package Analysis
  13. Electronic HR Management Using as an Example
  14. Starbucks Corporation's Compensation Plan
  15. American International Group's Star Model Use
  16. Tools of Employee Motivation
  17. Effective Human Resource Practices and Employee Motivation
  18. Compensation and Benefit System in Management
  19. Total Rewards Strategy in Business
  20. Are Gig Economy Workers Employees?
  21. HR Planning and Human Resources
  22. Performance-Based Pay and Employees’ Productivity
  23. Payment Management in the Organizations
  24. Sick Absence Management: Using Information in Human Resources
  25. The Legally Mandated Benefits for Employees
  26. Human Resources Compensations and Benefits
  27. Reward Management Strategies and Practices
  28. Compensation and Benefits Package for Employees
  29. Bill Kring Foods Inc.'s Human Resources Plan
  30. The Employee Benefit Patterns
  31. Mindful Toys: Case Study
  32. Importance of Human Resources Management
  33. Intel Company's Financial Presentation
  34. Human Resource Manager's Job Description
  35. Staff Attrition and Implications for Human Resource Managers
  36. Analysis of the HR System in Riordan Manufacturing
  37. CFO Report on Colgate-Palmolive Company
  38. Stock Compensation Plans
  39. Advanced Accounting Practices of Abercombie & Fitch Co
  40. Ball Company's Accounting for Stock Compensation to Employees
  41. GAAP Overview, Benefits, and Alternatives
  42. Top Management's Pay Increase in a Failing Organization
  43. Accounting Treatment and the Differences Between IFRS and US GAAP
  44. Plan Description of Tinapa Company 401(K) Plan
  45. EBay Inc.'s Stock Option Plans
  46. Deposit Insurance for Financial Institutions
  47. Unum Corporation's Balanced Scorecard Development

✍️ Compensation Analysis Essay Examples for College

  1. Should Wages Be Tied More to Seniority or Performance?
  2. Analysis of Liabilities, Assets and Equity in the Balance Sheet of Agthia Group
  3. Kellogg's Financial Case Analysis
  4. Analysis of Graphic Packaging Holding
  5. General Mills and Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.: Financial Statements
  6. The Weighted Average Cost of Capital
  7. Administrative Assistant Job
  8. The Fringe Benefits: Types and Objectives
  9. Audit Committees: Medco Approach and the Gaap Approach
  10. SIRIUS XM Radio Incorporation’s Financial Statements
  11. Sumatec: Corporate Governance Analysis
  12. Normative and Positive Approaches in Accounting
  13. Netmaster Pty: the Case of Alfred and the Pokolbin Inn
  14. Strategic Human Resources: Collective Bargaining
  15. Selecting and Managing Employees
  16. Management Control System: Reward and Compensation,
  17. Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements for Human Resources
  18. Graphic Packaging’s Operational and Financial Details
  19. Human Resource Management and Its Five Areas
  20. Researching Corporate Accountability
  21. Sarbanes Oxley Act: Its Changes
  22. Domestic vs. International Human Resource Management
  23. The International Recruitment for Local Companies Within the UAE
  24. Chicago Food and Beverage Company: Case Study
  25. Volkswagen: Strategic Management and Human Resource Practices
  26. HRLR Compensation and Benefits Plan
  27. Multinational Corporations: Cultural Implications and Employee Voice
  28. Marriott Hotels: Case Study
  29. Employee Expenses and Deferred Compensation
  30. Human Resources Strategy at Google
  31. Apple, Nike, Walmart, and Amazon: International Management Issues
  32. Incentive Pay in Chinese Small Manufacturing Enterprises
  33. Internal and External Equity Comparison
  34. Human Resource Policy Manual for Mid-Size Corporation
  35. Performance Management Frameworks and Applications
  36. A Detailed Human Resources Plan
  37. Employee Performance of Abu Dhabi Police
  38. Managing Organizational Employee Retention
  39. Impact of Employee Motivation on Employees’ Performance
  40. Sales Management Process Plan
  41. Resource and Talent Planning Within Organization
  42. Job Analysis and Selection Techniques
  43. Human Resource Management: Roles and Processes in the Enterprise
  44. Human Resource Management During the Covid-19 Pandemic
  45. Unbalanced Ratio of Working Hours to Rewards in Hotel
  46. Employee Retention Factors and Strategies
  47. Ross Stores, Inc.: Employee Retention

🏆 Best Compensation Analysis Research Titles

  1. The Impact of Total Reward on Employee Turnover Intention in Saudi Arabia
  2. Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids
  3. Compensation Models: Total Rewards as Compensation
  4. Labor Relations Process and Cost of Labor Contracts
  5. "Salesforce Compensation: Game Theory." by Madhani
  6. Hong Kong Rugby Sevens' Human Resource Management
  7. Job Description of New Position in Organization
  8. Better Pay Attracts More Qualified Candidates in the Insurance Industry
  9. How Successful Are Financial Rewards for Motivating Employees
  10. Full-Time Versus Part-Time Workers at Jing Jiang Tower Hotel
  11. Expatriate Compensation and Various Approaches
  12. Talent Management in ADNOC
  13. Emirates Airline Facility Department's Talent Management Strategies
  14. Management Problems in Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  15. Employer’s Liabilities For Home-Based Employees
  16. Expatriate Compensation Plan and Benefits
  17. Strategies in Rebuilding Trust and Reuniting Involved Parties
  18. Debate on Gender Discrimination in the Workplace
  19. Five Star Development Firm's Compensation Program
  20. A Report on Delta Electronics Company (Thailand)
  21. Employee Motivation and Total Compensation Package
  22. Barclays Bank: Sales' Team Motivation
  23. Relationship Between Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  24. Amazon Company's Ethical Problems and Challenges
  25. Show Me the Money: Compensation at Cisca Engineering Limited (CEL)
  26. American Airlines Company's Overview and Performance
  27. Right-To-Work Laws, Worker Wages and Benefits
  28. PetSmart Firm's Health & Safety Procedures Analysis
  29. The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill's Ethical Issues
  30. Review of “Pay For Performance And Beyond” Journal
  31. Google: Human Resource Management
  32. Medical and Other Employee Benefits in 2021
  33. Human Resource Management at Maersk
  34. Form 10-K Report Analysis of JPMorgan Chase & Co
  35. Employees' Compensation Benefits
  36. Integrated Commercial Inc.'s Strategic Management
  37. Compensation Effectiveness Evaluation
  38. Improving Organizational Performance and Management
  39. Reward Management Practices and Its Impact on Employee’s Motivation
  40. Southwest Human Resource Management
  41. Employee Protection and Workers’ Compensation
  42. Mandatory Employee Benefits and the Laws Governing Them
  43. Pay-for-Performance Plans and Rewards Classification
  44. Lacoste, Pull & Bear, and GAP: Human Resource Practices
  45. Discussion of Employee Retention
  46. Cultural and Institutional Factors That Greenway Firms Face
  47. Save the Children UK: Analysis of the Image Restoration Attempt

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