Should Companies Allow Employees to Exercise During Business Hours?

Today, human recourses managers are seriously concerned about the reason of health condition of employees. Workers tend to spend more and more hours sitting next to the computer in the same position. Besides, their health is subjected to high-risk levels due to constant stress. Thus, the question is how employees’ health can be supported. One of the possible solutions is allowing workers to exercise during working hours. However, not everyone will agree that this proposition is appropriate in the workplace conditions. In the following paper, the question of whether it is a good idea to practice fitness programs for employees during work time will be addressed in detail. Overall, the evaluation of facts shows that enterprises will only win if they decide to permit their personnel to go in for sports during working hours.

Modern-day working conditions become more and more challenging for the employees’ health. People are constantly subjected to high levels of stress at work. Also, they have to spend many hours sitting next to their computers without changing their position. Besides, it happens regularly that office employees decide to work longer hours than before or they are simply put into the situation when they have no other option. Today, society has seriously faced the problem of numerous people being workaholics. All of the points, mentioned above, have their calamitous impact on the health of a common worker. Numerous serious health conditions have been observed by medical doctors, who exercise control over the well-being of an average employee. Among these conditions are sick headaches, curvatures of the spine, worsening of the eyesight, problems with the digestive system, obesity, diabetes, cardiac problems, disorders of the nervous system, depression, apathy, and many more. The list of pathologies that develop due to the physical inactivation at the workplace is simply mind-blowing.

With regards to the above-mentioned health problems that an average employee develops during business hours, a conclusion can be made that the situation requires urgent preventive measures to be implemented. One of the most effective of those measures is suggested by numerous human recourses managers and health care specialists around the globe. Their proposal is very simple in reality, and there is nothing innovative in it. The essence of the proposed strategy is in allowing employees to exercise during working hours. Particularly, workers should be allowed to have brief exercising sessions in their offices every hour. For this, special sites should be created and equipped in business establishments. The benefits of implementing this strategy in practice are far-reaching. First, employees will be able to improve their health using preventing themselves from developing dangerous hypo-dynamic conditions such as cardiac problems and spine curvatures. Second, employees will improve their emotional health, and will be able to cope with such unpleasant developments as depression and apathy. Finally, employee performance will significantly improve due to the strategy. Enthusiastic reports from the most diversified worksites in different parts of the world prove this. Progressive enterprises all around the globe do not stop to boast about the remarkable achievements that have been made due to the introduction of fitness-based strategies for their personnel.

However, not every employer will share the enthusiasm regarding introducing exercising practices at one’s enterprise. This opinion is quite understandable as business owners have to be subjected to the necessity to have many unexpected expenses. For instance, special exercising sites are to be equipped. Also, during working hours employees are paid by business owners for their work, and not for what they do for improving their health. Therefore, the employers’ concerns are well-grounded. Still, the situation in the workforce market of the world should be also taken into consideration. Only healthy workers may help a business owner in realizing one’s exalted ambitions, but where these workers will come from is a mystery. This is a very appropriate question nowadays as many national medical associations support the obvious fact that people around the world keep on becoming vulnerable and disabled due to poor health levels. Those, who demonstrate generally good physical health, may develop serious mental conditions. For example, in the United States, one in five physically healthy employees is seriously sick mentally. Thus, the solution comes to mind – business owners should allow exercising during business time as it assists in improving both the physical and mental health of workers.

In conclusion, it should be stated that the issue of whether exercising during business hours should be allowed to employees is connected with numerous serious concerns. However, even though business owners will have to be subjected to additional expenses due to allowing fitness at work, they will still benefit from the better performance of their employees, and this advantage will become more considerable than the losses. The results, achieved in practice by a variety of advanced companies from different parts of the world and different business areas, support this conclusion. Thus, it is a wise decision to permit employees’ exercise during working hours.

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