Bill Kring Foods Inc.’s Human Resources Plan

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Summary of the Business

Bill Kring Foods Inc. is a modern protein-focused company located at Peachtree Center Avenue Atlanta, Georgia. It was stated in 2005 by two kins, William and David, who named it after their elder brother. The organization, which began as a butcher shop with a capacity of processing three heads of cattle in a day, acquired its first meat packaging plant in Georgia in 2009. Over time, the business experienced significant growth, giving it the capacity to purchase its second beef processing plant in 2015. Through acquisitions and investments of its existing units, Bill Kring Foods Inc. expanded its operations in the food sector, and its daily slaughter capacity reached 2900 heads. Headquartered in Atlanta, the company serves both retail and foodservice clients in Georgia and six other states in the US.

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Beef is Bill Kring Foods Inc.’s chief product. The organization provides a broad range of premium brands and programs to meet the needs of many clients. The company offers wide-ranging beef products, including pies, bone marrow, and Angus (North Dakota State University, n.d). These foodstuffs are packed according to the packaging regulations set by the Federal government to ensure that they do not mislead consumers.


Apart from beef, Bill Kring Foods Inc. deals with premium pork products that have been customized to meet client needs while providing them with a fantastic eating experience. This merchandise is available in numerous selections, including swift and swift premium. The organization has continued to offer world-class products to remain relevant in the industry. It is also important to note that Bill Kring Foods Inc. has a total of two thousand staff working in all its thirty outlets that spread across Georgia and other neighboring states. Some of the company’s clients are in Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alabama. For over twenty years, the organization has continued to provide over 90,000 customers with superior service and products of the highest quality.

Recruitment and Selection Plan

According to Feffer (2017), having the most efficient HR function is a crucial factor in any organization. An effective human resource manager leads the workforce in a way that fulfills its roles competently. Recruitment and selection are some of the essential tasks performed by HR. For Bill Kring Foods Inc. to achieve its set objectives, the hiring process has to be designed in a way that maximizes the potential of employees as they work towards meeting the strategic goals and objectives of the company. Correspondingly, the Government of South Australia (2014) states that the primary aim of the recruitment and selection plan is to attract, identify, and retain the best candidates for the job. To succeed as a one-person HR department, the organization should use the following sequential and systematic procedures.

Step One

The first step seeks to ensure that Bill Kring Food Inc. HR staff understands the company’s employment conventions that govern the identification of desired attributes among potential candidates. This procedure is a fundamental exercise in the recruitment and selection plan that the HR department should take into consideration. In line with the Government of South Australia (2014), Job and Person specifications give a formal guide and details of the available vacancy, description of its location, expected responsibilities, purpose of the position, and its expected outcomes.

The Job and Person specifications should also list the attributes, qualifications, and aspects that should be met by aspiring candidates to help them achieve the expected results of the position. Therefore, using the Job and Person specification criteria will help the company’s HR department to have a structure for the application procedure, submission, and selection process. To attract quality applicants, Bill Kring Foods Inc. can do both internal and external advertising using the most appropriate and suitable communication medium (Thebe & Van der Waldt, 2014). Generally, the first step of the selection and recruitment plan provides potential candidates with a formal application process guide (Government of South Australia, 2014). It also gives a self-selection checklist for the expected employment strategies.

Step Two

At this stage, the company’s HR department will rely on the program eligibility selection checklist to establish the suitability of the candidates (Thebe & Van der Waldt, 2014). It is crucial to review the applications thoroughly before selecting suitable applicants for the interview.

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Step Three

Bill Kring Foods Inc.’s third step will help the HR department to concentrate on selecting the best candidates from a group of applicants for a particular position as outlined in the Job and Person specifications. After that, they will create an interview panel and process (Government of South Australia, 2014; Thebe & Van der Waldt, 2014). Additionally, the department is bound to come up with an appropriate interview and assessment method, which will be implemented during the hiring process.

Step Four

The last step of the recruitment and selection plan entails a reference-checking process for all the potential candidates (Thebe & Van der Waldt, 2014). It is one of the most critical steps for the selected candidates to validate their thoughts, feelings, and findings before the HR department conducts pre-employment testing as well as the final hiring decision.

Training and Development Plan

The HR department should create proper procedures to subject its employees to frequent training programs with a view of improving their skills, knowledge, ability, and attitudes relevant to their respective duties in the company. The exercise should also foster individual growth among staff members and the organization as a whole (Washington State University, 2009). The training and development plan of the HR department is discussed below.

New Employees

The training program for new staff members should focus on introducing them to Bill Kring Foods Inc. This move includes conducting orientation to create awareness of the company’s policies among staff members. Apart from that, the training should be designed in a way that equips them with skills, knowledge, attitude, and capability to maximize their potential as they work towards attaining the objectives and goals of the organization (Washington State University, 2009). This strategy will also help the new employees to safely and efficiently perform their assigned duties in Georgia and other states where the company operates.

Current Employees

The training and development program should ensure that the current employees of the company stay put with any changes in the organization’s policies and regulations. This undertaking promotes awareness and compliance, which is vital in the smooth running of the company’s operations (Washington State University, 2009). Additionally, the training and development plan should teach the organization’s employees the knowledge and skills necessary for upward mobility.

Supervisory and Management Workers

Further, the training and development plan designed by the company’s HR department should provide the organization’s managerial team with an opportunity to learn human relations, management, and various supervisory skills (Washington State University, 2009). By providing leaders with these skills, the organization’s supervisory and management employees will gain an ability to work and correlate well with their colleagues. They will be able to execute effectively supervisory roles in a bid to accomplish the organization’s pertinent goals and objectives.

All Employees

Lastly, the training program adopted by the company should provide staff members with human relations skills. This knowledge will help them to diligently and courteously serve its customers across the five states of the United States. More importantly, training all employees will be vital in addressing various issues associated with the safety, risk management, and compliance of the organization (Washington State University, 2009). It will also allow them to work in harmony, realize their potential, and improve their practices in the execution of their respective duties.

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Before implementing an employee training and development plan, the organization needs to consider various factors. Firstly, the training and development plan should hinge on the organization’s needs. In this case, the HR department should conduct a skills gap analysis to identify employees’ needs and desired skills. Moreover, the department should come with the objectives of the program. In this case, the plan should indicate clear goals such as the anticipated employee performance after the training and approaches to reduce staff turnover rates (Nadler & Nadler, 2012). Besides, the organization’s HR department should involve its staff members in designing the program to buttress the training process. This strategy makes employees gain a sense of belonging as they assume active roles in the program.

The training and development plan should center on two approaches. The first method should focus on the trainer in charge of the learning contents and experiences. The other strategy is learner-centered as it aims at the audience receiving guidance and the necessary training resources (Obisi, 2011; Nadler & Nadler, 2012). This method is preferred because it is inclusive, participatory, and enables learners to share their experiences while giving them more freedom to grasp information at their pace.

More importantly, Bill Kring Foods Inc. HR department should ensure that the training package includes a follow-up support program for the learners and an assessment of the training outcome. The latter, which can be in the form of supervision, mentoring, coaching, or ensuring employees stay put with current information in the food industry, should be included in the organization’s training budget (Nadler & Nadler, 2012). These programs should be carried out either in person, via telephone, or by email (Obisi, 2011). It is also vital to state that the training strategies deployed by the company’s HR department should be relevant to the learner’s jobs and should also be in line with their education levels and the resources available.

Training and Development Plan Assessment

Since the training and development plan is a regular program, Bill Kring Foods Inc. needs to determine its reliance and efficiency. The company should also draft assessment questionnaires to distribute among the employees periodically with a view of assessing their training and development needs.

During learning sessions, the employees can be asked to complete program evaluations, which play a vital role in monitoring the quality of the program and the knowledge provided. With the help of this information, the company’s HR department stands in a position to consult and design training programs that address the needs of the employees effectively (Washington State University, 2009). Furthermore, the department can create evaluation questionnaires that should be distributed to the employees and the organization’s managerial team regularly to seek views on the strengths and weaknesses of the plan.

The Compensation Package for the People Hired

Berk and Simmons (2012) state that various organizations around the world have continued to provide their employees with pension plans and medical benefits in a bid to attract and retain the best workforce. Therefore, the compensation package should be structured in a way that maximizes their perceived value to employees (Berk & Simmons, 2012). To achieve this objective, the bonuses, incentives, commission, and reward system that the organization follows should be strategic, robust, thorough, rewarding, and transformative (SMART).

S – Strategically Based

A good compensation plan should be tactical. Like in any other organization, employees are Bill Kring Foods Inc.’s greatest assets. Decisions regarding their compensation are a critical component in enhancing their success. Therefore, the company should ensure that it has a compensation philosophy in place when designing the compensation package for the new employees. The philosophy should describe how total reward programs support the company’s goals and objectives (Massad, 2005). It should also explain how the compensation package aligns with the company’s culture and values.

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M – Market Tough

Additionally, Bill Kring Foods Inc. should ensure that it stays abreast of the current trends in the food industry and closely monitor what other players in the market are doing to attract and retain the best employees.

A – Analyzed Thoroughly

Apart from analyzing the market, the company should frequently conduct a thorough analysis of the jobs to be done by the hired employees. It should also assess its expected roles in the future to ensure that the competitive edge is maintained.

R – Reward Results

After that, the company should reward employees for excellent results and acknowledge their potential. The prize and recognition strategies should be integrated for employees to exceed performance expectations.

T – Transformative

Lastly, Bill Kring Foods Inc. needs to ensure that the compensation package is transformative (Massad, 2005). This plan implies that the organization’s HR department should ensure that the practices and reward elements are flexible to stay put with changing times.

Legal Issues the Company Should Consider

The US food processing industry is one of the sectors that are extensively regulated by state and federal agencies. As such, Bill Kring Foods Inc. should consider the following legal requirements to ensure that its operations comply with various laws and regulations.

Federal Meat Inspection Act

The Act is one of the regulations that the company should follow strictly. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (2016), this legislation requires a thorough inspection of meat. It also prohibits the misbranding of products sold as food. Further, the law underscores the importance of slaughtering and processing meat under strictly regulated sanitary conditions. Since the company deals with the processing of beef and pork, this Act should be put into consideration.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) advocates for a fair hiring process. This legislation prohibits discrimination based on an individual’s race, disability, nationality, color, religion, age, or gender (Lynch, 1990). Therefore, there is a need for Bill Kring Foods Inc. to comply with these laws by ensuring that its recruitment and selection program is fair and transparent since the company regards itself as an equal opportunity employer.

Consumer Product Safety Act

This Act was enacted in 1972, and it seeks to ensure that the public is protected from risks of injury or death that may be caused by various consumer products (United States Product Safety Commission, n.d). Since the company operates in the food industry, it needs to consider and practice these regulations. Adherence protects clients from exposure to many risks that may be caused by their products.


The research paper sought to discuss Bill Kring Foods Inc., a meat and pork company based in Atlanta, Georgia. In the research paper, the recruitment and selection process was discussed using various steps and how the organization can use it to have a one-person HR department. Besides, the research paper explained how the company should conduct its training and development plan. The provision of proper knowledge is vital in preparing both new and current employees for impending changes in the consumer market. The supervisory and management staff also gain better skills that can play a chief role in attaining the company’s set goals and objectives. In addition, the report designed the company’s compensation package for the people hired using the SMART approach. Lastly, the research paper analyzed various legal issues that Bill Kring Food Inc. should consider to ensure the smooth running of its operations. The issues discussed include the Federal Meat Inspection Act, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Consumer Product Safety Act.


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