Social Problems in the Workplace

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There are a number of social problems in the workplace. These range from very simple issues to very complex and invigorated ones. The Management system in a firm or enterprise must be in a position to tackle the issues related to social malpractices in the work place. In the case of the officer in the firm in question that is the criminal justice agency addiction and alcoholism has indeed taken the centre stage for the problems facing this very individual. Addiction is a very complex psychological and medical condition to deal with adequately in any society. This is why the work place has not been left behind in the struggle to deal with drunkards within their work place (Kaplan & Norton, 2005).

The management to any organization must therefore bank the necessary personnel to deal with this menace. Addiction refers to a condition where the body must possess a drug to avoid psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms. The first stage refers to dependence. Here, drug search dominates the life of an individual. An addict has developed tolerance. This forces the individual to take more and more doses of the same drug to get the better effect.

In order to deal well with the issues surrounding Joe in the work place, the management of the organization must deal with issues pertaining to the balanced Score Card. A balanced scorecard (BSC) is a type of management practice that replaces the drivers of past performance like the financial measures with the future performance drivers like the customer satisfaction, development of human and intellectual capital and learning together with growth. The process involves four different quadrants which are the financial, customer satisfaction, internal business process and the learning and growth aspect (Kaplan & Norton, 2005).

At the criminal justice agency, they must successfully build the enterprise on the foundational level which is the learning, innovation and growth dimension. It provides the foundations that generate success in other major quadrants. The learning and growth quadrant is the most important dimension in the BSC because people who are respected, trusted and challenged to grow are the foundation in any company. Every individual has the responsibility to deliver services to the benefit of the company and also to the benefit of the customer. This dimension provides the company leadership with one page tool to capture data for the business thus acts as a visual representation to workers like Joe with dire need for psychological sessions (Rohm, 2004).

The dimension should be based on hiring and retaining of best staff and also devotion to customer satisfaction. The measures used in this dimension’s approach circulated around the surveys being carried out periodically within and without. The surveys are the following: Birthday reviews, Certification and training matrix, Leadership surveys, the annual performance, personal development review and the employee friendly initiatives at the company (Rohm, 2004)

Employee friendly initiative survey involves the use of a list of benefits to the employee. Each employee picks the most important benefit to him. The benefits are things like medical, scholarships, paid leaves among others. Birthday review is carried out on the birthday of an individual employee where questions are asked and workers rated at a scale of between 1 to 4 and the pass mark placed at 3.2 (Gumbus & Lussier, 2003). The questions are about their future in the firm. Leadership survey involves the inquiry into the ways in which managers can improve the services in the company. Certification and training involves the gauging of the skills and training gained while in the work place and the employees are expected to score above 80%. The formal appraisal called the annual performance and personal development review. It contains the issues like performance reviews, maturity score, objectives and strategies and personal development plan. It is the bridge between the team leader and the employee. (Kaplan & Norton, 2005)

The measures taken capture the learning and growth process in that it visits all the other quadrants to provide a unified and solid BSC. 10 customers were interviewed randomly each month and they provided very vital information to the company. The firm should use a Likert scale from 1 to 10 and the goal is always 8.5 (Niven, 2005).

The financial sector also boasts of a tool in excel with IS mimic to its functionality in programme. It analyzed cost per item per customer which could be used in comparing the customers’ profitability. The sales team also used it to determine the gross margin levels not just sales and to analyze each customer by item order and time. Onto the internal operations, she focused on the safety of workers so as to prevent any unnecessary expenses on the insurance claims. The innovation, learning and growth dimensions of the Score Card is the section that the management emphasized by monitoring the skills and priorities change of Joe. This means the BSC must be flexible to change as well (Niven, 2005).

These calls that should be offered to Joe by the company are very effective to the company; this is because the response from the helped a lot in ensuring that the company was improving the products that it was producing. On the other hand, ensure that the company instructs its employees to improve in their service delivery (Niven, 2005).


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