Employee Development and Human Behavior

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Employee development is a pivotal function for any organization. Employees make or break an organization. Anyone intending to lead an organization to achieve their goals without creating friction among employees should have a systematic understanding of human behavior, and other available human management systems. This will ensure that appropriate measures are followed when rules governing employee behavior are implemented so that the skilled workforce remains motivated at all times (Bohlander & Snell, 2009). In addition, the manager should be conscious about issues relating to the economy, technology, legal, and even global so that the efforts of formulating the organizational goals are congruent with employee rights and needs.

Focus and overarching goals

The Mayo clinic health system is a group of clinics that are geared to providing the required and quality healthcare to patients in Iowa, Georgia, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The main focus of the organization right now is to ensure that patients get the right treatment and care from the clinic. They are geared to ensure that they inspire hope in the patients. They ensure that the patients get better treatment wholly. The overarching goal of the Mayo Clinic Health System is to extend the research in women’s health and ensure that this field is well defined. The research portfolio in this area is being undertaken so that women’s health is well taken care of and attended. The training needs at Mayo include administration in the field of healthcare. The health care institution is geared and works towards ensuring that there are able administrators. There is a need that needs to be filled in the area of healthcare administration. This is the reason why the organization has come up with the administrative fellowship program. This program is tasked with ensuring that there are enough administrators in the organization. Most medical institutions and curricula, in particular, do not take this need seriously. This is the reason to why there is a lack of proper administrative skills for medical staff. This connects with the overarching goals of the organization in that the development of developing a new service needs proper administration so that it becomes successful.

There is also another training need of outpatient customer care. There is a need to ensure that the outpatients are well attended. Employees should be well equipped in this field so that the patients feel their needs are met. It meets with the overarching goal in that the employees will have the skills to manage the women patients which is being researched on (Blanchard & Thacker, 2007).

There is a need to prioritize the training need of any organization. There is a surge in the adoption of training needs for staff and employees. This will affect the distribution of finances for the various activities. Every department and employee now want to be trained. There is a need to ensure that resources are allocated according to the goals of the organization. If all departments were to be provided training by any organization, then there will be inadequate resources; there is a need to allocate resources to departments and training needs that are in tandem with the goals. This way, the goal will be achieved. The place where the training budgets and resources is allocated is a crucial decision for any unit undertaking training. This is because the training budget is normally seen to be an expense and should be managed just like other investments. The training should, therefore, be matched to the goals and the focus of an organization (Noe, 2008).

One way of prioritizing training needs of an organization is by understanding the goals of the organization. Although there is a need to empower an individual’s knowledge in their field of specialization, there is also a need to ensure that the training will improve the productivity of the organization. There is, therefore, a need to define the needs that are required in the organization presently. Another task is to identify the tasks that are to be achieved so that training resources will be allocated with this information in mind. The units and individuals that are to undertake the tasks should be allocated the training resources. In all these, the performance and the goals have been aligned so that the training resources have been achieved.

There is a need to ensure the overarching goals of an organization. This is because that the training resources should be allocated towards the goals so that the performance and the goals can be achieved faster. Another reason is that tangible benefits should be realized in the long run. For this to be achieved, there should be a clear link between the training needs and the goals of the organization undertaking the training. Each training program to be undertaken should have a goal to be achieved in the end. When allocating training resources, the goal should be achieved in the long end. This, therefore, requires that the overarching goals be aligned with the training needs (Blanchard & Thacker, 2007).


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