An Effective Workforce Hiring Process of Resolute Energy Corporation


An effective workforce hiring process is crucial for any company. This is because a company is able to recruit and sustain the best workforce possessing appropriate skills, knowledge, and talent required to implement projects. Therefore, Resolute Energy Corporation should develop and implement a new hiring process that will enable it attract excellent workforce. The development and implementation of new workforce recruitment plan for the company will take place under diverse phases. This research proposal discusses the activities involved in developing a new hiring process for the oil firm.

Project Management and Methodology

Resolute Energy Corporation will establish a team to oversee the implementation of the project. The team will take charge of developing a new hiring plan. The plan should match the firm’s and human resource needs. The team will examine the current hiring strategies in order to identify existing gaps to be filled by the new plan.

The team will review the process Resolute Energy Corporation currently uses in recruiting and retaining workforce. The team will focus on areas such as methods used in determining recruitment needs, hiring tactics, and screening. The team will also scrutinize the selection methods, reference and background checks, and securing workforce resources. The team will employ Ken Miller’s methodology that uses the “Change Agents Guide to Radical Improvement” (Miller & Lawton, 2002).

The team will use available resources to comprehend the scale of the project proposal. Human resource personnel are also crucial source of information on how the current hiring plan works. The team will rely on documents that inform the process of creating the positions that require workforce. Furthermore, the team will conduct thorough research with current workforce, experts, and management on hiring activities. The team will use Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and interviews to obtain additional information on how a hiring plan can be improved. Consultation with human resource management experts will provide information to understand the hiring processes (Lewis, 2011).

Project Phases

Workforce hiring project will contain diverse phases starting from the stage when the Resolute Energy Corporation plans to recruit a new workforce and ends when the person is sitting at a workstation. The new hiring process will include phase one on developing the modalities for preparing to hire a new workforce (Lewis, 2011). This involves defining the requirement for new workforce, discussions with department managers for crucial position requirements. Second phase entails deciding the procedure for creating a job description for a position.

The third phase entails developing a criterion for choosing the panel of interviewers. The fourth phase entails deciding circumstances when Resolute Energy Corporation will be hiring internally or externally. The fifth stage entails deciding on the screening procedure that qualifies applicants to be interviewed (Kerzner, 2010). The sixth phase will entail the modalities for conducting interviews. The final phase will focus on documentation methods to be used by the panel in selecting a new workforce.

Project scope

It is crucial for Resolute Energy Corporation to understand the scope of a new hiring project because of the implications on the company. The project scope is to restructure the company’s workforce recruitment plan. The new hiring plan will describe the process of hiring workforce in future. Eventually, the plan is to ensure that Resolute Energy Corporation establishes the most effective and efficient strategy for obtaining workforce with excellent qualifications, skills, knowledge, and talent to drive its operations and programs (Kerzner, 2010). Furthermore, the team requires diverse documents used in implementing the new hiring plan. The company also requires financial allocation to facilitate the hiring activities and salaries for new workforce.

Project Activities Sequence

Resolute Energy Corporation management will select people to develop the new hiring plan. Identified people might include the current workforce and non employees. Secondly, the company will also develop terms of reference for the team. Thirdly, the team will begin their work by holding the initial activity of collecting available resources to enable it obtain information for comprehending the project scale (Kerzner, 2010). Fourthly, the team will examine the current hiring strategy to identify and document the evidence.

Fifthly, the team will conduct research through FGDs and interviews with workforce, company management, human resource department personnel and experts. The sixth activity is to document the research findings (Lewis, 2011). The next activity is to study other companies hiring processes and document the good practices. The eighth activity is for the team to prepare a draft of a new hiring plan. The ninth activity is presenting the draft to the company management to obtain their recommendations. Finally, the team will implement the recommendations in the final hiring plan, publish the document and share with Resolute Energy Corporation management.

Project Schedule

The development of the new hiring plan will take ninety days. The labor requirement for the project implementation entails the creation of a team to all undertake the necessary activities. The project requires diverse resources for its implementation. The project requires financial resources to cater for costs (Lewis, 2011). The project also requires human resource to manage the implementation. Stationery, office space, and participants are also required. Experts in human resource will be required to offer advice on the scope of hiring activities.


An effective hiring process is crucial for any company. Resolute Energy Corporation also require a new hiring plan to enable it acquire the best workforce to take forward its operations. This research proposal has presented the notable processes involved in developing a new hiring plan for the oil firm.


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